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Here are the answers to CodyCross Easter Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Big meals taken after Lent.

Boss, foreman.

Where you go when you step off a boat.

Averted, prevented something dangerous.

The color of Easter chicks.

Devices for bringing vehicles to a halt.

Mel __, who played the original Mad Max.

Woodwind instruments held sideways.

A. A. Milne's beloved Pooh Bear.

Event destinations.

SOS name for Grace Jones in A View to a Kill.

Puzzle 2

Levelheaded, confident.

Orange-hued jam for glazing hot cross buns.

Marked with bluish blemishes after an injury.

Wheeled device with handlebars, for riding.

Takes the stopper out of a bottle.

Fun search for hidden oval objects during Easter.

Five o'clock shadow.

US president who helped end slavery.

Good-natured, affable.

Journey down a mountain.

Puzzle 3

__ clad; not wearing many clothes.

Scientific name for table salt: sodium __.

Causing sense of sadness or regret.

Using a utensil to create balls, e.g. of ice cream.

Bird that crowed after Peter's denial.

An audience __ after a performance.

Spears that athletes throw.

Ocean surrounding the Canary Islands.

Judas' treacherous act against Jesus.

Married, wed.

Puzzle 4

Limits, restrains.

Give up something for Lent, forgo it.

Deliberately refraining from, avoiding from using.

The oddest, most weird or unusual.

Party and acknowledge an event, like Easter.

A path for taking a horse riding.

Arm __, test of upper body strength.

Controls, oversees according to laws.

Relating to mathematical equations with brackets.

Song about the day before, by The Beatles.

Puzzle 5

Mark __, who played Luke Skywalker.

Outcome or result.

Good __, comes before Easter Sunday.

Bell on the Houses of Parliament.

Accuses of wrongdoing.

Cowboys use them to catch cows.

Not injured.

First word of Auld Lang Syne.

Talent show judge Simon __.

Coloring boiled eggs.

Gobbling poultry bird bred for seasonal feasts.

Suddenly inhaled from shock.

Puzzle 6

Imposing structure or building.

A church ceremony.

Conspires, plans.

Ryan __, Canadian actor of The Notebook.

This country's artists "invaded" the US in 1960s.

Magic creatures that assume young girls' forms.

Another word for breastbone.

Fabric streamers for decorating Easter eggs.

Mild Italian sheep's milk cheese.

__ Mob, gangster challengers in Wacky Races.

Typically, generally, normally.

Puzzle 7

Forced out of a plane.

Describes feeling of hair: frizzy, fine, coarse.

Emptying an egg of its contents, for decoration.

Glass item that Cinderella leaves at the ball.

A drummer clashes these.


Resurrection, rising again.

Lettuce-like plant, mustardy flavor.

A plant native to a specific place.

West African empire on the site of modern Ghana.

Puzzle 8

Writing symphonies.

Number of deceased people in a year.

Turning a document into strips for privacy.

A dishonest, badly behaving person.

Sporty MLB side from Oakland.

Funny men (earn a living telling jokes).

French battle heroine, burned at the stake.

Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism are all these.

Three of a kind and a pair.

Most forward position of an advancing army.

Manhattan resident.

Chocolate ovoid eaten at springtime.

Puzzle 9

Feeling sad for others going through a hard time.

Eating a grand banquet.

Loud resounding noises from a bell.

Crimean War "Lady with the Lamp": __ Nightingale.

Semana Santa in English.

Ballet by Tchaikovsky about a dying avian.

Slim __, not much to choose from.

Simon & __, New York publisher of books.

Referees blow these when there is a foul.

Judas' second name in the Bible.

Ignite an old flame again.

"Wish you were here?" picture message sent by mail.

Puzzle 10

Think about to an unhealthy degree.

Low noise like a hungry tummy.

National song.


Mythological 100-headed dragon, offspring of Gaea.

__ du Soleil; theatrical acrobatic performers.

Palm __ were waved as Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Cottontail in Chinese calendar.

Metal disc stolen from a vehicle's wheels.

Salty, brined fruit in green and black varieties.

Study of plants.

Pannier for carrying eggs.

Puzzle 11

What happens in a story.

The act of hens producing eggs.

Remove clothes from a suitcase.

Jane __; humanitarian and women's rights advocate.

Dead __, an exact duplicate.

Confirm something is true.

Line connects areas of equal atmospheric pressure.

Pasture, paddock.

Painter of "Luncheon of the Boating Party".

Secretly putting eggs around the garden for a hunt.

Tangled and unbrushable.

Soft, fatty substancein the middle of a bone.

Military woodwind players.

2016 Tony winner for best play: "The __".

Planet of the Apes star Charlton __.

Containers to keep drinks warm.

Puzzle 12

__ aid, amplifying device fitted to the ear.

Stir or disturb; to make someone nervous.

Ability to move quickly and easily.

Hindu wise man's first name, __ Gandhi.

Ringo Starr's role in The Beatles.

Country where the Gabor sisters were born.

Having no courage or intestines.

__ and Iseult, lovers of Arthurian legend.

Acid used when dyeing eggs.

Half quarters.

Puzzle 13

Occupied by animals.

What some delicious Easter eggs are made from.

Vegetable with a heart.

Defense barriers.

Mediterranean island referred to as the "rock".

Special honors or privileges.

Field feature that Monet painted dozens of times.

Becoming less tight.

Ridged device for getting clothes clean.

Take bread and wine for the body & blood of Christ.

Science of gathering evidence relating to a crime.

Men in Black lead actor.

Puzzle 14

Disarming, making explosives safe.

Almond paste covering for Simnel cake.

They take the throne illegally or by force.

George Lucas Sci-Fi series.

Longing for someone, especially romantically.

The image of Jesus on the cross.

Melville novel with the line "Call me Ishmael".

Passenger waiting area at a train station.


Bill Clinton was governor of this state.

Removal from a sporting event.

Element with the symbol Ti and a David Guetta song.

Puzzle 15

Relating to checking and correcting written text.

Enthrall someone, keep them entertained.

Tet __, major campaign of the Vietnam War.

Some believe this starts when you die.

Last Soviet Union Prime Minister: Mikhail __.

Maritime law.

Breaking down food in the stomach.

Theater, venue; or a Wendy house.

Sweetener added to drinks as a sugar substitute.

Closely studying.

Keaton and Allen won Oscars for this NY movie.

Ash __ marks the first day of Lent.

1997 Mariah Carey album with insect name.

People who come from Lima are __ by nationality.

Makes louder or larger.

Follower of religion that celebrates Easter.

Taking place, occurring.

Heavy corded fabric in ribbon form.

Puzzle 16

State categorically; affirm as true.

Jesus had the Last __ as his final meal.

Lay to rest.

Beck album with leaping mop-like dog on the cover.

Dried grape ingredient of hot cross buns.

Using a keyboard.

Talk incoherently.

Iggy __, Aussie rapper famous for the song Fancy.

Maria Sharapova hails from this country.

__ letters, messages from Mary Queen of Scots.

Puzzle 17

Mother superior of the convent.

Zodiac bull.

Dies down, like a storm.

Fast & Furious actor, __ Gibson.

Move about when bored.

__ Rothschild, French wine estate.

Mark made by kissing.

Cooking cakes.

Easter Day in Italy.

Puzzle 18

Skimpy swimming trunks.

Holy day of religious observance, no work.

Properties with land, such as a wine or housing __.

__ and Hutch, crime fighters of the 1970s.

Smiling broadly, positively glowing.

Voted in, democratically.

They get people to space.

Dog drool.

__ Inn, hotel chain, Bing Crosby movie.

Small paper-covered publication with a few pages.

Praise God by attending church.

Tufts at the end of a rope.

Puzzle 19

Lying about your hand in poker.

Takes advantage of workers.

Adorn eggs with paint for Easter.

Chemical element with the abbreviation H.

Titanic star Leonardo __.

Reprimanding, rebuking.

Lack of confidence.

__ buns, spiced Easter sweet breads.

Parking space leading up to your home.

First Roman Emperor: Caesar __.

Hide of a young cow used in shoes, book-binding.

Gambling capital of the US.

Someone posing as someone else.

Puzzle 20


Country home to the Acropolis.

Mares and fillies are these type of animals.

Every year.

Emmanuel __, became president of France in 2017.

__ Bocelli, Italian classical singer who is blind.

Defames in print.

Slivers, cuts into pieces.

Hellebore or __ rose that blooms around Easter.

Food shortage after potato crop failure in Ireland.

Truman __, author of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Hat traditionally worn at Easter time.

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