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Here are the answers to CodyCross Dressmaking Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Chairs with three legs and no back.

The outdoor environment, the countryside.

Indifference, lack of feeling or interest.

Garden doghouse.

What the old man did to his head, on back of bed.

Adding a new shade to garments.

A fantasy novel written by Christopher Paolini.

Joke shared by a select few.

They visit Stonehenge at the solstices.

__ count, warp and weft density of a fabric.

A name for veggies, even carrots surprisingly.

Puzzle 2

Putting an update or photo on social media.

Least shallow part of a swimming pool.

Unfinished, cut border of material.

A regular check to see how heavy someone is.

Using your voice musically, perhaps in a choir.


Black and white birds that like sparkly things.

Largest German state; Munich is the capital.

Squash all of the air out of something.

__ lines, darker outlines on a garment design.

Hazelnut-chocolate spread brand.

Stanley, the director of Dr Strangelove and 2001.

__ wheel, used for measuring distances.

Puzzle 3

Herringbone strips of material give stability.

Describes fabrics made by chemical processes.

__ touches, final flourishes done to prepare.

Remainders marked way down.

Very tasty.

Unexpected change of direction of a storyline.

Dangerous downhill fall of snow.

International Formula 1 race series.

Newlyweds' vacation on pristine sands.

Lance Bass' 2007 book about leaving a boy band.

Puzzle 4

Egg __; race that demands a very steady hand.

Burning Down __; fiery hit for Talking Heads.

Shared equally with the same number on each side.


Where private vehicles are left temporarily.

Manufacturing activity.

To predict the future.

Fabric pieces sewn on fabric decoratively.

Related to running the home.

Flattening materials to shape a garment.

Fortified wine with botanicals, made by Cinzano.

Kind, selfless, gives to others.

Dangerous __, 1988 Glenn Close film.

Puzzle 5

Maker of dress patterns; anagram of tube trick.

Cheese joke: best type for luring bear out of tree.

Home furniture for storing tableware and linens.

Acceptance of different views and conducts.

Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket __.

Create an identical copy.

Plenitude, profusion.

Tailor's dummy.

Horror film director of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Creature who gets the worm.

Puzzle 6

Rouse from slumber.

Triangular inserts to give width to garments.


The __ of the King; final book in Tolkien trilogy.

Another name for rollerblades: __ skates.

Protection against danger.

Raisings of filled glasses in thanks or praise.

Overhead wires, e.g. electricity supply.

Green, flowery space owned by the Queen of Hearts.

Left the venue.

Patch __, pouch atop fabric rather than inserted.

Puzzle 7

Pressed a website button with the mouse.

Imperial measure of a length of fabric.

Opposite of taller.

__ machine; sells soft drinks in cans and bottles.

Events with general knowledge questions.

More amusing.

Alexander's __ Band, 1910s song by Irving Berlin.

Sang with trills, like a bird.

Uprisings, rebellions.

__ wheel, sewing-machine part to advance stitching.

Baby __, rucksack-type sling for wearing baby.

Selling things to customers and businesses.

Puzzle 8

Very narrow folds of fabric sewn together.

North-south coordinate of a place on a map.

Showing great or special skills.

A female child of a mother or a father.

Verbals, trying to put off an opponent in cricket.

Money paid for work done.

Small, rural houses.

Thin Mexican flatbread that's disc-shaped.

Lenten period wildly celebrated in the Caribbean.

Trips, voyages.

Darning __, fungus used for stretching socks over?.

Unjust or unfair.

Steer a boat on a course; read a map.

Puzzle 9

Flimsy paper that many patterns are made from.

Characteristic of a cat.

To have hurt someone or damaged property.

Leapt, vaulted.

Ammunition for a gun.

Make a noise like an unoiled door.

Inner satin material on a jacket.

The Woman who is a DC Comics hero.

Novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: The Little __.

__ honey; health-boosting sticky food.

To slip and fall down.

Architecture style often found in old churches.

Snoozing, drifting off to sleep.

First name of Mr. Scott, Thelma & Louise's director.

Puzzle 10

__ foot, sewing-machine part that secures fabric.

Party __, adorn face and body with sparkle.

Grand __, Manhattan subway station.

Cohen, singer of Hallelujah and I'm Your Man.

Swordplay as sport.

Cuddle up to someone.

A tiny turnup.

Tim and Timmy are short versions of this name.

The hottest.

Wuthering __, only novel written by Emily Brontë.

Mobile operating system with a robot logo.

Not well-behaved, rhymes with "forty".

Remove, like a tooth.

Site of Joshua's biblical battle.

Puzzle 11

Reverse of fabric, where chalk marks are made.

Drinking establishments on Caribbean sands.

Law enforcement vehicle.

The main event in the US football calendar.

The direction of a weft thread, ie not up and down.

Josie and the __; Riverdale band.

Get off a ferry or aircraft.

Host and amuse visitors.

Witches' cooking pots.

It is power.

Roses with no prickly bits.

Puzzle 12

The geographic area around the North Pole.

Structure added to a corset for shaping.

Wall-mounted devices for telling the time.

Sign with memorial inscription.

Moved suddenly and uncontrollably.

Counsel, nugget of wisdom.

The other side to Dr Jekyll.

Having the quality of a thick dairy product.

In an uncomplicated way.

Thin tube of material containing cord or boning.

Puzzle 13

The Mummy and The Favourite star Weisz.

To become older and more mature.


Women's clothing size, smaller than average.

Sesame Street monster.

Hard-shelled mints or fruit chews, sold in tubes.

Cooling thread from plants that giant pandas eat.

Tales that caution or convey a moral truth.

Front flappy bits of a jacket.

Someone who makes wooden parts for buildings.

Athletics obstacle for jumping over.

Puzzle 14

Kitchen device which is used to open containers.

Horseradish sauce often accompanies this meat.

Tube-shaped plastic piece used to decorate fabric.

Something __ with another event simultaneously.

Not specifically.

Collective name for all of the world's oceans.

Ernest, who won the Nobel of Literature in 1954.

Design made by sewing small fabric pieces together.

Halloween costume of a straw-stuffed man.

Native of Brooklyn or Queens in the US.

Puzzle 15

Mixed a deck of cards.

Sign __, communicating using hand signals.

Blushing, with a tone in your cheeks.

The most luxurious or fine.

Taxonomic family of great apes, including humans.

Snap __, locking device, aka popper or press stud.

Lawfulness, in accordance with the law.

Antonio, Spanish actor and producer.

It holds a cotton reel on a sewing machine.

Three-wheeled pedal power.

Puzzle 16

Long temporary stitching used in preparation.

Time of the day that comes after late afternoon.

Footballers or actors.

Type of holiday that involves pitching a tent.

Ceremonial objects and clothing worn by royalty.

Lack of success.

Process of turning grain into flour.

Fox __; Dr Seuss story about a fox with footwear.

Going from a frozen to a liquid state.

The hard stuff in bones, nails and feathers.

Repairing holes in knitted fabrics using sewing.

Universal Studios' erupting water park, __ Bay.

Causes upset or commits a crime.

Puzzle 17

Marriage vows, __ for worse.


Fashion designer.

Uneaten food that is served again at a later time.

Signing up for a class or a course.

Not alive.

An arcade game on a table with a puck and fans.

Percussion instrument with wooden bars.

In better physical condition.

Avian that builds elaborate nests of mixed media.

Row of sewn thread on the upper fabric surface.

Puzzle 18

Spitefulness, nastiness.

Gathering technique used in young girls' blouses.

Conscientious __, someone who refuses to go to war.

It has 28 days.

Through which water in a sink exits.

Alphabetical list of words and their definitions.

Zigzagged braided trim used for decoration.

Minor planetoid or __ Belt.

These fruits can be maraschino.

Job provider.

An animal like Sonic.

Money you earn by saving money in a bank.

Taking without permission.

Puzzle 19

Photographs taken of criminals at arrest.

Restricted, as in speech.

Habitual or regular, like the routine.

Quietly calming someone, or softly handling a cat.

Length from your thumb to your little finger tip.

Binding cut on an angle, used in dressmaking.

Restricted to a certain area, like a bed or cell.

Outgrowth of large intestine, often removed.

Mouthpieces that make shrill celebratory sounds.

Dartboard middle circle.

Cloth for wiping plates and utensils dry.

__ seam, vertical fabric joins for female royals?.

Puzzle 20

Badly behaved, as with young children.

Interfacing that is meltable and joins fabrics.

Roads, avenues.

Glass case of earth to view underground slithering.

Black triangles represent them on a paper pattern.

Sees the magnificence.

Christmas __ sell traditional festive goods.

__ Out My Closet; 2002 hit for Eminem.

Folded brochure of information and pictures.

Fuddy __, old-fashioned types, set in their ways.

Small imaginary beings such as Tinkerbell.

Partially shaved head of a monk.

Choking or retching.

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