CodyCross Duty Free Shop Pack answers

Duty Free Shop PackDuty Free Shop

Here are the answers to CodyCross Duty Free Shop Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

A common idiom: a blessing in one of these.

Sugarland sings "You and me baby, we're stuck __".

Large quantity of goods sent by sea, rail or air.

US governing body of senators, representatives.

Most common type of summer squash.

Pieces of instant coffee before water is added.

Low prices one searches for when shopping.

Plane storage above seats in this type of bins.

Someone from the country of the Pyramids of Giza.

Person who tells the story.

Were erased in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Ruthless tactics in business, a baseball analogy.

To surgically remove a limb.

Money for shopping given to big airline customers.

Early 2000s TV drama about White House, The __.

Say this to wish a churchgoer well on a journey.

Puzzle 2

Changed genetically.

Water buses that may travel between countries.

An autumn treat is an apple dipped in this.

Follow this to knit socks or mittens.

Place associated with war, also a Wi-Fi hookup.

Beginning to grow light.

Gizmos like portable chargers and headphones.

Type of ointment or cream, like for skin rashes.

Ocean algae used in Japanese cuisine like sushi.

Hasta __, Arnie's Spanish farewell.

Puzzle 3

Symbol that stands for "and".

Not well, in terms of the body.

Steve Irwin's show The __ Hunter.

Singer-songwriter Amy who made Rehab famous.

French avian vodka brand for in-flight cocktails.

An animal which recently emerged from an egg.

Boxing swing with the opposite hand to left.

Actress Catherine in Chicago and Ocean's 12.

Austrian crystal brand with a swan logo.

Space between heaven and hell where one waits.

Legal word to say "I disagree your honor".

President Lincoln spoke of __ and seven years.

Puzzle 4

Developing human a few weeks after conception.

Livestock cared for by cowboys.

Using poles to shred down a mountain.

Duty-free shop category including cosmetics.

Bavaria capital and third largest city in Germany.

Transparently, with everything on display.

Janis __, blues singer from the 60s.

Type of pet bird named Polly in Peppa Pig.

Many people buy their coffee in this state.

Steering surface on a ship.

A plague on both your __, Romeo and Juliet quote.

This Kidman starred in Moulin Rouge, Paddington.

Skin cream sold at duty-free shops.

WTS stands for want __, intention to vend.

Puzzle 5

Large swine that roam across European woodlands.

Round, red, sundae toppers.

When Delta and Emirates offer duty-free sales.

All the bones, without the body.

Spray paint markings, sometimes as vandalism.

Classic horror film about a possessed girl, The __.

What one does with duty-free purchases at customs.

Memento that reminds someone of a place.

__ night, canine sleep strategy when very cold.

Guitar that isn't wired for sound.

Puzzle 6

Guaranteed winner, dead certain.

If seams, tags are showing, clothes are this.

Paintings, photos of people.

Airline employee who might sell things in-flight.

A politician who has sold out has been this.

Group of cows kept for milking.

A living space built on agricultural land.

Milan Kundera's The Unbearable __ of Being.

Condiment served with roast lamb.

Sold at only one location, like a duty-free shop.

Puzzle 7

Mechanism that sparks an engine into action.

Visitors from foreign countries.

Christmas time and all the celebrations involved.

Number written with a numerator over a denominator.

Pixar film Inside Out personifies these feelings.

An excess of, a replete tummy.

Fit and sporty.

Mixed drink, like an old fashioned or martini.

Breathing in.

Greek god of wine, his Roman name is Bacchus.

Art in which a fine, delicate fabric is made.

Invasive Japanese plant named after tied shoelaces.

What one doesn't pay at a duty-free shop.

Ground beef dish baked in a bread pan.

Thin pole with branches for storing headgear.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote about this bird.

A derivative of crude oil and petroleum.

Puzzle 8

Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Drake.

Drivers of planes.

An iced coffee drink often topped with cream.

Physical world including features of the earth.

Like the last species of mammoth.

Harper's __, long-standing women's magazine.

Escape from, sprint faster than someone else.

Confirm or sanction a treaty.

12 peers who may decide one's legal fate.

__ horse was used by the Greeks to enter Troy.

A tablet or laptop will need one regularly.

Youth slang for see you in a bit.

Sunglasses company of Wayfarers and Aviators.

Playing on a console.

Awareness similar to hypnosis or sleep walking.

Chinese zodiac sign for births in 1968, 1980, 1992.

A sweet pastry that may have come from Denmark.

Puzzle 9

Biggest city of US state Oregon.

Coated in flour and fried in oil.

Where kids keep industrious insects in the house.

Transplanting a tree shoot.

Fluffy structures that make up avian plumage.

Bills and coins that might be foreign.

RuPaul's TV show or an illegal car challenge.

Simple drawings usually done quickly.

Where the snakes are, in the 2006 movie.

Computer files that can only be viewed, not edited.

To be __; to know the score.

The scientific name for the lower jaw.

Throwing a ball by tossing from the waist up.

Two parts this, one part oxygen makes water.

Face-coverings to help one sleep on the plane.

Puzzle 10

Pack of all tourism necessities.

Video-game siblings Mario and Luigi.

Platform where rockets take off.

What TV competitors have in America, Britain.

When one's plane leaves the ground.

Brainy schoolkid, e.g. Jimmy Neutron.

What many bears do in the winter.

The Black Swan was a __ discovered full of gold.

The parts of your skin that grow hairs.

The name of the UK flag.

A large church, like Notre-Dame in Paris.

The 1969 3-day music festival held in New York.

Puzzle 11

Lure, like flowers do to bees.

Exercise session at home or at the gym.

Classic board game Trivial __.

Hot, humid regions either side of the Equator.

Typed numbers into a phone to call someone.

The most concentrated extract of a substance.

Person who doesn't believe in God, religion.

Border control agency that checks purchases.

Spaghetti, soba, and ramen.

Thing that cracks on your finger.

Money not spent when shopping abroad.

Mind your own __; material used by honeymakers.

Wizard who went from Gray to White in LOTR.

Fair damsels rescued by fairy tale princes.

Feeling of dizziness, disorientation.

Aretha Franklin sang about and demanded this.

Puzzle 12

Everybody's got these; issues.

Slang word for singing like Sinatra.

Terminal __ starred Charlie Sheen as a skydiver.

Stories of traditional beliefs and customs.

Moving through half-melted snow.

Severe headache with dizziness, nausea.

Cool citrus thirst quencher on a hot day.

Type of pass one shows to get on a plane.

Removed someone's weapons.

Indoor Olympic sport with 7 players on a team.

Mean or median figures.

Bribe, sweetener (involving the feet?).

The long-haired princess from Tangled.

Freshwater creature named for breathing organ.

Trading rate between foreign currencies.

__ on King Street, Brit term for Boston Massacre.

Cornhusker State, with Omaha and Lincoln.

Puzzle 13

Chair with long space for legs, __ longue.

Roman senator and traitor to Julius Caesar.

What governments are doing with duties on goods.

Examples include kinetic, chemical and electrical.

A song from an album released ahead of time.

A sweet liquid collected from flowers by birds.

Crunchy root vegetable sliced and added to salads.

To legally take someone into custody.

Costs of goods that can be cheaper duty-free.

Insect sent as a plague to Egypt in the bible.

Puzzle 14

All Hallows' Eve is better known as this.

5...4...3...2...1, for example.

Note that's half as long as as an eighth note.

"Circular" parasite found in dogs.

Large sections of airports.

Title of a male in an unmarried relationship.

Major Australian city, not Sydney or Brisbane.

Tornado, cyclone.

Legendary sword of King Arthur.

Famous ones include the Mona Lisa and Starry Night.

Section of an airport with many restaurants.

Neil, Louis, or Billie Joe.

Puzzle 15

Women's shoes with thin, high heels.

Unaccompanied in one's abode, like in the movie.

The way someone exists, their habits and food.

Airport terminal section where one boards a plane.

Reanimated from the dead.

UI design is the art of making a user __ for apps.

Convert text from one language to another.

Wooden boy that Geppetto carved.

Process of making cartoons.

Fancy Alpine pen company found in European shops.

Puzzle 16

So beautiful that it's close to perfection.

Point that marks numbers less than one.

Kids' card game that tries to avoid the spinster.

A Latin American dish made of fresh raw seafood.

Containers for water to take on the plane.

Accountant's word for money made.

Mythical lady who opened the box.

__ Rocher: Italian chocolate and hazelnut balls.

Wednesday, midpoint of the week.

Judges hand this down at end of a trial.

Small device for starting a fire.

Relating to the country with Tehran as the capital.

Gland in the neck that secretes several hormones.

Singer who namechecked Marilyn Monroe in Vogue.

Puzzle 17


A small freshwater fish.

How one pays at duty-free shops to avoid fees.

Verbal puzzle from a Gotham nemesis.

A small knife with a sharp blade used as a weapon.

Circles in space.

Home to Thor, Loki, Odin.

A mischievous ugly creature similar to a gnome.

What you should stick to when duty-free shopping.

Singer, Billie, who sang theme to No Time to Die.

Puzzle 18

Large decorative containers for specimen shrubs.

Advice a mentor or role model gives you.

Last name of singer Christina, or Xtina for short.

Very large Vegas hotel named after a movie company.

Bookbag for light travel.

Arne Jacobsen's iconic seat; sunny side up sitter?.

The muggle-born witch best friend of Harry Potter.

A baker's dozen.

The "C" in CB radio.

Introductory music at the start of a performance.

Phone carrier modules used internationally.

Part of poultry broken by two people for luck.

Puzzle 19

High-cost, no expense spared, e.g. a __ movie.

Word that sounds the same, but means something else.

Vocal expressor of political objection.

Pieces of luggage taken on trips.

Global financial institution.

The state of one's existence following death.

Tourist attraction to see England's capital.

She wrote the best selling book series of all time.

Medieval raiders who tried to retake the Holy Land.

Plane part in the upright and locked position.

Yellow flowering weed, can be used to make wine.

A supporting text or document.

Puzzle 20

Mary who had a chimney sweep pal Bert.

Male fragrance originating in large German city.

Flap rapidly, like a butterfly's wings.

Canine-powered mode of transit in arctic climates.

French car manufacturer with diamond-shaped logo.

Exchange for a better item, more costly.

Musical shakers.

Person who the police think committed a crime.

Control of this is crucial in weight loss.

Four-star rank in the Army.

Final part of a 12-month period.

Scotch or Bourbon for a Manhattan in the air.

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