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Here are the answers to CodyCross Doughy Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A blue badge on Twitter means the account is this.

Northernmost constituent nation of the UK.

Ryan, star of the Deadpool movies.

A person who has been awarded a diploma or degree.

People in accidents suffer these.

Round seafood patty coated in breadcrumbs.

Battle of 1066 that led to the Norman Conquest.

The joint at the top of the upper arm.

Formal long dress worn for dancing.

Wall hanging with a page for each month.

Town said to be the childhood home of Jesus Christ.

Dough that's enhanced with eggs or butter.

Biannual means twice per annum or every __.

Puzzle 2

Mass gatherings with large groups of people.

__ Nature, personification of the natural world.

Triangular Indian pastry stuffed with veggies.

Low-lying ground between mountains.

Animal type such as a mouse, rat or gerbil.

Warm blankets often placed over sofas and chairs.

Hitchcock horror film with a famous shower scene.

Protein in bread dough that some are allergic to.

Legal attempt to overturn a verdict.

Surname of authors Emily, Charlotte and Anne.

Puzzle 3

Abbreviation for funny movies themed around love.

Capital of China.

New Zealander Bruce, motorsports team founder.

Artist and activist who wed John Lennon in 1969.

Flexible plastic tool for removing dough from bowl.

"What shall we do with a __ sailor?", a sea shanty.

Holes in a house covered by glass.

One out of 100 equal parts.

Person whose job is to supervise the workers.

Journeys of discovery.

Skilled bread maker.

Puzzle 4

Style of motorcycle or short for helicopter.

Political groups or factions up for election.

Kitchen appliance for storing ice cream.

Changes the dimensions of a computer window.

Sweet Turkish layered pastry with nuts.

Country with 50 states.

Painful skin condition cause by heat in summer.

The service a barber provides.

A female lion.

Boiled cornmeal, a hot doughy porridge.

Puzzle 5

Water-carrying sign of the zodiac.

Crisp bread cubes used as soup toppers.

Margaret, who wrote Gone with the Wind.

Press it to type a capital letter.

Very hot and humid, like a __ rainforest.

Attitude that's upbeat and optimistic.

Disney princess with really long hair in Tangled.

Mound of dough steamed or cooked in stew.

Grasped tightly.

Da Vinci who painted the Mona Lisa.

Puzzle 6

Large, long-haired hound from central Asia.

The opposite of dark or dim.

Instructions for making bread.

Golda Meir: first female prime minister of __.

Added dark areas to a drawing or painting.

Trade goods to overseas companies.

The river that flows through London.

Chess piece that can only move diagonally.

Tool for removing shapes from cookie dough.

A string of these could be worn around the neck.

Puzzle 7

Legal protection for original ideas.

Italian sweet Christmas bread with raisins.

Blank, bound papers for putting clippings in.

Queen of the Desert in the 1994 film.

This is waved when a truce is called.

New York borough where Central Park is located.

Type of card sent on 14th February.

Bread made using a starter as raising agent.

Surname of acting brothers Chris and Liam.

People who are native to Vienna's country.

An inhabitant of this planet.

Puzzle 8

Small pixie, elf or fairy.

Dough for making chocolate chip treats.

Flower powder; nemesis of hay fever sufferers.

Liquified by heat, like lava.

Became a member of a club.

Stranger Things actor Ryder.

Ring-shaped Jewish dough treats.

Career choice of Tupac, Eminem.

Continent where Egypt and Morocco are located.

Page __; a novel with a really exciting storyline.

Puzzle 9

Pastry tart with orchard fruits.

Most populous city in Brazil.

Thankful, expressing gratitude.

These keep your ears warm in winter.

Graceful animal type, includes gazelles.

Rosh __ is the Jewish New Year.

Unmusical, lacking a melody.

Italian bread made with olive oil, with air holes.

Movie series in which you'd see Jabba the Hutt.

Central circle on a dartboard.

Puzzle 10

The largest and fastest-running bird in the world.

Italian name for pasta twists.

Sets fire to.

Pale shades.

Sliding storage compartments in cabinets and desks.

Horse-drawn carriage of Ancient Rome.

Placing a picture on a wall; pendulous, sagging.

Marriage ceremony.

Sodium chloride from ocean water.

Mexican stuffed, steamed dough in corn husks.

The rock band fronted by Mick Jagger, __ Stones.

Literary category for made-up stories.

Puzzle 11

Board game where a player can land on Chance.

Pain experienced in the skull.

French prison that was stormed on July 14, 1789.

Extending on and on forever, into __.

A non-varying value in science and mathematics.

Outer pastry layer of a tart.

Global multi-sports event, held every four years.

A fantasy vampire book and film series.

An edible fungus.

A country's form of money, like sterling or dollar.

Once in a __, very rarely.

Airport area where people come in.

Dark loaf associated with Germany and Scandinavia.

Public street art created with spray paint.

Puzzle 12

Art that isn't moving, a bowl of fruit, say.

Someone who frequently entertains an audience.

Mammal that eats plants.

Wanders off to an imaginary world, not at night.

Special shoes with blades for gliding on ice.

Crescent-shaped French pastry with layered dough.

Heart rate is measured in beats __.

Official language of Oslo's country.

Vessels used to rescue people in danger at sea.

Country where you can visit Uluru and the Outback.

The rise in prices of goods in general.

Breaded fast-food veggie snack with a hole.

Puzzle 13

Disrupted, interrupted; interfered with.

Had trouble getting words out, stuttered.

Doughboy mascot that wears a chef's hat.

Spring flower family that includes daffodils.

__ out of the bag; give away a secret.

Games when the same two players meet again.

Sea in which Cuba and Jamaica lie.

Kids' game of chalk, lines and jumping on one foot.

Held a tea party with the March Hare and Dormouse.

Crumbly, buttery biscuit paired with strawberry.

Puzzle 14

Place to house ancient artifacts.

Urban areas.

Fitted with glass.

Dip bread cubes in this melted Swiss cheese dish.

One of the body's two blood-filtering organs.

Medieval farmer.

A screenplay; the lines of a play.

Tricks or deceives someone.

Shop that sells bread and pastries.

Thick, waterproof jacket with a fur-lined hood.

Puzzle 15

Take a purchase back and get this.

You may have these on rollers at a bathroom window.

First name of My Heart Will Go On singer Dion.

Long choux dough pastry filled with cream.

3rd Rock from __, popular 1990s sitcom.

Newspaper puzzle where numbers go in squares.

Reprieve from a royal or political leader.

State of water when not solid or gas.

Last name of Sherlock, Mycroft, Enola.

These fruits are sour when you've been defeated.

A dance characterized by pointed toes and tutus.

Godlike, sacred.

Sport Venus plays on a court with a net.

Index, middle, ring or little.

The crispy edges of a slice of bread.

Puzzle 16

Festivals use this paper bracelet as a ticket.

AAs and AAAs go into toys to make them work.

Thin cylindrical strands of Italian pasta.

Female who ruled Egypt, 51-30 BC.

The moment of landing for a plane or spacecraft.

A plant-eating dinosaur with bird-like feet.

Chairs, tables etc; movable house fittings.

You're __ if you can't wait for something.

Wafer of semiconductor material.

Taking out the stitches on a sewn item.

Small black plant grain sprinkled on bread.

Puzzle 17

Style of jeans worn wider around the shoes.

Pie pastry roof of crisscrossed strips.

Subject including physics, biology and chemistry.

Pillar on top of a house that smoke rises from.

The Grapes __, John Steinbeck novel.

Without weapons.

Type of surgery conducted through a tiny opening.

She featured on Lady Gaga's 2010 hit Telephone.

Men with kids.

The separate screen of a desktop computer.

A single crease or crinkle in a person's skin.

Stuffed pasta dough squares with wavy edges.

Official language of Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile.

Puzzle 18

Month in which New Year's Eve falls.

Naomi, legendary British supermodel.

Bow or butterfly-shaped pasta.

Dutch site of the International Criminal Court.

Also known as an optometrist.

__ in the room, awkward and sensitive issue.

The World Wide Web.

Da Vinci Code novelist.

Crimefighter from Krypton.

Nature, animals, plants.

A springy cartwheel to land on two feet.

King of the monsters from Japanese sci-fi films.

Fried batter rounds served for breakfast.

Laundry cycle with a low temperature.

Puzzle 19

Paratha, tortilla, pita are unleavened examples.

Day of the year with the longest daylight hours.

Way of deciding who goes first, __ scissors.

Small sphere of bread served with garlic butter.

Active at night, e.g. an owl hunting by moonlight.

Point on a compass directly opposite northwest.

Most frequently covered Beatles song.

Paddington Bear's sandwich filling of choice.

Activists who believe women & men should be equal.

Puzzle 20

Stretchy and flexible like a good dough.

He released his Songs for Swingin' Lovers! in 1956.

Envious of another person.

Action done after copying text or an image.

Los __, largest city in California.

You'll find them on doors, cupboards and cabinets.

Griddle-cooked breakfast cake with air holes.

Oprah __, US philanthropist and movie star.

Mercury and Earth are examples of these.

__ Blake, illustrator of many children's books.

Breed of large bear.

Number of red balls in a standard snooker game.

Thief who might be described as a "cat".

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