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Here are the answers to CodyCross Explorers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Italian musical term for lively and quick.

Pith __, headgear worn to protect against the sun.

__ Éireann, the Irish Senate.

Sweet, green, melon-flavored liqueur.

Intensely cold, repellently stiff.

Controls things from a distance.

Japanese philosophy of improvement at work.

Modified upper part of the trachea, contains voice.

Sixth book of the New Testament, by Paul.

This boat or ship is not sharp at all.

Fanatic partisan.

Tool used by mountaineers to cut handholds.

One of this equals 3.26 light years.

German folkloric animal, fire, human or candle.

Nobel's brother, inspiration for the awards.

Puzzle 2

Santarem, Brazil sits on this Amazon tributary.

__ bought the Plant from Mr. Burns in The Simpsons.

Drill for oil in areas not known for reserves.

Art era of dramatic display during the 17th c.

Compromised, graft-influenced.

Poseidon's fork.

Bathyscaphe took Piccard to the deepest trench.

John __, inventor of the airbag.

Medicine concerned with radioisotopes.

Nine of them make a man.

Deranged gang leader of White Heat, Cody __.

Bruce __, voyager and writer of In Patagonia.

Gila __ large lizard, venomous, black and orange.

German driver who was F1 champion in 2016.

Puzzle 3

Serbian court master Novak __.

Diamond in Spanish.

Extinct cephalopod from the Mesozoic age.

T E __, writer and explorer of Arab lands.

Lake, city and palace in north Germany.

__ file shell is an ornate bivalve from Asia.

Monochromatic heraldic representations' technique.

Vineyard fungus that helps produce sweet wines.

Ray __, US fantasy and sci-fi author.

The lower house of the Indian parliament.

Deformation or flow of matter field.

John __, inventor of the marine chronometer.

Puzzle 4

Mother and child connection.

Quark in middle of this Eastern European pastry.

What broke the camel's back.

Dead __, system for determining position of a ship.

Major source of Congo River in Zambia.

Successful female Swedish golfer, Annika __.

Magnetic mineral used by the Chinese in compasses.

Jewish holy day also known as the Day of Atonement.

Headgear sharing its name with a canal.

Semi-formal monarch.

Anne __, US-Irish writer of Dragonriders of Pern.

Emergency ride.

Rising prices.

Claudia __, Italian actress in The Pink Panther.

It became Constantinople and later Istanbul.

Foul, wicked.

Third longest serving Prime Minister.

You can eat this off the periodic table.

Someone lacking backbone or firmness.

Puzzle 5

Carthaginian navigator explored the British Isles.

Carlos __, singer of Black Magic Woman.

Count created by Bram Stoker.

Sovereign landlocked microstate, eastern Pyrenees.

To voluntarily refrain from doing something.

Calcium __, used to make acetylene gas.

Edward __, first climber to ascend the Matterhorn.

Fish shaped, bean paste cake from Japan.

__ Aung San Stadium, Mynamar's biggest.

Sharp, loud crack or a long, low rumble.

Large bird of prey, feeding on carrion.

Puzzle 6

Giving precise or essential information.

__ Dürer, German Renaissance painter.

They govern the pitch.

Yellow eyes are a sign.

__ anemone has long tentacles.

Boundless space for ever and ever.

Algebra's chameleon.

Murkiness, umbrage.

Greeny-blue color, an oxide of chromium.

Goat-like deity associated with Satanism.

In England it can be built-in, airing or linen.

Wrote Arabian Sands and The Marsh Arabs.

Illuminating conductive strand.

Chilean sandwich bread made with shortening.

__ Forum, German culture museum in Berlin.

Ship's biscuit eaten as part of rations.

Dramatis __, Latin phrase for cast of a play.

Puzzle 7

Cancelled ESA mission to search for planets.

Won the Pulitzer Prize after her first novel.

Inscrutably codified.

Afghan mountain range walked by Eric Newby.

Adventuress, went around the world in 72 days.

Swedish brownie-like cake with gooey center.

You can get dazed and confused here.

The biggest island of the Azores.

Art of measuring time using sundials.

Major beach resorts' area in the Netherlands.

Established bias.

Puzzle 8

Macrolepidopteran clade, Rhopalocera.

Large whirlpool; violent situation.

Snack food with toppings in Southeast Asia.

The beginning of something.

The station wagon for the British.

Tenor tuba used in military bands.

The probable outlook or likely outcome.

Small group rules selfishly and corruptly.

Fateful ship that took Scott to the Antarctic.

Sticky Japanese paper used in crafting.

Bohemian neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

Author of The Godfather.

Stella polaris associated with Marian veneration.

1968 film gave Streisand Oscar trophy.

Flag communication system.

This person can go after your stamps or your money.

Puzzle 9

Priam ally, son of Arsinoos and brother of Ennomus.

__ Arena, Bayern Munich's inflated stadium.

Talmudic civil jurisprudence.

High-definition camera by Panavision.

Shire dwellers.

This 3D marvel can have any polygonal base.

Canadian hard rock band.

Russian explorer of seas between Russia and Alaska.

Diminution of hustle is the end to be sought.

Italian playwright master of "commedia dell'arte".

Surface designed for aerodynamics; wing shape.

Gloster __, first British jet aircraft.

Term for a person from a particular place.

Ranulph __ visited both poles on single expedition.

Large domestic duck breed with pink or red beak.

Puzzle 10

__ pole, discovered by Amundsen in the Gjøa.

__ Yatra, blizzards during 1996 Indian pilgrimage.

Bogart, Bacall Florida-based film noir movie.

Anomaly not.

Kazoos are a type of this instrument.

Official currency of Bhutan.

Eat, drink and be merry, for __ we die.

Baked sliced potatoes with bouillon and cheese.

Wilt Chamberlain's nickname.

Italian daily newspaper based in Turin.

Hirsute tower inmate.

Japanese holiday in July for peaks such as Fuji.

Vilvae moluscus you cannot use around your neck.

Prokaryotic microorganism.

Matthew __ led first circumnavigation of Australia.

Puzzle 11

Ocean side recreation equipment.

Mn on the periodic table.

Later on.

These Ancient Mesopotamia people didn't add.

Persian creature part human part lion.

Six-hole end-blown flute.

Noble __ Path, Theravada Buddhism practices.

Famed for his trips to Australia and the Pacific.

Japanese or silverhull, grain-like seed crop.

Social gathering with a dip.

Opposed to Realism.

Agatha Christie drink with tabasco, raw egg.

French draft horse from Huisne river valley.

Low-cost Spanish airline.

Negative economic growth.

Scottish explorer of the Niger river.

Last Russian tsarina.

Relative of the tornado.

Shakespeare's night dream.

Highest peak of Tasmania.

Puzzle 12

Danish Earth scientist Inge, studied earthquakes.

Chinese explorer of South East Asia and Africa.

Marked by great and often stressful excitement.

Tailless island feline.

Way of cooking food with darkening effect.

It's very cold in some places and so hot in others.

It means "desert dweller" in Arabic.

What cheats never do.

Narrow basin used for ship repair.

Belgian with more than 500 novels.

Cloudless expanse.

First woman according to the Greek mythology.

Land-locked country in South Africa.

To enhance, ameliorate.

Puzzle 13

Herbaceous perennial growing from rhizomes.

Optical navigation tool uses telescope and mirrors.

Coat aluminum with protective film.

Liberal country, Montevideo is capital.

They make gems while in their bed.

US engineer co-inventor of fiber optics.

Colin __, travel writer on the Silk Road.

In Aboriginal, Koala means __.

Woodwind instrument in the double reed family.

One of oldest English poems.

Duelling sport.

Puzzle 14

1963 British smash hit adventure comedy.

Viking explorer, founded the Reykjavík settlement.

Scottish fruit cake eaten on Hogmanay.

Filipino world title-winning professional boxer.

Barest of lifestyles.

Building's underground parts.

Large inland port in Germany, in Rhine-Ruhr region.

Defector, quisling, recreant.

Character in Woolf's novel about a party hostess.

A legendary female demon that appears in dreams.

"Heavy stone" in Swedish aka wolfram.

__ Nansen, famous Norwegian explorer.

What familiarity breeds.

He believed he was his brother reincarnated.

Tubes used to insert medicine into the body.

Puzzle 15

Not simple or general.

George __, Spanish philosopher of The Last Puritan.

He lost his ability to love others.

Extinct hominin, Lucy is the most famous.

Lucky food cake eaten during Chinese festival.

Polar explorer and mapper of Antarctica.

It never comes back.

Boundary strait separating Europe and Asia.

Butterflies of the Nymphalidae family.

Sliding between musical notes.

She wrote a best-seller called Longitude.

Observable trait of an organism.

Baffled, confused or mystified.

Government by the propertied classes.

Grand Slam tournament.

Erythrocyte, leukocytes, thrombocyte.

Puzzle 16

__ stove, paraffin cooker carried on expeditions.

Umberto __, Arctic navigator in a dirigible.

You can never choose this.

Common Nordic fried treat.

And the darkness was no more.

We should take better care of it.

To call into action, call someone over.

French word for yarn or fabric with loops on it.

__ fork, two metal prongs to find musical pitch.

Honorific Arabic title that means "presence".

Bay engulfs western France, northern Spain.

__ International Stadium, now a ravaged city.

Everyone wants to cross first this line.

Puzzle 17

They speak louder than words.

Starchy root used in Latin American cuisine.

Island nation in the Caribbean, Kingston capital.

It has four wheels and flies; __ truck.

Adventurer in America and liked by Elizabeth I.

Independent themes making up a greater idea.

Trees that appear in many Monet paintings.

Bits of predicament.

Portuguese great born in Mozambique.

Horticultural chore.

__ fin, flipper on the underside of a fish.

St __, Irish monk toured north-western Europe.

Puzzle 18

Lump of tissue behind the nose, not tonsils.

The capital of Malawi.

Land-dwelling reptile in the order Testudines.

Neither believes nor refutes God exists.

A group of atoms linked together.

Estádio do __, Brazil's iconic stadium.

Tube-sliding instrument.

Gullies, canyons, mesas, ravines, hoodoos.

Cyrano de __, 1897 play by Edmond Rostand.

Red dye obtained from the root of the madder plant.

It means "with a breadcrumb crust" in French.

Remote river running from Ethiopia to Khartoum.

Motor invented by Moritz von Jacobi in 1834.

Mariana Island cornstarch Chamorro cookies.

Puzzle 19

Dairy product used by Mongols.

__ knife, red pocket tool with many gadgets.

One who feigns illness to avoid work.

Heavyweight boxer, with Iron nickname.

US island 30 miles from Cape Cod.

Bending one's knees deferentially.

Related to the very cold.

Ancient Greek Hipparchus wrote the first star __.

The man who created the Muppets characters.

Venetian mathematician, engineer and surveyor.

__ Passage, sea route connects Arctic to Pacific.

Make it up as you go, use any method.

Puzzle 20

Ferenc __, scoring leader of great Hungarian team.

Inventor of the threshing machine.

Dirk __, Dutch explorer of Australia's west coast.

Head electrician on a movie or television set.

Jan __, travel writer and Everest correspondent.

A drink, a plant and a film.

Killjoy, spoilsport.

This bird of prey never goes to Antarctica.

Losing it makes one crazy.

Musée __, French art museum in railway station.

Morning love song where there's separation at dawn.

Monkey able to read minds in Japanese folklore.

Short-legged marsupial from Australia.

Hebrew Bible consisting of three parts.

Shakespeare's Prince of Denmark.

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