CodyCross Elvis Presley Pack answers

Elvis Presley PackElvis Presley

Here are the answers to CodyCross Elvis Presley Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Pulled or pressed due to unexpected flames.

__ Hawaii; Elvis concert beamed around the world.

Quiet, solitude, privacy.

US boxer who bit his opponent's ear.

Turn from a liquid into a gas.

Warship that carries missiles under water.

Central processing unit of a computer.

To make suffering less severe.

Everybody in the whole __; Jailhouse Rock lyric.

Another word for doctor.

Puzzle 2

__ Cage; actor, married Elvis' daughter in 2002.

Backwards basketball jump shot.

Actor who played Michael Corleone in the Godfather.

Running towards something en masse.

Elvis' age when he died in 1977.

Disease characterized by high blood glucose.

Chemical element with symbol N and atomic number 7.

Realistic, authentic.

Most ideal employment.

Space where film is developed.

Grooming hair or fur.

The introductory setting of The Canterbury Tales.

Fashion designer, Eurotrash host, Jean-Paul __.

Stimulant found in coffee and tea.

Bargaining over a purchase.

Puzzle 3

Edible, slippery aphrodesiac.

Asks questions.


Vein in the neck carrying blood from the head.

Hanoi is the capital o f this country.

Producing an imitation, faking.

Inhale and exhale.

Knighted actor who played James Bond: Sean __.

Elvis number one at time of his death in 1977.

Non-active volcano.

__ kick; overhead or scissor kick in football.

Natural environment of a plant or an animal.

Rock __; musical genre influenced by Elvis.

Impartial, unbiased.

Puzzle 4

British royal family drama serialized for TV.

Lazy and workshy.

__ very much; Elvis' catchphrase of gratitude.

Supports used by the injured get around.

What the Y in DIY stands for.

The state of being with one partner at a time.

Crop-gathering times of year.

Below zero degrees.

What the E stands for in UAE.

Mister, in French.

Great skill, creativity, ability.

French meal of snails.

Young males doing duties at tennis matches.

Something that is genuine, decent.

Bouncing Australian marsupial.

Scientist who studies plants.

Happen at the same time.

Four of them symbolized the apocalypse.

Musical film that showcases several ABBA hits.

Farm vehicles.

Pertaining to the Middle Ages.

__ Scott; songwriter who wrote Return to Sender.

A change to an opposite direction.

Puzzle 5

Went scarlet with shame.

Suspicious death investigator.

French city where the antipopes were based.

Aperture in a front door for an unlocking device.

Tea making vessel in Russia.

Son of Great Nephew and Sharmeen.

Putting money on horses or playing Blackjack.

__ say, Only fools rush in; 1962 Elvis line.

__ and Johnny; 1966 film with Elvis as a gambler.

Gangster, criminal, thug.

New Zealand city, the Edinburgh of the South.

The archangel sent to Muhammad.

Puzzle 6

Shed for collecting road tax.

Elvis' Memphis mansion.

__ & Down, TV show starring Danny McBride.

White wine with a grassy aroma: __ Blanc.

__ comedy, 30s film genre featuring feisty women.

The Master and __, a Mikhail Bulgakov satire.

Minnesota Lynx WNBA player, nicknamed the Monster.

Last name of former president with initials FDR.

Rodents living in rivers; UK showbiz charity.

Without any illegal offences.

Piece of ice, falls from above during a storm.

In a mischievous, naughty or dishonest manner.

Stood with legs either side of something.

Delineated zone where household fires are outlawed.

Renewable power from organic sources.

Judy __; publisher friend of Elvis Presley.

US teens' ankle and foot covering of the 1940s-50s.

Puzzle 7

Famous British murder mystery writer: __ Christie.

Only ocean entirely in the Northern Hempisphere.

__ Square Arena; venue of Elvis' final concert.

Joel __ of The Soup and Community.

Crime, offence, violation.

Green blob Ghostbusters character.

Blue __; 1961 Elvis film about US island state.

S hemisphere mackerel-type fish, Thyrsites atun.

Perfect things, sometimes unattainable.

Word meaning crow in Spanish.

Pan-Asian restaurants are one example: __ cuisine.

Club for the greens in golf.

Hits with a stick.

Flotsam and __, floating cargo from a wrecked ship.

Mystical journeys with goals.

Puzzle 8

Drivers of black taxis.

__ in Memphis; Marc Cohn's Elvis tribute hit.

Made a hen noise.

Eating healthier foods and fewer calories.

__ Green, station for vicars.

Jerry __ had Dorothy Boyd at hello.

Today, Tomorrow and __; eternal Elvis album.

Distance in measures of 3 feet.

Thoroughly, completely.

A people __; someone never says no.

Something composed of soil, dirt, grass.

In politics, proposals that can be carried.

Tools for scraping the outside skin off citruses.

Gil, who was the crime lab boss in original CSI.

Puzzle 9


Indestructible flight recorder.

Pulsated, pounded.

Canine 1956 rock and roll hit for Elvis.

Underwear vest garment for women, often silky.

People of Russian republic with Grozny as capital.

Purply fluorite from Derbyshire's Peak District.

Amethyst and violet are symbols for this month.

British symbol denoting the quality of goods.

Elizabeth __; second daughter of Oliver Cromwell.

Longest reigning Roman emperor.

Greek who advocated foody pleasures.

__ Land; Elvis version of Chuck Berry song.

Religious festival, a public holiday.

Nick __, DJ, presented Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Puzzle 10

Ancient arithmetic tool using beads.

First name of Elvis Presley's mother.

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie.

Canadian sketch comedy show: __ City Television.

Capital of Greece.

Clean-__, de-whiskered.

E.g. Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy.

Italian word for Italy.

Instrument played by Elvis, e.g. Gibson J-200.

Stands up; appears.

Puzzle 11

Popular casino game, aka twenty one.

South African language from Dutch.

Upbeat 1974 studio album by Elvis Presley.

Jerry __; The Beach Boys manager and Elvis' friend.

Author of the novel Wintersmith: Terry __.

Essential paper-securing kit for an official.

Horse __, high atmospheric pressure at 30° S and N.

Fair-skinned person.

__ out, backed out of doing something.

Pronged cutlery for eating sponges and tortes.

All people here.

2013 Italian crime film by Marco Risi; Cuban dance.

Large, triangular-shaped yacht sail.

Puzzle 12

Imagineers, fantasisers.

Picks up an item that was ordered.

Asserts ownership again.

Are You __ Tonight? Elvis asks if you want company.

Christian feast after Twelfth Night.

__ love, adoration from a pet motivated by food.

All the options that come with a meal.

Thumbing, turning pages rapidly.

__ O' Love; hit for Elvis during his army days.

__ man stood with a sign in Formula 1 car pits.

Puzzle 13

Conveyed knowledge.

Devil In __; Elvis song of deceptive appearances.

Stud earrings, used when ears initially pierced.

Longitudinal divisions of the globe by the hour.

Leave the room in anger.

Luxury 1955 pink car model owned by Elvis.

Dispute council.

Imagined place in which everything is unpleasant.

Side-opening window.

Salad sauce.

Fatally, gravely.

US conflict fought between the North and the South.

Chicago MLB side; major rivals of the Cubs.

Surgery to tighten the visage.

Helium, oxygen, beryllium.

Puzzle 14

Luke __, Star Wars' protagonist.

Last name of TV'S Shameless family.

What Americans call a zebra crossing.

Traditional Milanese Christmas bread.

__ riots, New York disturbance over gay rights.

State that is home to Elvis' Graceland estate.

Study of elements and compounds.

Help out.

One who feeds your animals.

Painful hit for Elvis Presley in 1968.

Synthetic material, protects the outside of a home.

Malice, spitefulness, maliciousness.

Dante __, author of The Divine Comedy.

Monopoly is one of them.

Interrupted, in a state of chaos.

Study of disease.

Puzzle 15

Move text in a particular direction on a screen.

Month in 1977 when Elvis passed away.

To withdraw or stop talking.

How To Train Your Dragon's Viking patriarch.

The least sullied.

__-peel skin, another name for cellulite.

__ energy; power carried by the world's oceans.

A crepe to Abraham.

Retired tennis player Steffi Graf's nationality.

Club from Brittany, forerunner of the Jacobins.

Velvet fabric with burnt-out patches.

Bloom linked to February in flower lore.

Handle for steering a small boat.

Country whose capital is Bandar Seri Begawan.

(Marie's the Name) __ Flame; 1961 hit for Elvis.

Workplace of a man who makes horseshoes.

__ girl, high-kicking Bluebell dancer for e.g.

Male goose.

Puzzle 16

Scraping designs into wood.

Without any noise.

Measuring device w/ moving marker for calculating.

Fastening using round plastic discs.

Winners of first prize.

Blue __; 1957 festive song by Elvis.

Colonel __; Elvis Presley's manager.

Swedish PM, mediator in the Bosnian War.

Protein-based slimming plan from French doctor.

Canadian CODCO comedian and social activist.

Morse's Christian name revealed in this TV prequel.

Conspicuous, prominent, obvious.

Puzzle 17

Finger or thumb protector for sewers.

Listen to music with these intra-auricle gadgets.

Word used to replace another word not known.

Foolish or stupid.

Military trips out to attack the enemy.

Country where April 30 is a national holiday.

You look like __; Devil In Disguise opening line.

Long Walk for Freedom: autobiography of Nelson __.

Song of __; a book of the Old Testament.

Every safari tourist's must-see list.

It's Now __; Elvis' 1960 best-selling hit.

Puzzle 18

Causing annoyed reaction.

Eight-legged, desert bugs with a stinger.

Ordinariness, routine.

First starring film role for Elvis, in 1957.

Verifiable by observation.

Correct mobile phone use in a car.

Covered walkways in a monastery.

Birthplace of William Shakespeare, __ -upon- Avon.

NP means this, absence of worries.

Otis __; songwriter, worked on 10 Elvis hits.

Puzzle 19

Regularly falling drops of liquid.

Bacony egg custard baked in a pie crust: Quiche __.

Term for the crime of killing a king.

Cigar-smoking commissioner in the Dukes of Hazzard.


An aide-memoire, a prompt.

Where the keeper stands for a football penalty.

French city famous for sausage and aerospace.

__ My Mind; romantic hit for Elvis in 1972.

Pulsating light, can affect epileptics.

Held up; did not help at all.

Online lectures, slogan "Ideas worth spreading".

Gritty or grainy, the composition of certain rocks.

Free of coins and notes.

Battle of __, where King Harold II lost his life.

Viva __; 1964 EP and film for Elvis.

Relating to blood vessels.

Puzzle 20

Hard __ Woman; number 1 for Elvis in 1958.

Why coulrophobes can't take IT anymore.

Adapt through time.

Maker of walkers for those with walking issues.

All of your property seen and unseen.

Articulate inaudibly under the breath.

Heart city of Ancient Greece.

1995 cyber mystery film starring Sandra Bullock.

Maker/repairer of wooden beer casks and barrels.

Care __, tags with washing tips.

Large sea mammals, including humpbacks.

Black __; Alannah Myles 1989 Elvis-themed hit.

When the moon gets smaller visually.

Entertained, made people laugh.

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