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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fairy Tales Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Peaches and cherries have these in the middle.

Clean-__ means you don't have a beard.

Athletic races that have batons.

Lifting glasses at a wedding to wish people well.

__ toys are stuffed animals you can hug.

Guinea pigs.

Votes into office.

A sailor from the Arabian Nights.

At the back of your eyeball, sensitive to light.

__-click, press the mouse button twice quickly.

Flying __, mode of transport from Arabian Nights.

Blustery, windy and fresh weather.

Of the mail service.

Zoo __; simulation game where you run your own zoo.

Cunning or sneaky; skilled handiworker.

Fat airships, often displaying advertising.

Jewish leaders or teachers.

Cutting the grass with a garden machine.

Satin material strip for tying a bow on a gift.

German city that is the capital of Bavaria.

Children's magazines with drawings.

Regular pattern of beats in music.

Wizard of Arthurian legend.

King __, Ariel's father.

Puzzle 2

Gets, achieves.

Turn to stone, or scare someone terribly.

Ground chickpea balls.

Cinders' fairy godmother turned it into a carriage.

Doctor__, Sorcerer Supreme superhero.

Ester Dean plays __ Rose Adams in Pitch Perfect.

Colombian Beautiful Liar singer.

Closing one eye then opening it again (quickly).

People born in or native to Delhi, Mumbai etc.

A place where things are made.

The younger of the two fairy tale Grimm brothers.

Influences someone.

__ party, another word for a sleepover.

Landscape, countryside, setting.

Dogs wear them around the neck.

Deep red color.

Fly __, a handy tool for keeping insects away.

Puzzle 3

Places where football matches are played.

Looks after sheep.

Business transactions.

Hitting another vehicle.

You need noisy shoes to do this.

A parasitic worm that can live in your gut.

Tortillas with beans/mince inside.

Another word for a "home", where someone lives.

He takes Snow White into the forest to kill her.

People who are loyal to their country.

An easy-to-navigate website, for example: user __.

Ugly __, young avian that turned out to be a swan.

An example of a species, to work on in science.

Timber from coniferous trees.

A toweling dressing gown.

The bit of a heel that is vulnerable.

Unmusical, lacking a melody.

Blazes outdoors to burn garden waste.

Puzzle 4

Pay __, to listen carefully to someone.

The Elves and the __, tale of crafty small folk.

One-sixth of 102.

Taking the cargo off.

Shaking because you're very cold.

__, Gumball's last name.

__ back; be careful, look over your shoulder.

Aidan __, is Nicky Harper on TV.

Alternative to sugar.

Animals that give birth to joeys.

A construction machine for moving heavy stone.

A material safety device used by skydivers.

A screwdriver with an x-shaped end.

Chris __, who plays Thor in the movies.

Adhesive dispenser found in pencil cases.

Person who takes the law into their own hands.

In the Bible, followers of Jesus.

He cleared the town of Hamelin of rats.

The most miserable or cross.

Netherlands city, home to the Rijksmuseum.

A creature that walks on four legs.

Puzzle 5

A written/spoken account of something.

Went around the world with a rock band.

Another word for the final score in a sports match.

Did housework with a feathered stick or cloth.

Small horses.

Noise of snow underfoot.

The German company that makes Gold-Bears.

Red Square is in this city.

Multiplayer online platform game with minifigures.

__ and the Beast, fairy tale of opposites.

Name of the Caribbean folklore spider.

Puzzle 6

Flowing out quickly.


Doctors' offices.

Stretchy, and returns to original shape.

Release from captivity or slavery.

Baby goats.

The Amazing World of __, cartoon.

Food or meat that is farmed without chemicals.

Fairy tale hero retrieves a magic lamp from a cave.


People whose job is to conduct trucks or cars.

__ Revolution, 1917 Bolshevik revolt in this month.

Puss __, clever feline uses trickery to gain power.

Another word for the entrance halls of hotels.

Bendy implement for scraping food out of bowls.

Puzzle 7

Bright hair accessory with girl's name.

Snow White lived with seven of them.

Most unwell, most poorly.

Tricky or problematic, or someone who is clumsy.

Bad Superman duplication.

"Somewhere over the __" song from The Wizard of Oz.

Pretend person who sprinkles beach dust in dreams.

Shave pieces of wood off a stick.

New __, robes worn by the deluded emperor of fable.

Muggers, thieves.

Soft silk patterns spun by spiders.

Small dog type, once used to hunt small animals.

Harbors where yachts are moored.

Bundle of electric wires that run through a house.

Artistic movement, shows things as they really are.

Open spaces in towns for buying and selling.

Simon __, or El Libertador, fought Spanish rule.

Pasta pockets.

Game to show off your singing skills.

Puzzle 8

Yellow wildflower, name often given to cows.

Adverb meaning "or else", alternatively.

Blades worn at the rink.

Telling someone you trust a secret, __ in them.

Describes something that happens four times a year.

Two-wheeled vehicle.

A doctor __ (identifies) an illness.

Recess in the lounge with a mantelpiece over it.

The given name of Sleeping Beauty, a summer flower.

Leaning backwards in your seat, e.g. on a plane.

Moving forward, like an army.

The taking over of an aircraft in flight.

Princess betrayed by a maid looks after waterfowl.

Puzzle 9

The __ role; the most important part in a play.

Waterways, long strips of water between land.

Beaten, overcame.

The boy who wouldn't grow up.

African country; Addis Ababa is its capital.

Squirting out liquid, e.g. from an aerosol.

Vital for good health alongside a healthy diet.

Using money to buy things.

Lunar phase at its biggest, a complete sphere.

Movement striving for equality of the sexes.


Things you wear on your feet.

The small hole that a hair grows out of.

Hans Christian __, Danish author of fairy tales.

Small cutlery item used for stirring hot drinks.

Someone who gathers together numerous items.

If at first you don't succeed, __.

Place where toys are made, e.g. by Santa's elves.

Puzzle 10

Home of fairytale royalty, with turrets and walls.

Taking a deep breath.

There was a Biblical plague of these insects.

The shape that baseball is played on.

A brook does this, or a young child.

The Legend __, video game with Link.

Lowering the temperature.

Radiator __, Route 66 village in Disney's Cars.

What Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on.

Caribbean island, capital Kingston.

Puzzle 11

One-eyed Minion, best friend to Dave.

Religious building.

A __ wheel gives great views at the funfair.

Four-__ friend, another word for a dog.

Folkloric men with white beards guarding treasure.

__ Caesar, a Roman emperor.

Small platform for an orchestra's conductor.

Sister of Hansel, who saved him from the witch.

Stumpy veg with stalks that tastes of aniseed.

Assesses how heavy something is.

R/C cars or trucks, radio or __ controlled.

Opens into flower; blossoms.

Used for rubbing out pencil marks.

Lying on your back down a slide, you are __.

Puzzle 12

Swallows and Amazons author Arthur __.

Foliage used to cover nudity in art.

Creepy crawlies.

An identity label.

A sharp tool for chipping through frozen water.

Lives, inhabits.


Fire-breathing beasts.

Round plastic disc that is thrown for fun.

The warmest.

__ and the 40 Thieves, from the Arabian Nights.

The abbreviation VR stands for __ reality.

Tied, but not in a bow.

The Wolf said it's all the better to see you with.

Puzzle 13

Flat sea fish with a long tail with a spike on end.

Old British coin; coin used in Kenya, Tanzania.

Andersen's tale of Karen and her dancing feet.

World's most popular chili pepper.

__ and the Pea, Andersen tale about sensitivity.

Branched pole for hanging headgear on.

Words that mean the opposite are known as __.

Country named after Christopher Columbus.

A chilly place for guests, rebuilt every winter.

Took the train to work in the city.

Hot drink claimed to have multiple health benefits.

A cell or gland releases a substance, or __ it.

Percussion musicians with sticks.

Stop-motion with a girl who finds the Other World.

To stop trying, not putting any effort in.

Team sport throwing spherical object, no kicking.

Puzzle 14

Being biased against someone.

Female ursine, Goldilocks tries her porridge.

Made someone admire and respect you.

The perfect day for spring practical jokes.

Jewelry chains worn near your head.

The most intelligent person is the __.

Helping or aiding.

A place where supplies are kept.

Andersen's story of a soldier and three huge dogs.

Worn by an expert at judo.

Dragging fingers over a stringed instrument.

Made a measured guess.

Dinosaur bones displayed at some history museums.

Non-domesticated pigs run loose.

Creating cartoons and stop motion films.

Puzzle 15

A farm building for horses.

DJ __, "I'm the One" record producer.

Under-city system for removing waste from homes.

Every sixty minutes.

Puzzle of pieces.

Amsterdam's most celebrated spring flowers.

__ Hathaway, she knows the Thundermans have powers.

Keep class notes in a ring __.

A 60th of a degree.

Squeezed an orange.

Carried by Little Red Riding Hood visiting Grandma.

Color of Popeye's pipe.

Fast-flowing area of a river or stream.

Danish birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

The S in SLR in relation to cameras.

Puzzle 16

What a river is doing as water moves along.

Andersen story: a conifer that wants to grow up.

Trendy and fashionable.

Patterned with straight lines.

Alternative forms of genes found in the same place.

Departing, not arriving.

Subway __, running underground with trains app.

__ Dream, Katy Perry song.

Energy drink that sponsors motor and extreme sport.

Replenished power to a tablet.

__ bumps, chairs or statues are fun party games.

If at first __ succeed, try try try again.

Chose between options.

The correct term for the chimneys of ships.

Throws balls in the air like a circus clown.

Opposite of poorest.

Reptiles are described as cold __.

Fee __, giant's curse in Jack & the Beanstalk.

Tremble from fear.

Puzzle 17

Chinese dish of veg/noodles cooked in a wok.

To make something smaller in length.

Moving suddenly and uncontrollably.

More controlling or interfering.

Pushed with your fingers.

Photographs taken of yourself.

Feathers or fur that are not neatly arranged.

Light rain showers.

Singing and playing outside for loose change.


Fire-breathing lizards of fairy tales.

Solar __; when the moon passes in front of the sun.

Brotherhood of __, X-Men supervillains.

Big Bad Wolf eats her in some versions of the tale.

German-speaking country, capital Vienna.

Puzzle 18

Sales that have bidding.

Honeycomb homes for black and yellow flyers.

Someone who makes jokes for a job.

Clicking the mouse button and moving the pointer.

Having been pardoned or excused.

Absorbing information and knowledge.

Lifted and dropped shoulders.

Italian name for baked dough restaurant.

Seriously or strongly.

Sleeping arrangement of one on top of the other.

An epidemic, with many reported cases of a disease.

2016 Star Wars film, featuring droid K-2SO.

Charles __ wrote the tale of Cinderella.

Large rocks.

Removed someone's weapons.

In Russian fairy tales, an old woman in the woods.

Sugary round snack.

Puzzle 19

AAs and AAAs go into toys to make them work.

Charmed, bewitched, hypnotized.

Relatives from earlier generations.

Terrifically funny.

What the goose laid in an Aesop folkloric tale.

The most solid or least likely to fall over.

Short horizontal line makes numbers negative.

Act of betrayal or treason.

An ancient gigantic shark.

Long, thin pasta often served with meatballs.

Native American shoes with a puckered seam.

Puzzle 20

One of Three Little Pigs' house building material.

Cutely plump, podgy.

Positioned at the rear of; not in front.

Sign of respect in the armed forces, a gesture.

Baby hens.

Lex __, archenemy of Superman.

Deviation from a more direct route.

As the summer ends, the weather gets __.

__ Earhart; famous American aviator.

Trail of bread __ left by Hansel and Gretel.

Clash __ is a tower rush video game by Supercell.

Ride fast on a horse; anagram of "nectar".

Small round plate that a cat drinks milk from.

The slow-witted rooster in Moana.

John __, played Finn in Star Wars.

__ Babies, stuffed animal toys made by Ty Inc.

Thin crispy biscuits that decorate ice creams.

__ wrap, poppable packaging material.

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