CodyCross Ends in ES Pack answers

Ends in ES PackEnds in ES

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ends in ES Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Made bigger.

Where apples and oranges live in the kitchen.

Nations form these when they work together.

Often confused with an alligator.

Curved toy meant to return when thrown.

Innocent plea in court.

Red October warship type; a type of sandwich.

Dr. who could talk to animals.

A company's staff, workers.

Food __, kitchen device with fast-spinning blades.

Puzzle 2

Saved from danger.

Within the confines of a house.

Noise caused by lightning.

Figure __, elegant winter Olympic sport.

Smoke and these; meant to trick others.

These power cars or motorcycles.

Leisure interests.

Hormone injection that treats diabetes.

Spreads dairy product on toast.

Dove-like birds that often inhabit cities.

One-piece garments that combine tops and skirts.

Puzzle 3

Examples are Bearnaise, marinara, Hollandaise.


Use an oar or this to control a boat, canoe.

Every __ You Take is sung by The Police.

Language from which the word schadenfreude comes.

__ on the block; just arrived in the area.

Man of the jungle, in a Disney film.

Cutting utensils found in kitchens.

The collective name of acidic fruits like limes.

The largest bodies of water.

Body tissue that helps lift weights.

Puzzle 4

Place where fiction and non-fiction is sold.

Times when we don't succeed.

It's thrown in "fights" during winter.

What the Y in DIY stands for.

Also known as table tennis.

Former US First Lady Obama, author of "Becoming".

Buildings where Christians worship.

Bills sent for services or goods ordered.

Dank underground places with chained prisoners.

Ten times a hundred.

Puzzle 5

Breaks in the bones.

A square peg does not fit into one of these.

They follow clues to solve a crime.

What Scrooge says about Christmas.

Kids make bunny ears learning to tie these.

Animal that eats meat.

Piece of ice, falls from above during a storm.

Treasure found at the end of the rainbow.

Fried and battered veggie accompaniment to a steak.

Hairs that you put mascara on.

Facebook's chat app for phones and the web.

Puzzle 6

The ground is this in relation to a person's feet.

Eating all the right foods, exercising, being fit.

Album tracks released individually.

Law & Order: Special __ Unit; crime procedural.

World's tallest mountain.

Yearly salaries earned by working people.

Name for a baby frog.

Book a ticket or a seat.

Wear these on the wrist to always be on time.

Tom Hanks' character Gump's first name.

Puzzle 7

Electronic amusement played on a computer or TV.

Horizontal bar for hanging damp and drying fabrics.

Type of spoons or cups used in cooking and baking.

Vehicle for astronauts.

Translucent sea creature with a sting.

False reasons for doing things.

Destructive events by earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Traditional songs of a country.

Long bracelets worn between the head and chest.

Peace, love and __, or a state of contentment.

Puzzle 8

Online pages for businesses, nonprofits.

David Copperfield, Penn or Teller, for example.

The nose's job.

Legal voting age in the US.

Poisonous, like the bite of a snake.

Julia Stiles starred in 10 Things I Hate __.

Put your hand to your head in shame.

Fake teeth that replace a lost smile.

Kids wear these clothes for Halloween.

Study assignments that need to be completed.

Frozen summer treat on a wooden stick.

Puzzle 9

Gymnastics position with widely spread legs.

Another name for LP, album or vinyl.

Blank, white surface for artists to paint on.

Creating or building something.

Least in number.

The dour, sullen dwarf in Snow White.

Large cat and a type of sports car.

Ship goods to a different country to be sold.

Pieces of evidence that are left behind.

Cuba is this type of feature surrounded by water.

Continent on which you might take a safari.

Slow-moving monster on The Walking Dead.

Bread shapes meant to be sliced.

Soft style of shirt.

Puzzle 10

__ of the Opera, play with masked protagonist.

Pairs of people, often romantically linked.

Coppertone and Banana Boat can prevent this.

Igloo architects.

Leafy vegetable that typically makes a salad.

Accidentally scored for the wrong team in soccer.

Timepieces worn on wrists.

Large American brown bear, Ursus arctos horribilis.

Place in a house to sleep, keep clothes.

Black petroleum product used to pave roads.

Puzzle 11

Hair on one's upper lip.

Repetition of a task; __ makes perfect.

Mythical horse-like creatures with horns.

Periods when missing from work or class.

Carnival place that might have wacky mirrors.

Shopper, buyer; they're always right.

Romantic colored flowers sold by the dozen.

Medical building where surgeons work.

Summery day drink made of yellow citrus fruits.

Worldwide web of computers.

Another word for hugs.

__ Lights; bright displays in Arctic skies.

People who are on vacation.

Puzzle 12

Indiana Jones tried to raid this in the 1981 film.

US state abbreviated to NY.

It's what the early bird catches.

Feta, brie, cheddar and edam.

Young playful dogs.

Someone held captive for cash.

Draw around the edge.

Shape on which baseball is played.

Put coins in this machine to play songs.

Flat surfaces to store books, trinkets on.

Facebook's precursor.

Puzzle 13

Glass cylinder in a science lab.

Generic word for money, investments.

Not factory built.

Simple snack served between two slices of bread.

Gate walked through by those who've just landed.

Going shoeless.

Insects that rub their legs together creating noise.

12:00 AM.

Dotted tiles used to play a game.

Singer of popular music.

Puzzle 14

Eating between meals.

Small dark red fruits with long stems.

Tossing a ball.

Exploding, as at a quarry.

Body rubs and manipulation to ease muscle stress.

A chip off the __; showing family characteristics.

Embellish, enhance the appearance of something.

In Rome, tourists throw coins in the Trevi this.

Reimbursed monies that employees spend on work.

Small rodents that run on wheels in cages.

Puzzle 15

__ spinner, children's toy for busy hands.

Wooden stick that kebabs are cooked on.

Portable computer.

Another word for sausage.

Choreographed movements set to music.

Fabricated, invented.

Female monarchs.

Sticking this mouth part out can be bad manners.

Netted bat used to play tennis and badminton.

Makes a noise like a horse.

Things that irk us, especially pet ones.

Relating to sight.

Puzzle 16

Cleaning tools that suck.

Prehistoric male.

The past; the study of past events.

He found a magic lamp and battled Jafar.

Mythical hairy creature that wears large shoes?.

Drinking using your tongue, for example milk.

Handheld controllers for TVs, stereos.

Fashion ideas or clothing combinations.

What birds do to avoid the cold winter.

Tiny metal pieces that attach papers together.

Bite __; be killed.

Puzzle 17

Hardest thing to find on a fairway after tee off.

Novels that focus on love.

Type of band that moves while playing instruments.

Completely normal, not new or different.

Commonly pierced body parts.

Salon treatment for feet, toes.

Making a woolen garment.

Electronic devices that transmit sound.

Bugs Bunny and South Park are examples of these.

The gel of this plant can treat sunburn.

Skin reaction showing embarrassment.

Puzzle 18

Out-of-control forest burner.

Green leafy plants used to make salads.

The boy who wouldn't grow up.

Farm vehicles.

Where she sells seashells.

Jacket to protect against precipitation.

32 degrees F is the __ point of water.

A formal effort to win a political office.

Uses a ruler or tape to check length.

Library storage.

Puzzle 19

You can't teach one new tricks.

Individual pieces of pizza or bread.

They go with dots in Morse code.

Not solid or gas.

Entertains, makes someone laugh.

Scanned someone's body to see their skeleton.

Toughened headgear worn for safety or protection.

Rapper, real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Molded doughy breakfast treat, possibly Eggo.

Three-legged stand for a camera.

Written art form full of imagery, often rhymes.

Name given to a follower of Islam.

Puzzle 20

Neil who was the first man to walk on the moon.

When a car stops working during a journey.

Notable wins in battle.

Occasionally, now and then.

Chemical contamination of the natural world.

Decorative covering for a room's vertical surfaces.

Remedies, cures.

Numbers drawn at random for cash prizes.

Alexander Graham Bell's device changed the world.

Daily journalistic publication with current events.

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