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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fabric Arts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Famous person.

Desolation, vacuum.

Renounced, abstained.

German city, world famous for its book fair.

Pork meat pie eaten by Canadians at Christmas.

Way of living.

__ Rita, film with Michael Caine and Julie Walters.

Treat cotton thread with alkali to strengthen it.

Three-sided shapes used as templates in quilting.

See you again in a little while.

Puzzle 2

Right now, not the past or future.

Cottons or strands for sewing work.

Cross a road in a dangerous or illegal place.

Corkscrew pasta shapes.

__ the other cheek, or not retaliating.

Mentor for the designers in Project Runway.

__ Twins, nickname of the duo Jagger and Richards.

Multimedia work made from fabrics, paper, etc.

Classic movie boat The __ Queen.

Indicator light on a car.

Official languages of Kosovo: Albanian and __.

Inventor of the cotton gin, Eli __.

Groups of newborn puppies.

Puzzle 3

Zigzagging braid sewn decoratively around hems.

Scheming, plotting.

Tool for removing threads from a missewn fabric.

Until __; until we meet again.

Swiss town with jazz festival on Lake Geneva.

Having a right to benefits or privileges.

English priest, a leader of the Peasants' Revolt.

Carnivorous mammal family to which meerkats belong.

Star of the film Friday Night Lights: Billy Bob __.

Sweet alcoholic spirits.


Singer of Love Me Like You Do: Ellie __.

Princess consort of Monaco.

A woman with dark brown hair.

October 24, 1929: Black __.

Puzzle 4

Devil __; juggling batons.

Palm tree strand, used in weaving/basket-making.

Accidental flows from containers, glasses.

William __, Lincoln's Secretary of State.

__ and Son, Dickens' tale of a neglectful father.

Tropical African fly that bites.

Stopped a car.

Singer/rapper Post Malone's real first name.

Thread of varying thickness gives knobbly effects.

__ Posey, improv actress.

Looked furtively.

Puzzle 5

Perfect examples of something.

Deodorant repository.

Jog your memory.

American golf tournament in June.

Originator, giver, supplier of banknotes.

Ms Moon in Frasier.

The basic linking stitches in crochet.

Give up work at the end of a career.

Basic dressmaking fabric made from bolls.

Early Kevin Smith movie.

Sauce prepared by blending Bechamel with cheese.

Land too cold for trees, like some Arctic regions.

Water __, plastic firearm that shoots liquids.

Puzzle 6

Embroidery motif has the name of a Florence palace.

Enjoyable, agreeable.

Leonardo __, Titanic actor.

The first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb.

Emperor who won the Battle of Austerlitz.

Pre-formed shape used in cutting out fabric.

Cartoon Bunch who lived at Wonderland Zoo.

Busy __, author of This Will Only Hurt A Little.

__ Beneath; 2000 haunted house movie.

Chilliness, frostiness, iciness.

Anna __, Italian-born British cookery writer.

Seattle's sea-faring MLB baseball team.

He composed The Mysterious Barricades: François __.

Recoiled from pain.

Criminal who sets a deliberate fire.

Puzzle 7

Changes direction suddenly.

Infant who is just a few hours old.


Changed to suit environment.

All Summer Long American musician.

Un chien __, gruesome tale by Buñuel and Dalí.

Cape where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

Setting for The Thorn Birds: the Australian __.

Breed of giant rabbit from Flanders.

Craft of decoratively knotting string.

Indian religious places of retreat.

DIY barrier against flooding or attack.

Domed metal protector for fingers when sewing.

Spicy, sharp.

Crush with the hands.

Go with __; accept a situation.

Puzzle 8

Auguste __, French chef of the haute-cuisine style.

Joan __, acting dame, married to Lord Olivier.

Oval chocolate with a plasticky toy inside.

Person watching an event.

Italian conductor who played the cello: Arturo __.

__ Castle; Japan's famous black "Crow Castle".

Process of making gentlemen's clothing.

Hand tool that knots tufts of rug wool.

Thin nursery rhyme man who could eat no fat.

1993 British comedy film: Bad __.

Philosopher who stated "Je pense, donc je suis".

Including an idea enthusiastically.

Where Jessica Fletcher solves murder.

Huge task, like those of the mythological hero.

Vilnius is its capital.

Muscle-lengthening exercises.

Paired up with, coupled.

Puzzle 9

Month when Mexican Independence Day is celebrated.

First British feature film with sound.

Focused on the task in hand.

Creating new fashions from disposed-of clothing.

Fit furniture or car seats with cushions/stuffing.

Situations, either real or envisaged.

Singer Dickie Valentine chart topper: Finger of __.

Spider that gives the creeps, hairy legs.

Czech tennis player with 8 Grand Slam titles.

Point something towards the wrong destination.

Rubbing vigorously with a sponge.

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, aka Madame de __.

Richard __, the original John Shaft.

Third book in Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy.

Wood worker, cabinet maker.

Large, firm tomato variety.

Puzzle 10

__ pink or very pleased.

Tape __, flexible rule used in dressmaking.

Male partner in a marriage.

Corn treat baked in hot embers.

Olga Kurylenko played __ Montes, Quantum of Solace.

Cook in a full pan of hot oil.

Worker who trims and shoes horses' hooves.

Kate __; singer and founding member of the B-52s.

Needles used with thick embroidery yarn.

Had fun, took pleasure in an activity.

High-intensity flashing beams of light.

__ Fogg, rover of Around the World in Eighty Days.

Puzzle 11

Insect, resembles a wasp and oscillates in the air.

Bragging, boastfully teasing.

George Washington's Virginia home.

Stitching, gathers material in a honeycomb pattern.

The Greatest Showman's Golden Globe-winning song.

__ Crowther, Azed crossword setter in the Observer.

Thick, medicated skin cream.

Tool helps sewers pass string through a needle.

Most fresh and crunchy.

Wand/pointer used to interact with screen.

He relied on Tinkerbell for friendship and advice.

Insurance __; regular payments to cover policy.

Meringue, cream and strawberry dessert.

Puzzle 12

Chris Christie's successor as NJ Governor: Phil __.

__ than Bombs, 1987 compilation LP by The Smiths.

After you zigged.

Distinction and style that is admired, prestige.

Tower structures that support electricity cables.

Tablet versions of printed materials.

Joseph __, voyager-botanist of Flora Antarctica.

Changing the hue of fabrics.

__ knitting, spool and nails create fabric tubes.

Didn't recall.

Puzzle 13

The __; internal nickname for the CIA.

Extending monetary credit to a person.

Michael __; father to Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Reverse of knitting, combined with it for ribbing.

First Sunday in March in Switzerland: Tag der __.

Athlete who flips, tumbles and balances.

Saturday and Sunday.

Country in South America; anagram of "do a cure".

"The lady's not for __": Margaret Thatcher.

Fabric edging that prevents fraying.

Old World monkey family, e.g. Barbary, Rhesus.

Type of lifting roadway bridge.

Scary medical profession in Marathon Man.

Chocolate butter cream coated Christmas cake.

Made illegal tapes.

Michael __, Irish leader assassinated in 1922.

Mythical bird rising from ashes.

TV series based on a Pamela Redmond Satran novel.

Puzzle 14

The creation of a desired impression.

__ Stadium, NY home of an MLB team.

Old-fashioned counting tool.

Swann's Way author.

New capital of Burundi as of January 16, 2019.

What Meryl Streep is paid for.

House of the __ Sun, by The Animals.

Woven twigs that make chairs, baskets, and so on.

Stitch where plain knitting is used for every row.

Hard white crystal used in clocks.

Domesticated S American mammal with fine wool.

Emmy __, Fiona on TV's Shameless.

Puzzle 15

Knitting skill that creates patterns with hues.

Microsoft's solitaire computer game.

Stuffing made from mushrooms, onions and shallots.

List of radioactive elements in the periodic table.

Sewing of bed covers, often using padded patchwork.

Accepted as fact.

Sandal style with exposed digits.

Putting a seat on a horse.

Penthouse and __, 1981 single by Heaven 17.

Handstand performed by a diver on a diving board.

Person's residence or home.

Former British colony in SE China.

Able to be gained, like political seats.

Puzzle 16

Fishing with a rod.

Materials, textiles.

Bumper __; witty label on the back of a car.

Frilled/gathered edging; anagram of chin rug.

Entranced, fascinated by.

Taking a brief, daytime sleep.

Describes a burning light or healthy complexion.

Young Albus Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts.

Third wife of King Henry VIII: Jane __.

Le __, French cookware brand.

__ faith in humanity; bring it back.

Puzzle 17

Surprising, amazing, astounding.

Ancient capital known as the "City of David".

Large domestic cat breed with ear tufts.

J.R.R. Tolkien character; anagram of "a red beret".

Heavy silk fabric used in trimmings.

__ squash; orange gourd.

Describes a bat grip in table tennis.

Underground cemeteries.

Russian composer of the opera War and Peace.

Gangster Cagney declares himself Top of the World.

The surface of textiles with the pattern on.

Coastal grassland, often flooded with sea water.

Puzzle 18

Common pain reliever.

Specific program in a TV series.

Female big cat; queen of the jungle.

Bony place where finger joints meet.

Protective leg covering in sport or used in DIY.

Knit and purl stitching deployed at cuffs.

Eclipse with a ring of fire around the Moon.

Advocaat drinks at Christmas.

__ Field, historic athletics track, Eugene, Oregon.

Shelf __, supermarket worker, puts food on display.

Common sayings; group of words put together.

__ stitch, basic forward-moving (at speed) stitch.

Puzzle 19

Some of these animals are black widows.

__ shears, scissors to cut wavy lines.

Not recognized, null and void.

Dame Anne __, animal geneticist and IVF researcher.

Barley pastry for Tibetan New Year.

Italian alpine cheeses.

Musical piece that sounds like a hymn.

Largest Greek seaport.

Row __, knitting device used as a garment grows.

Rivals or foes.

Appoints to a duty or post.

Puzzle 20

People who are obscure and not famous.

City in China where West Lake is located.

Mortar used to fill the cracks between tiles.

__ up; brown-nosed, used flattery to sway someone.

Essential substance for the immune system.

Scottish isle with unique knitting pattern.

Risky business enterprises.

Title or address of married Italian ladies.

Strong drink, potation, bevvy.

Cavorting like a show horse.

Burning in a rural area.

Showjumpers' leggings.

Group of church bells that make an instrument.

Play by Edmond Rostand: Cyrano de __.

2013 father-and-son road trip with Bruce Dern.

The second P in the university course PPE.

Fabric pieces sewn on fabric to a design.

Carry-on luggage on a flight.

Six-pointed star.

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