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Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Books Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Nickname for Ireland: the __ Isle.

Rosy, plankton-induced sea poison.

The Last __, film about Chinese royalty.

Not a pedigree dog, a mutt, a Heinz variety.

Eat, Pray, Love was written by Elizabeth __.

__ golf is golf with flying discs not balls.

Waldorf-__, started as two separate hotels in NY.

__ spoon, with holes, for draining foods.

Daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples.

Produced nearby; e.g. __ sourced fruit.

Sparkly, glittery.

The Korean Thanksgiving Day, "Autumn Eve".

Interview With the __ by horror novelist Anne Rice.

Chief conspirator of the Gunpowder Plot, Robert __.

Walter Scott's story of a chivalric knight.

Iraq city holy for Shia Muslims.

Puzzle 2

He-Man's fictional home planet.

Doctor __, Pasternak's Russian Revolutionary tale.

South African fried bread filled with ground beef.

Closing a deal.

Banksy's little girl lets go of a heart-shaped __.

The teaching staff at a university.

She sings about Love on the Brain.

Container for keeping drinks hot or cold.

Poisonous plant, white, lacy flowers; aka conium.

Love in a Cold __, Nancy Mitford's humorous tome.

All Quiet on the __ Front, epic film of WWI.

Get __; jokey way of saying 'get married'.

Puzzle 3

Haile __, the last emperor of Ethiopia.

The first section of the small intestine.

Level, paved outdoor areas.

Nationality of a native of Khartoum.

Rude, bad-mannered.

Oscar-winning director of the musical Cabaret.

__ guard protects surfaces from cooking oils.

World's thinnest material, one atom thick.

__ World, Aldous Huxley's dystopian fable.

Large insect that tends to bite equines.

The Pit and the __, Edgar Allan Poe's horror tale.

British slang term for a police car: jam __.

Coach on The Voice, ____Williams.

Dispensing scientists.

Puzzle 4

Someone who professionally studies the past.

Land-based rowing machine.

__ at Tiffany's, Capote's novella on Ms Golightly.

Lake __, large Umbrian lake.

Subconscious drawings, often done when bored.

Oscar-winning director of the film Oliver!.

Weighed up evidence.

John Lennon's first band: The __.

__ Trilogy, tale of a gay drag performer.

Natural __; substances not made by man, e.g. wood.

Secured with a key and metal fastening device.

More than enough; too much.

Divine sanctions, thanks and protection from God.

Highest point in Southern Hemisphere, in Argentina.

__ Man, Ralph Ellison's nameless protagonist.

US subject of 1940s trial; accused of espionage.

Cut of meat from near the spine of a lamb or deer.

Don't __, sneak to the fridge, don't rouse father.

Puzzle 5

Acting superstar Meryl __.

Irrationally afraid.

Takes money from your account.

Townscape or landscape from the Italian for "view".

Severely criticized.

Nothing Has Been __, Dusty Springfield 1989 single.

Not prudent, not sage.

Term for wine estate in Portugal.

__ Ward, Solzhenitsyn's tale of life post-Stalin.

Son of the Devil from The Omen films.

One of the few countries spelled with X.

African bird with crest and downward-curving beak.

Neal __ or Geoff, snooker player and commentator.

Thoreau's book of his time in a cabin in the woods.

Puzzle 6

Nationality of Bjorn Borg and Greta Garbo.

Leaving your car while shopping.

File hosting site; let files fall into the carton.

Prince of Wales, next in line for the throne.

Mrs. __, antagonist of Hitchcock's Rebecca.

Venomous Aussie spider with carmine mark.

The __, Il gattopardo, by author Lampedusa.

Türk __ Arena, Galatasaray's stomping grounds.

In a perfect world.

Opened nut shells.

Camus allegory of Nazi occupation, in French.

Puzzle 7

German producer of highlighter pens.

Open storage surfaces for books/ornaments.

Spanish for beer.

Pledged to be married.

Film for which George Clooney won an acting Oscar.

Smashed, ruined, like a boat on ocean floor.

Poisonous substance found in peach stones.


Country where Rubik's Cube was invented.

Virginia Woolf's sex-changing time-traveling tale.

The __ Falcon, Dashiell Hammett tale of Sam Spade.

Dark patch on our own star.

Ribbon on a boater.

Taking part in a sport or a game.

Puzzle 8

Police title for one who investigates crimes.

__ Only We Know, Keane hit.

Looked at in advance.

Compartment in jeans for small items.

__ the Great, Russian monarch, lover of Potemkin.

A promise or warranty.

The Vicar of __, Goldsmith's novel on austerity.

I Know Why the __ Sings said Maya Angelou.

Theater of __, Roman two-tiered open-air venue.

Piedmont commune, robiola cheese production.

Describes software effect to enhance digital image.

More than one eight-legged sea creature.

Film about the life of Broadway star Fanny Brice.

Puzzle 9

Without a tongue.

The Wrong __, Wallace & Gromit get creative.

Zola's story set in the coalfields of N France.

State tree of South Carolina.

Not bent.

Joseph __, Nazi Germany's propaganda minister.

Steerer of certain boats in rowing.

Takes possession of by force.

Interpretation, especially of the scriptures.

King said to have married Robin Hood and Marian.

The Golden __, Doris Lessing's focus on the sexes.

Guzzling a drink.

Stopping work officially.

Offhand, thoughtless.

Compartment on passenger's side of a car.

Important Libyan port on the Med.

__ beds are designed for sleeping patients.

Puzzle 10

Sheffield musicians Joe and Jarvis share a surname.

__ Melodies, animations of the 1930s to 1960s.

Small jerky movement.

2016 play about a Thanksgiving gathering: "The __".

Woolen clothes worn by English country folk.

Casino __, Ian Fleming's debut turn for James Bond.

Started like a new day.

Arrived on the runway.

Michael __, most decorated Olympian of all time.

__ fugit, Latin phrase meaning "time flies".

__ sheet, metal tray to bake cookies on.

__-Rudbar, major Iranian earthquake of 1990.

Wheel is the name given to this circular foodstuff.

Diane Lane plays __ Kent in Batman Vs. Superman.

Mono__, black and white photo or picture.

Made something warmer.

Tapping in digits on a phone handset.

Nabokov's story of Humbert's love for a child.

Puzzle 11

Thin drinking tubes.

__ Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe on imperialism.

More expensive.

Josh __, Goonies, Thanos actor.

The __ of the Sands, spy story by Erskine Childers.

Japanese fashion brand known for L'eau d'Issey.

Sea that separates Australia and New Zealand.

In a smart way like an owl.

Worked on a sailing ship.

Wild dog in US.

Puzzle 12

Third part of the Hebrew Bible, meaning "Writings".


English soccer team shares name with Chilean team.

Thane of Fife who kills Macbeth.

Oscar and __, Carey on an Australian glass church.

In a very serious and somber way.

Office machines for reproduction.

Vegetable in eggs Florentine.

Gun, weapon, pistol.

Country whose capital is Willemstad.

18th century hat style popular with pirates.


Emily Bolton played this Moonraker girl in Rio.

Heated enclosure for young poultry.

The __ Saga, Galsworthy's series of novels.

Puzzle 13


Someone who draws up a description of someone else.

AKA Dwayne Michael Carter.

First "America's Next Top Model": __ Curry.

To enhance, intensify.

Samuel Richardson's young lady's tale in letters.

Australian island just off Adelaide.

The B and M in BMI, __ Index.

Sending products by boat, or not.

Famous hotel chain, anagram of North Sea.

Ruled as a group over a people.

Fielding book; Richardson won a directing Oscar.

The Buddha of __, book by Hanif Kureishi.

Small fishes, often canned.

Afternoon theater performances.

Sputters like a candle.

Notices, watches.

Puzzle 14

Occupation of someone who travels into space.

David __ played Ross Geller in Friends.

One of J.R.R Tolkien's best sellers.

South African city, the center of diamond mining.

__ for the People, REM album of 1992.

Shooting up through the soil.

Issuing entry passes.

Close assistant, not on the left side – __ man.

Divided up an animal's meat.

Seabird named after its shrill call.

__ Wake, James Joyce's difficult last book.

Growth disorders causing stunted growth in humans.

Puzzle 15

Paul __, who played Butch Cassidy.

S American knitted headgear with earflaps.

The Once and __ King, T H White's Arthurian Legend.

Spread made from sesame seeds.

Punish someone who has harmed you.

Ethnic group indigenous to North Africa.

Heat-proof mat for putting a pan on.

The Korean alphabet.

Howard __, Texas tycoon played by Di Caprio.

Preferably; __ you than me.

The island of Dr __, a H G Wells tale of shipwreck.

Gem from cordierite; its name suggestive of violet.

Lightly encourages.

Instrument: soundbox with strings the length of it.

The wind blew stronger, briefly.

Straps for attaching leashes to birds of prey.

Puzzle 16

Stripes of different shades.

Shhh... the __ of quiet talking.

A Bar at the Folies-__, by Manet.

Catch-all political party.

Bored beauty toys with older men in 1965 film.

Clearness, lucidity.

Easter Island, home to giant statues.

Yiddish musical tradition at family celebrations.

Marquis de Sade's censored tale of a young girl.

One-legged camera support.


Front yard path.

Opens a flag or sail.

Sharp tasting and provocative.

Doctor __, Mann's retelling of a German legend.

Inventor of the lightbulb, __ Davy.

Puzzle 17

Panic in the __, pneumonic plague in New Orleans.

The __ urchin has hard plates on its surface.

Knot-tying rite.

Jewish minor prophet; his Book follows Zechariah.


Second-largest city of Serbia.

Mother of Richard I.

Founder and lead singer of The Who: Roger __.

Joyce's Dublin tale of Dedalus and Bloom.

Story of Sinclair Lewis's real-estate salesman.

Lion bassist from The Banana Splits.

Pepper __, turn it to release peppery powder.

Book in advance.

Moved through water faster than someone else.

Puzzle 18

Winner of four Best Director Oscars, a record.

Zorba __, Nikos Kazantzakis's exuberant hero.

Letter sent to partner ending the relationship.

US singer and pianist of Cornflake Girl.


Apache chief born in 1829.

The Day of the __, Wyndham tale of killer plants.

Black volcanic glass from molten lava.

Coffee-flavored liqueur created with Jamaican rum.

Floating above ground like a helicopter.

__ ball; non-straight pitch in baseball.

Hindu pilgrimage city on the banks of the Ganges.

Occurred, took place, ensued.


Now illegally collected, the progeny of avians.

Puzzle 19

Charitable donation of a company's stock.

__ Liaisons, Choderlos de Laclos's classic tale.

Baby __, soft-bristles for combing hair.

Military color.

One who drops or sprinkles things, e.g. seeds.

Keith Waterhouse's account of a feckless dreamer.

Jean __, French silversmith of the art deco age.

Director who won the Oscar for On the Waterfront.

Captivated, hypnotized.

Insurrection, confusion.

Puzzle 20

Edward __, US realist influenced by impressionism.

Salisbury in Rhodesia changed its name to this.

Waterproof jacket.

Lake of Stars festival locale: the Republic of __.

__ wheel, bladed device propelling a ship.

Out of __, Karen Blixen tale of a coffee farmer.

Sartre's sickly Existential tome.

Lies and cheating.


Lions roar, horses neigh and bulls __.

The least wet, with a "y".

Raises a glass and clinks with others.

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