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Here are the answers to CodyCross Double N Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Its bells persuaded Dick Whittington to turn again.

Type of spider known for its cone-shaped home.

Writing a piece of music.

Safety devices in cars.

Face-to-face job selection process.

Walking on eggshells.

Light Italian fruit bread eaten at Christmas.

Island also known as "Oz".

Inorganic; not right, eerie.

Aquatic ball sport of seven per side.

Puzzle 2

Metal plate marking a person or event in memorial.

Occurring once a year.

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying __.


Chilly season that follows autumn.

Books featuring Superman, Spider-Man, Garfield....

Performers in TV shows, movies and stage plays.

Hot, wood-walled places to sweat out impurities.

A small box or carton for selling fruit.

Yellow fruit known for its bendy shape.

__ art is a hanging creation; it moves in the air.

African horse-type animals with flashy stripes.

Ten fewer than one hundred.

Puzzle 3

Items; things that are seen and touched.

Enya, U2 and Hozier hail from this country.

Sessions of teaching or studying.

Surname of acting sisters Elle and Dakota.

Red and black butterfly with military name.

Social media with 280-character limit.

Room in which you'd find a fridge and an oven.

Work outfit for all staff to wear.

Sport of cuing smooth plastic balls into pockets.

There are 100 of these in a British pound.

Cube of toast often put on salads.

Relating to the religion with Muslim followers.

Puzzle 4

Animal that eats only meat.

Dangling weights tick-tocking on clocks.

"See you later, __"; swimming reptile with big jaw.

A spider's silk-producing organ.

Small building near the entrance to an estate.

Beverages such as coffee, tea or cocoa.

__ Melody, romantic Righteous Brothers song.

The terrifying clown in horror movie It.

Person currently in a country not their own.

Cleaning dishes in the sink.

Puzzle 5

Spray or splatter with water.

Transparent front part of the eye.

Space object like Mercury or Mars.

Amnesia affects this.

Helen of Troy was famous for her __.

Conical tool for pouring liquids without spilling.

Turrmeric, paprika, or cumin etc..

Cow's organs where teats are found.

River that flows through London.

These extra playing cards have clowns on them.

Fictional character also called Pooh Bear.

Holiday associated with chocolate eggs.

Puzzle 6

Trying something out in advance, like a recipe.

A long feeling appendage on an insect's head.

What you do to a deck of cards to mix them up.

Expensive shellfish that turns red on cooking.

The blonde Powerpuff Girl with a sweet disposition.

Method of teaching reading based on sounds.

Facility from which flights depart and land.

New Year's Day is the first of this month.

Shrewd or sly, maybe like a fox?.

The Titanic struck this in 1912.

Popular symbol used on Twitter.

Learning to play an instrument; e.g. piano __.

Puzzle 7

To show someone up or make them blush.

Wrist restraints used by police upon arrest.

The deepest or most central.

Rapper was nicknamed after the Peanuts beagle.

A spicy cured sausage that's a popular pizza topping.

Beater used for a percussion instrument.

US Midwest state known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Moving stairway found in shopping malls.

Animal that lives both on land, water, like a frog.

Jamaican sprinter with lightning celebration.

Puzzle 8

The fish responsible for killing Nemo's mother.

Varieties of these fungi can be found at markets.

Summeriness, brightness.

Law breakers.

Man __! Exclamation when someone falls off a boat.

Another word for a drawing pin.

Accompanied by explanatory notes or footnotes.

Seasonal long-distance travel of animals.

Tasks done in the gym.

Documents used for international travel.

Dangerously loud.

Puzzle 9

Range of items including cardigans, jumpers, etc.

Making a sad face.

Deliberately ignoring someone.

It precedes Park or World in some dinosaur movies.

Radio frequency.

Rich chocolate square dessert bars.

Soft materials that help birds fly and keep warm.

Enthusiasm, zeal.

Name of the galaxy that contains our solar system.

Not in the house, not inside.

Borough of New York City; Beckhams' eldest son.

Puzzle 10

Overseas; in a foreign place.

Traditional Easter hat, tied around the chin.

Bird that lays its eggs in other birds' nests.

Theatrical performance areas.

Vegetable eaten in its jacket, fried or roasted.

Money earned from a job each week or month.

Chess piece that resembles a horse.

Glass opening in a house.

Sport associated with Rafael Nadal.

Chilled kitchen storage for butter, milk, veggies.

Harry Potter's owl.

Puzzle 11

Not guilty.

Mother Hubbard's place for keeping stuff.

__ waltz, a dance from the Austrian capital.

Scottish lake said to have a mythical beast.

Group of large aquatic mammals at sea.

Veggie that looks like little trees.

Try out for a role in a play.

Aniston, Lawrence or Garner, for example.

Athlete who covers short distances at high speed.

Six-sided shapes.

Puzzle 12

Able to be seen.

Nationality of someone from Helsinki.

Citrus fruits used to make marmalade.

The penny-pinching miser in A Christmas Carol.

__ eye, another name for a detective.

Within the law, not criminally.

Sale where the highest bidder wins.

A sneak preview of a new movie to come.

Pop legend whose hits include Ray of Light.

Comfy, slouchy sack filled with polystyrene balls.

Puzzle 13

Foamy froth on a bubble bath.

Benjamin __, US inventor flew a kite in a storm.

Babar and Dumbo are examples of this creature.

Oscar-winner Moore, star of Crazy, Stupid, Love.

More intelligent than someone else.

Office tools for fastening paperwork with metal.

To __ and beyond, Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase.

Yellow flower seen at Easter time.

A track and field event to leap as far as possible.

Having no pilot or driver.

Puzzle 14

An author's pseudonym.

When you hit the baseball and get all four bases.

Where soldiers dig in, maybe alongside a vulpine.

Tall pointed towers on a house or castle.

Giving the __ of the doubt.

Bird associated with burying its head in the sand.

Joy and excitement.

Spanish afternoon naps.

A type of hot pepper; an anagram of acne yen.

Classic Ford car with same name as a wild horse.

Tough animal material used to make winter boots.

__ wheel, used for measuring distances.

Puzzle 15

Moved backwards, like a car.

A horse went faster than a canter.

A crowning achievement; the most successful point.

Times off work or school because of wintry weather.

These fruits can be maraschino.

Relating to sinewy body parts that give strength.

Makes weight equal on both sides.

Edgar __, US writer of mystery tales.

Someone who finishes in second place.

Large-brimmed headgear keeps the sun off in Mexico.

Puzzle 16

Grinned, beamed.

A portable computer you can hold on your knee.

Shellfish that may contain a pearl.

Nursery rhyme figure who lost her sheep.

Bright cubes that help with learning to count.

Sharp kitchen utensils for cutting and chopping.

What fake or recorded laughter is sometimes called.

Closed one eye then opened it.

Trophies given out at the Academy Awards.

Annie, pop legend and one half of Eurythmics.

Puzzle 17

Austrian city, a two-time Winter Olympic venue.

Check text for errors like typos.

Many and various jarring sounds.

Excellent, exceptionally good; shining brightly.

Poisonous fungus a frog might sit on.

Point near the elbow that tingles when knocked.

YouTube action along with like and comment.

Era named for the queen who mourned Albert.

Hard-shelled mammal native to the US.

Edible spheres usually paired with spaghetti.

Puzzle 18

The Spice Girls' 1996 debut smash hit single.

The embalmed body of the Ancient Egyptians.

An alleyway; short excerpt of text.

__ engineering is changing life's building blocks.

Young cats.

A flat, subtropical grassland with very few trees.

Big orange vegetable squash.

Deeds that speak louder than words.

"The Starry Night" artist did over 900 paintings.

This handy device shows N, E, S, W.

Puzzle 19

Extremely attractive; mind-blowing, amazing.

This animal hops and carries babies in her pouch.

With vitamins they are an essential part of food.

Small plastic piece for plucking guitar strings.

Social media site based on personal profiles.

Frankness, lack of secrecy.

Guests, people who come to stay.

Magic __, fungus that can cause hallucinations.

A note you write to someone who gives you a gift.

Physical exercise that often involves catchy music.

Moral code and qualities of a medieval knight.

Spotty pattern on fabric.

Someone who steals a car just to drive it fast.

Puzzle 20

__ mule, with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.

Land surrounded by water, like Jamaica or Cyprus.

An enclosed or underground road or passage.

Partner of a nook.

Eat and swallow.

Bald or golden birds of prey.

What someone lays their head on at night.

Men who are getting married.

A jogger.

Women's two-piece bathing suit.

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