CodyCross Extreme Activities Pack answers

Extreme Activities PackExtreme Activities

Here are the answers to CodyCross Extreme Activities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Enough space to work or move arms about.

Italian pasta dish shared by Lady and the Tramp.

Animal conservation park in Irish capital.

Where the most important news is in a newspaper.

Fair ride where riders ram vehicles at each other.

Lightweight material used in model plane kits.


Someone who gives up their time to help others.

Taxing competition or test of skills and abilities.

A 50 percent discount.

Covered with liquid-filled swellings and sores.

Ride dunes on a purpose-built panel.

Speaker system producing lowest bass frequencies.

Gave feedback on something; remarked.

Illegally made alcohol, maybe at nighttime.

Argentine/Chilean plateau with jagged peaks.

What a bar sign is often made of.

Puzzle 2

Cornhusker State, with Omaha and Lincoln.

__ guess; a calculated estimate.

Milestone, momentous, groundbreaking.

Cocktail glass for tall drinks.

Hold something dear, cherish it.

Film-directing older brother of Ethan.

Performs magic; __ up.

Prohibited from flying.

Rock __, ascending cliff faces.

Priest in a hospital or prison.

People who are privy to restricted information.

Direction away from the summit of a mountain.

Sounding like little bells.

Puzzle 3

Tans pale skin; or sears steak.

Snuggled up to someone.

Horizontal crossword clues.

Water __, riding on two planks behind a motorboat.

One born every minute; lollipop.

Spikes or similar to attach climbers to with rope.

__ Break; Fox River State Penitentiary TV series.

__ house, small garden building for relaxation.

Very pale animal, with no melanin.

Night of the week to attend an oneg at a synogogue.

__ making is a process that uses wax, scents, etc.

Small sharp weapon.

Puzzle 4

Firstly; at the beginning.

San __, northern Spanish resort, a foodie mecca.

Catch someone off-guard.

Young plants.

Block-building adventure computer game.

Brass instruments with slide.

BMX __, stunt riding that's a 2020 Olympic sport.

Anthony Burgess, A __ Orange.

Funny word for nonsense.

Clifford the __; animated scarlet canine.

Major volcanic explosions.

Finds, unearths.

Writers of fiction books.

Deluge of snow; risk to skiers.

Pure AU, not just plated.

Puzzle 5

It's always darkest before __.

The landscape that a sport takes place on.

Full of life, brightly colored.

Baby it's cold __, call-and-response tune.

Nationality of Tiger Woods' Scandinavian ex, Elin.

Huge embrace, like from a grizzly or a polar.

English equivalent of the Spanish word "postre".

We have __; NASA launch announcement.

Army of civilian soldiers used in reserve.

Riding the waves on a board.

Small beetles with pincers; they like to eavesdrop.

Puzzle 6

The female form of the name Dennis.

__ for a rainy day.

__ death, motorcycle rides on the sides of a drum.

__ Girl, Billy Joel tune about a high class woman.

Meat served in doner and shish varieties.

Commissioner __; boss of Gotham City Police.

To do with the backbone.

__ Downey, Jr. aka Tony Stark the Iron Man.

Deceptions, swindles, deceits.

Sweatshirt with built-in head cover.

__ machine, rudimentary plane sketch by DaVinci.

Dive or drop from a height.

Puzzle 7

Breathes in.

US city regarded as world's leading coffee hub.

Protest slogans written on long strips of material.

__ fluid; strong-smelling fuel for starting fires.

Surf with all toes suspended over board's nose.

Water __; workplace drink dispensers.

Tourists visit Canada to witness the __ in fall.

Comedian and actor, Adam __ of The Wedding Singer.

Australians throw these on the barbie.

Extreme __, sport that creates crease-free clothes.

Hangs around, lasts for a long time.

Puzzle 8

Changes from one thing to another.

Animated movie that gave us Hakuna Matata.

Bestowed an honorary title by a British ruler.

Rear its __; when something unpleasant reappears.

Turkish city that was once Constantinople.

Vegetable once known as green Italian squash.

Divert someone's attention elsewhere.

Hidden surveillance to collect evidence.

A baby puffin, aww so cute!.

Skater ramp that is U-shaped, flat in the middle.

Burt __, iconic mustachioed actor.

Fastening a safety rope onto oneself; __ in.

These metal spikes secure a canvas home's ropes.

The open ocean, far away from land.

Puzzle 9

__ life; one's best, most healthy years.

Urban two-wheeler, often seen at skate parks.

Large white fluffy cloud types.

__ tracker, watch that measures heartrate.

Fuel company BP; short for __ Petroleum.

Hindu greeting used by yogis.

Movie plots on paper.

Originator, creator.

A small van for carrying several passengers.

Hush __, comfy shoes advertised by a basset hound.

Struck something with one's fingers.

__ muffin, small, round bread often cut in 2.

The A in BASE jumping.

Spray used by police to disperse crowds.

Puzzle 10

Browned in an oven with cheese; eg potatoes.

Express unhappiness at treatment in a restaurant.

Holding on tightly.

__ Brothers; electronic music act founded in 1989.

Prince of __, another name for Satan.

Covered with fabric flooring material.

Vaulters, trampoliners, beam experts.

Jeep car make with North American Indian name.

Sweating, burning up.

The slope of a small mountain.

Extreme type of aggression.

Poitier movie, In the Heat of __.

Puzzle 11

Wearing formal clothes, fancier than normal.

Without contest; in full agreement.

Device for keeping grass in a short and tidy state.

Pocket money for kids.

Something that happens every two months.

Springy baton for jumping on and doing tricks.

Country to which the dingo is native.

Kept hidden.

Three of a kind plus a pair.

Compilations of puns and gags.

__ science, religious sect of Mary Baker Eddy.

Find out where a person is using GPS.

Person who exposes themself to perils, hazards.

Inflatable rubber with valve inside bike wheels.

Jack __, was in The Shining and How Do You Know.

First We Take __, Leonard Cohen sang about NYC.

Proprietors of guesthouses and motels.

Orange jam for toast.

Narrow stretch of Palestinian territory.

Chain __; series of events caused one-by-one.

Deliveries, of babies.

Puzzle 12

The only month that has less than 30 days.

Tying a rope.

Gangsters, as in The Godfather.

Italian luxury car brand with trident logo.

Gelling agent used in cookery, made from collagen.

Small opening or spy window in a door.

Legless baby frogs and toads.

Not top-end or bargain basement.

Oversteering in motorsports to slip round corners.

Singer Alanis Morisette's nationality.

Place with more than 10 million inhabitants.

Puzzle 13

Common name for acetylsalicylic acid painkiller.

Earn your __, means needing to gain experience.

Downward force attracting a body to the earth.

__ off, fighting off an attacker.

Chemical treatment to make hair curly.

Cooked like wontons, with hot mist.

Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of __.

Bare __ fighting, boxing without gloves.

Street __, combat videogame series with Chun-Li.

Merged, mixed, mingled.

Puzzle 14

In __; in a distressing or difficult predicament.

Hang from a canopy, pulled along by a motorboat.

Apple __, battered and fried fruit dessert.

Sweat forms here, above the mouth.

The Beatles: I Want to Hold __.

__ skirt, voluminous attire resembles a mushroom.

A formula, like E=mc2.

Luge-like extreme sport, head first on stomach.

Uncastrated adult male horse.

Christmas sock, stuffed by Santa.

TV quiz show celebrating 35 years in 2019.

Area near water containing warehouses.

Young person after the age of 12.

Classic tale of ape kidnapping girl in New York.

Bank workers.

US state where Chicago is situated.

__ loan; money lent to tide someone over.

Puzzle 15

__ night, series of 80s horror films.

Nation of soccer legends Pele and Neymar.

Human waste piped out.

Photo __; small kiosks that take your picture.

Speed along (not the thing sprinters jump over).

That Don't Impress Me Much singer, __ Twain.

Bathroom bowls for washing in.

Adrenaline __, one who can't get enough of danger.

Quoting a text in a piece of written work.

Victoria __; fluffy layer cake with cream filling.

Puzzle 16

"To get away with something __".

Person's rump or buttocks.

E.g. non-native species that damages an ecosystem.

__ head; rounded engine part in an elongated tube.

Courage, bravery, audacity, daring.

Branch of medicine to do with cancer.

Hurdle or encumbrance in the way of a sportsperson.

Store that sells hocked items.

Bourbon spirits, maybe from Scotland?.

Paddling a small, slim boat along rapids.

Fire-making devices used by smokers.

The "eraser" for pens, in liquid form.

Canadian city that means royal mountain.

1952 Gary Cooper Western film, takes place at 12pm.

Puzzle 17

The second of the three Rs.

Dipping one's head to avoid being struck.

Ed __; singer-songwriter with a castle on the hill.

Cooks an egg shell-less in water.

Large rock, which people might free-climb.

Occupant of seat number two in a cockpit.

Country that lost the most territory after WWI.

Rolling down a hill in a huge inflatable ball.

Smallest of the small.

Dog breed, like a cocker or a springer.

Explanatory drawing, illustration, plan.

Puzzle 18

Become hard from a liquid state.

Inflatable toboggan for going fast down mountains.

__ oneself; made up for a bad deed.

Drops vegetables briefly in boiling water.

People who are not awake.

Washable floor covering.

Colliding with a person or obstacle at speed.

Spouting nonsense, gibbering; like a brook.

Island that gave its name to small oily fish.

__ up; herding, e.g. sheep on a pasture.

Decorative jewelry for the hearing lobes.

Puzzle 19

__ powder; powder for easing diaper rash.

Last set of exams a uni student takes.

Jamie __, British chef and restaurateur.

Climb up a mountain.

Puffy white or gray things in the sky.

Body part under the shoulder; anagram of impart.

Lady __, wife of Leofric who rode naked.

Beethoven's first name.

Common word for pugilism.

Main color of Reese's packaging.

Puzzle 20

Hung round a horse's head at feeding time.

__ out; this conversation is finished.

The first book of the Bible.

Least sweet-tasting; most tart.

It means orange in Spanish.

Another name for freerunning, city obstacle course.

Grey's __, hospital drama show.

Home-assembled musical playlist.

Neoprene outfit for divers, surfers.

A mother's brother's kids.

Official ban on trade with a specific country.

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