CodyCross Ends in TION Pack answers

Ends in TION PackEnds in TION

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ends in TION Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Pizza made with a sparing amount of dough.

A mature caterpillar.

Mount Everest's mountain range.

Galaxy Quest famed quote, Never give up. Never __!.

46th First Lady, previously a Second Lady.

Mario eats these fungi to power up.

A departure from an established course.

These types of twins always share their genes.

A fighter in Ancient Rome's arenas.

Uproar, noisy upheaval.

He steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Puzzle 2

Highest part of a plant with a trunk and branches.

Sweet __, a girl's coming of age party.

Breathes in.

Language of Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

Actor Julia, who is a Pretty Woman.

A version of a book or written text.

Energy cylinder that makes toys work.

Poet Walt who wrote Leaves of Grass.

Chinese pasta-like strands, ramen.

Refer to someone or something by name.

Puzzle 3

Stationery you fill and address to send by mail.

Not unusual; dull and uninspiring.

Invention, production from scratch.

Skater ramp that is U-shaped, flat in the middle.

Animal that exists by preying on others.

Type on it.

Long crusty bread stick popular in France.

Cold __, Nicole Kidman movie; snowy peak.

The length of time something lasts.

Music piece for an orchestra.

Puzzle 4

Little brown spots on skin, often on face.

Snakes with poisonous bites are this.

The first showing of or debut of something.

Blue gemstone.

Many over forty wear these kinds of glasses.

A rhetorical one doesn't require an answer.

What Nixon did after Watergate left him no choice.

Crime of stealing a motor vehicle.

Michael Jackson's hit-filled album of 1982.

The act of reducing someone's rank or position.

Tycoons, moguls.

Puzzle 5

The illuminations in a room.

What KO stands for in boxing contexts.

Pound __, the official currency of the UK.

Someone who plays on your side.

To come to __, to fulfill a plan or action.

Describes Neptune in cold and size terms.

Nocturnal spiny mammal.

Desire for food.

Forks, spoons, and knives.

Medical name for the widening of the eye's pupil.

In a location opposite the south.

Button for powering up a device.

Puzzle 6

Who a fairy tale heroine often ends up marrying.

Medical or cosmetic cream.

Bonham Carter, film mother of Enola Holmes.

The main tune in a piece of music.

Dating app where millions swipe right.

A deep narrow gorge like a canyon.

The summer variety includes zucchini.

Nationality of Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel.

Scientific graphs that use rectangles, bars.

The subject of a crime.

What a director shouts to begin filming.

Holiday directly after Christmas in the UK, __ Day.

Puzzle 7

Taking small drinks of wine or soup.

A part of a whole; a serving of food.

Bouffant hairdo popular in the sixties.

City in New Mexico, 1947 site of alien myths.

Finders __, losers weepers, children's saying.

Bones of the foot near the ankle.

Demand for payment for services rendered.

Double __, type of window to mask noise.

Artist known for his series of Blue Nudes.

Ball and bat game popular in India and Australia.

1967 Smokey Robinson hit, I Second That __.

President played by Daniel Day Lewis in 2012.

Puzzle 8

A long tube-like instrument for watching the stars.

Squares of material sewn together for a quilt.

An extract lifted directly from a speaker or text.

Cover for an electric light, softens glare.

The powerpuff girl named after a yellow flower.

Ritual offering to a god.

__ Chest, bonus cards in a game of Monopoly.

Many people let phone calls go to this.

Form of movie-making associated with Pixar.

Popular ground feature of beautiful beaches.

Puzzle 9

Nestlé candy bar with crisped rice and chocolate.

An idea, a concept.

Southernmost Central American country.

Small crustaceans like the tiger or pistol type.

Element that combines with hydrogen to make water.

Placing ceramic slabs on a wall or floor.

__ Out, psychological animated film about emotions.

Aisha Tyler, host of Whose Line Is It __?.

Sailing boats used for racing or cruising.

Scale of a company's profit over its costs.

A fixed amount available during a shortage.

Adam, lead singer of Maroon 5.

Puzzle 10

Purposely incitive radio host, like Howard Stern.

A rapid shaking or reverberation.

Balancing upside-down on skull.

These marks show a cat's been walking on the car.

Drew, actress who went on 50 First Dates in 2004.

Ursine toy cuddled by many children.

Solid adhesive in a push-up tube for crafting.

Walk This Way rock band from Boston.

Rice type such as basmati or jasmine.

The gradual rise in prices in an economy over time.

Slang for ulnar nerve in your arm, not "humorous".

Puzzle 11

In cinema, it can come before slow or pictures.

Scientist responsible for the Origin of Species.

Set of episodes in a series.

Bulbous plant looks like onion, tastes like anise.

The power of sight.

What Miss Muffet sat on in a nursery rhyme.

One who arranges stock trades.

Pedestrian area at 90-degree road intersections.

Zodiac sign that covers May and June.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi __.

Rogue __, 2015 Mission Impossible movie.

Musical that features the song Consider Yourself.

Long-sleeved sweatshirt with a head covering.

Amazon's electronic reading device.

Puzzle 12

Common name for the Dianthus flower.

Product that uses sugar, aspartame or saccharin.

Way of life where nothing is sent to landfill.

Where a space rocket takes off.

Strong, able to weather the storm.

Relating to a country's leadership; ex. __ science.

Lack of hair on a part of the scalp.

2011 action movie starring Taylor Lautner.

Famous Italian who explored 13th-century China.

Computer font that renders letters as symbols.

Puzzle 13

Good __; expression of relief when saying goodbye.

1999 dark comedy starring Reese Witherspoon.

Last of the __, story by James Fenimore Cooper.

When the morning light arrives.

Liquid product for cleansing in the shower.

Studio for building.

Some claim this street art form symbolizes hip hop.

Condiment for people who like things spicy.

The flying of aircraft; the A in the UN's ICAO.

Designated place to walk on a road.

Phone that is plugged into the wall.

Puzzle 14

Highly poisonous plant with tiny white flowers.

Standing __, sign of an audience's appreciation.

Treatment for dry and cracked mouth opening.

The African and Asian version of bison.

This Hugh plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies.

Huge Chinese online marketplace.

A large stately home.

Red-stalked leafy fruit.

Metal pot for collecting fat during BBQ cooking.

The Moon's is one-sixth as powerful as Earth's.

Large, fully armed naval vessel.

Force by which a vacuum cleaner cleans.

Jennifer Garner and David Tennant in the woods.

Puzzle 15

Renew, reinvigorate.

As thick as __, very good friends or companions.

Pockets on kangaroos.

Assign someone to a job.

The bone structure enclosing the brain.

Large crustacean eaten with thermidor sauce.

Grand Central or King's Cross in London.

Bundy family chronicles, __ with Children.

Department of a university.

Well-known cryptocurrency.

Optimal choice of words; correct pronunciation.

An __ and a Gentleman, Richard Gere movie.

Pulls a whole plant up, rips out of the ground.

Opening the mouth as a sign of tiredness.

Puzzle 16

Person who has completed a degree.

Prison island in San Francisco.

Very high singing voice.

Linear, quadratic or exponential, for example.

Lenses put in the eyes instead of wearing glasses.

The footholds for horse riders.

The People's __ of China.

Furniture item that houses works of literature.

"Down __", call to others to take a big drink.

The process of weakening or watering down.

Frying medium made from Greek salad fruits.

What the last two letters of YOLO mean.

Puzzle 17

It consists of 5 vowels and 21 consonants.

Diego, Argentine soccer star who died in 2020.

Posting on social media or making bird sounds.

Medical term for inability to sleep.

The precise position of something.

Brand with copper and black batteries.

Bleaching agent used on the teeth.

Police drama about 15th Precinct cops.

A written demand often signed by many people.

Pressing pastry edges into ridges with fingers.

George H.W. Bush publicly swore off this vegetable.

Kurt, author of Slaughterhouse-Five.

Puzzle 18

Redoing one's look with clothes and cosmetics.

Large bodies of ice that move slowly, melt.

Eat, drink and be merry, for __ we die.

An actor's casting interview or performance.

Quantity that fits into a home.

Chilling water until it becomes solid.

Person who develops, plans and makes a film happen.

Beyoncé's video album that's like a soft drink.

Non-international flights.

Physical effort or strain.

Dried bread cubes to go on soup.

Contravene terms and conditions, e.g. __ copyright.

Puzzle 19

When someone is put up for an award.

Pop star behind the 2016 album 24K Magic.

Made smaller by washing, before being sold.

The period during which an embryo develops.

Like an especially painful headache.

Underground garden wriggler.

Fried chicken pieces exclusive to McDonald's.

Region at the base of a mountain.

Difference, change; an anagram of vain ratio.

Popular name for Academy Awards ceremony.

Can withstand heat inside a cooker.

Puzzle 20

Pan surface that is easy to clean, e.g. Teflon.

An amount of money given to charity.

Involved with dangerous people, "__ with sharks".

Cuisine that features teriyaki dishes.

Special and valued, like some stones.

Cosmetic company Lush's original fizzy explosion.

Repeated movements to strengthen abdominals.

Moisture in the air.

Business networking website.

A change or alteration in a genetic structure.

Film monsters that shouldn't be fed after midnight.

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