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Here are the answers to CodyCross Entertainment Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Put a knob of this dairy product on hot corn cobs.

Amex, VISA, MasterCard are all __ cards.

Knights and motorcyclists wear one to keep safe.

What you hold when swimming underwater.

Create something new; you'll need a patent.

Paper roll that can be used to wrap up as mummies.

Owner of a big collection of classic animated films.

Hercule __, a mustachioed Belgian detective.

Members of Baden Powell's youth organization.

Country turned 150 years old in 2017.

A government count of people every ten years.

A female peacock.

The shelter for a team at the side of sports field.

Entertainers often seen in circuses.

Large, dangerous wild creatures.

Puzzle 2

Colombian bombshell's hips don't lie.

Ten-sided geometrical shape.

Trick __, you say when you knock on people's doors.

Putting stories down on paper.

Sells flowers.

To worry.

Adele has won many of these music awards.

Common tanning lotion scent.

Making a car move.

Person who plays up front in football, goal scorer.

Another word for an illness.

How a chef turns pancakes over.

Puzzle 3

Numbers below zero are __.

Shouting out loudly in support of your team.

Upper case letters.

Buy this in a sports shop, for dipping in a pool.

Technology that makes music sound louder.

Putting salt onto roads in icy weather.

Films or TV shows that make people laugh.

When a snake loses its skin, it is called __.

The place where waste is buried.

Money you get from working.

When water is boiling/simmering, it's __.

While reading it keeps your place.

Requiring immediate attention, or ironing.

Puzzle 4

Walking carefully.

Person who hides on a ship or train to shun paying.

Her Majesty's rule.

Hiking across mountainous terrain.

Looking at websites online.

Gilderoy __, professor and wizard author.

Super Mario's video games company.

Purple color or scented flower used in perfume.

A singing TV talent show with judges in chairs.

Label indicating the cost.

Various foods dipped in batter and fried.

Finding out how heavy something is.

Tiny oinking pet, happy in mud.

Tangled-root tree growing in tropical areas.

Make-believe evil person who scares children.

Wear this to stay safe in a car, click it in place.

When you have a high temperature, you are __.

Puzzle 5

Showing off your drama skills on stage.

Look at, observe.

Unforested grassland, sounds like stairs.

Greenery that grows in gardens.

Video game with falling block shapes.

Athletic obstacle.

A king or queen does this; rhymes with rains.

A number that divides exactly into a multiple.

__ butter, nutty spread.

__ powder, smothered on a baby's bottom.

Wine ingredient.

Aquiline refers to these birds.

Scar's older brother in The Lion King.

__ a Manger, a popular children's Christmas carol.

The Simpsons' resident bully.

Puzzle 6

It gives you direction.

Famous magician, Harry __.

Expanses of dry landscape without much rain.

The antonym of success.

Frère __, French nursery rhyme about a friar.

__ Ralph, video game hero of 2012 Disney film.

Two or three-wheeled transport with a kickboard.

Calling someone using a handheld device.

Moving in time to music played by a DJ.

Maths using symbols, like x=y+2.

Female big cat with stripes.

Using clay to make sculptures.

Television series collections, with many episodes.

Puzzle 7

Without fur, Sphynx cats, for example.

Another name for a set of false teeth.

Toward the front.

Dry __, where to get clothes washed with no water.

Movement of soldiers, stepping in time.

Paddington often has a marmalade one under his hat.

Any physical activity, such as walking or swimming.

Hunter- __, early human who hunted and scavenged.

Many-headed dog guarding Underworld gates.

A party game where players act out clues.

Getting better after an injury or illness.

Into __, 2014 film with many fairy tale characters.

Tall pole in the house on which to hang headgear.

Small winged insect that feeds on food like apples.

Table __, South Africa landmark.

Throwing and catching balls in the air.

Puzzle 8

Rikki __, mongoose who appears in The Jungle Book.

Not animal or vegetable but composed of minerals.

Beautiful gypsy who befriends Quasimodo.

Tiny colorful cake or ice cream decorations.

Where you can collect and stick cuttings.

Hunt for animated characters outside.

Style of music composed by Mozart and Bach.

Slices of this fungi are good on pizza.

They power most toys and gizmos.

Another word for "tiredness".

Puzzle 9

Carpenter who was married to Mary, mother of Jesus.

Space __, bounce on this large ball.

A player who got a goal.

An international boundary between two countries.


Shrubs, not as tall as trees.

Hagrid's first name.

A unit of temperature with the symbol K.

Where films are shown on a big screen.

Dangerous tricks on bikes or skateboards.

__ skelter, a funfair slide.

Cereal mixture with nuts, oats and fruit.

Puzzle 10

Glued to something.

__ arts, combat sports.

Went in or gained admittance to a place.

A chilly, volcanic European island country.

The process of enjoying a good book.

Action of your tongue on an ice cream.

A person who has an online vlog.

Dumbo's mouse friend.

To take a piece that belonged to your opponent.

Made spick and span, tidied and wiped.

Sausages in rolls, often enjoyed around a campfire.

Large ship; nail cutter.

View programs or shows on a small screen.

A spike, as on a hedgehog.

Mystical bird, with the power to regenerate itself.

Artist Van Gogh's first name.

Occupied like a honey-collecting insect.

Puzzle 11

Slap hands in congratulation.

Musical notation, not treble line.

Hero of Roman mythology noted for his strength.

Bart's blue-haired, bespectacled best friend.

Rudolph the __ reindeer helps pull Santa's sleigh.

Scaling walls or even rock faces.

Charitable, giving.

Not a refund, but a swap.

Rubber tube for watering the garden.

Magical 1940 Mickey Mouse animation.

Malorie __, author who wrote Noughts and Crosses.

Italian custard dessert with coffee flavoring.

12 o'clock in the evening.

Style of TV programme with prizes to be won.

Beautiful dress for a royal dance or party.

Antonym of oldest.

Puzzle 12

Continent that includes Ghana, Egypt, Kenya.

A special skill displayed in front of judges.

Online retail giant, like a South American river.

People upload these onto YouTube.

Wind instruments you hold sideways to your mouth.

Animal that is a cross between two breeds.

To sense or uncover.

Burrow-living rodent in mountainous areas.

A soft __ egg is served with soldiers of toast.

Lucky you if you have this portable computer.

Puzzle 13

These are filled with sand to make sandcastles.

Levi __, he invented jeans.

Scary tales or __ are told at Halloween.

Alternatively; anagram of "sainted".

__ parcel, a party game of unwrapping a present.

The metal part of boat where the oars are rested.

Bobbed on the water's surface.

Edge of the visible Universe.

__ numbers, not cardinal, e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Speedy dog, like a greyhound.

East African country, capital Bujumbura.

Busy __ are colorful houseplants.

A folded pizza.

To keep many items of the same type; e.g. stamps.

Forest creatures with leaves and branches.

Artists' tools for putting paint on canvas.

Puzzle 14

They do restaurant guides and make car tires.

Plane __; looking for aircraft.

Explore or find something that no one found before.

A saying that compares one thing to another.

A statue with water flowing out of it.

Scientifically a (red) fruit, a veggie when eating.

Seeing images in your mind while you're asleep.

Visiting a mall or retail park.

The home town of Mary and Joseph.

Edgar Allen Poe poem about large black bird.

The paper that covers a present.

His porridge is just right for Goldilocks.

Puzzle 15

Ariel's seagull friend who scurries along.

__ cookie, a biscuit with a message in it.

Joint where your finger attaches to your hand.

Left without permission, got out of captivity.

Muppet who heckles with Waldorf from a theater box.

Three-pronged fork carried by a devil.

Catching waves on a beach.

South American country, capital Quito.

A travel document that is sent by email.

GM invented these in 1973, for car safety.

Arty picture made up of smaller cut-out pieces.

Dog that smells suitcases at an airport.

Have a chat with someone and hear all their news.

To complain about something.

Small die-cast vehicles; not bikes or planes.

__ stone, find that helped decipher hieroglyphs.

Puzzle 16

Groups of people who sing together.

Cleaning off with a cloth.

__ calendar; helps you count down to Christmas.

Squeeze the sour juice of yellow fruit on crepes.

Footwear that can be used on ice.

Wish-granting spirits that live in lamps.

The world's third-largest ocean, located in Asia.

Where a swine lives.

Poorly, feeling ill.

A ball, a globe, three dimensional round thing.

__ Bell, the fairy in Peter Pan.

Puzzle 17

Measurement of wear on a car.

To take the lid off a jar.

Teacher that counsels students in school.

Mary __, Julie Andrews as magical nanny.

Chilly conflict between Eastern and Western blocs.

Sketching pictures using pens or pencils.

Singer __ Jackson was known as the King of Pop.

A coach who teaches you sports.

Sir Nicholas __-Porpington, Gryffindor House ghost.

Puffed up, heated kernels with sugar and/or salt.

Heating water to make it safe to drink.

Rhythmic movement, for example ballet or tap.

Baby pigs.

Puzzle 18

Brother of Peter, Lucy, Susan in Narnia tales.

Radio controlled quadcopters.

A device for taking photographs.

A sudden jerking movement.

Silver/white metal, symbol Ni, also a coin.

Not outdoors.

Large docile lizard, often kept as a pet.

Knowledge and maturity acquired through experience.

A clothes fastener that is sewn on.

Small creatures from legends.

Warning alarms heard on emergency vehicles.

Pieces of cutlery that you use to spread butter.

Followed orders.

Captain Hook's first mate in Peter Pan.

Puzzle 19

Devices for turning appliances on and off.

Model __; scale models with trains and tracks.

Petting a cat.

Someone who writes articles for a newspaper.

Moaning and __: it rhymes.

Walking uncomfortably, when your feet hurt.

Hand-held twinkly firework.

A diagram showing a year, months, weeks and days.

Materials such as carpets, tiling, lino, etc.

An area with lots of trees, similar to a forest.

Unhealthy snacks, such as pizza, chips, etc.

Walking on __, moving around like a dog or a cat.

People watching a film or a music concert.

Wizard and chief enemy of The Smurfs.

A person who follows traditional religious rules.

Worn by a car's passengers around the torso.

Upright games console controller.

Puzzle 20

Book with a soft, not hard, cover.

To play this game, draw chalk boxes on the ground.

Patterned decoration stuck to the walls of rooms.

Sign up for updates to a YouTube channel.

Heads, __, knees and toes.

A twelve-sided polygon.

Fun to play with friends or family; e.g. Monopoly.

Times of the day for eating.

Delicate climbing flowers, sounds like sugary veg.

Activities and stretches that you do to keep fit.

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