CodyCross Embarrassing Moments Pack answers

Embarrassing Moments PackEmbarrassing Moments

Here are the answers to CodyCross Embarrassing Moments Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Little bits of food that may get stuck in a beard.

Well-known bell and clock tower in London.

Classic film heroine, loved by Romeo, and Gnomeo.

Six geese a-__ in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

A freight car with sliding doors.

Large sea creature with flippers and tusks.

Asked God for help.

Opposite of beginning.

Will Smith, the Fresh __ of Bel-Air.

__ tied; too embarrassed to speak.

Puzzle 2

Grassy plain or girl's name.

Bright sky arcs, seen after showers.

Hard Italian cheese for topping pasta.

Personal __; one-to-one fitness instructors.

Coloured pens used by children.

Object worn nasally by synchronized swimmers.

Make-up mark left by elderly relative's kiss.

Shed doors are secured with these mechanisms.

Russian president in 2019, __ Putin.

Ejecting saliva from your mouth.

Money gained through employment or working for it.

Puzzle 3

Road halt notification.

Jewellery worn around the wrist.

__ identity; thinking someone is somebody else.

Wonderful, magnificent, super.

Types of dog, such as a Cocker, with floppy ears.

Marge and Lisa are two.

Wounds, cuts, bruises.

Christina __, Madonna kissed her on stage.

Dr Seuss town found in a speck on a clover flower.

Giving guidance to someone.

Head of the hive.

__ malfunction; embarrassing clothing fail.

Fancy dress up outfits.

Stuffed shapes that adorn sofas.

Someone who creates magazines, graphics etc..

Fluttering eyelids.

Light something again.

E.g. Caesar, vinaigrette, ranch – poured on salad.

Puzzle 4

To __ and beyond! Buzz Lightyear catchphrase.

Pig-like noises made when laughing unexpectedly.

Petting an animal's fur.

Secret language using mixed up letters.

To be able to recognise or distinguish.

The wheels __ go round and round, all day long.

When someone is throwing a ball to you, you are __.

Deception or deceit used by magicians.

A female who rents out land or property.

McDonald's burger with large and delicious name.

Headwear made of dried grass.

A person wanting all genders to have equal rights.

Blushing, with colour in your cheeks.

A piece of information, printed or written.

Severe blizzard means you can see only one color.

Puzzle 5

Playing on a console, e.g. an Xbox or PlayStation.

Feel incredibly awkward and embarrassed.

What are made when cake candles are blown out.

Religious building where Hindus worship.

Marks on clothing that won't wash out.

Consuming food.

__ puck, skids across the ice when hit with sticks.

Breathe out.

People invited to a party or wedding.

These people sit on benches and try criminals.

Made the sound of a snake.

Luxury sailing boats of the rich and famous.

A weather __/show on TV explains weather predictions.


Shores along the sea.

Puzzle 6

Switching your belongings with someone.

Giggling loudly.

Said when someone else sneezes in public.

Sliding on a slippery surface.

__ lyrics; getting the words to a song wrong.

A zipper that has been pulled down.

Born in the country known for its three pyramids.

An artwork on canvas.

Every year.

Beaten egg dish, folded with a savoury filling.

Animal, living thing.

Knock knuckles together to say hello.

A set or group of similar things.

Puzzle 7

Lightweight sports training ball, with holes.

Sweaty; e.g. damp palms when shaking hands.

Kitchen appliance for chilling (short form).

Globules accidentally sprayed from your mouth.

Costs of items.

Gretel's brother.

Striped big cats.

A period of 10 years is called a __.

One of the measures of a three-dimensional figure.

Did not succeed.

Under __; apprehended by the police.

Hakuna __, Lion King song with Tim Rice lyrics.

Puzzle 8

Makes a soap explosion in your bathtub.

Movie: __ Wears Prada.


Common, workaday, conventional.

Times of no rain.

US state most famous for its fried chicken.

Protruding arms of a tree.

Outer garment for keeping precipitation off.

Verse that is emphasized on particular words.

Said after your burp or break wind in public.

Airport building.

The quantity of snow falling from the sky.

A game where you fire infra-red beams at people.

Street light pole, often accidentally walked into.

Sit still and practise mindfulness.

Puzzle 9

Garments for bathing.

Farmer who picks crops, a cropper.


Showing someone the direction to go in.

Bringing flat drawings to life as cartoons.

Invader; someone who attacks unprovoked.

Not melodic; describes terrible singing.

A word puzzle with clues and a grid.

Running machine.

Criminals from crews: Bonnie and Clyde were these.

Final 10 seconds on New Year's Eve.

Sleep through the winter.

Spreadable butter substitute.

The ten-year period after 1969.

Barking up the __.

Straw-stuffed character to frighten birds.

Halitosis, unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Puzzle 10

Sea __, marine animal, destined for a salad, maybe.

Murderer of an important person.

Basic medical help at a scene.

In front of others, not privately.

Christina __, who sang Genie in a Bottle.

Eating delicately with little bites like squirrels.

Vehicles from the ancient world, especially Rome.

Moving unsteadily, swaying.

Water sport in a boat paddled by a two-bladed oar.

They are fixed to windows to keep buildings cool.

__ in dog poo; stepping in something nasty.

People from Chile are __.

Paper money.

Puzzle 11

Do this to your boat to go gently down the stream.

Vigorous cleaning to make something shine.

Place where rockets take off.

Seashells attached to rocks.

Something that cannot be seen.

Huge fashion footwear, used on lunar surfaces?.

Courtroom plea of an innocent person.

Deeply embarrassed or humiliated.

Organ of smell, from the Italian capital maybe?.

Protected, covered, dry from rain.

Masterpiece; an impressive painting or sculpture.

French sparkling wine.

Jagged flashes of light in the sky.

Leaking red bodily fluid from the nostrils.

Containers for screws and hammers.

Puzzle 12

Rectangular blocks used for building.

Lots of people and floats in the street.

Oscar the __, green furry one from Sesame Street.

Fail to remember, e.g. someone's birthday or name.

Irritated spots on skin.

Tutti __; sweet ice cream with fruity pieces.

__ call; leaving a phone call unanswered.

When you are given your wages from your job.

Dodge something by turning quickly.

Long John __, one-legged man from Treasure Island.

To tell the truth and not tell lies is to be __.

Fancy evening outfit finished with a bow tie.

Arctic plains that do not have trees.

A large weapon, mounted on wheels, fires balls.

Bends, like a limp plant.

Comic __, cartoon stories in newspapers.

Canine collie film star of the 1940s.

Swimming costume named after a Pacific atoll.

Round citrus fruit; a pumpkin's color.

Puzzle 13

__ your own reflection; always looking in a mirror.

A book that has a rigid cover.

Responded or replied.

Frozen treat enjoyed in a cone.

Period of 42 days.

Meanly, cruelly.

Unsure as to the existence of God.

Rock paper __, hand game of chance.

Rays from the solar body.

Laptop or desktop.

One hundred times ten, one.

Loud noise made by a churning stomach.

An adjustable chair – lay back and raise your feet.

Holes in your teeth that are caused by decay.

The winning blow in a boxing match.

Puzzle 14

Dental __ helps the dentist to provide treatment.

It's no use crying over __.

Graph using pictures/symbols to compare data.

Where your computer content goes when cut/copied.

Take a stroll when you aren't awake.

Thumb a lift.

Taking clothes out of a suitcase.

Attacker or fighter.

Lizard that can change colour.

Yellow lawn plant whose name means lion's teeth.

Stayed in bed too late, didn't hear your alarm.

People from Bolivia are __.

Tables, chairs, beds and bookcases.

Opposite of forwards.

Puzzle 15

Squashed like garlic.

A zebra is this, as is a peppermint.

Covered in lines and crinkles.

Get the __; laugh inappropriately.

Biggest primate of all, black fur and beats chest.

Trimming plants.

Criticising someone, rhymes with "budging".

For securing a shirt.

Traditional lawn sport with hoops and mallets.

Rub your skin to relieve an itch.

Not strong or resilient.

Computer screen.

Skull bone.

Small headphones that fit in the hearing organ.

Puzzle 16

The process of summing numbers together.

Beauty is in the eye of the __.

Frozen vanilla dessert made with cream and eggs.

Turning red in the face.

Person with a glucose level/insulin problem.

Going inside a building, for example.

Oinking kids cartoon character with brother George.

Teaches pupils.

Pedal-powered machines.

Feeling anxious.

Government's finance and taxation department.

Small spiky mammal that curls into a ball.

The Wicked Stepmother gave Snow White a __ apple.

Embarrassing bloopers not shown on TV.

Dangerous invisible patch on roads in icy weather.

Came off the tracks.

Use these to boost your phone's battery power.

Groups of uniformed officers in a regiment.

Puzzle 17

Green area of landscape, similar to a meadow.

Celebratory rockets etc, that explode in the sky.

Host of a television or radio show.

Buildings that you borrow books from.

To become ill through too much outdoor heat.

Oval office occupant.

Curled scrapings from the skin of yellow citrus.

A chunk of sentences about one theme.

Chat while you are dozing.

Put your baby or toddler in here at mealtimes.

The cost of something without any discount.

Ode to Joy composer who was deaf at the time.

Warner Brothers' rabbit.

Finding and fixing mistakes in a program's code.

Inverted gymnastic move that travels.

Wonderful, excellent.

Compass point between east and south.

During the dark hours.

Loop of wire that holds sheets together.

Resting place for cars at the end of their lives.

Animals that make a sound like a trumpet.

Puzzle 18

Pizza with ham and pineapple topping.

Angry exchanges in the street by car drivers.

With the best manners.

Most populated country starting with the letter P.

Moving with a spring in your step.

Birds that live in colonies on the Antarctic ice.

__ balls: throw them up in the air like a clown.

Being sick, gagging.

The __ of glasses as a toast is made.

Fitness class for intense exercise.

__ star, a meteor or falling star.

Awkward place to pass wind; alternative to stairs.

3-D shape; rounded tube with a circle at each end.

Terribly hungry.

The bottom of the ocean.

The Mad Hatter held this celebration in Wonderland.

Puzzle 19

Involuntary noises made by a contracting diaphragm.

Made holes with a tool.

Sticks and stones may break __.

Opposite of smoother.

Young female who is overly enthusiastic.

Reading type for the blind.

__-cut chips are wavy rather than straight-edged.

Short pointed knives used as weapons in history.

Circular hoop of vegetation for funerals and Xmas.

Naked; without __.

Three times five.

__ act, performers doing the hits of famous bands.

Trains stop here.

Popular marker brand; great for display work.

A deep dent or dip in the road surface.

Milk and cheese factories.

A nest of __; stinging insects larger than wasps.

Puzzle 20

Weeping, sobbing.

The Seven __ Sins are sloth, gluttony, pride....

Limbs that join the rim to the centre of a wheel.

Hand coverings for gardeners.

Pressing letters and numbers on a keyboard.

Mouthing the words, rather than singing live.

The U in UN stands for __.

Creamy Christmas drink with or without alcohol.

Cured, made healthy again.

Two equal parts of a whole.

Metal of the medal for second place.

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