CodyCross Essential Workers Pack answers

Essential Workers PackEssential Workers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Essential Workers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Musical device that clicks to provide a beat.

The smart Ninja Turtle in a purple mask.

The first child of Kim and Kanye; a direction.

Decorates a meal.

Reference book that sounds like a dinosaur.

The E in PPE, personal protective masks and aprons.

An author might write one about a celebrity.

A red devil's tool of choice.

Ellen, who voiced blue tang fish Dory.

Person employed to check that standards are met.

Type of lizard that can change appearance.

The capital of Victoria, Australia.

People who saw a crime occur.

Puzzle 2

Bone or impression of a prehistoric animal.

Sailing boats for pleasure or racing.

Grasp, understand a situation.

Fruit used to make cider vinegar.

Perez with a celebrity blog.

Person who hires another's professional services.

Wine will age in one.

What Pavlov's bell triggers production of.

Small yellow worker from Despicable Me franchise.

Legally responsible.

Motor-driven device for carpet cleaning.

Maker's name seen on many drum machines.

Aviation experts who fly planes.

Scientist who runs trials for new drugs.

Played a round on a course.

Hot spot to find mirages.

Discrimination based on gender.

Puzzle 3

A play where characters burst into song.

Workers who repair leaks on top of houses.

Spiny creatures sometimes called sea hedgehogs.

Court security officer.

Our solar system has eight of these without Pluto.

Person who ruins fun by enforcing rules.

Box-shaped containers that slide into cabinets.

Intoxicating drink made with ethanol.

Notebook to record daily thoughts.

What they called the first movies with sound.

The bottom of a still body of natural, fresh water.

Blockade to getting somewhere.

Puzzle 4

Opposite of subtraction.

Superman has one for solitude.

Made models from clay.

Spoons, forks, knives.

Board game of real estate deals.

An animal that preys on others; alien film series.

The location of The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Educators who give lessons in schools.

Women's frock for the beach and warm weather.

Technophobes, those who reject innovation.

Eight of them pull Santa's sleigh.

Crispy fried cubes of bread to decorate soups.

Severe headache.

Shop that sells food for four-legged friends.

Signal transmitted without a physical connection.

Competitive sport of making horses dance.

Puzzle 5

Tall seat for feeding toddlers.

What makes a bar sign glow.

Suitcase sized for Saturday-Sunday trips.

Trophy for best in American TV.

It's a very good place to start.

Mayo, ketchup or mustard.

Researcher in a chemistry lab, for example.

Type of falcon that is the world's fastest bird.

What Zoom and Facetime enable you to do.

Person who works on an offshore rig.

Gem-swapping puzzle video game.

He directed The Beatles movie Eight Days a Week.

Puzzle 6

Opened a large map.

Making sweaters with wool.

The ceremonial bond of love.

Limited by physical or mental condition.

Ancient weapon for launching rocks at enemies.

A musical prelude to an orchestra composition.

Mammal that feeds on ants and termites.

Enter land or property without owner's permission.

Pancake in the US, oat bar in the UK.

Sealable glass container, often used for canning.

Tense confrontation between two groups.

Airport workers who transport baggage.

Unassisted vision, without a telescope.

Drug-dispensing store.

Puzzle 7

Baby hens.

Athlete who uses a bow and arrow.

Venoms, poisons.

Last shade in Roy G. Biv.

Capital city with Buckingham Palace.

Plastic cape worn in the rain.

2019 Pixar movie about two elf brothers on a trip.

Ordained leaders of church communities.

70s group with hits Rasputin and Rivers of Babylon.

Charles M. Schulz's white and black beagle.

A man who performs magic like Harry Potter.

Instruction to wait for a moment.

Courts often seek this reason for an action.

Term for young urban professional.

Starbucks drink size; surname of 7 rings singer.

This organ filters blood.

Retailers who prepare or sell bread, pastries, etc.

Puzzle 8

Moving a finger across a smartphone screen.

Containers made by weaving plants.

Mountain climbs.

Monstrous creation of H. P. Lovecraft.

Doctor who treats teeth and gum complaints.

Turn discarded things into useful things.

Science with a focus on rocks.

TV family who always said goodnight to John Boy.

Assessing worth.

Another name for wild marjoram.

Warehouse workers who collect items for orders.

Male deer wear these horns.

Old school shoulder-worn cassette player.

90s grunge band fronted by Kurt Cobain.

Biceps and triceps.

Puzzle 9

Selling wares illegally.

An arrow maker.

Flatten, shove out of the way.

A wet 24 hours.

Way to join pieces of wood seamlessly.

Till or cash register in a supermarket.

Heavy thud's sound; kids' marble and straws game.

Athletic games originating in ancient Greece.

For full health, you need a balance of these two.

Arachnid with a stinging tail.

Professional who designs and repairs machines.

The medical name for collarbone.

Contessa who doesn't wear shoes.

Doctor who tries to be supervillain in sing-along.

Medical care immediately after a scrape or cut.

Puzzle 10

Computer users need this to be seen online.

This Big Bang went from science to TV show.

Austrian city, also a Billy Joel song.

Shiny and smooth; the opposite of matte.

Artistic words that use rhyme, rhythm.

Scimitars, claymores, and katanas.

Bought or sold in large quantities.

A beach destination in Mexico.

First name of Sorry and Yummy Canadian singer.

The Omen's little boy lead.

Teardrop-shaped nut eaten as a healthy snack.

Language spoken by people from France.

Small, mole-like mammals.

Where one lays their head during sleep.

Person who legally witnesses signatures.

Small streams.

Skilled worker whose job is to fuse metal.

Austrian composer named Wolfgang.

Puzzle 11

Moving cards around in a playing card deck.

Head of state in a republic.

Large-leafed aquatic plant painted by Monet.

Apiarist who tends hives and produces honey.

The Rolling Stones' 1968 Jumpin' hit.

Guest services assistant in a hotel.

A popular meme character who lives under the sea.

Wine-taster's description of drinking sensation.

Surname of cyclist Lance and singer Billie Joe.

Ancient partners of hunters.

To suddenly speak during a conversation.

Upside-down pose held with strength and balance.

Puzzle 12

What a kid rides before they have a bike.

Capital city of British Columbia on the coast.

Doorbell sound when the witch is dead.

This legume is the main ingredient of hummus.

Also called Calvary, site of Christ's crucifixion.

Tiger subspecies found in the Russian Far East.

A device used for typing.

Clause in a sentence that starts with that, which.

Manager or owner of overnight lodgings.

Da Vinci's most visited painting.

Elaborate dinner parties with multiple courses.

Businessperson who brings goods into the country.

Herbal extract in liquid form.

One who sees the glass as half-full.

Puzzle 13

Blue cartoon characters with white hats.

Workers who extract resources from underground.

Surname of actor who is Childish Gambino.

Short tune or song used in advertising.

Rooms that top houses.

Tennis players need this tool to score points.

After a punch, you might get this purple mark.

Authoritative dictator.

__ chain; system to help products reach consumers.

Culture of Afro-Caribbean and French descent.

Theft of copyrighted property like films, music.

Inn frequented by youthful tourists.

Player of an orchestral double reed woodwind.

Tissue of the tooth beneath the enamel.

Finnish word for cold, treeless land; Toyota truck.

Another term for a pager.

Tree nut, looks like a pecan.

Puzzle 14

Stranded on the shore, a whale out of water.

How adults usually read picture books.

Bruno Mars and Cardi B join forces for this song.

Partial or full obscuring of the sun's light.

Tradesman who fits or repairs windows.

A ghost or lonely spirit; imagined presence.

Plaid designs used by Scottish families.

Plain ice cream variety; boring, bland, ordinary.

Last name of Lucy, star of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The name of the farmer in the film Babe.

For wiping muddy shoes on when entering a house.

Healthcare worker whose specialism is childbirth.

Biggest city in Wales.

Puzzle 15

A daily publication covering current events.

Period of the year with the least rainfall.

Worker who puts water and gas lines in the ground.

Takes away from, mathematically.

Weekend-long programming competition.

Off-road motorcycle racing sport.

Having arms like an octopus or jellyfish.

Male farm animal, lives with a nanny and is Gruff.

Alliterative co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons.

Alcoholic mixed drinks.

Identified an illness.

TV or radio show host.

He's in the Fast and Furious movies and Riddick.

Puzzle 16

Finished or done, nothing left out.

Lucky four-leaf foliage.

Venture that offers a service or products.

Prepare medical prescriptions in a pharmacy.

Excessive compliments that will get you nowhere.

On Wednesdays, we do this.

The second largest ocean in the world.

Transfer of ink onto a medium.

Spicy liquid condiment made from peppers.

Armed forces, including air force, army and navy.

NASA used to send these vehicles to space.

Photograph with edges that fade into darkness.

Title of Michelle Obama's memoir.

Alliterative table tennis.

Kids of 2 or 3 years old, named for how they walk.

Sirens on boats, sounded at New Year.

Any ordinary male in books or TV dramas.

Orchestral composition, usually in three movements.

Outdoor food grill.

A bikini, Speedo, or one-piece.

Puzzle 17

Squeezy bulb on tube to dispense liquid.

Workplace of manufacturing workers.

Discussed the price.

Make something look bigger.

Seabird with pouch for scooping up fish.

Lowlands between mountains.

They say there's a pot of gold at the end of one.

Keep evil spirits away.

Boris known for roles in early horror films.

Legal case.

Where your food goes after you swallow.

Construction worker.

British Dairy Milk confectionery company.

Found in the middle of a clown's face.

Puzzle 18

Hand-held weights for building muscles.

Old nursery rhyme farmer.

Animals that make a sound like a trumpet.

Healthcare first responder.

Students of language.

Seattle coffee chain with a mermaid logo.

Mountain visited by Jack and Ennis in the '05 film.

Licking the sticky part helps seal these.

A water-soluble cleaning agent similar to soap.

Staff on planes who look after passengers' needs.

Childhood condition known as whooping cough.

Puzzle 19

Gretel's fairytale brother.

Restaurant synonym; get delivery to protect staff.

Sixteen of these make one pound.

Matter that is not solid or gas.

Underground tunnel dug by rabbits.

Military EMT.

Beard style that's limited to the chin.

Goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.

Dark blueish purple shade.

Middle Eastern spread of chickpeas and tahini.

New York City's main public transportation.

Office or dining seats.

Boxing match periods.

Type of spoon that's an American diner.

Puzzle 20

Mammal with a duck-like bill.

Street light that is lit up at dusk.

The main character in How I Met Your Mother.

Teacher, professor or instructor.

Slow-pitch game with batters, pitchers.

Owner of a shop, store or stall.

LII in Roman numerals.

"The ten-dollar founding father without a father".

Fruit cross between a raspberry and a blackberry.

Polite response when declining an invitation.

Hair used to cover a bald head.


Boom period after discovery of precious metal.

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