CodyCross Dungeon Delving Pack answers

Dungeon Delving PackDungeon Delving

Here are the answers to CodyCross Dungeon Delving Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Grab the enemies' attention, à la Leeroy Jenkins.

HTML-5 video game visual editing software.

16th-century firearms ignition system.

R.E.M.'s second studio album.

Unbiased, not taking sides.

Irish revolutionary, founded the United Irishmen.

Official bird of Nunavut, Canada.

Study of the roots and origins of words.

Painting of a scene of items, like bowls of fruit.

Small physical representation of a character.

2014 FIFA World Cup runners-up.

Puzzle 2

Parent; protector.

50's western TV series about gambling brothers.

A computer network confined to a single group.

Albert Camus play about a Roman emperor.

Transfer of power or business ownership.

Linguist who invented Esperanto language in 1873.

Tiny primitive monkey native to South America.

Kung Fu movie legend in The Game of Death.

Edible Asian mushroom variety.

Winged monster inspired by architectural elements.

RPG without the random luck of the roll.

Unofficial RPG content created by hobbyists.

Puzzle 3

Type of sugar used in Indian cooking.

Animal basis for the Akkorokamui monster.

Made a thundery noise.

This RPG class gets power from a supernatural pact.

Fourth-year students.

Blue ones are antagonists in Yellow Submarine.

Checked dyed cotton fabric.

Green Namekian trainer of Gohan in Dragon Ball.

Mild magic spell that can be cast often.

A bush cricket named for the sound it makes.

Internet slang term for people who don't chat.

Puzzle 4

Four-dimensional version of a cube.

How much health a character has.

Online gamers need this kind of Internet access.

Common religious figures in the Vatican.

Examples include jumbo shrimp and bittersweet.

Park Chan-wook movie trilogy including Oldboy.

Herbivorous, bipedal dinosaur with thumb spikes.

Malaysian fashion designer known for women's shoes.

Brief adventure that's not part of the main story.

Norwegian traitors.

Puzzle 5

Chinese blue-green and white ceramic ware.

Related to dreams.

Early adopter.

Golden raisin.

Free from contaminants.

The corner of the eye.

Played frat boy Billy Hicks in St Elmo's Fire.

Added to ability checks based on character traits.

Black crow-type bird, known for thievery.

Turkish palace, once home to Ottoman sultans.

Cryptid ape that inhabits North America.

Magic item that lets you carry a lot: Bag of __.

Puzzle 6

Aaron Sorkin series about a cable network.

Arrogant and reckless attitude.

Greek fast food of skewered meat.

US-based, entrepreneurship-focused nonprofit.

Logical rule that A equals A.

Bringing an aircraft down onto water.

Good guy.

RPG player who likes to dominate, is immature.

Boring, necessary gameplay that takes a long time.

Furniture in 1500s used to test food for poison.

Removed from the monarchy.

Relationship of politicians to wealthy donors.

Group of D6s rolled at once.

Secret Service action comedy film.

Puzzle 7

Undead spellcasters with phylacteries.

Greek goddess associated with wisdom and war.

Quays, staithes.

Flowering plant used to stop wound bleeding.

A red wine from Bordeaux.

TV cartoon about T.J. and his schoolyard friends.

Oldest national park in Zimbabwe uplands.

Layer of the sac surrounding a lung.

German title of similar rank to a duke.

Small, decorative tree originally from Asia.

Robot granted Saudi Arabian citizenship.

Where an old man usually gives a party its goal.

Unsaturated hydrocarbon with a double bond.

What Antigonus did while "pursued by a bear".

Puzzle 8

One who makes excuses for others.

Seattle, Madison, and Panama.

Fox Sports NFL sideline reporter with Erin Andrews.

Musical about a mystical Scottish village.

A healthcare profession that concerns vision.

Plot for an RPG.

Herb family including mugwort and wormwood.

He accompanies the Walrus in a Lewis Carroll poem.

Pretty spin by ballerinas.

Enemy or opponent of an RPG hero.

Puzzle 9

Name of the sorcerer in Disney's Fantasia.

Endangered antelope, aka Hunter's hartebeest.

2005 Roger Scruton historical opera.

Cartoon boy with a tiger friend.

Roll this throw to try to stop an attack's effects.

Family name of the owners of Northanger Abbey.

RPG class with ranged skills and animal companions.

Sets of people or things.

Strategic strait for the oil trade near Oman.

Series of a single letter denoting deep sleep.

Latin American salutation with an embrace.

Small childlike spirit in Germanic mythology.

Bread's best friend.

Hip hop pairing of No Malice and Pusha T.

Puzzle 10

A grouping.


Solex __, sun-powered weapon in James Bond film.

Stir-fried buckwheat noodle dish.

Magic school of tricksters, masters of deception.

Second-largest city in Hungary, after Budapest.

Medieval title of European border-defender.

Fragments of the outer casing of a grenade, etc.

Awkward-looking bird that's dyed by eating shrimp.

Common slang for d4s, because the pointy end is up.

Defensive charm, Harry's is a stag.

Puzzle 11

French island in the Bay of Biscay.

Soundbites gathered on the street.

Patti, originator of Evita and Fantine.

Russian mouse who stars in An American Tale.

Profession of opera's most famous Sevillian.

Golf club with the biggest head.

Fashion designer daughter of Paul McCartney.

Ancient supercontinent of the Mesozoic period.

Lifted a car with a gadget.

Common keyboard layout for Latin-script alphabets.

Martini of gin, vodka, and Lillet Blanc.

Bending RPG rules to allow something fun; Rule __.

RPG monsters that shapechange into common objects.

Nothing rhymes with this citrus.

Person who sings prayers in synagogue.

Asian grass named for a Slovenian botanist.

Puzzle 12

When players have a lot of options, no linear path.

Small porpoise, the world's rarest marine mammal.

Passion Pit's 2009 debut album.

Map with six-sided spaces used in some RPGs.

Halls for public lectures.

Bangkok road known as a backpackers' paradise.

Won a game without letting the opponent score.

Film for which Levinson and Hoffman won Oscars.

Swedish city, birthplace of Celsius scale.

Man who was Cuba's leader before Fidel Castro.

The higher power of Algonquian Native Americans.

Ahab's boats.

15th letter of the Greek alphabet.

Puzzle 13

Wubbo, the first Dutch citizen to go into space.

RPG folklore: The Tale of Eric and the Dread __.

One who absorbs emotions of others easily.

Home of 300 men who fought Persians at Thermopylae.

Two-wheeled horse carriage in the Philippines.

Glazed panel that looks out from a house.

Waterfall bordering Brazil and Argentina.

Principal folk festival of Malta.

UK loudspeaker company known for handcrafted wares.

Horror villain Krueger with razor fingernails.

A magic elixir.

Revise previous events in a campaign.

British author who explores divine immigration.

Futurama character with the last name Rodríguez.

Hybrids of male stripy big cats and lionesses.

Puzzle 14

Ability that gets shorted when distributing points.

Strongly, using violence.

Giant biblical beast often likened to an elephant.

Dutch sailor Willem, who rounded Cape Horn in 1616.

The fabric exterior of an airship.

Region in the middle of the north coast of France.

Where Roger Rabbit lived.

Fail roll of 1, usually accompanied by cursing.

The wrath of grapes.

Apache medicine man kept as prisoner in Texas.

A measurement scale for the spiciness of food.

Outfit worn by a birdman daredevil.

Framework for molding a sculpture.

Puzzle 15

John who voiced Lord Farquaad in Shrek.

Only US state whose capital has no McDonald's.

Where Guinness comes from.

A Semitic language and Syrian dialect still spoken.

Vine with sweet-smelling white flowers.

__ generale; traditional medieval university.

Set alight deliberately.

Topsy-turvy land in Samuel Butler's 1872 novel.

They travel by water.

Ancient wind instrument shaped like an egg.

This alignment doesn't appreciate rules.

Modern Art movement of bright hues, led by Matisse.

Characters do this when they get enough experience.

Puzzle 16

Strength, dexterity, intelligence and charisma.

Element commonly used in making stainless steel.

City in which Greta Thunberg began her protests.

Ear correction surgery.

Sunken vessel that stops a river from being used.

The V in a DVD.

__ Song, Led Zeppelin's take on Viking invasions.

Players' chatter that isn't related to the game.

Silk-producing organ on a spider or silkworm.

Astronomy device invented in the Hellenistic age.

Puzzle 17

French descendants living in Canada.

Quarterly shareholder income.

Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Top female goalkeeper; World Cup and Olympic champ.

Extended character downtime at least 8 hours.

Oblong Italian almond cookies.

A deep sky blue.

Roman emperor dubbed "the Restorer of the World".

Tallest hydroelectric dam in the United States.

422 species of flowers also called cranesbills.

RPG cheating using stuff a character wouldn't know.

Puzzle 18

Property inherited from one's father.

Thrush with a band across its throat.

Variety show franchise devised by Simon Cowell.

What gives a player a second d20 roll.

US celebrity photographer and music video director.

Base from which shuttles are launched.

Name given to sandy heathlands of South Norfolk.

Bare one's sword.

English poet who wrote Don Juan and Irish Avatar.

This rating is a guide to a monster's power level.

System of toothed wheels and pinions in a watch.

Puzzle 19

1940's Tex Avery cartoon character, __ Squirrel.

Capital and largest city of Mali.

The dodger in Oliver Twist.

Professional film cutter.

Gelling agent found in plants' cell walls.

Automatic, programmable vacuum cleaner brand.

It can be loud or soft, high or low.

How RPG players create a character.

Wicked demons who are almost friends.

Organism type covering 6% of Earth's land surface.

Means last in Spanish.

Archers often wear one on their back or hip.

Prewritten game content.

Ojibwe Native people's domed abode.

Puzzle 20

Anna Akhmatova's set of poems condemning Stalin.

Holiday houses filled with make-believe horrors.

French army officer tried for treason in 1894.

Earless seal found in large Central Asian lake.

Dice roll before any modifiers are applied.

A trip to get to a destination, e.g. a flight.

High-pitched shriek made by a banshee.

A pail or jug that holds beer.

Italian island group between Malta and Tunisia.

To bounce light or radio waves, changing the path.

Pay for a purpose.

General term for what a party has to fight.

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