CodyCross Earth Day Pack answers

Earth Day PackEarth Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross Earth Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Box for food goods; a small parcel.

Sudden traumas.

Paid money to finance a project or trip.

Car company that makes the LEAF electric car.

Italian term to describe outdoor dining, al __.

__ wire, sharp-topped fencing.

Reverse, flip.

Native American peoples like Cochise and Geronimo.

New life form created by a cell transformation.

__ Nations, body that organized the Earth Summit.

When a Man Loves __, romance by Percy Sledge.

Walk aimlessly.

Puzzle 2

Muslim fasting month.

Performers, anagram of resigns.

To be conscious or aware of something.

Prince __, married to a ruling queen.

Salutation in a business letter, "With kind __".

Pitfalls, risks.

Red, hot paste from North Africa.

__ of the Opera, 1943 movie with Nelson Eddy.

Cofounder of a tech company with William Hewlett.

Accurately, precisely.

Calendar notebooks for recording appointments in.

Communal traveling to cut vehicle emissions.

Died out; no surviving animals of a species.

Puzzle 3

Criminal wrongdoings.

Irreverent 1970s music.

__ Monday, initiative to go vegetarian once a week.

First name shared by Lenin and Putin.

Trick-or-__, going out in costume to get sweets.

End the tracking of another on social media.

With an abnormal appearance.

Polluted precipitation that damages buildings.

A King, Queen or Jack, for example.

Sliding uncontrollably in a vehicle.

__ of Music, musical classic with singing nuns.

Marine mammals also called sea cows.

Someone's past predecessor.

Pile of dried grass, packed, with a pointed top.

Puzzle 4

Spin-off from Family Guy, The __ Show.

Condescendingly explain, male to female.

Sworn foe, rival.

With a clear conscience.

Global lights-off event held each March.

Winter blizzard.

All ok, fine; an album by Bowie.

Gluing together bricks.

Put too high a value on.

Orange citrus fruit similar to a mandarin.

What Christians believe follows death.

Adolescent pigmented spot on the face.

Bridget Jones star Rene __.

Women's fashion started by Mary Quant.

Traveling into a city to work.

Stampeding, marauding.

Funnel-shaped device for broadcasting to crowds.

Catalan capital.

Substance that kills insects on crops.

Puzzle 5

Makes a noise like a bee.

The home to a Monegasque.

__ dioxide, greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Art style featuring geometric shapes.

Another name for dragon fruit.

Bright yellow, blonde-dyed hair.

Financial inspections.

Rubbish, discarded packaging.

Plot and plan.

Conjunction similar in meaning to while.

Puzzle 6

Comes into sight, turns up.

A company that operates flights.

Machines for printing newspapers.

Batman's team, __ League.

Permanent coverings at the North and South Pole.

Laminate brand used for kitchen surfaces.

Cows, yaks, buffaloes, bisons....

Type of bread that Jews typically eat on Shabbat.

__ resources, wood, water, wind, oil, etc.

Sanitary facilities.

A public demonstration in support of a cause.

Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg economic union.

Puzzle 7

Laughs, chuckles.

Classifications of animals or plants.

Long strings of Chinese pasta, for stir fry.

Broke the rules.

Broad principle or thought.

A circle has 360 of them.

Sticky product for coiffures.

__ gear, undercarriage on an aircraft.

Got very popular on Twitter.

First name of US horror movies author.

Winter sport with stones on ice.

__ change, phenomenon of global temperature rise.

Trumpeting announcement.

Street robbers.

Puzzle 8

Visually stunning display.

Cuddly children's TV characters with picture tums.

City home to the Australian Open tennis.

Easily remembered.

Hindi equivalent of Hollywood.

Beatle, Paul __.

Weighs up, assesses.

Marching cadence of 120 steps per minute.

Like a Christian having a second go.

Someone whose views are anything but moderate.

Air-dried cured cod/haddock, made in Scandinavia.

__ converter, device to reduce vehicle emissions.

Sport played with shuttlecocks.

Canceling a law.

Disposable, designed to be thrown away.

Puzzle 9

Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

Asian territory with most skyscrapers in the world.

Ozzy __, lead singer of Black Sabbath.

Edible snail found on a French menu.

Gives verbal orders.

Congenital lack of pigmentation.

Soldier who uses a gun with a long barrel.

Not disposable, can be kept and repurposed.

Missing facial feature in da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Nature, animals.

Puzzle 10

Political and economic heart of Colombia.

Shyly, timidly.

__ warming, increase in the world's temperature.

Strong sharp taste; also name for a beer type.

Muslim holy wars.

Fictional character Pippi Longstocking's country.

Dial M for __, Hitchcock film about missing keys.

11th letter of the Greek alphabet, starts with an l.

Plant parts from which flowers grow.

Sporting person with clubs.

Open __, described a town's sanitation in the past.

Liverpool airport is named after John __.

At sixes and __; utterly confused.

Astrological sign associated with the bull.

Gas accounting for 20% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Nationality of Jomo Kenyatta and Louis Leakey.

Puzzle 11

Small pot to hold one chicken ovum for eating.

Shapes on the international recycling logo.

A male mermaid.

Rich, successful globetrotters.

Internal combustion __, vehicle power generator.

Beats per minute.

Oblige, make someone do something.

Cleopatra star Richard __.

"No man is an __ ".

US state where Las Vegas is located.

People switch these off in support of Earth Hour.

Person who buys and sells things.

A very popular way to serve potatoes.

The Dachshund is also called the __ dog.

Night-__ goggles allow military to see nocturnally.

Puzzle 12

Teased on the internet.

Very short hairstyle, cut with a razor.

Wipe your feet on one when entering a building.

Publication by devotees of a particular interest.

Ernesto __, a famous Argentinian revolutionary.

Smears a drawing.

Dave Gahan's band, __ Mode.

Decaying plant material, stored in a garden bin.

Relaxed or __ out.

An organization's income.

Washington's Space Needle city.

"Hasta __, baby", Terminator catchphrase.

Nuts found in marzipan.

__ Warrior, Greenpeace's campaign ship.

Puzzle 13

Seafood from shells, with edible red/orange roe.

Broad term for catchy chart songs since the 50s.

Covered with sparkly stars, like the US flag.

A merchant or wholesaler, who sells things.

Known widely, perhaps for bad deeds.

Farmer-type who looks after sheep.

Organized activities to raise public awareness.

Despite its name, a fine vegetable for vegans.

Redesigned hair.

Told people news.

Marking an animal with a hot iron.

Shirley __, actress and sister of Warren Beatty.

Rear lawn.

Kyoto __, international climate change treaty.

Global hotel chain, owns Sheraton and Le Méridien.

Only adequate or just about ok.

Puzzle 14

Garden storage container for H2O.

__ fuel, type of coal used in urban areas.

An assistant, helper or male escort at a wedding.

Went downwards.

Aussie coffee style, smaller than a cappuccino.

Series of four books, plays or films.

Driver's control panel.

__ World; Aladdin soundtrack classic.

Reduction; e.g. ozone layer __.

Sensationalized dramatic work; histrionic.

Revealed; removed the lid.

Air __, female members of the cabin crew.

Medical term for degeneration of tissue.

Beings, often of the unpleasant animal kind.

Complex; beautifully decorated.

Saying "hallelujah" and praising your god.

Comedy series starring America Ferrera.

Puzzle 15

Condescending, disdainful.

Earth __, a global environmental conference.

Work slang.

__ ground, what military types march around.

Person who rents a room.

Bob, who wears squarepants on tv.

Former pitcher and singer with the same name, Kenny __.

Under __; at risk of becoming extinct.

Shakespeare's shortest play, "The __ of Errors".

This Indian city was once called Bombay.

Sushi roll spice.

__ dazzle, a glittery display of showiness.

Annual May event in France, __ Film Festival.

Puzzle 16

With a thick, crispy outer layer.

__ pageants, competitions for lovely ladies.

Where you keep skeletons.

Off the __ track, destination for adventurers.

Collection of millions of stars.

The physics of light or frames for booze bottles.

Third place medal.

Radiation that passes through the ozone layer.

Undead creature.

Area, anagram of ignore.

Not working correctly, flawed.

__ wall insulation, strategy to lower energy bills.

Offered a clue to someone.

What the P stands for in a record format LP.

Puzzle 17

Remote __, TV device also known as a zapper.

Amelia __, pioneer woman in aviation.

In a happy Christmas way.

Designated nature conservation area.

Grown without any pesticides or chemicals.

This character sings I Dreamed a Dream.

Reduces temperature dramatically, to sub-zero.

Comic strip with the character Peppermint Patty.



In the open, not hidden or covered.

Not expensively, uncostly.

Part of trousers, coats for keeping small items in.

Takes clothes out of a suitcase.

Debt collector, especially for court.

Lack of civil order.

Disarms, makes safe.

Puzzle 18

Summaries, outlines.

Edible green plant, looks like a small tree.

Latin phrase for when someone admits an error.

__ Act, measures to improve atmosphere quality.

Travels/discovers new territory.

Height of an ocean, rising due to climate change.

Trying to work out the answer.

Lines on the face that show your age.

Extramarital sex, often grounds for a divorce.

Study of religion.

Fast-moving primary roads.

Puzzle 19

Having many uses.

Humorous stories, personal accounts.

Instructed to leave for safety reasons.

Those who are married to more than one.

__ Dundee, Australian movie with Paul Hogan.

Neckwear worn by a priest not a canine.

Swamping, submerging.

Fumes and gasses discharged by vehicles.

Rot, break down.

Cannot be healed or treated.

Male horses used for breeding.

Yearly financial statement to the authorities.

Not in accordance with the law.

Those in attendance at a radio broadcast.

Breathes in, inhales.

Swedish city nicknamed the "Venice of the North".

Impossible __, global Adidas ad slogan.

Puzzle 20

Son and heir of Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Absurd theater performances.

Noblemen; powerful and important businessmen.

Ship's kitchen.

Overthrow, topple.

Got out of the way of something.

When people do not have enough to eat to survive.

Animal offspring that lives in a den.

Daryl Hannah mermaid movie.

Kitchen __, weigh ingredients on these.

__, reuse, recycle: the waste management motto.

Farmland left unused to restore fertility.

Sad, downbeat, dark.

Formal and dignified, somber.

Copy of a file taken for future reference.

__ Plaza, hotel brand, part of InterContinental.

Proofs you were elsewhere during a crime.

Puts icing on a cake.

Every time.

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