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Energy Sources PackEnergy Sources

Here are the answers to CodyCross Energy Sources Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

1961 film starring Peter Finch: No Love for __.

Paul __, French painter who decamped to Tahiti.

Peanut butter preference.

A small amount of water.

Fast Ancient Greek sailing ship.

Organic material used for energy production.

Leader of the First Crusade: __ of Bouillon.

Take action to prevent an event from happening.

All work and no play makes Jack a __.

Goose-feathered bedroom features.

A bowler who spins the ball fast.

Device that stores energy and produces electricity.

Puzzle 2

Hand-dyed batik fabric produced on Bahamas.

__ Gnomes; 2018 animated detective film.

What one is pulling when tricking people.

Produce power.

Not optional.

Playwright’s prize.

Rooting for your team.

__ uranium; nuclear component lacking in U-235.

Popular tuna in a can.

70s movie depicting the Royal Flying Corps.

Peoples of Myanmar fleeing to Bangladesh in 2017.

Puzzle 3

A particular year group at a school, for example.

Design modes, e.g. shabby chic, Tuscan, modern.

Where beavers and masons hang out.

WWI battle lasting 10 months: Battle of __.

__ pile; nuclear reactor.

Ornamental jewellery to secure a cravat.

Country whose capital and largest city is Lilongwe.

Puducherry, once Pondicherry, part of __ India.

Perforated kitchen utensils used with soft potato.

"Resistance is __".

Jumbled up message, unintelligible rushed speaking.

Greenery that makes a lot of modern hedging.

__ gate; controls flow of water entering a turbine.

Boozy layered pud of sponge, fruit, custard, cream.

With perfect pitch.

Mid-thigh ladies' swimwear style.

Puzzle 4

Desert, leave alone.

Guitarist for Canadian band Rush: Alex __.

Milk __ bags, to keep breastmilk in the freezer.

Sticking out.

Georgian kingdom, 1260-1810.

__-ion battery; rechargeable power cell.

Sailing boat class, means youngster in Norwegian.

Methane-rich cattle waste; source of biogas.

Nationality of playwright Anton Chekov.

Portuguese resort and F1 race track.

Hard hitting.

Spanish sausage encased in pig intestine.

__ aid, Hutchison's device for deaf people.

Father of Greek mythological hero Ajax.

Puzzle 5

Part of an acting dynasty; appeared in Performance.

Midlands crystal manufacturer by royal appointment.

Waterfall in Haiti that is a shrine for 2 religions.

To have been cunningly outwitted.

Long-distance underground system for gas transport.

In a good enough condition to be sold.

When a ball crosses over the head pin.

Site of major Iranian earthquake of 1909.

Another word for a rhytidectomy.

Sudden darkening.

E.g. a diet with no pasta, rice or potatoes.

Industrial building with rotating vanes.

Puzzle 6

Log cutter.

Happy, nervous, energetic feeling about something.

The __, film noir with Burt Lancaster.

Plains bison.

English poet who wrote A Shropshire Lad: A.E. __.

Pipe down.

Erotic communication.

Tidal __; dam-like structure, harvests tidal power.

__ pile; early battery created by Italian chemist.

Type of rice.

Sunbather locales.

Puzzle 7

Rating scale for grading gasoline.

Whisky and vermouth named after Scottish hero.

The late Princess Margaret's birthplace: __ Castle.

Word from the Latin word meaning "slave".

To lose hardness.

Smeared paint on.

__ fuels; energy sources from ancient organisms.

The disease that killed G Bizet.

It is used for political bribery.

Biggest city in Colorado.

Puzzle 8

German Wilhelm Conrad __ discovered X-rays.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, __ on kittens.

Another name for wellingtons.

Celtic Gaul god of war.

Going against hierarchy.

Seattle baseball team.

Sad crustacean.

Empire to the south of Narnia.

St __, Devon missionary created a see at Mainz.

Red, white and blue striped flag of the Revolution.

Seven and seven.

Chip or Dale.

Vehicle fuel without added Pb compounds.

__ drilling; extraction of oil from beneath seabed.

Clyde __, discoverer of the dwarf planet Pluto.

Easy __; attractive, nice to look at.

Puzzle 9

Renewable fuel, widely used in vehicles in Brazil.

Rent agent in Ireland and Yorkshire cricketer.

Little bit; small amount.

Acidic, popular red grape used for wine in Italy.

Saw it through a scope.

Brown coal.

At __ of a hat.

Bulb for tanning.

Country where the city of Antwerp is located.

Word from the Latin word meaning "moon".

Stellar ocean dweller.

Puzzle 10

Street in New York: 5th __.

Became closer.

The A of the CIA, in the US.

Country where Caesar salad originated.

Sister team to Utah Jazz, 1997-2002.

She sang U Got the Look with Prince: Sheena __.

Kindle is all about these.

Legendary flying King of Bath.

__ wheel; impulse-driven water turbine.

Mini __, marque of car named after an F1 designer.

Feel an internal shiver of shame or awkwardness.

__ salt reactor; class of nuclear fission reactor.

Puzzle 11

Appropriate surname of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

Collaborating, meeting with.

Formerly a mosque, __ Catedral in Cordoba.

Creatures in the Moomin books, one a philatelist.

Inopportune, anagram of minutely.

Unrefined petroleum.

Spicier than a jalapeno, it starts with H--for HOT.

Emirate with coastline on Gulf of Oman.

Pipe carrying water to hydroelectric dam turbine.

What Jack broke when he fell down.


Country once ruled by Alfredo Stroessner Matiauda.

Many varieties, wild berry producing tree.

Physically stronger.

Puzzle 12

The Muslim moplah sword is original to __ Coast.

Radioactive metal used to produce nuclear power.

Two, three, or twelve on the first roll.

Benny __, 1930s jazz clarinetist and bandleader.

Main component of natural gas.

__ thinking; creative visions.

Japanese term for death by overwork.

Hard drive.

Horse's gait, four-beat.

Large multi-coursed meal or feast.

Motel sign, Do Not __.

Leaves from plants.

Norma Jeane became this iconic filmstar.

Puzzle 13

Check for errors.

__ Garcia Marquez, mastered the magic realism.

Gloomy as an underworld river.

Energy released by splitting or fusing atoms.

Singer Niall Horan's native country.

Nickel-__ (NiCd) battery; rechargeable power cell.

Domesticated llama-like camelids.

Diapers that embrace a child's waist.

Claude __, French director of the New Wave.

A bitter ale.

Puzzle 14

Terrific; tremendous.

Candy Land location, Peanut __ House.

__ cycle; thermal power generation process.

Meatballs/greens/pasta combo: Italian __ Soup.

Margot __, prima ballerina was paired with Nureyev.

Phoenix's counterpart in Persian mythology.

Competition with multiple players.

"__ bobbidi boo", by Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.

To fall short; close but __.

False, malicious spoken statement.

Reactor producing high levels of fissile material.

Puzzle 15

Hooking action in Latin American dances.

Frequent, prolonged power outage in Ghana.

Kitchen utensils that remove the centres of apples.

The opposite of atomism.

__ diagram; flow chart of energy input and output.

Celebration in Italy on March 19: Feast of St. __.

C in BCE.

Country whose capital and largest city is Lilongwe.

Reached the top.

Novel by D. H. Lawrence: Sons and __.

Puzzle 16

Roger Moore starred alongside white Volvo P1800.

George Washington crossed the river Christmas 1776.

Great excitement at the expense of others.

Boat stuck with no wind.

Warm room for growing plants.

Paraffin; flammable liquid derived from petroleum.

Drop in voltage of electrical power supply.

One who gathers pieces for a book.

The contest with skiing and shooting.

Canine companion of Obelix.

Confederacy of Dunces's main character __ J. Reilly.

Sharp parts of human feet.

Destructively, deadly.

1356 battle between the Black Prince and John II.

Moorish-style royal residences in Spain.

Music collection.

In language, short words that replace nouns.

Breed of reddish beef cattle with a white face.

Baz __; directed DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet.

Describes Neptune in cold and size terms.

Infantile investment.

Puzzle 17

Device used to collect solar energy.

60s song for which The Troggs were best known.

Take a fighting position or stance.

Our Gang cast member.

Clean shaven.

__ White Horse, grand chalk art in Oxfordshire.

One of the three Baltic States.

German term for prevailing attitude of the time.

Able to be taken in by another family.

Boat series in which Chichester set world records.

First rose sent into space: __ Scentsation.

Agricultural building that relies on hydropower.

Did a show.

Creepy masked serial killer in Scream films.

Failed 1915 attempt to invade Turkey: __ Campaign.

Where the sheep is in Little Boy Blue.

Paul __; developed MRI scanning process.

Australian chocolate dipped sponge cake treat.

__ II, became queen of Denmark in 1972.

The devil as a convent cook in medieval legends.

Restaurant-bar with French origins.

Puzzle 18

Not connected to the main electricity supply.

Cleaning up a spill.

Peter __ was Hercule Poirot in Evil Under the Sun.

Helps, aids.

Splitting of atoms to release nuclear energy.

Back of the scrum player.

__ mozzarella, from a big wild ox.

Butterfly motion.

What the chicken crossed.

The papers you got when fired.

Puzzle 19

After-wedding trip, with friends and family too.

Device that removes oxygen from water.

Assembly, meeting, get-together.

The most frozen; most unwelcome reception.

Thinking back to past times.

Peas, beans or Susan.

German armed forces 1935-45.

East-west position.

Message service delivered with an embrace.

Police sting operation.

Unable to speak or express an opinion.

Zero __; no breaks.

City where the National Space Centre is located.

Large rigged vessels within a festival of races.

Common unit of measurement of natural gas volume.

Sequences of processes used during projects.

Fast rising stock with a good chance of crashing.

Calista __, played lawyer Ally McBeal.

Puzzle 20

State of Wednesday's child.

Prisoners linked together while working.

With the most dots or pimples.

Dutchman J. J. P. Oud's profession.

Next name for Saint Petersburg after Petrograd.

Blue skies with no fluffy bits.

Instrument played by John Lennon on Love Me Do.

Gives pleasure or satisfaction.

Gandalf's horse in Lord of the Rings.

Table leg named after a British monarch.

Sugary, juicy oval-shaped candy.

Groups of energy-generating turbines.

OPEC; Organization of the Petroleum __ Countries.

Inversion, feet in air.

Beach houses won't have these.

Ming the Merciless has a crush on her.

Chinese word for the Double Ninth Festival.

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