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Famous Artwork PackFamous Artwork

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Artwork Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

German waterway connecting North and Baltic seas.

Uselessly tangled, intricate.

Greek astronomer who created the Julian calendar.

Key architectural feature of etchings by Escher.

A government run by only a few, often the wealthy.

Plant lasting for more than two growing seasons.

__ Day suitably falls on Shakespeare's birthday.


Anagram of pichardos or charopids.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous __: Almodóvar.

Jain Tirtha pilgrimmage site in India.

Fluttering springtime flashers.

The P and V in PVC, __ chloride.

Series of Van Gogh's paintings featured these trees.

Cocktail made from pastis, mint syrup.


Member of Kurdish military organization in Iraq.

Puzzle 2

Alan __, pseudonym used in film to avoid a credit.

Also known as a saute chef.

Golfer's stance before swinging.

Le __ (or Sleep), Dalí's large head on crutches.

Partially enlightened in Buddhism.

Latin literary phrase meaning "here begins".

Jawless fish, eel like, clean waste off rocks.


Mechanism in a firearm that explodes the charge.

Nobel Prize Literature 2014 winner.

Kensington Court __, Gilmore, apricot drink.

German school of art; English post-punk band.

Eight __, Warhol's multiple tribute to "the King".

Ancient Egyptians slept on these, made of stone.

Said to be the largest castle in the world.

Puzzle 3

__ Marcos, tyrant's wife with vast shoe collection.

Heart of Darkness author.

Cut off from society.

Enclosed underground chamber.

Tree with a pinkish wood.

American artist of Gas and Nighthawks.

Ancient lamanic, guardian of Serer religion.

Wallace and __, British clay animation duo.

__ Canal, waterway connects Atlantic with Pacific.

Lutraphobia is a fear of these.

Uwe __, German legend with aerial ability.

A SpaceX rocket or a bird of prey.

Fierce, cruel, ferocious, __ beasts.

Barcelona's main airport, with the code BCN.

Makes your melon round.

Rape of __, artwork by both Titian and Rembrandt.

Puzzle 4

Science of aqueous vapour.

Strait in north-west Scotland.

Charles __, French collector of fairy tales.

Deposit at the bottom of a river or the sea.

The __, Millet depiction of women at harvest time.

Maha __, Arahant will be born future Buddha.

Feared regicidal dictator, Lord Protector of England.

Jupiter, for one.

High summer: birds tweeting, chirping, __.

One who takes pictures.

Earliest time in history.

Italian white wine from Glera grapes.

Magritte's surreal besuited chap and green apple.

Puzzle 5

Property of an integer's inclusion.

Metamorphosis of __, Greek god's vanity by Dalí.

Ancient town of Roman Switzerland, near Avenches.

Political boundaries.

The Poseidon __, 1972 action US film, Oscar cast.

__ Acid, Damien Hirst art resembles a color chart.

Estadio Universidad __, stadium in Lima.

Science of teaching adults.

French for "cold blood", meaning calm under stress.

They are supposed to be objective about the scoop.

Simple steam turbine first recorded by Hero.

__ wafer, consumed in Europe on Wigilia.

Arachnid can survive without food for two years.

Whether politics or math, it certainly divides.

Ancient Mesopotamian river.

Puzzle 6

Hindu stage of life.

Mass per unit of volume.

They do everything to not see you.

Muscle to bone connectors can withstand tension.

What a shot gives.

Dalí's Persistence of Memory has melting __.

Cyanocitta cristata, Corvidae's passerine.

Most dangerous waste.

Makes your wine cold.

Burning __, Dalí's motif, stately African animal.

Shakespeare's Thane of Glandis.

Allied were there, but not to eat pasta.

Excited and nervous butterflies.

Plying a fly.

Puzzle 7

Wooly animal.

Easily gotten.

When actors address the audience.

Flavour of soup in top-left of Warhol's painting.

What __ May Come, drama with Robin Williams.

Little House father, Highway to Heaven star.

Herbaceous Andean annual.

Photographer of Glass Tears, or Larmes.

Noggin shot.

Normally red, impure, opaque silica.

Puzzle 8

Making fibers into yarn or cycling inside.

Garden of Earthly __, a triptych by Bosch.

Rules your movements.

They get really dangerous in this film.

Ancient language and peoples of the Mediterranean.

Scriptural texts obscure in literal meaning.

Like the blade of a sword.

__ Flood, huge storm surge in the Netherlands.

It is unknown what brings.

The Iron Lady.

__ Odalisque, coy, naked concubine by Ingres.

Austro-Bavarian singing style.

Lobster's poor cousin.

Lilliput's people fascinate him.

Related to Granada by spelling only.

Carthage military commander used war elephants.

These little pieces can be explosive.

Puzzle 9

Nickname of lord who restored Diarmaid's kingdom.

It can get deliciously chipped.

The scientific study of clouds.

Rulers or government didn't create it.

Paint catcher.

Myanmar's river, with delta and dolphins.

High proof drink is often called "fire water".

Falling annually.

__ of the Andrians, Titian's garden party.

It's in our morals, computers and writing systems.

__ Wedding, Van Eyck's image of merchant and wife.

__ pigeon, extinct migratory bird.

Puzzle 10

Small round sweet commonly found in Argentina.

They hit you in Blackjack.

Tells the story of this giant whale.

Event that started it all.

Flying program.

Large-rice spoon used in East Asia.

Thank this shrub for your Martini.

Sea and island group in the Bay of Bengal.

Epic film, Roman military tribune against Jesus.

What You See Is What You Get.

Millais's bevelveted boy appeared in soap campaign.

A bigger Pentagon.

Caesar's point of no return.

Bola __, Nigerian fashion entrepreneur.

Working late; __ the midnight oil.

Hamlet's drowned girl by John Everett Millais.

Mozart's unfinished mass in D minor.

Weigh anchor.

A crushing retort.

Spanish RC organization, seen in the Da Vinci Code.

Puzzle 11

Mulder and Scully investigate alien cases in the US.

Wind comes in and out.

It gives your fingers control.

By the ocean; just off the boat.

Equilibrium, poise; stagnation.

Canoe mover.

Indian sweet of peanuts and jaggery.

__ Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

Type of matches invented in 577 China.

Latin word S in "Lsd", formerly monetary shillings.

Combination of two companies.

Where rugby male players become brothers in arms.

Underwater vehicle to explore the Challenger Deep.

A herb, aka spinach dock.

Where Rodin's Burghers are sited.

Zen monastery founder in Japanese.

Puzzle 12

Eccentric villagers of Borgo San Giuliano.

Thomas __, Australian author of Schindler's Ark.

Short, clipped notes in music.

__ Above the Sea of Fog, Friedrich's desolate work.

Chocolate sponge cake with almond cream.

Literary womaniser.

Sport for horses pulling a two-wheeled "sulky".

Lion-headed warrior god worshiped by the Meroitics.

WWII guerrilla fighters from the Balkans.

Artist of Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow.

Edible garden intruder.

The capital of Namibia.

Ninth son of Jacob, his mother was Leah.

Puzzle 13

Eastern Germanic barbarian tribe ruled Rome.

Colourful twirly decorations.

Green spodumene discovered in US North Carolina.

Red horse of the apocalypse.

What a conductor yells.

Paul Nash painted this WWI battlefield scene.

South American nation neighbor to Chile.

English gamekeepers needed this low crowner.

Who, on his deathbed, said: I shall hear in heaven.

An espresso over lime.

Detective played by David Caruso in NYPD Blue.

John Calcott Horsley says hi.

Opposite of stenothermic.

Puzzle 14

To let something in, admit inside, take in.

On Futurama, he is Leela's alien pet.

Toxic metallic element.

Gianni __, Italian industrialist, Fiat shareholder.

They save you money.

Divine requests.

On the underside of an insect.

__ Stories in 2008 starred Adam Sandler.

They love getting tubular.

__ Lancer, whiskey mixed with Champagne.

Las __, Velázquez's views of the Spanish court.

Wood cutters product.

A __ on the Grand Canal, Canaletto in Venice.

Puzzle 15

Runway miss.

MC competition.

You don't know I am spying.

Be safe, be seen when cycling at night.

Tool for tidying area between grass and borders.

Collection and study of postage and printing stamps.

Thrust-powered machine invented by Frank Whittle.

English poet whose work depicts sensual imagery.

Branch of medicine dealing with the flesh.

Iberian miniature horse, one of the smallest.

The dogs that watch you.

"Yellow Dragon" stadium of Hangzhou, China.

Eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus.

Non-alcoholic beverage.

Japanese holiday in July celebrating the oceans.

Massacre of the __, Rubens's Biblical atrocity.

Hokusai's paintings of a Japanese volcano.

Original moonwalker.

Puzzle 16

Erich von __, silent era actor.

Stem __, a ski technique used for turning.

Failing to keep one's word.

Lavish metallic sheets appear on Klimt's The Kiss.

They add and subtract the old-fashion way.

In Tasmania and Arkansas; a battleship and a sea.

Sequel to Access this relationship model.

__ on the Sea of Galilee, by Rembrandt.

Transparent crystallized aluminum oxide.

Art deco artist of Young Girl in a Green Dress.

Too much uncomfortable space in a room.

Greek god of the sea, brother of Zeus and Hades.

Operatic text.

Puzzle 17

La Grande __, Ingres's naked concubine.

Large Russian Golden Ring city on the Volga River.

Ion __, wartime Romanian leader executed in 1946.

Italian coffee like a macchiato but with foam.

Ten times the legs of a centipede.

Grand Duchess and youngest daughter of Nicholas II.

Breast drill, a type of hand drill.

Lascivious, prurient.

Epic king of Uruk.

Kubrick historical, period movie about gladiators.

Easter Monday celebrations in Italy.

Sheet-like mineral.

Puzzle 18

Teacher of extraordinary respect, Sunni Islam.

Macropod related to, but smaller than kangaroo.

Country often cited in 419 and Internet scams.

Rage, Flower __, Banksy's rioter in Jerusalem.

Malin __, actress of Couples Retreat.

To bewilder, perplex, unclear.

__ harp, stringed instrument that uses the wind.

Subatomic particle with no electric charge.

First in flight, popularly.

French fashion and costume designer, Pierre __.

__ Basin, one of the largest craters on Mercury.

Serration added to coin's edge in minting process.

__ Giraffe, Dalí's motif and in-flames painting title.

What you're beating around when avoiding something.

Puzzle 19

It means "female student" in Spanish.

They make you sleepy in the woods or a boat.

__, a burrowing rodent that causes farmers trouble.

Seurat's image of a bareback rider.

Delacroix's Liberty Leading the __, a call to arms.

Skin loves to get stoned with it.

Elon Musk attended this Canadian university.

Zero is counted as "love".

Central Asian drink, yogurt and carbonated water.

Whether low or high, this lady knows life.


Puzzle 20

Laughing __, Frans Hals's military man.

Not a bikini.

Hokusai's wave was off this Japanese town.

First synthetic organic chemical dye.

__ Napoletana, tart with orange flower water.

It holds something in place.

Queen Victoria's Poet Laureate, mostly.

__ Lenin, Russian communist revolutionary.

Refuse renaissance.

Shady tune played by virtuosos at night.

You could use to drive.

Estadio __ Argentinas, Mendoza's largest.

An oak nymph or one of the daughters of Apollo.

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