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Here are the answers to CodyCross Europe Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Heavenly creatures like cherubs.

Canada's official language other than English.

Name given to a network of rabbit burrows.

Slang term for a girl who likes to climb trees.

A large, tall glass or cup without a handle.

Toast Italian sandwiches at home with a __ press.

Sport associated with Val-d'Isère and Zermatt.

Lucy, who dropped a letter in a children's rhyme.

Got better after being ill or injured.

Another word for Academy Awards.

Copied an animal, like Dolly the sheep.

Traditional rigid bracelet worn by Indian women.

__ cleaner; dust-sucking device, replaced brooms.

Place to play coin-operated video games.

Mythical beast said to hoard gold, breathe fire.

Purchases made online.

The largest of the UK's Channel Islands.

Puzzle 2

Style of small Italian restaurant.

Actor Banks of Pitch Perfect, The Hunger Games.

South African descended from Dutch or French.

Right side of a ship.

Question and answer session, for talk show or job.

Run-through ahead of a performance.

Sets of straps to fix horses to carts.

Striped sweet treat hung on Christmas trees.

Germany's national airline; anagram of half aunts.

Powerpuff Girl who wears green.

Criminals who are being held in a jail.

Puzzle 3


Roman emperor who built a wall across England.

Places where white-collar work often takes place.

New __; Kiwi country near to Australia.

Turning a key to secure a door.

More inebriated than another person.

Country where the Battle of Waterloo was fought.

Seedless, easy-peeling orange citrus fruit.

Famous magician who died on Halloween night.

They go with spills when having fun.

Routine appointment with a doctor or dentist.

Puzzle 4

Earth, Venus or Mars; CodyCross explores ours.

Garments worn over one's clothes when cooking.

Caterpillar home before it becomes a butterfly.

The command area of Star Trek's USS Enterprise.

Place that makes alcohol from grapes.

Sensei, dojo, Mister Miyagi, remind of this sport.

Outdated beepers used in hospitals, 1990s TV shows.

Hand in a piece of work to be graded.

Capital city of Portugal.

Document detailing previous work experience.

Fire __, way out of a building in an emergency.

Small, inflatable boat for recreation.

Southern French city famous for its film festival.

Puzzle 5

Without any artificial additives.

Gun dog that can be cocker or springer.

French __, alternative name for the Côte d'Azur.

Christian ceremony that uses a font.

David, UK prime minister who held the Brexit vote.

Repairing, fixing.

Bony place where finger joints meet.

Appointment to look around a property for sale.

Type of lager named after a city in Bohemia.

Craft tool for firing adhesive into place.

__ House, Australian band who sang Distant Sun.

US city, the Titanic's intended destination.

Smooth voiced actor, Nelson Mandela on big screen.

Puzzle 6

Swap, e.g. ideas or resources.

Worldwide online network.

Framework a mattress is placed upon.

Only former Yugoslav nation to border Italy.

Another name for table tennis.

What people swear to tell in court.

Fair that travels or Rio parade.

__ piggledy means untidy, chaotic, messy.

Lasagne-like baked dish originating in Greece.

Bone break or crack.

Puzzle 7

Main currency unit of Spain before the euro.

Lucky keepsakes.

This Norfolk singer wants you to say you do.

Meghan who married Prince Harry.

Burned brightly.

A submerged board for steering a ship or boat.

Flat timbers walked by pirates as punishment.

Famous Tower in Paris.

First name of US president Trump and Disney's Duck.

Shot with a movie camera.

__ sickness, experienced in a car or on a ride.

Tools for writing on a blackboard.

Name given to a white stoat or weasel.

Racket sport played indoors.

Puzzle 8

Crafty art using printed paper to create pictures.

Lengths of hair rubber-banded at the back of head.

Company that made Bill Gates his fortune.

Saint Petersburg's famous museum and gallery.

Singer of Shape of You and Thinking Out Loud.

Space object sending weather information.

Your grandmother or grandfather's sister.

Painted cloths behind actors on a stage.

Extractor of bituminous ore.

Baltic state that is an anagram of I hail tuna.

Reaper, thresher and gatherer of wheat.

Puzzle 9

Building like Buckingham, Schönbrunn or Versailles.

Superhero who battles Poison Ivy.

Vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Excerpts of text that people said or wrote.

Descend down a building on a rope.

Genre for which Stephen King is famous.

Crime of killing.

22nd James Bond film: Quantum of __.

Less soft, harder.

Space shuttles do this from Cape Canaveral.

Short-legged marsupial that lives in a burrow.

Twin sign of the zodiac, from May into June.

Popular musical hall dance with high kicks.

Game of tossing rings onto poles.

Language spoken in Krakow and Gdansk.

Puzzle 10

Male person who uses a rod and a reel.

Sleeveless garment worn by the White Rabbit.

Tenured teacher at a university.

Tennessee Williams wrote about one named Desire.

Spanish city famous for its Las Ramblas boulevard.

Sci-fi show with a TARDIS.

Leafy thistle vegetable with a hairy heart.

Like the made-up friends kids sometimes have.

Brokers buy and sell stock in them.

Japanese site of A-bomb drop on 6th August 1945.

Globe that reflects with mirrors on dance floor.

Opposite of electronic messaging, sent by post.

French name for the Alps' tallest mountain.

Puzzle 11

Dickens' Tale of Two Cities concerned Paris and __.

Closes then opens eyes quickly.

America's Independence Day is on this day in July.

Comic book explosion sound.

Ditzy friend of Monica and Rachel.

These we raise in song or anger.

Device for capturing images before phones.

Describes the fur of a kitten or maybe a cloud.

Largest country in Scandinavia.

Billie, American singer of Bad Guy.

One-fifth of a hundred.

Puzzle 12

Foods like potatoes, breads are also called __.

The sensory hairs on a cat or dog's face.

Like Highgate in London, or Père Lachaise in Paris.

Vehicle used on fairways.

Comic book reporter who married Superman.

Blood vessels that carry blood from the heart.

Hallway frame for hanging caps on.

Country whose capital is Sofia.

Find them on the periodic table.

Emma, star of 2003's Love Actually.

Driving too fast.

Places of Christian worship.

Tunes liked by the general public.

Kind of evening expected on Valentine's Day.

Uprising, in the Middle East.

One famous split infinitive, Star Trek's "to __".

Puzzle 13

Financial abbreviation IOU means this.

Tom Hanks hoped to save this Ryan.

The flat boards in bookcases and cupboards.

Fried Chinese dumplings served in soup.

__ hours, when a business is active.

False document; a fake or the act of making one.

Scotland's largest city.

HB, B or H graphite drawing implements.

Mechanical apparatus.

Freeloader, one who lives off others' generosity.

Giant brownish orange planet in our solar system.

US medical drama Grey's __.

Making a noise like a bee.

Melodic and musical, not off key.

Nationality of da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.

Puzzle 14

Madonna’s birth religion.

Possible home of a shower or a toilet.

Two words to wish someone well before an event.

Edgar Allen Poe poem about large black bird.

Red __, tree-dwelling rodent with dark orange fur.

Mountains that separate France from Spain.

Midpoint of a sports match.

Light, crunchy dessert made from egg whites.

Scottish waterway famous for its monster.

In retail, this person is always right.

For each year.

Video-calling app from Apple.

Puzzle 15

France's Pont du Gard is a famous one.

Science-fiction author Ray, wrote Fahrenheit 451.

Soak food in tasty liquid.

Using brushes to create artwork.

Filled with uncertainty or unlikely to happen.

__ certificate; proof that a website is secure.

Theron, The Fast and the Furious villain Cipher.

Pardons, excuses someone for wrongdoings.

Illumination of a venue.

The tallest mammals in the world.

Hit song by Rihanna with a weather theme.

Person's rump or buttocks.

Volcanic activity.

Ran into each other, e.g. two vehicles.

Doing well, in good health.

TV mafia series starring James Gandolfini, The __.

Spanish city known for the Running of the Bulls.

Puzzle 16

Portobellos, buttons, and oysters, for example.

Great board game for kids who want to be doctors.

Watching a movie or TV show online.

Surname of France's famous leader Napoleon.

Artificial fabric used to make clothing.

Tropical cyclone.

Soil area for plants with usually bright petals.

Collection of short stories or poems.

One out of Posh, Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger.

Moscow's famous art gallery.

Puzzle 17

Central heating warming device.

Use it to get money out of the ATM.

Energy in food.

__ motor; powerful engine for a speedboat.

Amsterdam's airport, a major international hub.

Computer part with numbers and letters.

This Ugly animal turns into a swan in a fairy tale.

Where injuries are treated.

The Chinese art of furniture arrangement.

Insect also called the common furniture beetle.

Pie with a banana and toffee topping.

Country whose only land border is with Spain.

Doctors whose job is to look after teeth.

__ day, or carpe diem.

Number that some people think is unlucky.

Becoming husband and wife.

Either team in a knock-out contest's last game.

Puzzle 18

Lake where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet.

Part of a school where physical education is held.

Animal __; rescue facility for abandoned pets.

Dried petals and spices put into a bowl.

50s nostalgia show with Richie, Joanie and Fonzie.

10 to 0, the final ten seconds before New Year.

Written when an author is unknown.

Music hall tune: "It's a long way to __".

Meal you'd be served if you ordered a full English.

Accuse someone in a legal trial.

Puzzle 19

Continental quilts.

Travel on this country's TGV high-speed railway.

Higher quality.

Kids' toy in a coil shape, goes down the stairs.

Coat to keep a pup or a person warm.

Orcas and humpbacks.

Northern country with maple leaf symbol.

Storm in a __, a great commotion over very little.

Oddly, Spain's national anthem doesn't have them.

Harry who gets to Hogwarts from platform 9 and 3/4.

Scanned someone's body to see their skeleton.

Puzzle 20

To give up something entirely; to leave.

Spicy paprika-infused stew associated with Hungary.

Unsinkable ship that sank; film with Leo and Kate.

Handheld arrangement of flowers.

Kids love to play in this with pails and shovels.

From or related to Beijing's country.

Workout or dance one-piece stretchy garment.

Nation famous for its Red Bull Ring racing circuit.

This Toronto actor played David in Schitt's Creek.

Author who created the world of Middle Earth.

Creatures feared by an arachnophobe.

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