CodyCross Emergency Workers Pack answers

Emergency Workers PackEmergency Workers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Emergency Workers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Leave quickly, like a plane departing.

Quick bursts of bright lights.

Simple sugar energy source.

Fugitive, someone who has escaped.

Catch someone doing this; cat snoozing.

Increases area of operation.

Purple Haze artist.

The scientific study of the structure of the earth.

Scent to dab on the body.

Machine that continuously observes vitals.

Ian McKellen's metal moving X-Men role.

Puzzle 2

Compulsory, necessary.

They use crampons to ascend mountains.

Thomson and __, twin detectives from Tintin.

American word for what Brits call ice lolly.

Condition that causes flaky skin on the scalp.

Dennis Leary firefighter TV show.

Rays during daytime, from our star.

Men's formal black and white outfits.

All around the world.

Physical memory of a vacation, place or occasion.

Fabric tube indicates the direction of moving air.

Zodiac stinging arachnid symbol.

Common type of cross-head screwdriver.

Insert flexible plastic into a windpipe.

Vulnerable, unprotected, exposed.

Riders on the Storm, headed by Jim Morrison.

Puzzle 3

Metal fastener on a belt.

Expel air from the body.

Country which owns the islands of Crete and Rhodes.

The __ Record Company, Elton John's label.

Cooking cakes.

Simulated emergencies done to gain experience.

US Democrats symbol, a braying beast.

In a big way.

Cartoon kid friend to tiger Hobbes.

Salt and water solution.

Professional joker.

Someone glued to the sofa watching TV: couch __.

Bandit, fugitive criminal, desperado.

Use of a coin to decide between two choices.

Puzzle 4

Citrus fruit hybrid of a mandarin orange.

Unexpected, serious situation.

Those who have been kidnapped.

Shocked, but usually in a good way.

"See you later __".

Second most populous city in Spain.

Caused by germs, keep wounds clean to avoid this.

Short-term medical treatment for severe illness.

What Makes You __ by One Direction.

Moving stairway.

Puzzle 5

Give time without being paid.

Oscar-winning actor who played Ray Charles in 2004.

White, dark, milk, semi-sweet; all types of this.

Country where a common greeting is G'Day, mate.

Digging a little hole for shelter.

Pulse, temperature, breathing rate, for example.

With high hopes for the future.

Pre-hospital emergency medical worker.

Political philosophy of chaos.

Red traffic illumination.

"Non-west" waterway between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Material used to make brown boxes.

Puzzle 6

A very quiet way to walk or sneak.

This type of weather includes rain, thunder, etc..

__ pork; shredded barbecued meat.

Blocks of time workers are scheduled.

Cylinder-shaped space vehicle.

Facial surface covered with cosmetic shadow.

Sunken ships.

Nickname for Thomas Edison: "The __ of Menlo Park".

Decorative head pieces worn by princesses.

Equine species that pulled early fire vehicles.

Puzzle 7

Transforming, turning into something else.

Caterpillar that eats mulberry and makes fibers.

Drug causing sleep or drowsiness.

Neither a __ nor a lender be.

E.g. a gift that you have created yourself.

Having an occupation.

Old-fashioned singers, like Bing Crosby.

Carbon used in graphic arts.

Area next to the swimming spot.

Microorganisms that cause infection or disease.

Safe place to keep cash.

Puzzle 8

Woman with the highest singing voice.

Norsemen who invaded Britain in the 9th C.

Japanese art of paper-folding.

__ Raptors, Maple Leafs, and Blue Jays.

French car manufacturer with chevron logo.

Return to a normal state of health.

Glittery discs sewn on dance costumes.

In attendance.

Small appliance that browns and heats bread slices.

__ over; was much taller than.

Smoke __; ancient form of communication in the sky.

Anxious, demanding noise delivered by a cat.

Used with a needle to inject fluids into the body.

Journals for daily record of events.

Root vegetable related to the carrot.

Edges of a material.

Puzzle 9

__ tea, meal between lunch and dinner, with cakes.

Person who rescues another from danger.

Hideous, strange, gross.

Ubisoft's videogame franchise: __ Creed.

Pulled, elongated.

8-letter everyday word for cardialgia or reflux.

Drawings that appear to move, imitate life.

Provide insufficient financial backing.

Collar used in emergencies to keep head still.

15th-century Portuguese explorer: "Henry the __".

You can be pulled up by them; ties in footwear.

Puzzle 10

Decorative band around the wrist.

Plucking the strings on a guitar.

Appreciative, thankful.

Unexpected incident that causes injury.

Most porky or beefy.

Shiny stellar sticker praises good schoolwork.

Substance that stimulates a bowel movement.

Torn but not broken.

Cosmetic treatment for feet and toenails.

The least full.

Puzzle 11

Another name for the mandible.

Grey's __, TV medical drama.

Room where people cook their food.

Down to __, decided at the last minute.

Milk affected by lemon juice.

Unable to escape.

When Earth's star comes up in the morning.

Beauty __, a display of gorgeousness.

__, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme: Simon & Garfunkel.

Frankenstein's __ was created from body parts.

Seeker of sanctuary.

Buzz physically.

__ tuna, colorful fish caught for sport and food.

Puzzle 12

Not miniature; exactly to scale.

One who aids the person in charge.

Shiny path on the ground left by garden mollusc.

Shredded potato side dish.

The final slow smooch and twirl of an evening.

Gave an award with some ceremony.

Person responsible for maintaining Internet sites.

Second largest country in South America in area.

Most fashionable.

Decomposed, rotted, broke down.

Terrorist or rebel, from a Spanish word.

Administer artificial breath to a patient.

Polite enquiry about someone's life.

Greased __; the name of Kenickie's car in Grease.

Renders unconscious.

Puzzle 13

Creamy drink made from pureed fruit or veg.

Poisonous fumes used in biological warfare.

Summing; opposite of subtraction.

In a straight line, no stops on the way.

Insufficiently, eg risqué clothing; __ clad.

Winged fish aka devilfish, anagram of "many a rat".

Barrier preventing onlookers from getting close.

Home run hitters' sport.

Glasses consisting of just a bowl.

Length of time.

YOLO; you only __.

Making bedcovers.

Audience barrackers, shouting out to a comedian.

Driving very quickly to a destination.

Sticky and viscous, from the sap of a tree.

Puzzle 14

__ of the American Revolution, US women patriots.

Legoland, Disneyland, etc..

Sleeping furniture designed for two.

Device placed in the chest to regulate heartbeats.

To agitate an appendage... is to "__".

Wooden frame with canvas used to carry the injured.

Injury inflicted by a striped garden pest.

Oily nut, often baked into cookies.

Jeans front, the alternative to having a zip.

Formally present someone to another person.

MTV __; TV series showcasing acoustic artists.

Liquid pressure that powers the Jaws of Life.

People living in a particular town.

Vehicle with sleeping accommodation.

Opposite of widest.

Woody, True Detective star.

Puzzle 15

Gospel protest song: "We Shall __".

Trusts someone enough to share a secret.

Indulging in shut-eye overnight.

Swishing sound of small animals in bushes.

Covered completely, perhaps in fire.

__ point; issue causing an impasse in discussions.

Food with added salt and pepper.

Fabrics, cloths, materials.

An active volcano spewing out lava is __.

Identification document for travel.

Show someone __; teach them how to do a job.

Floated to the top, came up for air.

Another word for toilet or WC.

Playing a short high golf shot.

Month when Jamhuri Day is celebrated in Kenya.

Dispatcher who answers distress calls.

__ caps, headgear with slogans.

Puzzle 16

Cook food in a flat pot in shallow oil.

Sitting and moving on a horse, for example.

Weasel-like animal, can be kept as a pet.

Fluid in blood.

Established paths of travel.

Lyrics, Mambo No. 5: A little bit of __ in the sun.

Happening unexpectedly.

Professional who uses a keyboard.

Not subject to, e.g. __ from paying taxes.

Grip tightly to something.

__ hot; a very high temperature.

Country where the city of Gatineau is located.

The __ of the Beast is 666.

Taxi Driver star, Robert __.

Puzzle 17

Console someone in distress.

Takes territory from bordering country.

Irritated or mildly angry.

Poolside furniture item.

Jay Z and 50 Cent are these.

Exact __ on someone; punish someone.

A fragrant scent to make you smell nice.

Earthquakes and floods are this kind of disaster.

Person who observes a crime, testifies in court.

An iced baked treat in a paper case.

Puzzle 18

Qualified after finishing a round of courses.

Ceramic that's safe to cook at high heat.

Write bullet-point items to do in future.

Animal term for purposely blaming the wrong person.

Arenas where male cattle are used as entertainment.

Have a rapid, throbbing heartbeat.

Factory where metal is rolled, shaped, fabricated.

Puckering up greetings without touching lips.

Supportive underwear for sportsmen.

__ survey scientists, work at the South Pole.

Branch of science dealing with celestial objects.

Puzzle 19

I beg __; polite expression of disagreement.

Procedure used to dislodge food when choking.

Stuck a metal cooking spike through.

Big rig drivers and semi drivers.

Gun that fires pellets using compressed gas.

Extrovert, uninhibited.. doesn't stay in much.

Makes bigger, increases in size.

Emporium for buying travel souvenirs.

Medical tube inserted in bladder to remove liquid.

Describes a 0-0 soccer match.

Dotted, sprinkled with.. something spicy?.

Heart __; operations to relieve blocked valves.

Puzzle 20

First US president to live in the White House.

New blood.

A homemade figure that protects crops from birds.

Original dog breed used in fire stations.

Showing future promise, has __.

Extremely tired.

Metal or timber support for white picket separator.

Sea-based branch of the British military.

Key element of Catholicism, e.g. Holy Communion.

South American country that's alphabetically last.

Instrument played by Kenny G, John Coltrane.

Law __; police officers.

Tied w/ vanilla for most classic ice cream variety.

Cape __; launch site near Kennedy Space Center.

Tropical cyclone with winds over 74 miles an hour.

Kurt Russel nineties firefighter movie.

Physical attraction for iron filings.

Someone who passes on intelligence/info.

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