CodyCross Egyptian Society Pack answers

Egyptian Society PackEgyptian Society

Here are the answers to CodyCross Egyptian Society Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Malevolent water horse in Scottish mythology.

Only US state without any straight borders.

Italian fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella.

Nelson Mandela's job before entering politics.

Elementary particles that combine to make hadrons.

Early Egyptian funerary text about the underworld.

Pamper, spoil.

Invented languages lncluding Quenya and Sindarin.

German playwright who wrote The Threepenny Opera.

Small fox species, native to the Sahara desert.

Palette with early hieroglyphic engravings.

The medical term for a fertilized ovum.

1990s US tennis legend Andre.

Puzzle 2

Superheroine with the real name Barbara Gordon.

The setting for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Island group lying between Africa and Madagascar.

Avant-garde, nonsense art movement of the 1920s.

Prague restaurant awarded Michelin star in 2008.

Carb-loaded Egyptian dish with rice and pasta.

Rita, a journalist from Harry Potter.

__ Church, suspended worship site in Alexandria.

Part of the skull's temporal bone, near the ear.

Ritardando plus diminuendo, a dying away.

Small shark, problem to commercial fishing.

Word with an opposite meaning.

__ Trophy, the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races.

Stone that enabled deciphering of hieroglyphs.

Copper creates this deep hue for Swedish cottages.

Linguistic single unit of sound that has meaning.

Puzzle 3

Ancient Greek festival of dramatic performances.

Atmosphere is focus of this study.

Egyptian city overlooking Lake Timsah.

Berlin zoo in grounds of Friedrichsfelde Palace.

Short golf hole.

Last name of James, steampunk author of Homunculus.

S-shaped chair that lets people sit face to face.

Mythical creature killed by a silver bullet.

Ominous, or the left-hand side.

__ cracker; Ayla Hutchinson's wood-splitting tool.

Common name for worm-like invertebrates.

2012 black and white 3D Disney romantic comedy.

Smallest of the three main Pyramids of Giza.

Puzzle 4

Technique of blending paints to create haze effect.

Strong steel beams supporting bridges.

The highest creative principal in Hindu thinking.

Double crown worn by Ancient Egyptian rulers.

River draining to Caspian Sea, aka Kura.

North American watery salamander.

Three-quarter phase of the Moon.

English soccer team shares name with Chilean team.

Founder of Egypt's Ayyubid dynasty in 1169.

German scientist, a co-inventor of calculus.

Fearsome "Deathless One" in Slavic folklore.

Soft sealskin boots worn by the Inuit.

Pool shark.

Puzzle 5

First capital of Egypt under Islamic rule.

Pools of players from which teams are selected.

__-sprouting broccoli, cousin of the green variety.

Author Ursula K., wrote the Earthsea series.

Prague's illuminated fountain with music displays.

Currency of Portugal before the euro.

The nucleotide paired with thymine in DNA.

Playwright Thornton, wrote about small-town life.

Related to a parent's child.

Valley that featured in a 1969 dinosaur movie.

Pot used for burning offerings in Ancient Egypt.

He wrote Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.

The minimum number of members required for a vote.

Llama-like animal on Peru's national flag.

Austrian doctor associated with trance-like states.

Long-legged shore birds seen on the water's edge.

UK Art Prize awarded to all four entrants in 2019.

Sample of material, e.g. for choosing curtains.

Paul Michael __ who played Starsky on TV.

Puzzle 6

Blue-violet gem like December's modern birthstone.

Small South African loaf filled with curry.

Only card of a particular suit in a hand.

Quality of land's cultivation potential.

Oval containing a royal name in hieroglyphics.

Dominican seductress with backward-facing feet.

Theory that Edward de Vere was Shakespeare.

She played Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues.

Irish county, with Mullingar as the county town.

Pharaoh patron of Deir el-Medina workers' village.

Puzzle 7

Scottish isle with disappearing lighthouse keepers.

Sport in which 6.18m is the 2020 world record.

Whatchamacallit; item difficult to define.

Grisly 2019 horror movie set in Sweden.

Saint with a monastery in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

Dissonant, imperfect interval of seven semitones.

Medical name for the blocking of a bodily tube.

Neoclassical palace on Berlin's Wannsee.

Angels on __ are oysters wrapped in bacon.

Calcium-rich rock of Ancient Egyptian ornaments.

Ability of a company to convert assets into cash.

Anagram of countries.

English monarch who outlived all her 17 children.

Puzzle 8

Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus.

Catalytic __, device to control exhaust emissions.

Fertile settlement in Egypt's Western Desert.

Jet with a triangular silhouette.

British hooligans dressed in Edwardian clothes.

Latin legal term for a criminal act.

Salami-like meat from pork jowl.

__ Kittens, strategy card game.

Roald Dahl's parents were this nationality.

Coy female stock character in stage plays.

Preserved ancient solar boat at Giza museum.

Puzzle 9

Flounder, fish known as hirame in Japanese.

National Spaghetti Day is the 4th of this month.

Jim Sanborn sculpture with coded messages.

Wadi __, Egyptian desert site with whale fossils.

Above a Bachelors but below a PhD.

Baby hare.

Nationality of Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx.

First name of New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern.

Acting knight who won an Oscar in 1982 for Arthur.

Ancient Egyptian burial ground with step pyramid.

Muslim term for the afterlife.

The financial system of a community or government.

Puzzle 10

Maiden name of Hillary Clinton.

2020 hit for 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj.

First name of Colt, US inventor of the pistol.

Roman __, a river novel, a sequence of books.

Thigh muscle on a horse's back leg, above the hock.

Guatemala incorporates this elaborate wind craft.

Ancient oasis city southwest of Cairo.

Ancient Maya goddess of love, water, fertility.

Unusual shape of a Meitan, China specialty museum.

Towards, to this place.

Austrian city associated with hot dog sausages.

Egyptian name for the Eye of Horus.

Ear bone also known as the stirrup.

Heat glass and allow it to cool slowly.

Danish "celebration" movie, the first Dogme film.

Retired figure skater Oksana Baiul: "Swan of __".

Puzzle 11

__ Nights, Middle Eastern folk tales.

Bab __, ancient southern gate of Old Cairo.

Percussion ensembles from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Greek fluffy rug.

René, Celine Dion's late husband and manager.

Noise, call and name of an owl.

Ancient Egyptian capital or Tennessee city.

An appendix to a will.

First radioactive element to be discovered.

French deep-fried choux pastry fritter.

Puzzle 12

First name of the man who discovered penicillin.

Large order that includes all song birds.

Person who goes deep underwater without a tank.

Great ruler's Theban Necropolis mortuary complex.

Local laws of Pashtun people.

Russian abstract artist who taught at Bauhaus.

English king died of porphyria.

Author of the novel "Lorna Doone": R. D. __.

Waterway linking Red and Mediterranean seas.

Brazilian town whose inhabitants vanished in 1923.

Christian festival also called The Holy Encounter.

High woodwind register; very high (It.).

Puzzle 13

Japanese pickled fruits similar to apricots.

Incitement of groundless lawsuits.

The __ Peasant, early Egyptian tale of rural life.

The end of a jetty furthest from the land.

The bumbling constable in Much Ado About Nothing.

Crashing into a stationary object.

Main port and settlement on the Chatham Islands.

The opera L'Aiglon's two composers: __ and Ibert.

Ancient research institution in Alexandria.

Alternative name for the deathstalker scorpion.

Irish battle of 1014 where Vikings were defeated.

Puzzle 14

Date filled, Iraq's national cookie.

City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally actor Billy.

Green gem, the traditional birthstone for May.

Abusive, critical language.

Atychiphobia is fear of this.

Volcanic archipelago in South Pacific.

Lattice framework for supporting trees.

Homer managed singer __ Lumpkin in The Simpsons.

Last name of final Russian dynastic family.

French politician, once chief Brexit EU negotiator.

Ancient Egyptian irrigation tool.

Popular monster created by writer Lovecraft.

Short, 2003 orchestral piece by Jennifer Higdon.

Alternative name for Risso's dolphin.

Monet painted a woman holding one in 1875.

Sterile, without life.

National martial art sport of the Philippines.

Wooden sailing boat often seen on the Nile.

Represents W in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Puzzle 15

Video game streaming service launched in 2011.

__ Ridge Hoard, treasure stash worth $10 million.

UK Prime Minister called a modest man by Churchill.

Water on which Sharm El Sheikh resort lies.

Country where Kasseri cheese is produced.

Distinction and style that is admired, prestige.

__ Ellin, unfinished novel by Charlotte Brontë.

Egyptian pharaoh served by vizier Imhotep.

Where Sophia was from in The Golden Girls.

Moorland in West Yorkshire.

Puzzle 16

Site of the Serbian Exit Festival, founded in 2000.

American weevil that puts an end to the lexicon!.

French artist of 1874's A Modern Olympia.

Fictional Royal Navy Officer: __ Hornblower.

Ancient garment discovered in Cairo cemetery.

Stonework in the windows of Gothic churches.

Europa and Io are moons of this planet.

Jewish legal emissary.

Expressed, revealed a feeling.

Rolled-up meat, sponge or fish dish.

The __ Girl, Dreyfuss plays Elliot Garfield.

Upmarket district on Cairo's Gezira Island.

Indian board game played with cowrie shells.

Puzzle 17

Capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

New Year's Eve in Eastern Europe (after the saint).

Nine-time US Olympic gold medal-winning athlete.

Study of the customs of nonliterate peoples.

Shiny structures found in Utah and Romania in 2020.

Men's, very wide in silhouette, 1940s clothing.

Architecture with a roof supported by columns.

Tyre and Byblos were cities in this civilization.

Ann __, novelist of The Mysteries of Udolpho.

Vienna palace with Eroica Hall festival room.

Pokemon that evolves into Dragonite.

Pulses used to make Egyptian dish foul mudammas.

Study of language in written and oral sources.

Puzzle 18

Simple performance space, with plain dark walls.

In Outlander, James Fraser belongs to this church.

Ludwig __, German inventor of decaf coffee.

Leading military general who served Tutankhamun.

San Francisco park near Golden Gate Bridge.

Cultural association of animals to social groups.

This green shade features on the Irish flag.

Malleable grey metal, named after goddess Vanadis.

Plant for relieving nettle stings.

Choreographer for the ballet The Rite of Spring.

Wide waterfront promenade in Alexandria.

__ House: site of 2018 royal wedding evening party.

Puzzle 19

Mexican standard, grapefruit Margarita.

Temple complex near Luxor, linked to god Amun.

The tough white casing of the eyeball.

As said by the Pythons: Blessed are the __ makers.

Shady; dubious.

Three-part band that sang It's Like That.

French inventor of the hypodermic syringe.

Space missions named after the Greek God of music.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson's __ of the King.

Bird associated with Ancient Egyptian god Horus.

Land-locked African country, capital Lilongwe.

Deprive of, remove one's stake in another's business.

Puzzle 20

Ancient Greek priest who wrote Parallel Lives.

Acidic green liquid from unripe grapes.

__ of Rock, series of global heavy metal festivals.

Last food eaten at a Passover Seder (Hebrew term).

Sculptor linked to famous Nefertiti bust.

Male Aussie tennis legend from the 1960s.

Flattened meatballs, a popular Berlin streetfood.

Walt Disney's original first name for Mickey Mouse.

Medium-sized wildcats with long tufty ears.

Smallest country in Central America: El __.

The forward end of a ship's keel.

Diving site at Dahab, on Egypt's Red Sea coast.

Famous former first Argentinean lady from 1940s.

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