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Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Authors Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Columbus' patron.

Metal fixings that join elements of jewelry.

Italian liqueur tasting of almonds.

To make smaller through firings.

Men playing women's roles in Japanese kabuki plays.

Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The Grand __ Hotel, from Stefan Zweig's writings.

This particle can't help but be negative.

__ Thomas, disciple who wasn't totally convinced.

Mayan ruins.

Projectile fragment that wounds.

Sea of the Mediterranean, to the north of Corsica.

It will lift you up and let you down.


Legal term for the murder of a monarch.

Black carbon stick used for drawing.

Puzzle 2

The Night of the __, Tennessee Williams' play.

Noggin protector.

Climatic zone including US and Russian prairies.

Marcel __, wrote À la recherche du temps perdu.

Religious texts in Jainism.

March equinox.

Dean __, thriller writer, pen name Brian Coffey.

Geoffrey of Monmouth magically created him.

Laughable embarrassing mistake.

Wagner's works.

Leader of Cambodian scourge, Khmer Rouge.

A cat with a mottled coat.

Puzzle 3

This endocrine gland controls body's hormones.

Vladimir __, Lolita writer.

Empire State Building has this style.

Seeking out game.

Helter __, Manson's preferred Beatles song.

They are always greeted with warmth.

Halloween gourd.

Archaic French title.

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia __.

Colorful bird.

Collectible card game, began in Japan in 1996.

Loud, grumbling vocal tone.

Where some worship.

Rich bread.

Puzzle 4

Ursula K. __, A Wizard of Earthsea author.

Small, reddish-brown bean.

Site of large Moroccan earthquake of 1960.

Popular doll among girls.

Hypnotic electronic dance music.

Love never __, it ever gives.

Georges __, French pioneer of the cinema.

Roberto __, wrote 2666.

A loud horn.

Fork keeps fingers out of hot chocolate, cheese.

Dead body.

They run this city.

All of your property seen and unseen.

Puzzle 5

A person who comes from the Polish capital city.

Sweet briar.

James __, Along Came a Spider scribe.

Roadside retail mecca.

Sneaky presence in other people's pics.

Tom Sawyer creator.

The steam room at a Roman bathhouse.

Storytellers with profound knowledge of Hadith.

It's on the bee's knees.

Train conductor.

Helper or aide.

French for slightly sparkling, describes champagne.

Movie with Cate Blanchett as the queen of England.

All the comforts of home.

Puzzle 6

Napoleon's birthplace.

To gain emotional or mental control of.

Monetary compensation for legal wrong-doing.

Property of matter to continue in its state.

Maya __, Caged Bird writer.

Trident wielding deity.

__ Coster-Waldau, a Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Follicle cleansing liquid.

__ Motsepe, chair of African Rainbow Minerals.

Entirely written form of middle-Iranian languages.

Talmudic teacher, especially of children.

Gustav Klimt's intimate oil on canvas.

Tarzan's chimpanzee companion.

Popular US online radio, create your stations.

She wrote The Fountainhead.

Crescent-shaped, large shoulder container.

They get turned on in the bathroom.

Game played with a heavy ball and pins.

Set of wooden bars stuck with mallets to make music.

Bony structure that forms part of the head.

Elsie __, world's first female aircraft designer.

Puzzle 7

Joanna __, The Village Affair writer.

Third-most successful FIFA confederation.

Black, glass-like mineral used to make tools.

A death dive act, jumping from really high.

Volcanic eruption of 1883 near Java.

Five in order, in poker.

Socialites are presented within its walls.

__ Martin, US author also known as GRRM.

Yellow-green color meaning "waters of the Nile".

Brought to life.

Neapolitan tart, orange flower water dessert.

It would take a tiny jockey to ride one.

You can do__, but not everything.

Bright meteor.

Frequently filmed Ancient Romans classic.

Ledge on which soldiers shot at the enemy in WWI.

Camille Saint-Säens composed one for animals.

__ Philippi, Greek god Pan, Mount Hermon.

Author of a sworn statement.

Boat hitcher.

Puzzle 8

Gymnastics event, __ bars.

Charlotte Perkins __, feminist writer.

__ bodily harm, aggravated assault.

Of or relating to the eyes.

Where the ocean is deepest.

Essential for Italian cuisine; popular oil.

Smart people have more __ and zinc in their hair.

Roman goddess of fruitful abundance.

Facial fashion.

Court calendar.

Church division.

Kathy __, Bones author.

They travel the world while sitting in the corner.

Caring for horses, for a fee.

Wind and fire __, ancient Chinese weaponry.

Addicted to love.

Mr. Spock's non-human half.

Official currency of Madagascar.

Puzzle 9

Baked good normally with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg.

Develops unhurriedly; slow bloomer, tardy guest.

Early kingdom capital in northern Thailand.

Pu on the periodic table.

Ancient Greek writer of Oedipus the King.

Study or discussion of trivialities.

Annual faller.

Penned The Grapes of Wrath.

Salesman, for one.

The __ Flood, documentary about South Fork Dam.

A farthingale, to the Tudors.

Puzzle 10

General term for fauna found at an ocean's bottom.

Strong desire.

Son of a Spanish monarch.

Childhood disease.

South __, Russian republic also called Tskhinvali.

__ Olympic Stadium, Turkey's largest.

What is yelled when rolling five of a kind.

Finding's __.

Feudal warrior aristocracy of Japan.

Pucker your lips and blow.

You can count on them.

Hybrid of male jaguar and female lion.

Charlotte's Web author.

German-sounding word for keyboard.

2012 Bond song.

Puzzle 11

A symbol that means "and".

Fruit lover's field of study.

Action __ films include the Indiana Jones franchise.

"Goose quill saber" of Ming Dynasty.

One is comfortable in surf and on turf.

US author of The Sun Also Rises.

Young adult author and writer of Forever, Blubber.

Form of government led by priests (or God).

Traditional German hat with red pom poms.

Squash, sweet potato doughnut from Perú.

Those who are employed.

Rule of one in Ancient Egypt.

Ride of the __, Wagner piece.

Mineral that is a naturally occuring oxide of iron.

Diuretics is a type of __ for heart problems.

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi.

Former shallow inlet of North Sea in Holland.

Puzzle 12

Small nation in the Horn of Africa.

The __ Inferno, disaster film set in a building.

Ray __, created Fahrenheit 451.

Scientific study of soil and crop production.

One who is knowingly dishonest in court.

Ordained monastic observing the entire vinaya.

One-eyed larva of a crustacean.

True believers.

Khaled __, wrote The Kite Runner.

WWI "Ace of Aces".

Durum wheat porridge like rice pudding.

Iron-containing protein found in the liver.

__ Flying, humans look like flying squirrels.

Note separator.

Affairs handled by a country's overseas diplomat.

Puzzle 13

American Gods by Neil __.

Fish eagle.

Does penance.

Frank Lloyd __, founder of organic architecture.

Prolonged, tedious story or account.

Small reddish-brown bean.

Eastern European sword with feathered tip.

Innermost embryonic membrane of a mammal.

Zbigniew __, three straight World Cups with Poland.

Musical sticks hit together to make clicking sound.

__ Coben, US thriller writer.

Sea stretches from boot of Italy to Greece.

Happening in the spring.

Eid __, Islamic day, Festival of the Sacrifice.

When the moon is farthest from Earth.

Arid trend.

Deciduous trees with cones, from birch family.

Demons, evil spirits.

Puzzle 14

First Japanese stadium to sell naming rights.

Winter migratory direction.

What you are biting to get something over with.

Mary __, real name of George Eliot.

Green deposit or veneer on copper, a patina.

Morph combination in dictionary, but not used.

Series of clashes between Rome and Carthage.

Tyrone Power hunts German merchant vessels.

Highly prized Italian salumi.

Trees that are long in the tooth.

Beat keeper.

Study of part-whole relationships.

Persecuted French Protestant exiled in England.

Driving style aimed at achieving optimum safety.

Anatomist linked to female reproductive organs.


"Area under a small hill" in Montenegrin Cyrillic.

He wrote The Hunt for Red October.


What tired Scottish girls are feeling.

Leo __, Belgian chemist gave his name to a plastic.

Ancient Mediterranean empire.

Puzzle 15

Docket, timetable, items' plan.

Fictional country mentioned in several DC comics.

Administrative autonomous province of Russia.

Giant __ snails can grow up over a foot.

Jeff __, Wimpy Kid creator.

Measure of the fineness of silk or nylon.

__ Spirit, novelist needs seance for inspiration.

Japanese music and dance at Shinto festivals.

Round, unleavened bread found in India.

Illumination of the night sky.

Botanical rogue stalk.

Former French president and corrupt mayor of Paris.

A black suit.

Colloquial term for charismatic guru.

It could blow you away.

Everyday lifter.

Also known as Euskara, spoken in the Pyrenees.

Irresistible attraction.

Roman goddess of memory.

Stade El __, king of pop played Tunisian stadium.

Puzzle 16

Sea of Southern Ocean near Cape Flying Fish.

King of Portugal in 1367, Ferdinand the __.

Pan-fried slices of meat, Italian dish.

James __, optician who developed tinted lenses.

Asana for the immune system and the mind.

Fluid style of Hip Hop dance.

Rock-forming crystalline mineral.

__ Ali Bhutto, Pakistani PM executed in 1979.

Melodic progression with long intervals.

September equinox.

Verbal upbraiding.

British-French jetliner with funny nose cone.

Common people of ancient Rome.

Cormac __, US author of The Road.

Elena __, My Brilliant Friend scribe.

Motorized cutting contraption.

Magazines for passengers' perusal on planes.

Country in Marvel comics, capital Doomstadt.

New year celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus.

Morphy __, makers of kettles and irons.

Mid-sized Mexican crocodile species.


Wires meant to restrain motion.

Neighborly jealousy, wanting others possessions.

Bromidrophobia is a fear of this.

Puzzle 17

Human gland near the kidneys, produces steroids.

Sausage, for the British.

Highest airport in Europe.

Gloria __, feminist writer of The Thousand Indias.

__ zone, derived from the Greek "open sea".

Ducat __ is the ticket collector in circus.

It's a gas.

Roman __, bladed weapon worn on forearm.

__ Rodin, first name of French sculptor.

Produced by yeast fermentation of sugars.

Walt __, Leaves of Grass poet.

Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, Martin __.

Sufi Muslim takes vow of poverty.

__ tackle, player goes to ground to win ball.

Puzzle 18

Edgar __, Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore.".

Word for word.

To pass a slower-moving vehicle.

Da Vinci Code novelist.

Work of art comes in three hinged pieces.

Largest Russian island, in the North Pacific.

Fried dough triangle food from Central Asia.

Roman emperor died in Persian captivity.

Condition of suspended animation.

A changeling can morph into __ it wants.

Rome, __, Rossellini film shot during WWII.

Cave formed in or close to a volcano.

Nervous lower back, hip and leg pain.

Mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

Rebuilt Jerusalem, has book in Bible.

Chronic complainer.

Ancient Alpine language spoken in Northern Italy.

Sent in troops.

Mrs. Andy Murray.

Moral people do well in science of virtue.

Sets aflame for fun.

Why no one likes leeches.

Puzzle 19

Cologne __, Germany's most visited landmark.

The tents of Roman generals in the military field.

South African anti-apartheid activist.

Munch's shout.

Madeira baked good with chocolate, marzipan fruits.

Unusually long nose.

Bread and wine in church.

Rapscallion, miscreant, caitiff, knave, scallywag.

Arena __,WC stadium in Salvador, Bahía.

This one can feed on anything.

Zinc aluminum silicate, fraipontite.

Part of the Arctic Ocean, off Greenland coast.

Author of A Passage to India.

The geographical boundary of a town.

Hungarian inventor of ballpoint pen.

H. P. __, The Call of Cthulhu writer.

Puzzle 20

1984 Oscar winner for Best Picture.

Welsh species of idioglot reed aerophone.

Rock once molten.

Frances Hodgson __, wrote The Secret Garden.

Only half horsing around.

Cat flap, spoonerism.

Nocturnal mammals with black/white striped heads.

Collection of funerary texts; Egyptian book of __.

Small bag with a strap, business use.

Sovereign state, South Caucasus region of Eurasia.

Estádio Serra __, stadium Goias, Brazil.

Sort of pile found in a Wilton carpet.

Wine with different names in Argentina, Italy.

Cut these to save money.

Handmade knotted lace-making craft.

How long a man eats, when you teach him to fish.

Leo __, War and Peace writer.

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