CodyCross End of Year Celebrations Pack answers

End of Year Celebrations PackEnd of Year Celebrations

Here are the answers to CodyCross End of Year Celebrations Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Long shiny strings for decorating Christmas trees.

Disney's Brave heroine.

Happy, yellow face; a basic emoticon.

__ Express, historic train ran Paris to Turkey.

Country preceded by Equatorial.

Sister of Hansel.

Large fruits; anagram of "lemons".

Black and white bird that likes shiny objects.

Song by Adele: "Water Under the __".

Another word for a sporting cup or vase or shield.

A circular leafy decoration that hangs on doors.

Puzzle 2

To leave something alone or desert it.

For your eyes only.

Term for when ice breaks off a glacier.

To blow up or fill something with air.

Non-biological child.

You have four __ and a thumb on each hand.

When you shake a little bit.

J. K. __ wrote the Harry Potter books.

A popular video-sharing website.

Brussels __, green round vegetables.

To watch kids.

__ greetings; a phrase often heard at Christmas.

Puzzle 3

Equipment that makes music louder.

Becoming submerged in water after heavy rain.

Paper booklet or leaflet that informs.

__ Pony, toy horses with pictures on their back.

Let the cat out __; give away a secret.

Part of the heel, point of vulnerability.

Elf on __; magical scout elf sent by Santa.

Home for a pet parrot or canary.

Another word for soldiers, e.g. in ancient Greece.

Service for watching TV at any time.

Little Pig __ was written by Beatrix Potter.

A bug that destroys wooden furniture.

On the first day of Christmas my __ gave to me....

What a mirror does.

Puzzle 4

You stand on these whilst waiting for a train.

To put baubles and tinsel on a Christmas tree.

Sturdier, more firmly fixed.

The opposite of repels.

Someone who writes reports to rate a film or book.

The __ Son, a scripture about a returned child.

Paraguay's capital, named after Catholic feast.

Children's play that tells the Christmas story.

Stood under water spray to bathe.

__ exercise; an activity that relates to the body.

Round plastic tube you spin around your hips.

Place where an artist keeps his colors.

Group who sang Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams.

Non-muggle magic.

Puzzle 5

__ cars, bang into each other at the fairground.

Resident of a prison.

Second of the Pevensie kids to enter Narnia.

Black/white/brown dog known for tracking smells.

Explosion hole in a volcano; a hollow on the Moon.

Roman god of agriculture, also a planet.

__ Depp, plays the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice.

Number of days of Christmas in the well-known song.

Distress or concern (the answer contains a month).

Red-breasted birds associated with Christmas.

Relationship of you to your mother's sister's son.

Turned from solid to liquid, with heat.

To return a tennis ball without it bouncing.

Wrap your school books in these.

To do up a button.

Medieval lands owned by barons, Lords of the __.

__ grab, a snapshot of what is on your computer.

Puzzle 6

Magic mixtures; rhymes with lotions.

A disease or a sickness.

American nappies.

Swerved, or bypassed, rhymes with "A boy did".

Flightless bird and enemy of Batman.

The noise owls make.

Rooftop entry point for Father Christmas.

Girl with a __, a piece of Banksy wall art.

Table decoration with a bang and surprises inside.

Bundles of wheat.

Standing at an angle, propped up against something.

Lord of the Rings wizard, leader of the Fellowship.

New __, a country of islands in the South Pacific.

Temple of __, Ancient Wonder to a Greek goddess.

To give religious devotion to something, e.g God.

Puzzle 7

Getting free; avoiding capture.

Month when the Western world celebrates Christmas.

To scrawl or write in a messy way.

News anchor Kent, on The Simpsons.

Articulated passenger vehicle, like in London.

Shawn Mendes song, perhaps about sewing.

What a male leopard can't change.

Cooking banana, fry it to make dodo.

A fixed value that does not change.

Take money out of your bank account.

Packing up presents in colored paper.

A meerkat is from the __ family.

Refined, shiny.

Players who play behind the strikers in football.

Birds of prey that feed on dead animals.

Frankenstein created one of these scary creatures.

Puzzle 8

Announce somebody to a person they don't know.

Going back and forth to work each day.

A fast food restaurant for cars.

Colorful, twirly crepe paper ceiling decorations.

Alvin and the __, animated cartoon animals.

Mending, fixing.

Coming into blossom.

Gruff fairy tale animal that crossed a bridge.

To not wake up on time.

Harold II or __, he died at the Battle of Hastings.

"How Now Brown Cow" is an example of this.

Loyal to one's country.

Child's first set of dentures.

__ goods, products used in the home.

Birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Playground game with a boy's name in the title.

Take __; be brave, dive headfirst into something.

Puzzle 9

3-D circle; a ball.

Decorated room in which you can visit Santa.

Cleaning cloth for removing dry particles.

Sank a ball on a golf green.

Playground equipments that move back and forth.

Excessive rainwater that drains away.

Small wriggly larva that hatches into a fly.

An advent __ is burned as a countdown to Christmas.

Stirring ingredients together with a spoon.

Set something off, e.g. a rocket.

Dog house, often made of wood.

Archimedes' exclamation and motto of California.

Jim __, comic genius with a rubber face.

The cowgirl doll in Toy Story.

Puzzle 10

Not connected to the internet.

Rita __, Power Rangers' enemy with screechy voice.

Painkiller used for headaches.

Hoarding or keeping something to use in future.

Small, poor boy in A Christmas Carol by Dickens.

Ordinary, standard, typical.

Small spirits with wings.

__ Away, Aardman animation set in the sewers.

Removing creases from clothes.

A label that shows who a present is from.

Culinary term for duck, hens and turkeys.

__ to the Rhythm, 2017 Katy Perry song.

Chicken __ in breadcrumbs; can also be gold.

Chemical sorcery, turning metals into gold.

Shredding cheese into very small strips.

Energetic party game with mat and colored circles.

Puzzle 11

Huge hit for the rock band Queen: "__ Rhapsody".

Another word for when the sun first rises.

Written or spoken words of opinion.

Region of China once ruled by Britain.

Santa's wife.

Musical film that won best picture by accident.

Animated movie with Simba, Mufasa and Scar.

"Fishy" party game like hide and seek.

A new boat christened in water.

An octopus's arm.

A huge flightless prehistoric bird.

Reflective surface, like the lenses of sunglasses.

Multiplying by two.

Where Santa and his elves make toys.

Puzzle 12

Part of a planned timetable.

Once __; how fairy tales start.

Part of the Trinity with the Father and Son.

A garment worn by men under a suit jacket.

Game played with rackets and shuttlecocks.

In better physical condition.

Capital and largest city of Iceland.

Hot __; warm drink served on The Polar Express.

It hangs from the ceiling and makes rooms brighter.

Seasons __; a phrase often heard at Christmas.

A high-pitched noise that a pig makes.

Have babies, clone or spawn.

Puzzle 13

__ history museum; a chance to live in the past.

Did not succeed.

__ Lee, British/South African vlogger.

Unique or peculiar, rhymes with "murky".

The Last __, a novel by C.S. Lewis.

Offenses committed by criminals.

Give to charity.

This Golden Arches hamburger isn't small.

Spanish national dish of rice and shellfish.

Wile E __, the cartoon nemesis of Road Runner.

Green parts of plants eaten by many insect species.

__ Night, the quietest Christmas carol.

Part of a bag that you hold to carry it.

Medusa was one of these three sisters.

__ Day; the day after Christmas Day.

The wooden surroundings of pictures or photos.

The __ news; most recent events.

Puzzle 14

The right answer, aka the __ answer.

Something that has a smell, e.g. a __ candle.

Reindeer with a red nose.

Girl from __, a hit song from Brazil.

Miserly boss in A Christmas Carol by Dickens.

Minced meat cylinders.

Divine, heavenly, of angels.

__ of the Lost Ark, 1989 Indiana Jones adventure.

Dry, sandy expanses of land.

Something prescribed but has no active ingredient.

Mythical small creatures with wings.

Horses, donkeys, zebras....

Colored modeling dough brand from Hasbro.

Food group, anagram of pointer.

A straight line that touches a curve.

Famous Swiss tennis player, Roger __.

Puzzle 15

Cloudy with a __ Meatballs, 2009 animated film.

Party entertainer who does tricks.

Smelling something.

Thieves; people who break into and steal.

Jumping with a rope.

Up in the direction of the clouds.

Animal Farm's lead rebellious pig.

Short, stocky Chinese dog looks like a lion.

A disagreement or a row.

Dark purple earthy vegetable.

The wise men __ the star to Bethlehem.

The outside of a building.

Puzzle 16

Chain of narration before film action begins.

Philip Pullman's graphic book hero.

Alcoholic drink sprayed after F1 victories.

Vigorous cleaning.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very __.

To meddle in someone else's business.

Extinct mammal, ancient relative of the armadillo.

Six-sided crystal; falls from the sky in winter.

Country with the largest number of active volcanos.

Female Smurf with blonde hair.

Someone who tends to animals in a wildlife park.

Puzzle 17

Smoked __, this pink fish goes well on bagels.

Santa's preferred method of transport.

Capital city of England.

Something that has had the creases smoothed out.


__ teeth, the teeth of a venomous snake.

Fairy __, used to illuminate a Christmas tree.

Chess piece that is also called a rook.

Marriage to one person while married to another.

A tall stone post that supports a building.

If your voice is rough from a sore throat, it's __.

Fantasy languages created by Tolkien.

Puzzle 18

Holidays on board ships.

Cages where rabbits live.

Share a ride.

Held on very tightly.


Ride the waves during this ocean sport.

A word that means the same as another word.

Online writer.

This religion calls its followers Jews.

Knitted warmers worn around the necks of snowmen.

Round bone in your leg, also called the patella.

Reload a page online.

Line running through Africa, separates north/south.

Plum __ or Christmas __, a festive dessert.

Puzzle 19

Don't step on these gaps when walking.

__ Price, baby and kids' toy maker.

Fiery flashes.

Central American country, south of the US.

Aka King Koopa, Super Mario's enemy.

Carries luggage to your room; pushes a wheelchair.

The heartless one in The Wizard of Oz.

Prof. Slughorn's first name in Harry Potter.


Someone jumps in a pool and makes a __.

Like nails but you twist them into a wall.

A bracelet for your ankle.

Martial artists in Halloween disguise.

Road __, how to avoid traffic dangers.

Roast poultry eaten at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

People who are in charge of running a country.

A short group of words that make a saying.

Puzzle 20

__ Pet Shop, the smallest toy animals.

St __, saint associated with Christmas.

Seeing visions in your mind while sleeping.

Another word for number.

Laughing sound made by a witch.

A piggy bank or other safe place for keeping coins.

Organizer of public event such as a pop concert.

Breakfast __, cereal bars or on-the-go snacks.

Artificial wintery white stuff used for decoration.

Anti-hero mercenary with healing powers.

Giant early elephants with curved tusks.

US coins worth 25 cents.

Bicycle riders.

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