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Here are the answers to CodyCross Economics Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Continental, oceanic or tropical.

Bobby __, Snapchat cofounder.

French term for the equivalent of a rare steak.

Dutch sports car co with plane prop as an emblem.

Chemical compound containing at least 1 metal.

Drummer's metal plate.

Small, extinct zebra-type animal.

1989 Branagh Shakespeare adaptation.

Founder of Thebes; gave the Greeks an alphabet.

Karen __, Dutch supermodel from the 1990s.

City in Basilicata, capital of same name province.

Japanese land-holding magnate, an emperor's vassal.

Talk Like a __ Day falls on 19 September.

Stephen J. __, co-authored Freakonomics.

Buddhist monks of Gelug monasteries.

Puzzle 2

Poetic foot.

Limbo question, how low __.

Circus and sideshow pioneer, with Bailey.

Carpathian __, Central European historic region.

Equity in housing.

Local thief in The Simpsons, Snake __.

Destined for bad luck.

__, 1966 film about Elsa the Lioness.

__ markets, developing countries' economies.

Plane body.

Greek for "newbie".

Productive, successful.

To scatter food pieces lightly, decorations.

Month when many countries celebrate Nochebuena.

Jewish method of producing kosher meat.

Side-hinged window.

Puzzle 3

Funding for an enterprise.

Rich red wine made from partially dried grapes.

Word appearing in place of someone's name.

Wrote Tartuffe and The Misanthrope.

Establishing what people will pay for something.

Quark flavor, third lightest with symbol s.

__ for a Dream, 2000 US psychological drama.


Band follower.

__ Treaty, it created the Vatican State in 1929.

Dark Tower is an electronic role-__ game.

Austrian ski resort in the High Tauern mountains.

Puzzle 4

The Bourne __, third part of the Bourne film series.

Mouth organ.

International exhibition for businesses.

Siberian river frozen for half of the year.

Supply/demand are not sensitive to changes.

What you hear rumors on.

Long running British soap set in Liverpool.

Norwegian doughnut often with cardamom.

__ hand, unseen benefits of individual actions.

AKA 21.

Theological study of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

Displace from the corporeal.

Carbon copy, clone, duplicate.

Puzzle 5

Pooh's pal.

Russian carriage drawn by three horses.

__ Creek, famous Australian river aka Barcoo.

Daisy __ plays Rey in the Star Wars films.

Fete after Good Friday.

New Zealand flightless "owl parrot" bird.

Alexey __, the first cosmonaut to walk in space.

Paraffin illuminator.

Name given to stock markets, especially in France.

Robert, who believed demand increases as prices do.

Play by Anton Chekhov: "The __ Orchard".

Gothenburg World Cup stadium hosted much more.

Stage name of DJ who had a hit song "Wake Me Up".

William Kidd was hanged for this crime in 1701.

The master spice.

To be a dark, clear red in color.

Puzzle 6

2015 James Bond film with Monica Bellucci.

Sir Thomas, his law spoke of hoarding new currency.

Pasta shapes resembling small wheels.

Biancabella and the Snake is an __ fairy tale.

Cape __, previous name of Cape Canaveral.

Clingy mollusc.

Birthplace of philosopher Aristotle.

Catoptrophobia is the fear of __.

It favors the bold.

Pink Floyd's 10th studio album.

Mexican bordertown 20 miles from San Diego.

German village where a train derailed, killing 101.

Lady Gaga's real first name.



Nefarious invader virus.

Parc des __, "royal" stadium in Paris.

__ prices, what retailers pay for a product.

American tropical crocodilians.

Dalí's lips sofa was designed around this actress.

__ Courbet, French realist painter.

Puzzle 7

The maximum that a company can produce.

Annelid tunnel.

Sudden, powerful realization.

Florence semi-frozen dessert with brandy.

__ Away, Dennis Quaid 1979 coming of age movie.

Boxer's goal.

Wife of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey.

The capital of Bermuda.

Visible effects of sun exposure.

The N in GNP.

Hester __, went to the Med, settler in Sidon.

Google's VOIP, video chat and messaging service.

Puzzle 8

Leoncavallo opera that means "The clowns".

London column square.

The Night Watch painter.

Where one's feet are firmly planted.

Domino effect of harmful ideas/problems.

Played a mobster in The Departed.

The teams that are considered least likely to win.

Surname of Kenny from South Park.

System of equitable prices paid to producers.

Movie star born Archibald Leach.

Puzzle 9

Plaited leaf hat, from Ecuador.

Revenue from taxation; relating to finances.

Birthplace of the modern Olympics.

To view something with a set feeling.

Frightening film genre.

Small bladed knife for cleaning fish.

__ Fermi, Italian developer of the nuclear reactor.

Vodka, peach and cranberry, for courting couples.

Salty solution.

First name of Friedman.

An electric generator, mainly for direct current.

Small burrowing rodent.

Walking aid.

A rolling stone gathers __.

Puzzle 10

Low-cost airline operated by British Midland.

Used as fighting dog.

The Great __, political satire, banana republic.

Amount a share exceeds its nominal value by.

Individuals assembled together.

Spice Girl turned fashion designer: Victoria __.

__ kick, swimming movement with wide, parted legs.

Critter study.

__ trading, illegal practice of cheating in shares.

Hottest time of summer.

__ Sen, won Economics prize for welfare research.

Rocket departure.

Itch remedy.

Insubstantial lingerie.

Puzzle 11

Guess at a price.

Practice fighting.

__ lace are colonies of tiny celled animals.

Device transforming electric signals into motion.


Seat of Australian government.

Cow cheese from Marche, Italy.

Daniel's place of punishment.

Charles __, French crooner famous for "She".

Liquid money going in and out of a firm.

Critically lacking food.

78% of Earth's atmosphere.

Sorry, regretful.

Frame attached to footwear to aid wintry walking.

Puzzle 12

Scottish economist who wrote The Wealth of Nations.

Fete, commemorate.

Fossilized coil-shaped shells.

Thwart smartphone makers' software restrictions.

Safety net against losses or damages.


Character by Cliff Secord; also "The Flying Man".

Long old-fashioned garment, like a dressing gown.

Fighting capacity.

West England city.

He can't feel his face when he's with you.

Puzzle 13

Chilean coastal, marginal sea.

Hook, line and __; completely.


Religions or doctrines.

Things that have value to an owner.

Puts a damsel out of distress.

Crossbreed of two animal species.

Harry's foil.

__ bread, originated from 19th century process.

Big cuts.

Casablanca star.

Credit __, when banks stop lending.

Band assistant.

Puzzle 14

Boarding the wrong express train, 92 Oscar winner.


__ valet, furniture for hanging men's suits.

Rome is known romantically as the __ city.

Rot, deteriorate.


Whistle blower.

Weighted lifting rod.

Who shot JR.

Greek hero who defeated the Minotaur.

Firm and chewy pasta.

Selling for less than the cost price.

Chinese sabre of the Ming Dynasty.

Mouth doctor.

Puzzle 15

__ Lisbon, successful Portuguese football side.

Somnolent brain activity.

Sofa, for two.

Forming or entertaining thoughts or images.

Fear of good news.

The Electric Kool-Aid __.

The __ Story, Jimmy Stewart is MLB pitcher.

Cut price.

Arctic archipelago once known as Spitsbergen.

What TV's Tonto called the Lone Ranger.

What you are sitting on when indecisive.

Prison sentence to the end.

Tiger and man marooned in the Pacific in this book.

Dead in the water.

Bulge shaped Italian white bread.

Much smaller version of messenger bag.

Picasso's monochrome painting with a bull.

The M in IMF.

French tire brand, with inflatable mascot.

German general perished in Operation Anthropoid.

Puzzle 16

Covertly transporting goods.

Soft-backed, glue-bound book.

Gillian __, director of My Brilliant Career.

Wired device for cutting cooked yolks and whites.

Poisonous snakes.

Highly detailed or involved.

Enough to drive you crazy.

Initial public offering of shares.

Influential football elite, a portmanteau term.

Outside the economic model.

Supposed cause of death of Attila the Hun.

Device that measures a plant's water consumption.

Puzzle 17

The capital of Rwanda.

John __ Nash, Game Theory mathematician.

__ Club, Philadelphia cocktail with egg white.

Marco Van __, career cut short at age 28.

Complex but orderly universe.

Securities actor.

Roman goddess of the dawn.

Runway surface.

None But the __ Heart, Grant is wandering Cockney.

Diurnal shut-eye.

Danny __ is also Danny Phantom.

Fine __, frequent adjustments to economic policy.

The Wisdom of __, alt name for Ecclesiasticus.

Francesco __, twice Italy's Prime Minister.

US card game with Railroad and Hasenpfeffer games.

Body-length women's garment in Ancient Greece.

Funny person's discipline.

Some produce "prickly pear".

Luck, fortuity, hazard.

The J in BJP; a major Indian political party.

Puzzle 18

Southern corn flatbread aka Johnnycake.

In a tight spot.

Body knead.

Churning wave.

Non-electric baking compartment.

The 4-6-7-10 split, in bowling.

Electrical storm din.

Dance style coined by South African gold miners.

__ Fields, mythological Greek paradise.

To act crazy, go __.

Ulster province county.

Language spoken by over 100 mn in Pakistan and India.

Mr T played BA __ in The A Team.

Liubo is an ancient __ board game for 2 players.

He does a capricious Trump.

What you get back from your investment.

Contracts for assets like shares, commodities.

The __ Day, epic war film about the D-Day.

Fire or send away.

Puzzle 19

Sporadic relationship.

Home-based, internal.

French district on Italian border, purple flowers.

The Big __, a Coen's movie with Jeff Bridges.

Aerial hand celebration.


Enlarged, weakened arterial area.

Witching hour.

18th book of the New Testament.

The money a country spends.

Vocal encouragement.

Eats only what's grown in one's surroundings.

Plant incubator.

DHL objective.

Armored glove worn by medieval knight.

Popeye's better half.

Beethoven's Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor, aka __.

Fuzzy hair genius.

Nemo's ship according to Jules Verne.

Imitiation diamonds especially on clothing.

Devil __ is also known as common lionfish.

Carmen __, wrote Growth in a Time of Debt.

Vehicle restraint.

Puzzle 20

Jan __, econometrics pioneer.

Competitive __, gives a firm an edge over rivals.

Lake, river or sea setting for swimmers.

Navy officer who marries Puccini's Madam Butterfly.

Not just verbally but on paper.

Knee-to-floor move.

Traffic movement.

A flustered person.

Tighty whitey dancer in Risky Business.

The Monkees lead singer.

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