CodyCross Earth's Beauty Pack answers

Earth's Beauty PackEarth's Beauty

Here are the answers to CodyCross Earth's Beauty Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ Jindal, Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power.

Siberian lake, the world's deepest lake.

Argue or squabble.

German driver who won 13 F1 races in 2013.

__ Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment penman.

Strong-smelling, spiky Asian fruit.

__ Williams, Game of Thrones, Arya Stark actress.

Roman emperor with column and forum in Rome.

All you can eat food line.

2001 Oscar nominated Indian film about cricket.

__ fracture usually results from a fall onto hands.

Thierry __, French fashion and perfume designer.

Per __, Latin phrase meaning monthly.

Puzzle 2

Close and devoted as the friends Damon and __.

Lake District's Cat Bells fell overlooks __ Water.


Dame __, low country sundae, "white lady".

Painter who popularized "dripping".

Official languages of Finland: Finnish and __.

Having mind-reading abilities.

Drunk's walk.

It's got nine identical sides.

Prayers for the Annunciation and Incarnation.

Clair de lune composer.

Submarine beach ridge.

Tiered turquoise waterfalls and pools in Laos.

Microsoft-owned emissive service.

Sleep-inducing drugs containing opium.

Dog __, pampers your pooch's fur.

Hellraiser antagonist loves accupuncture.

Leaf's bottom.

Border __, herding dogs.

Abandoned city close to the Chernobyl reactors.

__ Leela, voiced by Katey Sagal on Futurama.

First British astronaut, Helen __.

Murasaki __, Japanese writer of Tale of Genji.

Puzzle 3

Male who replaces actors in dangerous scenes.

North African tiny balls of steamed semolina.

Clever deceit, cunning trick.

Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez __.

Namib Desert site of tree skeletons and red desert.

Mexican-American oil painter, __ died 2000.

He's expected to lose.

Where the toys are, to Aerosmith.

Iconic Icelandic waterfall, known as Golden Falls.

Furniture that folds, breaks down for travel.

Looking for food.

Type of opal aka liver opal.

Anthony Hopkins' Dr. Lecter.

Fruit of evergreen tree.

Puzzle 4

W Australian park, home to Bungle Bungle range.

Pink sandstone Palace of the Winds in Jaipur.

__ 64, early 80s, 8-bit home computer.

Courtly dance for a group.

Russian leader who introduced glasnost.

Unexplained nocturnal lights in Norwegian valley.

Tomasi di __ wrote Il Gattopardo (The Leopard).

I drink your __, There Will Be Blood quote.

Canadian who sings "In The Night".

A strong, short, concentrated espresso.

Caligula's preferred horse.

Puzzle 5

Mary's ride.

__ Convention, treaties outline behavior in war.

__ Bromo, archetypal ash volcano.

Black __, ancient term for diphtheria.

Reverend Harry __, bad clergyman.

Temple complex of Amun-Ra at Luxor.

TV show about the detective Jim Gordon.

Groundwater, overland flow.

As much as you can hold in your arms.

National dance of Venezuela.

Yazd favorite, Iranian, almond pastry.

Pooh's melancholic friend.

Cards laid by players, with the highest the winner.

Puzzle 6

To kidnap or carry off by force.

Giant monastery at Lhasa, once home to Dalai Lama.

Purchase costs.

Zhangye __, Chinese rainbow mountains.

NYC's underground.

Chrétien de __, French poet of Arthurian legend.

Hardly, only just.

It means yellow in Italian.

Ridge of bone or cartilage.

Rebel __, Pitch Perfect actress comedian.

Rasta poet.

Often mis-categorized fruit.

Right angle area in soccer.

__ Mifflin, paper company in US sitcom, The Office.

Puzzle 7

__ Canyon, Utah, architectural red-orange system.

Long-distance race.

Cave's mouth.

All in Good Time, deeply moving play by Bill __.

Series of turquoise lakes and falls in Croatia.

S American mammal known as the honey bear.

Victor __, 1982 musical comedy, Julie Andrews.

Numbered subtext.

Double edged dagger from the Caucasus.

Camille __, Danish-French painter.

Clothes protection from insects.

Puzzle 8

Adding font files into an electronic document.

Paid soldier in the Anglo-Saxon army.

Jay and Gloria's surname in Modern Family.

Name of the photographer in La Dolce Vita.

It will never wilt, fall or be out of fashion.

Asian fig seed jam.

Travertine terraces and turquoise pools in Turkey.

Side drum with a rattling sound.

__ Anguissola, Italian Renaissance painter.

This villain gave Batman an itch to scratch.

Jamaican medal-winning sprinter __ Fraser-Pryce.

Region near Ecuador studied by Darwin: __ Islands.

You'll find autumn berries in these green bushes.

Aurora __, lightshow called the Southern Lights.

Puzzle 9

Canadian glacier and falls in Jasper National Park.

Salty __, sweet variant aka salmiak.

HPV: Human __ virus.

Go in disguise, or __.

American poet and a prominent Modernist figure.

National anthem of the Netherlands.

First registered Internet domain.

2017 Academy Award winner for Best Picture.

Sand timer.

Energy sources that can't be used up.

The California Gurl.

The Maid of Orleans.

Grand __ Spring, Yellowstone pool like a rainbow.

1995 conflict between Peru and Ecuador.

In cycling the lantern rouge holds this.

Puzzle 10

Lead singer with the Stooges.

Marked with a branding iron.

King in Greek mythology who married his mother.

__ Dome, hybrid soccer, baseball stadium in Japan.

Britain's main training camp for the Western Front.

Christmas Goan pudding from India.


Cortisol-producing glands near the kidneys.

Flow of water in a distinct direction.

Centrifugal clothes wring.

Hanukkah spinner.

__ Glory, small town Hepburn goes to Broadway.


French location of Monet's waterlily pond.

Kirk had growing pains, Candace lived in full house.

__ Sound, Kiwi fiord sat beneath Mitre Peak.

Puzzle 11

__ Bay in Vietnam has emerald waters and islands.

Official currency of Laos.

Spiral around a fixed point.

Razor shorn.

Old measure of land, tilled by a bovine.

Papua New __, Oceania country with 832 languages.

Kipling's "__ Book".

__ jelly, Asian dessert aka Annin tofu.

Israeli cliff palace-fortress by the Dead Sea.

Old, dusty spider mesh.

__ McBoing-Boing, no voice, just sound effects.

All __ Day, the day after Halloween.

Decree, order from on high.

Puzzle 12

Not correct or lawful.

What the toe bone is connected to.

__ frogfish can change colors when needed.

White marble mausoleum and gardens at Agra.

Short pasta tubes with ridges.

These bombs are dumb.

Catalog of woeful lament.

Ethiopian city, monolithic rock-cut churches.

The __, young boy, troublesome deer.

Slovenian body of water with pretty island church.

They keep you safe from the storm.

Puzzle 13

Flotation device in swimming, develops leg action.

German festival night of the witches, __ Night.

Snowy peaks region including the Matterhorn.

Composer of the operetta "Tales of Hoffmann".

Effect reduces value of money over time.

The __, the only law west of the Pecos.

Volcanic Cook Island with a coral reef.

When your mind is not sure what something is about.

Weekday daughter of Gomez and Morticia.

The father of American Literature to Faulkner.

Flan-like dessert from Brittany, France.

Moving plastic device for mathematical operations.

Enchanted, spellbound.

Town where Montgomery beat Rommel.

Mammals that lay eggs, such as the platypus.

Puzzle 14

Alignment of three astronomical objects.

Overweight R&B singer of Blueberry Hill.

Cupid loved her dearly.

Mountain in Alaska, formerly known as Mt McKinley.

__ of the Sun is Ballard's autobiographical tale.

Very hungry animals that gobble tiny balls.

Tetradrachm's face who knew it all.

Rebut, disprove.

Two-time Olympic 100m gold medallist Gail __.

__ Caves, Indian Buddhist sculptures and paintings.

Swift bird of prey.

The __ Story, musical bio of Jazz Singer star.

__ Chili, often confused for jalapeno.

Curved blade favored by the Grim Reaper.

Puzzle 15

By the minute.


Man behind the shower curtain in Psycho, Anthony __.

Lacking profundity.

Shakespearean windy storm.

Louis __, French fashion house with monogram.

San __ Fault, California's dramatic fissure.

Seeing the forest before the trees, in art.

Italian rice dish.

Abundant, in great supply.

Cave of Three __, Lebanon, epic waterfall drop.

Borrowing money by leaving an object as security.

Ottoman sultan 1389-1402, nicknamed Thunderbolt.

Two sixes on the first throw in craps.

Puzzle 16

Fine soft wool for luxury sweaters.

Describes the second lower limb over a hurdle.

Saw __, fruit extract used to fight hair loss.

Japanese craft of packaging.

Fairy __, ethereal rock creations at Cappadocia.

Honorific term of respect in Tibetan Buddhism.

Scientific study of the structure of cells.

Large planet made of Hydrogen and Helium.

Melting ore to derive its metal content.

Desert-loving fruit tree.

They sell soles.

__ Fields, commemorative WWI poppy arrays.

Latin phrase which means with praise.

Puccini opera about seamstress Mimi.

Rubber used to make waterproof clothing.

Improve your elocution: "How now __?".

Arthur __, the founder of Irish party Sinn Féin.

The vocalization of a French rooster.

Hemlock drinking philosopher.

Any huge monster.

The __ Boys, reunion of famous act, George Burns.

Small fiery girl who lives with the Moomins.

Puzzle 17

Jayne __, American actress and sex symbol.

Bloody battle led to the creation of the Red Cross.

Rich and profuse.

"Toucan's beak," Central Brazilian river.

Where more than one religion is recognized.

Stimulation of action or determination towards one.

Where dreamers reside in the sky.

Lump of rock from outer space forms a collection.

Repetitive, superfluous.

Barbados singer who had a single called "T-Shirt".

Czech finger food, pigs in blanket like.

Wilkie Collins's The __, the first detective novel.

Last of 8 castles built by King Edward I of Wales.

__ fever is another name for dengue fever.

Croatian walled tourist city on the Adriatic.

Made night-time roads safer by inventing cats eyes.

St Petersburg complex including the Winter Palace.

Puzzle 18

Leather straps for sharpening razors.

Taxonomic rank below kingdom.

Dark __, Irish tree canopy from Game of Thrones.

Reddish clay flooring tile from eastern England.

Thou shalt not make any __ images: 2nd Commandment.

1950 movie, pooka best friend, 6'3" rabbit.

__ Hell, Turkmenistan's molten crater.

Beethoven Symphony No. 3.

Discovered the structure of insulin: Frederick __.

Small hooting ape.

Buckwheat __, Lower Saxony speciality.

Paris cabaret, birthplace of the can-can, __ Rouge.

Slab of stone for writing.

Main setting of the novel "Anna Karenina".

Puzzle 19

Longest continuous narrative in history, __ Light.

Dan __, original Ghostbuster.

Rolling Italian region of olive groves, vineyards.

Spanish poet who wrote "La Vida de Don Quixote".

Ocean-bound beach current.

Creation of Adam location, __ Chapel.

__ boardgames is a family hobby.

Tapolca Lake Cave sits under Hungary's Lake __.

Dictatorial 1930s Greek PM and a defensive line.

Mayor of Margaritaville.

Carmaker that manufactured the Triumph Spitfire.

Viable, feasible over time.

Difficult actor, Dustin Hoffman, goes in drag.

Subdue or reprimand.

Puzzle 20

To grant reluctantly.

Bright yellow aromatic powder used in cooking.

1973 George Lucas film, American __.

Snowy Swiss alp reached by a cog railway.

Stop now.

1996 Teenage witch film.

Peace agreements.

The backbone or support for someone or something.

Chinese, "willow leaf" saber.

A sumo wrestler.

Early disciple who journeyed with Paul.

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