CodyCross Double Os Pack answers

Double Os PackDouble Os

Here are the answers to CodyCross Double Os Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Number of full miles in a marathon race.

Photo-sharing app, bought by Facebook in 2012.

Hair patches on the sides of the face.

Illumination from the night sky.

Where an eavesdropping "fly" is said to be.

Incredibly fast; quick paced.

Impression made by a muddy boot.

Calming tea derived from a daisy-like plant.

Scientist who studies rocks and the Earth.

Piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.

Puzzle 2

What Everything Is, according to a LEGO Movie song.

The walking dead!.

Cups and bowls made of clay.

Printed version of a publication.

Tyrannize, subjugate, hold down.

Spirit used to make a margarita cocktail.

Small two-wheeler with a motor.

Second largest European country by area.

A material made from the skin of an animal.

Wonky, not straight.

Puzzle 3

Male chicken that serves as a farmyard alarm clock.

Radio-like show accessed online via an app.

Bright yellow workwear is this.

Old-fashioned style of single-lens eyeglass.

An illness that persists for a long period of time.

Room set aside for laundry and large appliances.

Mount Etna or Vesuvius for instance.

Handheld device for creating a flame.

Architect might create these plans for a building.

Using a heavy ball to knock down pins.

Adios, ciao.

Rap artist named after a warm US state.

This begets knowledge; opinion begets ignorance.

Hot dogs, informally.

Puzzle 4

Drama series about Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Commemorative monument.

Remedy to counteract a poison.

Raw, not baked.

Picasso, van Gogh and Monet's profession.

Small white seafood that can rhyme with dollops.

It keeps the page in a paperback.

Container that holds a midday meal.

Cause I am a __, and you're gonna hear me roar.

Protection from the cold for auditory body parts.

Puzzle 5

Hard, tall plant eaten by pandas.

Involuntary spasm or contraction of a muscle.

Musical about the witches from The Wizard of Oz.

Piggy nickname.

Water cylinder for office workers.

Deep spoons for serving ice cream.

Comic book company that puts the M in MCU.

Corner measurements in degrees.

Describes the Seven Sins mentioned in the Bible.

The __ Book, Disney movie based on 1894 novel.

Tour leaders.

Springtime holiday associated with sweets.

Timber, wood that's cut for use.

Puzzle 6

A machine used for transporting goods or people.

Adults who advise, inspire young students.

Budget class of air travel ticket.

Exclamation of delight.

Dairy spreads.

Bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow.

It isn't over till she sings!.

An informal word for tornado; rhymes with whisker.

Finishing a puzzle.

Person watching for the police during bank robbery.

Popular tissue brand owned by Kimberly-Clark.

Puzzle 7

Wild dingos are found here.

The sitcom with John Krasinski as Jim Halpert.

Check text for errors like typos.

German composer of the Moonlight Sonata.

What strikes beach sand to make natural glass.

Tennis tournament in London.

The Wizard of Oz character who wanted a brain.

Monetary protection from a car accident.

Place in a school where students sit to learn.

Video game with treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

Puzzle 8

Crazy bird found in some clocks.

What the world is not, according to James Bond.

Series of eight notes on a musical scale.

City where Batman lives.

Reptile-named dragon that's very venomous.

Country associated with the martial art capoeira.

Pre-Christmas period in the Christian calendar.

The V in a rainbow's Roy G. Biv.

Put money into the stock market.

Dark reddish-brown shade.

Meryl, winner of multiple acting awards.

Another word for a guy or academic researcher.


Puzzle 9

Blended drink of fruits or vegetables.

A whale's nostril on the top of its head.

The card suit named after a precious stone.

A decision made by a court.

Unit of digital memory abbreviated to KB.

The main spice in pumpkin spice.

Meghan Trainor is __ that bass.

Zuckerberg's social network app.

Important watery habitat for wildlife.

Finger accessory, changes shade with emotions.

Shoes with metal plates are needed for this art.

Five-sided geometric shape.

Puzzle 10

Elvis Presley's Memphis mansion.

Using a chemical agent to make clothes whiter.

Software company founded by Bill Gates.

Small furniture item for resting heels on.

Adequate space to move arms around comfortably.

Extinct prehistoric reptiles like the triceratops.

Animorphs, book series of teens that __ to animals.

Recording of a novel to listen to.

A horizontal and vertical gridded word puzzle.

One of six children born in one birth.

Puzzle 11

__ play, system of scoring in golf.

England's adversary in the Hundred Years' War.

The profession of Gregory House and Meredith Grey.

Cupcake-shaped quick bread with a spongy top.

Angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180.

Miserable like Eeyore.

Coldplay's hue-themed hit song from 2000.

Film The Great __, or __ from New York.

Make a selection, decide.

Medicated ointment or salve.

Low-moisture snow preferred by skiers.

Platforms on which plays are performed.

Laying decorative squares in a bathroom.

Hero who never receives recognition or credit.

A spiny crested lizard native to the Americas.

Puzzle 12

It is used to restore a device's battery life.

American mammal that seems to wear an eye mask.

Branch of mathematics using variables and symbols.

Double double, toil and this word.

Circus performer who keeps balls in the air.

Nelson, president of South Africa from 1994-1999.

Liberating song for both Wham! and George Michael.

Idyllically happy in the past, __ days.

Garfield would only eat this pasta dish if allowed.

The NY in fashion brand DKNY.

Crab, oysters, mussels and other ocean edibles.

Thailand's capital city.

Puzzle 13

Apple shop for phone downloads.

Leap from a tall ladder into a small pool of water.

Nationality of singers Shania Twain and Neil Young.

Examples of this animal group includes snakes.

Walkway or track for pedestrians.

The 12th month of the year in the Julian calendar.

Earring or eyebrow stud, for example.

Netflix film: __ vs. The Bronx.

Twisting a baton in a marching band.

Mary Poppins' measure for sugar.

Mythical monster that dwelt in the Labyrinth.

Printed information pamphlets.

Puzzle 14

Nobody lives in this kind of empty house.

Spike of wood to remove food debris in the mouth.

Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Beings that can never die, unlike humans.

Sapphires and diamonds are examples of these.

Places where beer is made.

Photographers who take pictures of famous people.

Informal law that's followed but not put on paper.

Walk on __, tread very carefully.

Swing back and forth, scientifically.

Puzzle 15

Airport authority that controls imports & exports.

An intelligent aquatic mammal, possibly bottlenose.

Renée Zellweger was named 2020's "Best" one.

Mountain home of the Greek gods.

Hang __, soaring on a non-powered aircraft.

Three states of matter: solids, gases and these.

Knitted baby shoes.

Spicy, not bland.

Type of tracker worn during workouts.

Prehistoric mammal similar to elephant.

Essential container for someone doing DIY.

Big Bang Theory character played by Jim Parsons.

Closed or open, they protect the seeing organs.

Puzzle 16

Shakespearean king who met Three Witches.

Opening at the top of a car, to let light in.

Opens a bottle of wine.

The Korean War happened in this decade.

Couch pad for sitting.

Legendary bird said to rise from its own ashes.

His real name is Dwayne Johnson.

This scale is used to measure earthquakes.

Mistake caught on camera.

Clothing brand with embroidered crocodile logo.

Acupuncture tools.

Puzzle 17

Black syrup produced by sugar refining.

Put money (or sodium chloride) away for the future.

By the edge of swimming water; where lifeguards sit.

Chatty bird with a feathery crest.

Charge a lower price than a competitor.

Got to the line.

Teen climate activist and icon Greta.

Dumbledore is headmaster of this fictional school.

Game played by matching and linking dotted tiles.

Passed someone in a race, or while driving.

Puzzle 18

Leafy vegetable fermented to make sauerkraut.

Salchows and lutzes are jumps in this winter sport.

Celebration marking the length of a royal reign.

__ the law; bossily issue instructions.

Trees closely related to aspens and cottonwoods.

The V in VR, computer-simulated reality.

Beyoncé wants to know __ the World?.

A reservation in advance.

The Ben who was half of power couple "Bennifer".

A mythical horned horse.

Heavy tropical rainy season.

Floating vehicle for pushing or pulling others.

Puzzle 19

Making suits and men's clothing.

Many governments are run by these officials.

Drinks commonly served at high-end events.

Ground beneath the heels and toes.

The animal that SpongeBob catches with his net.

Tree that starts to shed its leaves as summer ends.

Brad Pitt movie about men who like to brawl.

Curved woodwind instrument in jazz.

Weather forecaster's air pressure-measuring tool.

How much lumber can this animal throw?.

Puzzle 20

Not having lost any matches or games.

Steal goods from stores.

Herby US soft drink that sounds alcoholic.

Napoleon lost at this battle; ABBA song.

Call broadcast by a ship that's in trouble.

Furniture on which headgear is stored.

Shakespeare wrote about one from Venice.

Exit found on the floor of a stage.

Section at the end of a book, contains extra info.

Magnetic audio tape that came before CDs.

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