CodyCross Ends in er Pack answers

Ends in er PackEnds in er

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ends in er Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Outlaw who led a band of Merry Men.

Making a 3D piece of art from clay, glass or metal.

Hear this organ noise through a stethoscope.

He brings cold weather and makes everything frozen.

People who provide money for a business project.

Makeup products.

People from Cairo are __ by nationality.

Shapes with three sides.

Sport that's played with a shuttlecock.

Garden hosepipe with multiple jets of water.

Wookiee who is Han Solo's co-pilot.

German composer known for his deafness.

Cargo ship.

Puzzle 2

An event where people bid on goods.

Sports competitor.

The crime of betraying your country.

Kitchen appliance for keeping food ice-cold.

Yellow condiment put on hot dogs and sandwiches.

Thin, sharp pine leaves that fall in autumn.

Large marine crustacean with three pairs of claws.

What you do to a pack of cards to mix them up.

It hangs in front of a stage before a play begins.

Ceremonial objects and clothing worn by royalty.

What you do when you first arrive at a hotel.

Half woman and half fish.

Puzzle 3

Long protective hairs on the edges of the eyelids.

Country whose president lives in the Élysée Palace.

Sportsperson who putts balls on a green.

They can be blue, killer, beluga or humpback.

Shakespeare play about a tragic Danish prince.

South America's longest river.

Evening meal, not lunch or breakfast.

Overseers of courts and court cases.

The Big Bang __, sitcom about four geeky friends.

Point where two edges of a shape meet.

Puzzle 4

The Star-__ Banner.

The cold dessert found in sundaes and milkshakes.

Young person older than 12, but younger than 20.

Princess who was asked to let down her hair.

Nationality of Justin Bieber.

New York's famous theatrical district.

Actor who starred as Forrest Gump.

Laptop or PC, for example.

A set of spiritual beliefs, e.g. Islam, Hinduism.

Birds are covered with these to help them fly.

Referees blow them when a player commits a foul.

Portable protection against rain showers.

Acrobatic furry rodent that feasts on nuts.

Puzzle 5

Superheros' assistants.

Willy Wonka owns this kind of factory.

Bright elephant from Winnie the Pooh's dreams.

Rotating blade on early aircraft models.

Saint whose feast day is February 14.

This Daniel is best known as Harry Potter.

Very small pieces of dust or some other matter.

Warming one-pot dish, perfect for autumn evenings.

Strength to resist temptation.

Spooky celebration marked on October 31.

A large church building, like St Paul's in London.

Puzzle 6

Construction worker who puts up new houses.

Gru's yellow helpers in the Despicable Me films.

Talk in hushed tones.

Celestial event when the moon hides the sun.

Author of Oliver Twist.

Pools of water that form on rainy days.

Acidic liquid put on salads; can be apple cider.

Organ of the body in which food is digested.

This is selected with a TV remote.

Cuddle up, huddle together.

Gloves without individual fingers.

Devices for taking photos.

Puzzle 7

A fruit becoming ready to eat.


Annual celebration of the day you were born.

Small mechanical, wind-up chest that plays tunes.

Move money into a different bank account.

Large black and white birds found in Antarctica.

Joint at the top of the arm that allows rotation.

Pampering that involves painting fingernails.

Offender who has been sentenced to time in jail.

Fungus found on pizza.

Book about a boy who never wanted to grow up.

A pumpkin turned into one to transport Cinderella.

Puzzle 8

Don't shoot the __.

Singer of Shape of You and Thinking Out Loud.

Animal that consumes only plants.

A child's small play home in the branches.

Sugar substitute added to tea or coffee.

Admit defeat on the battlefield.

Muscly actor; Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Surgeon-fitted device that regulates heartbeats.

Canadian national symbol.


Printed publication of the daily headlines.

Steven who directed Jaws and Ready Player One.

Pyrotechnics that rocket up into the sky.

Puzzle 9

Famous lion-like statue of Ancient Egypt.

You wear these to keep your hands warm.

Mad milliner at Alice's tea party.

Down and this are needed for crosswords.

Long, light green salad vegetable sticks.

The shortest digits of the hands.

A slow one of these prepares food in no hurry.

Formations of water in the sky that release rain.

Festival that starts four Sundays before Christmas.

Wizard who advised King Arthur.

Market seller or a dealer in shares and bonds.

Puzzle 10

Nutritious garden substance from rotting leaves.

To put something back or swap for another.

Meat-eating fish native to South America.

Legendary ape-man of North America.

Valley associated with California's tech companies.

Large wooden casks to store beer, gunpowder.

__ Paltrow, actor & founder of lifestyle brand Goop.

Crime of saying untrue things about another person.

Nationality of the artist Michelangelo.

Fred Flintstone's hometown.

A dry spell, where water supply is dangerously low.

Plume on a bird's wing.

The month when New Year's Day is celebrated.

Puzzle 11

Surname of American aviators Wilbur and Orville.

1967 animated film about Mowgli: The __ Book.

Male servant in a stately home.

Italian for fast, quick, as seen in music scores.

Deadly name for a group of crows.

Reddish metal used to make pipes and wires.

__ King, fast-food company with a Whopper.

Thin French pancakes.

What Darth Vader is to Luke.

Furry layer inside of hoodies or sweatshirts.

Continent where you'd find The Pyramids.

Puzzle 12

Conscientious __, someone who refuses to go to war.

Chopped logs collected and lit for warmth.

Scrooge's first name in A Christmas Carol.

Disney's Dumbo was one.

Brahma, Indra and Shiva are gods in this religion.

Someone who travels to work each day.

Part of a chicken's ovoid that isn't the yolk.

Three-sided shape.

The place where you use the shower and toilet.

Tiny fragment of wood caught under the skin.

Reality TV singing contest with spinning chairs.

Month in which Christmas is celebrated.

Small, dark spots across the nose and cheeks.

Puzzle 13

Spiky plant, like a prickly pear.

Hurting, in pain.

Stationery item used for rubbing out pencil marks.

Cold vegetable dishes with leaves.

Bright golden primary hue of autumn leaves.

__ Aires, Argentina's capital.

Glass-covered opening in a wall.

Winnie the Pooh's bouncy pal with a striped tail.

Squeaky toy penguin in Toy Story 2.

Felt-tipped pen, e.g. a Sharpie.

Puzzle 14

Luminous firefly larvae with fire in their bellies.

Jamaican crab friend of The Little Mermaid, Ariel.

Fizzy white wine popular at celebrations.

Dangerous or poisonous.

Boxy, block-building computer game.

Sea in which Cuba and Puerto Rico are found.

Snoopy's pal; famous US music festival in the 60s.

Cool headgear woven from hay-like plants.

Getting older and more mature.

The hand-written name of a person.

Figure in a book or a story.

The right-hand side of a ship.

Puzzle 15

Small shot of really strong coffee.

5-armed sea creature.

Someone who writes symphonies and concertos.

Cooking food under heat, e.g. lamb chops.

3D shape with circles at each end.

Robbing or taking property without permission.

Unit of computer memory shortened to MB.

Height of a place in relation to sea level.

Organ that connects umbilical cord to uterus.

Harry and Ron's female schoolfriend.

Star of Fight Club, Seven, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Puzzle 16

Saying the name of this Scottish play is unlucky.

Fit sportsperson.

Green oily fruit used to make guacamole.

Time of year when ripe crops are gathered.

Church spire.

Male sibling.

Wriggly life forms hung from fishing hooks as bait.

One half of a couple.

Pellet-filled chair popular with children.

Having a short sleep.

Public display in an art gallery or museum.

The meaning of this mathematical sign: >, __ than.

Small headphones used for in-flight entertainment.

Puzzle 17

Tool used for banging in nails.

Morticia and Gomez head up this spooky family.

Celebrations, festivals, meetings.

To signal for someone to come, using your hand.

Ocean that lies between Africa and Asia.

Blue alien that befriends Lilo.

Age is just a __.

Author, novelist.

Optical glass discs, as in cameras and spectacles.

Art activities, e.g. model making, painting.

Puzzle 18

Really cold; temperatures below zero.

Adventurer who discovers new places.

Someone who buys things from shops.

Breathing tubes for swimming underwater.

The monetary unit of a country.

Canine for the blind.

Putting your hands together to make a noise.

Sonic is this video game animal.

Curved pasta tubes often served with cheese sauce.

Puzzle 19

Birds that are often pirate pets.

Residence for a member of the clergy.

Opening in a car ceiling to let in fresh air.

Another word for feeling envious.

Silky structures spun by spiders.

Actor Will __ starred in Elf and Anchorman.

Return to full health after illness.

__ delight, sweetmeat eaten by Edmund in Narnia.

Very rich.

South American country that owns the Galapagos.

Blue-veined cheese from England's Midlands.

Protective headwear worn by cyclists.

Kitchen worktop.

Plantation of apple or pear trees.

Puzzle 20

A homemade figure that protects crops from birds.

Tub, carton or jar used for storage.

An all-__ resort has all-you-can-eat food/drinks.

People tasked with enforcing sports rules.

Alexander Graham Bell's famous invention.

The quality of sound in an auditorium.

Flat platform for carrying injured people.

Puppet whose nose grows when he lies.

It occurs on December 26th in the UK.

A filled Mexican tortilla baked in the oven.

Translucent sea creature with tentacles that sting.

February 2 is this animal's day, ask Bill Murray!.

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