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Family Relatives PackFamily Relatives

Here are the answers to CodyCross Family Relatives Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Two small dots over a vowel used in German.

The young human in The Jungle Book stories.

Powerful, muscly.

Groups of singers.

A __ cousin is the child of your parents' cousin.

Furrows one's brow.

Describes how a cow eats.

Sandy hazard on a golf course.

Bushes that grow between gardens or beside roads.

Mario & Luigi's insane enemy, sidekick Midbus.

Country shares borders with the US.

Child reporter in Belgian comic books, dog Snowy.

A male parent.

Garden feature, not unlike a summerhouse.

Emmanuel __ is the president of France.

Puzzle 2

Bragged; the girl __ about her exam results.

A vehicle towed behind a car or van.

Diagonal lines, which can be forward or back.

Collecting twigs to build a place for eggs.

Arbiter of a sports match.

Borrow books from here, for pleasure or study.

A family get-together after several years.

Another word for an adult.

Prehistoric remains in stone.

Sindarin elf who had to destroy the One Ring.

In musical bumps, when the music stops you __.

Puzzle 3

Police __, people whose job is to fight crime.

Lizard-like giant extinct for millions of years.

Expecting a baby.

Roald Dahl story and a backward tortoise.

Another name for a baby buggy.

Apple's video calling feature.

Designated place to walk on a road.

Scraped feet or dragged them along slowly.

Croissants, Danishes, strudels are all these.

A picture or way of creating with a brush.

The husband of your daughter.

Breathes, especially in a biology sense.

Puzzle 4

Caribbean citrus that is definitely not pretty.

Burning a body as part of a funeral.

Holy __; another word for marriage.

To emphasize words in text by drawing beneath them.

Exploring nature can be a great __.

A scaly, cold-blooded creature, happiest near water.

__ scissors, a children's guessing game.

The oddest, weirdest.

Hans __ Andersen, famous writer.

One of six babies born at the same time.

A very steep, tall cliff face.

Puzzle 5

__ name; woman's surname from before her marriage.

Leapt in the air.

A bed that has not been tidied.

Horse room.

Help someone.

Type of butter that goes with jam in a sandwich.

In the mouth, used to taste things.

Closer to the color of blood.

Another word for a husband or a wife.

The Earth, for example.

Tropic of __, imaginary line, north of the Equator.

This porcine chap is Winnie-the-Pooh's best friend.

Eat and process in the stomach.

Threw away carelessly.

Puzzle 6

Big sack used as a chair, full of white beads.

Describes birds' feathers.

Retro hand-held Nintendo games console.

Walked off, away from the rest of a group.

Brahms classical piece for drowsy babies.

Competitive feelings between siblings.

Ennui; feeling of nothing to do to keep occupied.

Orange root vegetable, rich in beta carotene.

German sports car with coat of arms badge.

Laughed like a baby.

Requests to God for help.

Puzzle 7

A fake, e.g. a copy of a masterpiece.

Jewelry worn on the lobes each side of your head.

Interactive singing, with lyrics on a screen.

Pseudonym for a writer.

Bird __; containers that you hang in the garden.

Share a secret with someone.

Crops grown without pesticides or chemicals.

A male sibling.

Fire __, someone whose job is to extinguish fires.

Devices that take photographs.

Desert mongoose, sits up on hind legs and looks.

Puzzle 8

You go from first floor to second floor via one.

Happened to food once it was chewed.

Creative building computer game with 3D blocks.

Deer-like animals, such as gazelle or impala.

Person in a vehicle, not the driver or crew.

Where youngsters go while parents work.

Light-green nutty ice cream flavor.

A scientist trained to travel and work in space.

Word denoted by three dots shaped like a pyramid.

The job of raising children.

Making someone feel unhappy or sad.

Puzzle 9

People who compete in sports for a living.

Freshly __ orange juice, straight from the fruit.

The __, the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII.

To deliberately ruin something.

Prince __, a romantic fairy tale character.

__ toaster, device for heating bread with filling.

The title of Drake's 2018 single about destiny.

Another word for a family member.

The male child of your own child.

Forest pig with tusks.

TV series about hairy teenager Scott McCall.

Brought together again.

Wall art.

Pass through microscopic openings in a membrane.

Puzzle 10

A luxury chocolate-coated ice cream on a stick.

The shape of a wheel.

David __, French DJ behind Titanium.

Biggest US state.

King who had a round table with knights.

Without a partner or significant other.

A computer game with falling blocks.

The family of your husband or wife.

The seventh planet away from the sun.

Furry animals that can be either giant or red.

Walked with one damaged limb, hobbled.

A baby or a very young child.

Turbulent, with thunder and lightning.

3D vehicles or other objects made from kits.

Heavy metal gun on a pirate ship, shoots balls.

Tracked, pursued an animal.

Emma __, played Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Puzzle 11

Santa's quickest reindeer, maybe.

Hills or inclines, used by skiers.

Suez and Panama are examples of this waterway type.

Exchange childcare worker who lives with a family.

Breakfast and lunch all in one.

Strappy shoe worn in summertime.

A woman with fair hair.

Timon's warthog buddy in The Lion King.

Tolkien character, aka Sméagol.

Renewable __ sources include wind and water power.

Arrivals of babies.

Animal __, legal consideration for living things.

Hair tidied with a toothed tool.

What an Emperor rules.

Puzzle 12

Move countries.

The first part of the day, before the afternoon.

Gently persuading someone to do something.

Sugar paste used to decorate cupcakes.

An old-fashioned word for marriage.

Gives someone authority to be a priest.

Meghan __, sang "All About That Bass".

__ list, roll call of badly behaved children.

Birds traditionally seen in city squares and parks.

A game where you roll five dice to score points.

The __, puzzle adventure game set on an island.

Not your biological father, but married to your mum.

Buttery burnt sugar sauce, can be salted.

Puzzle 13

Someone related to you who lived long ago.

Place where Margheritas are cooked and eaten.

An instruction guide for lessons, used in classes.

An event, such as a wedding.

A family treasure.

When a city or region has no power and no lights.

Buzzing insect that makes a sweet nectar treat.

Enclosures where horses can exercise.

Lines that come with age.

In a hungry way.

Classical music composition for an orchestra.

A swimming top worn by surfers.

Person in charge of a town or region.

Washed your body under a spray of water.

Puzzle 14

Going down a waterslide with your legs in front.

SpongeBob's tasty house.

Another word for housewife or househusband.

Delicate to the touch or to criticism.

Opposite response to "No, thanks".

Skin irritation experienced by babies' bottoms.

Female guardian appointed at a baptism.

To mark a special occasion with a party.

Protected by a covering.

South Pacific area, includes Tonga and Hawaii.

Puzzle 15

Be given temporary custody of a child.

Slow __, video footage that has been slowed down.

Individual asparagus stems.

Had a short sleep.

From recent or current times.

Male ducks.

The UK currency.

Arabian __, tales about Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad.

A globe or ball shape is known by this name.

Metal tubes used for relay races in sports lessons.

The daughters of your sister or brother.

__ monoxide detector, for safety at home.

Puzzle 16

Large constricting snake.

Sleep fantasies.

The brothers of your mother or father.

Paris landmark: __ Tower.

Twin sister to Max Thunderman.

Creamy dairy food in a pot, flavored with fruit.

Color of The Beatles' submarine.

Humpty __, an egg-shaped character.

Paid money in a shop in exchange for goods.

A female sibling.

People who dislike or are negative.

Puzzle 17


One of three babies born at the same time.

Doing a trial run of something.

People wear these on their wrists to tell the time.

Kitchen appliance for chilling food to sub-zero.

Wondering, interested to find out more information.

Get results, attain what you want to.

Legally took on a child as your own.

Legendary bird that rises from the ashes.

A baby frog.

Puzzle 18

Tour __, cycling race that ends in Paris.

Friends wish you this before an important date.

Woman's name and a herb to go with roast lamb.

To do with or related to a father.

Wrinkly pachyderm.

Fitted a textile floor covering.

Greets someone warmly.

The Cat __, wears a red bow tie, by Dr. Seuss.

Blue, black, red and yellow marking on the skin.

Thousands of thousands.

Iron Man's adversary, Chinese megalomaniac.

Puzzle 19

Flat area behind the hoop in basketball.

Book series by Veronica Roth, featuring Tris Prior.

Family member to contact in an emergency.

Twins who look exactly the same.

The moment of landing for a plane or spacecraft.

Container for growing daffodils, for example.

Not written in capital letters.

Towards the opposite direction to south.

Musical instrument also called a mouth organ.

Sweet made from cacao.

__ of the Galaxy; Marvel superhero film.

Puzzle 20

Rocking bed for babies.

Center, halfway point.

Excess water caused by heavy rain.

A portable computer with a lid that can be folded.

Have a break, have a __.

__ Hero; musical game with instrument controllers.

Dr. __, Captain Marvel's nemesis.

Excitement that is out of control, wild activity.

Two people who are romantically involved.

The Phantom __, Star Wars movie with Liam Neeson.

Name of the salts used by Egyptians for mummies.


A large poster with a message, e.g. Welcome Home.

The Mad __, Alice in Wonderland tea party guest.

The child of your aunt or uncle.

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