CodyCross Endangered Species Pack answers

Endangered Species PackEndangered Species

Here are the answers to CodyCross Endangered Species Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Region of N Spain with Santander at its core.

Hollywood studio, 'Sunset Boulevard' filmed there.

In the way.

Large, white-furred Arctic resident.

Surface designed to be disinfected with a cloth.

Playwright Tennessee Williams' one was glass.

Javan __; endangered primate with large eyes.

Setting up keyboard buttons differently.

Dentists' anesthetic; mentioned in an Eels song.

French painter of Liberty Leading the People.

Naval officer; anagram of Mr Eco Doom.

Puzzle 2

Make a glaring error, do something badly.

Formal shoe and accent.

Palme d'or is the top award at this film festival.

Allowed for trading on a stock exchange.

French cheese from sheep's milk, such as Roquefort.

Law of __; theory disproved by Chien-Shiung Wu.

Echo created in music.

Gnawing mammal reintroduced to Scotland.

Corrosive acid also known as aqua fortis.

Where something or someone first came from.

Greek Island once home to a colossal statue.

Thin medical tube inserted into a vein.

Medieval unit of time having 40 in an hour.

Polished until smooth, glossy.

Steal, take from.

Margaret __, Canadian author of The Blind Assassin.

Black-footed __; member of the weasel family.

Small chicken, or boxing weight class.

Van Gogh's preferred flower, after sunflowers?.

Puzzle 3

A government where the people have the power.

Former German Empire territory in West Africa.

Reckless seducer of women, a libertine.

Chemical element named after the location of Paris.

Kent __, Springfield's news anchor in The Simpsons.

Smallest rhino species, native to southeast Asia.

Musical note twice as long as a quaver.

Former British coin worth one quarter of a penny.

Got off the aircraft.

French base made from cooked, diced vegetables.

Post-apocalyptic novel: A __ for Leibowitz.

Long-fingered, large-eyed southeast Asian primates.

TV talking horse with his own show.

Hamlet's home, Kronborg Castle today: __ Castle.

Armenian Church priest neck and shoulder garments.

Puzzle 4

Turtle species with a narrow, pointed beak.

Bother!; Hell! (for New Englanders?).

Italian town where the Ferrari HQ is located.

Set aside for a particular purpose.

Event where athletes compete against the clock.

Treat with Jonas Salk's most famous discovery.

Player of the kettledrums.

Weather lore says "__ Frost Soon".

White-haired endangered Chinese primate.

Stringent, money-saving government policies.

Fancy footwear designer Louboutin.

Puzzle 5


People not considered gentry or nobility.

Associated with tasting and the sense of taste.

Defamation; attack on someone's reputation.

Architectural style of Greece and Greek revivals.

Largest member of the pelican family.

Carol __, Monty Python comedy actress.

The meaning of something, what it represents.

What waitresses don't like to get from customers.

Pygmy __ sloth; slow-moving tree-dweller.

Puzzle 6

Dionne __, singer of Bacharach & David songs.

Morsel, shred.

Machine for extracting base metal from ore.

British primatologist and chimp expert, Jane __.

Home of the Sami people in northern Finland.

Rail tracks that connect to the main line.

Raises to holy status.

Famous sled in Citizen Kane.

Out __; feeling low or down.

The upright standing stones at Stonehenge.

Arty suspect for the theft of Mona Lisa in 1911.

The Korean Thanksgiving Day, "Autumn Eve".

Regal butterfly with impressive migration route.

Toni Morrison Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel.

Channel that carries water under a road.

High-speed French train; TGV, Train à Grande __.

Puzzle 7

__ dart frogs; increasingly rare amphibians.

Leather with raised nap used in clothes and shoes.

Fume, rage, boil over.

Famous pirate with a rum named after him, Henry __.

"Living the life of __".

Humphead __; enormous coral reef fish.

__ Phelge, pseudonym for Stones' songwriting team.

Biology classification below kingdom, above class.

__ to the Dress; bridal fashion reality show.

Garish patterned fabric often used on settees.

Karen __; penned Out of Africa memoirs.

Puzzle 8

Steel joist.

Architecture style from the Swiss Alps.

Studio __, Japanese animators of Spirited Away.

A blend of spices specific to Indian cuisine.

Abbot's __; forest antelope, aka minde in Swahili.

Little Girl ocean weather system.

Stables that Hercules cleaned.

Describes coarse and funny stories and jokes.

Pacific battle that saw the loss of the Yorktown.

__ star, system of two stars orbiting one mass.

Metal stick used to load a charge into a musket.

Art of training horses and riders.

Indonesian isle with rare pygmy elephants.

The Island of Dr __: vivisections by H. G. Wells.

Rabble-__; one who makes passionate speech.

Roman Catholic prayer book.

Puzzle 9

Nickname for America's cup sailing trophy.

A likeness of famous person created by Mme Tussaud.

Lobster stews.

Takes one's leave.

Asiatic __; big cat reintroduced to the wild.

__ pin, payment system involving cards and numbers.

Interrogate about a completed mission.

__ Creek, Yukon river where the gold rush started.

Dave Evans's nickname, beanie-wearing U2 guitarist.

Christie's is the most attended __ for fine art.

Another name for wardrobe that may lead to Narnia.

The highest mast on a ship.

Shaky singer.

Alternative name for Scott's tree-kangaroo.

Hiram __ III, American explorer of Machu Picchu.

Puzzle 10

Flower that supplies saffron.

Wu-Tang Clan member __ Man.

Discount clothing and homeware brand.

New Zealand storm __; small, rare seabird.

Broadcasting a show.

Python web framework for app development.

Wild mountain sheep found in Central Asia.

Younger man on a woman's arm.

Associations of artisans and crafters.

Glassy layer of protection on teeth or wood.

__ Paris butter, herby steak accompaniment.

Mary __; girl who discovered the Secret Garden.

Overweight or corpulent.

Spanish location of Guggenheim art museum.

Japanese ninja manga by Masashi Kishimoto.

Public opinion-giving expert.

Troy's greatest fighter in the Trojan War.

Rapid __, Austrian footballers in white and green.

Monte Carlo __, ensemble film about a car rally.

Puzzle 11

Disappear quietly and unnoticed.

Mark with indentations.

She was a spy during World War I.

Running, back, zigzag, satin, slip and tent.

Type of mystery focused on the culprit.

Drummer that Ringo Starr replaced in the Beatles.

Elusive Japanese leopard cat.

Spirit made from wormwood.

Paper or polymer money.

Country whose highest mountain is Ben Nevis.

Harmless growths on neck, armpits in the elderly.

Rear hem of a classic parka coat.

Brothers or men in general of the same church.

Cottage with roof made from straw.

__ Dalle, leading lady in the iconic Betty Blue.

Jon's surname in Garfield cartoons.

__ Cooper, ad agency in TV's Mad Men.

__ tigris tigris, Latin name for striped big cats.

Toing and froing shots in tennis.

A coil of wire that becomes an electromagnet.

Puzzle 12


__ Knight; singer known as the Empress of Soul.

Pointed wooden object makes holes for sowing seeds.

__ ringed seal; rarest species of pinniped.

Grant formal approval to a bill or treaty.

Religion of choc-makers Fry, Cadbury, Rowntree.

The __ Dodger, Oliver Twist's chum.

CEO of McDonald's UK since 2015: Paul __.

Climb down a rock face using a rope.

US private plane manufacturer, makes the Skyhawk.

Landed __; country estate owners.

Velvet ballgown fabric with burned out patches.

__ with the same brush; judged on others' actions.

Alternative name for a bush baby.

Liquefied by heat, as lava.

Carla __, Olivia Crain in Haunting of Hill House.

Misfolded proteins responsible for some diseases.

A card game; also a place to play other card games.

Puzzle 13

The first boxing Sugar Ray.

Something on the far end of the Uncanny Valley.

An introductory statement to a document or speech.

Red-throated tropical bird, native to Fiji.

Minor acting roles.

The Day of the __, Wyndham's scary classic.

Nickname given to England's King John.

Name derived from a mother or mother's ancestry.

This value is the distance from zero in mathematics.

Woody climbing plant with showy blooms.

Waylon __, narrator of The Dukes of Hazzard.

Canterbury __ weevil, rediscovered in 2004.

Medieval citizens, especially those of Calais.

Puzzle 14

To reveal in a lawsuit.

Birthstone of September babies.

Wood preservative made with tar.

Wild __ camel; critically endangered Asian mammal.

The Charms professor at Hogwarts: Filius __.

Working up an appetite.

Soft type of wool obtained from goats.

Production company owned by J. J. Abrams.

Remote peninsula in northern Queensland.

Glandular organ that regulates blood sugar.

Tupac Shakur, when he performed in 2012.

__ vague, French New Wave cinema of the 50s-60s.

__ rabbit; endangered South African desert mammal.

Aussie expression for a rowdy, uncouth type.

An expert in many different subjects.

Puzzle 15

Julia __, Australian singer of Crushing album.

African kingdom, now present-day Benin.

Pressed into waves, e.g. a 1980s hairstyle.

Things from long ago, like antiques.

William __, reformer who translated the Bible.

Temporary camp in the open, without cover.

Coins previously used in Portugal.

Golden lion __; tiny rainforest primate.

Fizzy pop that's green and citrus.

Vessel that removes silt from a river or estuary.

Rare North American canine with tawny fur.

Film about a famous French painter: "__ et Moi".

Puzzle 16

Candy on a stick.

Kate __, Blue Crush star who played Lois Lane.

Soft canard feathers used in a duvet.

Blessed a person with oil.

Endangered Mediterranean pinniped.

Tennis event between Team Europe and Team World.

Relating to the meaning of words.

Rare flowering tree, endemic to Easter Island.

Stone __; exclamation of surprise.

Tincture of opium used in Victorian medicine.

Something that has a depressing effect.

Leading male in charge of a business meeting.

Country led by Robert Mugabe from 1987 to 2017.

Sofia Milos was this boss of Sopranos Zucca family.

Puzzle 17

Economic heart of the Ivory Coast.

Least __, LC; IUCN conservation status.

Someone or something that creates foams.

Julie __, singing nun from The Sound of Music.

Monsieur __, master of disguise, 'It is I, __!'.

Viennese imperial palace of the Habsburgs.

Criss-cross screen for climbing plants.

Sentimental or narrative songs.

Ian __; English author who penned the Bond series.

Enthusiastic but unskilled casual dancers.

Russian-style fur hat with ear flaps.

Jubilee marking 60 years on the throne.


Large flightless bird reintroduced to North Africa.

Puzzle 18

DC comic and TV series with Silk Spectre II.

Near-threatened, long-finned small tuna species.

Secure, enclosed group of homes.

Group of Hollywood comedy actors from mid-1990s.

Epic poem recounting the seige of Troy.

Messy, untidy.

St Petersburg palace, the Russian Versailles.

Large whale with recovering population numbers.

Lines of tight braids close to the scalp.

Surname of the All Saints sisters.

Blue-black fruit that grows on low-lying shrubs.

Twenty cents; cognitive framework.

Multinational metals and mining corporation.

Capital city of Alberta in Canada.

Wooden sled originally used by Native Cree people.

Puzzle 19

Folding portable bikes brand.

__ antelope; nickname for the endangered addax.

Woody Allen movie that features music by Gershwin.

Brass-led ensemble of the 1930s.

Feelings of contempt.

Element named for the second asteroid discovered.

Something made of different parts.

__ wolf; endangered canine from East Africa.

Australia's most famous criminal grouping.

Variety of broccoli.

Puzzle 20

As plain and austere as possible.

__ ibis; Japanese waterbird also called the toki.

Playing paid music engagements.

French town that was once a papal residence.

Commercial transport of goods.

Tiny dots, used in art technique.

Smelling heavily, overpoweringly.

Italian term for cooked in the oven.

Critically endangered fish-eating crocodile.

Partner of a boutonnière.

Lower back pain.

Spinning wheel part that pricked Sleeping Beauty.

Henry __, played Arthur Fonzarelli.

Crude form of metal made into blocks.

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