CodyCross Expensive foods Pack answers

Expensive foods PackExpensive foods

Here are the answers to CodyCross Expensive foods Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Ranch that is the workplace of George Lucas.

Culinary delicacy and parasitic caterpillar fungus.

Lamp that casts illumination towards a ceiling.

Edible pale green kernel.

__ Morton, ragtime and early jazz performer.

Eleanor of __; Queen Consort of Henry II.

Region of the East Coast of NZ's North Island.

Fire-breathing insect?.

He painted Marilyn Monroe in red-yellow abstracts.

Direction of movement of a timepiece's hands.

Texas showdown of 1993 with the Branch Davidians.

Quirky sporting name for radomes (radar antennae).

Pork cultivator.

The and symbol on a keyboard.

Concentrated light used e.g. for medical purposes.

Puzzle 2

Brown-lipped __; highly valued Chinese seafood.

Wooden platforms for carrying building supplies.

Pages making up one entity on the Internet.

Sent by boat.

"I will show you fear in a __ of dust": T S Eliot.

Courgette __; edible blooms on summer squash.

Post office packages at Christmas.

Curvy, shapely, characteristic of a mature female.

__ St, Moscow, medieval street with many churches.

Planet impacted by a comet in July, 1994.

Hollie __, US ex-boxer, IBA minimumweight 2004-6.

__ J Micklewhite, better known as Michael Caine.

Puzzle 3

Fooled or tricked someone.

Something that jogs your memory.

Sailor's punishment by being dragged through water.

Regulate fuel flow entering an engine.

Near the edge; anagram of alarming.

Food, __ Food, song that mentions peas and pudding.

Black olive variety from southern Greece.

A dog's tail __ against the ground.

Country where the Shebelle River starts.

Old __, Manchester venue for cricket and football.

Director of the film Cluny Brown: Ernst __.

__ flask; wide-bottomed jar for growing cultures.


Illegal, illegitimate.

Otto __ captained the Fram, charted Ellesmere Is.

Italian region where white truffles are found.

Good __ to bad rubbish!.

Puzzle 4

Chinese zodiac animals repeat every how many years.

First capital of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Hawaiian mineral water sold in Japan.

If a car __, it suddenly stops.

2018 Wimbledon women's singles champ: Angelique __.

Isaac __, teacher who created a form of shorthand.

Insect with pincers and shiny body.

Shady; dubious.

Lottery with tickets, to win prizes at a fair.

Steven __, TV producer of Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Type of dance featured in the 1948 film Red Shoes.

Duck __; poultry cut tasty with plum sauce.

Take in aurally.

Puzzle 5

Any main road in the US.

__ Vine, Ruth Rendell's alter ego.

Light bulb containing iodine.

Those choosing to die for a belief.

Direction of celestial object clockwise from north.

Catch sight of.

One of seven sovereign states of the UAE.

High quality, elaborately presented food.

Nordic raw salmon appetizer.

Wole __, Nigerian writer and Nobel prize winner.

__ Mauler, nickname given to a 20s heavyweight.

Puzzle 6

Civilized people of Antiquity.

Pasting, beating, thrashing.

Expensive mushroom with colourful stem.

80s band with the hit single Vienna.

Bangladesh formerly: East __.

Large tank for tropical fishes.

Powdery cooking spice found in bark.

Honest, frank, candid.

Margaret __, starred in Shop Around the Corner.

Female dairy farm worker.

Puzzle 7

German host city for The Beatles in early career.

Builder's bumbag.

Person in the crow's nest of a ship.

Salt-water molluscs regarded as a delicacy.

Top Gear's helmeted lap expert.

Daddy __; Eddie Murphy stars as a stay-at-home dad.

Thinly sliced raw fish in Japanese cuisine.

Comeuppance; lumps.

In a concise way.

Four __ holiday resorts and hotels.

Recall done with foolproof accuracy.

Puzzle 8

Posh porch, with an H.

Fish whose roe is pickled to make caviar.

State bird of North Carolina and West Virginia.

Raves about, gushes.

Mental outlook, can be positive or negative.

German book publisher of travel guides.

Numerical song by Paul Hardcastle, N-n-n-n-__.

Become less warm.

Festival celebrated in Thailand April 13-15.

Only country situated in all four hemispheres.

Avast, me __!, a piratical greeting.

American football last-minute pass.

Sad trombone onomatopoeia phrase.

More overcast.

Molly __ of Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club.

Seed pod spice with a high price tag.

Sewing on a piece of material to cover a hole.

Puzzle 9

Let's get ready to __.

Orchard fruits with costly Sekai Ichi variety.

__ up, make something tidier or neater.

Tiny ripped up pieces of paper.

Habitually steal items of low worth.

Biblical character in the lion's den.

Golden fruit, similar in appearance to a pear.

Six-letter word meaning to navigate an aircraft.

__ Rucker, lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish.

Celtic healing goddess, worshipped with Grannus.

Mountain kingdom in the Himalaya.

Puzzle 10

Vitamin C is this acid.

Runs with quick light steps.

Woman at her __, painted by Berthe Morisot.

Alison __, actress associated with Abigail's Party.

Similar in appearance to a male deer.

Queenly capital of Hong Kong during colonial times.

Small bones in the middle ear.

Dark red stone fruits with a short season.

Root for treating insomnia and sleeping disorders.

Sport played by the Philadelphia Eagles.

"__ to pay Paul".

Lockable jam and pickle storage.

Shrivelled, wilted, dried up, as on a vine.

Epithet of Alfred (Wessex) and Frederick (Prussia).

Sweet almond paste used in cake making.

Puzzle 11

Filmic gladiator Maximus __ Meridius.

Camelid of S America with a soft wool coat.

Wave gently in the breeze; have a small bet.

Twitter user (portmanteau word).

What a company sells, singular.

White __; costly, aged, crumbly cheese.

__ call, ready to serve someone.

Work avoider.

Jewellery items that house keepsakes.

Cleopatra's father: King __ XII.

Sandy __, author of A Clue to Our Lives.

Most godly.

__ (Everything's Alright), 1965 hit for Mr Wonder.

Firewood send-off for Guy Fawkes.

Funny drawing found in a newspaper.

Hybrid of an orange and a mandarin.

Gran __, PlayStation lifelike car racing series.

Another name for Hansen's disease.

Puzzle 12

Typewriter __, a black-red inky strip.

Having magnitude, but not direction.

Huso huso sturgeon that produces caviar.

Tissue that makes body parts move.

Make a damagingly loud noise.

Stay in place.

London's Central Criminal Court nickname: Old __.

Teddy Bears' __, familiar children's tune.

Biggest golf club in the bag.

__ and Mr Kidd, Bond assassins in partnership.

Steak and __ pie, a British staple with offal.

Spiced __; dovelike dish with Indian flavours.

Dutch word for both "morning" and "tomorrow".

Aussie uni named after a WWI commander.

Hogwarts' gamekeeper.

Puzzle 13

Trade name for crease-resistant fabric of the 60s.

He or she gets you from A to B on a school trip.

Oriental cat breed, a mix of Burmese and Siamese.

__ Sundae; crazy dessert made with Kilimanjaro ice.

Leprechaun-like red man in Celtic legend.

Conclusion, inference.

Florida NBA team with mascot called Burnie.

Crumpled, screwed up, like with a sheet of paper.

"Wouldn't touch with a __" is a boating metaphor.

Art deco construction on SF's Telegraph Hill.

1st US president to call in a brain trust.

Liesl, Friedrich, Kurt, Marta, Gretl et al.

Hanging, dangling, swinging.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had __ skies.

Numbers with three zeroes.

Former name for Turkey's Sea of Marmara.

Festival of All Souls in Mahayana Buddhism.

Small game bird, often served roasted.

Puzzle 14

Old __ was a merry old soul, an old nursery rhyme.


Molluscs with fan-shaped shells.

Polluted precipitation.

The 11th month, in French.

William __; zoologist in Indian subcontinent.

Portable motor on the back of a boat.

__ bag, for baby to snooze in and keep warm.

Sports matches.

Of or relating to camels.

University in San Francisco Bay area.

Tenderness, pain, redness.

Jerked, made a small shudder.

Abbott and __, American comedy duo.

Creating patterns in knitting with many colors.

Saying: Prevention is better __.

Dom __; prestige champagne of Moët & Chandon.

Became king of England in 1307 but deposed in 1327.

American playwright of You Can't Take It With You.

Sprinkles with drops.

Puzzle 15

Turns round and round like an office chair.

Lobster __; chilled, blended pâté.

Bruce Springsteen's support, the __ Band.

Big sports venue.

Cut of beef steak from the back of a cow.

Seven Years __, Brad Pitt film set in Asia.

Benin was known as this until 1975.

Females with yellow hair.

Feeling sorry for someone.

Anton __, playwright who wrote The Seagull.

St Patrick's __ stick grew into a living tree.

Talked quickly and incoherently.

Art deco motif from Ancient Egypt.

The Smiths live in __ Falls on American Dad.

Trailing, low plant named after Flemish botanist.

Baby hogs and sows.

Puzzle 16

Informal word for the world of celebrities.

Rice variety used for making risotto.

Army sharpshooters.

Deer meat.

Bewilders, confuses, muddles.

High, flat tableland in nature.

Makes emetophobes uptight.

State of lawlessness and misrule.

Dick __, the queen's jockey, author of mysteries.

Cod-like fish.

__ Ramoray; Joey's character in Days of Our Lives.

Moved with urgency.

Applying color to hair.

Puzzle 17

Wavelength on which a radio signal is transmitted.

Make an assist in basketball without looking.


Charlie Higson wrote about this juvenile spy.

This is __, mockumentary film with odd amps.

Divine hag and weather deity in Gaelic legend.

Yellow Autobot Transformer.

Belief in God as one, rather than the Holy Trinity.

Somerset producer of famously expensive cheddar.

Lobster dish made with brandy and cheese sauce.

In SW China, one of five national central cities.

Nickname of 16th Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville.

Stale or mouldy smell.

Free, excuse, exonerate.

Blobby sea animal that can sting.

Puzzle 18

Insect-like crustaceans with armadillo-type shells.

Of the area around a city.

Flutters, quivers.

__ pig; newborn porker, traditionally cooked whole.

Comeuppance, loss of power.

Impolite way of telling someone to stop talking.

Home village of the radio show The Archers.

Kate Winslet's debut film: __ Creatures.

Shots that were potential goals in a football game.

Six-pointed geometric figure.

Edible and medicinal mushroom from East Asia.

Supporters of Don Carlos in Spain.

Puzzle 19

__ Gardens, Copenhagen amusement park.

Mass insect visitation.

Opposite of summery.

It is actually real.

Fillings that are shaped to fit a damaged tooth.

Billy __ made The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Small poultry that lay tiny, prized eggs.

Chinese city that hosts an ice sculpture festival.

Marbled steak cut from a cow's midsection.

"Monsieur 100,000 Volts": French singer Gilbert __.

Novel by Khaled Hosseini: The Kite __.

Son of Shaphat and disciple of Elijah.

Puzzle 20

Extra virgin __; premium liquid fat for cooking.

__ La Esmeralda; coffee dubbed the world's finest.

Phrase used to tone down criticism.

Suitable for or worthy of being said.

Blue Bayou pop and country singer, Linda __.

What American golfers call a bunker.

Monarch whose reign saw Jacobite Rebellion.

Maori name for New Zealand.

Tolerance, the ability to wait for something.

Small serving vessel for thickened dairy product.

Putting your hands together to make a noise.

Thing we do first.

Gravel-sized debris from meteors.

Haile __, was an Ethiopian leader.

US film director of High Plains Drifter.

__ Gastronomique, cookbook encyclopedia.

Like an adder, anagram of previous.

Foot warmers to sleep in.

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