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Famous Buildings PackFamous Buildings

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Buildings Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Small, starter growths on a plant.

Truck that carries liquid in bulk.

Large type of lizard.

More wealthy.

House of the Seven __, Salem-set book by Hawthorne.

Muzzle-loaded long gun.

Tanning or photo rooms.

Neat, smart, well turned out, debonair.

Request, bidding.

__ 101, Taiwanese, pagoda-like skyscraper.

Cut or gathered the harvest.

Puzzle 2

__ Bolkiah, became sultan of Brunei in 1967.

First name of Woody Harrelson's Hunger Gamer.

Neatness, orderliness.

Five-sided US defense department, The __.

Wall-mounted storage or display planks.

Seasonal allergic reaction to pollen.

Fab Four album featuring Taxman.

Friend, or your child's godfather, from Spanish.

__ the Mariner; seafarer of Middle-earth.

Unlucky number, according to superstition.

Disaster, catastrophe.

Tapering glass pinnacle, London's tallest building.

Queen who appeared on the Penny Black.

Cocktail with crushed fruit, sugar and rum.

Detained legally.

Object or info collected to prove cause or crime.

Puzzle 3

Coast, shore.

Gathered a great amount.

Furthest point from the Moon in an object's orbit.

Criminal fennec fox in Zootopia.

First major defeat for the Luftwaffe: Battle of __.

Medical assessment of bone strength: bone __ test.

Steve __ played Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs.

__ weather; severe or unpredictable conditions.

Fashionable '20s lady.

Toronto skyscraper with revolving restaurant.

American conglomerate in Orwell's 1984.

Song by the Who: __ Wizard.

Vegan turkey brand.

Something that has plaits in it.

Low-lying ground between mountains.

Last part of a plane ride.

The __, white marble seat of the US Congress.

Good __, polite social conduct.

North American pumas.

Puzzle 4

Vehicle with a siren that drives to the hospital.

Spring-loaded catcher (and killer) of rodents.

St Petersburg museum founded by Catherine II.

Me Before You and After You romantic novelist.

Any evening from Monday to Friday.

Hard spheres that fizz when added to tub water.

Roomy, with lots of space.

__ Tower in Moscow resembles strands of DNA.

Steel bands and marching bands comprise these.

Acted on stage.

Agent played by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible.

Puzzle 5

Clumsy mistake.

Bat that feeds on blood.

Opera house, recently renovated Milanese venue.

Calmly detached.

John Wayne was this Rooster.

Italian term for a studio boy or apprentice.

Ma __; Chinese magnate known as Pony Ma.

Dirtied, sullied.

__ jam; vehicle tailback.

Put on a show, act or dance in public.

Babies or very young kids.

Martin __, Hitler's powerful private secretary.

__ 67, experimental modular housing in Montreal.

__ Kindersley, publisher of illustrated books.

Herodes __, Greek rhetorician, Archon of Athens.

Who Let the Dogs Out? group.

Puzzle 6

Male Aussie tennis legend from the 1960s.

El __, grid-like complex, home of Spanish kings.

Incidents of harm to the body from exercise.

Real first name of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo cartoons.

Admonish, reprove, chide.

Type of rusk whose German name means "twice baked".

Filled with sea lions: Islas __ near Callao, Peru.

Slang for a large sum of money.

__ Building, New York's art deco masterpiece.

Shrub named after Scottish naturalist Alexander.

Loco in __, The Four Tops Mexican ditty.

Manufactured by you.

Puzzle 7

Hundred Years' War battle of 1415 with archers.

The one that is most probable to do something.

Big box stage illusion by Robert Harbin.

Closed-toe women's shoes with strap across instep.

__ House, place where the famous diarist hid out.

Han Solo's close comrade.

__ Building, Vienna landmark with gold leaf cupola.

French harp or mouth organ.

Nemo is this type.

Copy, imitate.

Wrinkles around the eyes.

Maryland's 'Charm City'.

In a non-public way.

Those who flee military service without permission.

Puzzle 8

Imperfect, frail, liable to failure.

__ Beauty Castle, must-see site at Disneyland.

The antihero Wade Wilson.

Queensland's Florida-like nickname: __ State.

Swallowing liquid, especially alcoholic beverages.

Second largest city in Myanmar.

Stiff support for a lower limb.

Wild place, the Hound of the Baskervilles' home.

Mary Poppins song A __ of Sugar.

There never was a woman like her, Rita __.

News reporting on a particular event.

__ Case, legal action contested Lincoln's powers.

Holiday when a haggadah is read.

State again strongly.

Arc de __, site of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

To make smaller, or lay off employees.

Sarah __; mother of Beatrice and Eugenie.

__ clock, mantelpiece timekeeper with handle.

Puzzle 9

Print and sell a book.

Oaty, sugary topping for fruit dessert.

Cuban bandleader, purveyor of salsa music.

Unties a fastened shoelace.

The __ is on the wall... could be graffiti maybe.

Fit of bad temper, especially in children.

Beauty competition where winner gets a crown.

Persian Gulf archipelago whose capital is Manama.

Yellow Emperor in Ancient Chinese legend.

Poison used to kill Socrates.


Electromagnetic field discoverer: Michael __.

__ Baths, Secessionist-styled complex in Buda.

Disease of the nervous system of sheep and goats.

Robert __, actor from The Night of the Hunter.

Brazilian site of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Puzzle 10

Churchill described his moods as this creature.

Competes, plays against.

Try to resist.

City of New Zealand, overlooking Waitemata Bay.

Agreed royally.

__ hole, where African plains animals have a drink.

Leader of the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982.

Centre __, arts complex with presidential name.

Collapsed inwards.

Queen Elizabeth's baronial Scottish home.

Green pickles, sliced and added to burgers.

Puzzle 11

__ Torso, Sweden's twisted skyscraper in Malmö.

Moved someone out of way with pointy joints.

Fondation Louis-__, Gehry's glass sails in Paris.

Pat __ and Billy the Kid, biographical film.

Move onto the next stage in a video game.

__ Lady, freak show exhibit.

__ recorder, soprano wind music maker.

__ the White; leader of the Istari wizards.

Medicines in capsule form, for example.

Hearty soup served in Ecuador during Easter season.

Second-largest city in Oman.

Hushed utterances that are kept private.

Of great duration.

__ the storm.

Short trips/tasks undertaken on behalf of others.

Everest climber whose body was found in 1999.

Diaries that start in July rather than January.

A baby frog.

Puzzle 12

Oldest sister of Ariel, with orange tail and tiara.

Entirely or totally.

Tin and lead alloy for making tankards.

Protective clay box that is used in a kiln.

Make a parrot-like noise.

Packed groceries.

First name of actress who married a true prince.

Brushes away dirt and dust.

Alphabetically last country in Central America.

__ Gate, Babylon place for King Nebuchadnezzar.

Number of apostles in the Bible.

Frank Lloyd __, architect of Fallingwater House.

Horn-__ glasses, bold, plastic-framed spectacles.

Puzzle 13

Bonfire of the Vanities author.

Back for Good group, originally with five members.

Companions of ruling monarchs.

Domed Parisian mausoleum in the Latin Quarter.

Designed to aid the memory.

Clearish boiled cooking stock.

Sound made when metal strikes metal.

Rotating cylinders used in dockyards.

The __, French jail at middle of the Revolution.

__ tiger; endangered big cat from the Far East.

Fantastic and fear-invoking, all at the same time.

System of letters.

Nickname given to a small caliber German WWI shell.

Adjustable baseball cap.

The operating of marionettes.

Blocking incoming punches with the hands.

Puzzle 14

Jill Kargman's take on parenting TV show.

Dandasana, sitting up tall, legs straight in front.

Living quarters of a religious order.

French dessert of nut-flavoured meringue and cream.

The strongest point during an earthquake sequence.

Minty walking stick hung on Christmas trees.

Castle that is the stand-in for Downton Abbey.

Clever yet fraudulent basis of argument.

Athens landmark that includes the Parthenon.

Unfair act or occurrence.

Famous open space at heart of Dutch capital.

Raised on Rock/For Ol'__; 1973 Elvis album.

Puzzle 15

Doctor's instrument or type of duck's feathers.

Aging nicely.

Ancient Greek who wrote Parallel Lives.

Gaudí work with wavy limestone and iron facade.

Something that offers conclusive proof.

Chemical __, molecular change to substances.

__ domes, Buckminster Fuller shapes for buildings.

Free from stiffness of ceremony, casual dress.

Spanish name for the Falkland Islands.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back __.

__, anyone wearing blue come over.

Painful bubblings up of the skin with fluid inside.

Neurotransmitter regulating emotional responses.

Golden Temple of __, focus of worship for Sikhs.

Toni __, played Muriel in a film about her wedding.

A horse's joints.

French for very finely chopped mushrooms.

Remove stubble with a razor and foam.

Puzzle 16

How __?; formal greeting on first-time meeting.

National __; patriotic hymns.

Barley, wheat and other grains are all __.

Type of cap worn by young periodical vendor.

__ House in Sopot, Poland, has distorted walls.

Modern-day glass construction outside the Louvre.

__ and Mary, joint British monarchs.

BBC period drama Call the __.

Reprimand given by referee during a fight.

Daphne du __, wrote Rebecca.

Keeps someone from being elsewhere.

Expression for wishing someone a nice 24 hours.

__ Lenoir; creator of internal combustion engine.

Mountain of Hippocrene's spring in Greek Mythology.

Elderly Giraffatitan from Dinosaur movie.

Makes purer.

Describes a ring road.

Storm __, they pursue hurricanes around the US.

Launch rocket for Apollo space program.

Puzzle 17

Taking big paces.

Country where Siamese cats originated.

__ House, where a wounded Abraham Lincoln died.

To take away or deduct.

Remote employment via telecommunication technology.

Cold symptom that hurts your chest.

Excess, too much, heavy-handedness.

Mughal mausoleum for the wife of Shah Jahan.

Well-meaning or interfering person.

Olympic city in Switzerland's Vaud canton.

French chocolate mousse cake, like a noblewoman.

__ pads, added width to 80s power suits.

Trevor __; first husband of Meghan Markle.

Puzzle 18

Take part with other people.

Number of people entering a shop.

Someone who has recently moved to the area.

Palace of __, Jaipur, a pink-marbled harem.

Rio's vast soccer stadium and Olympics venue.

Poem where first letter of each line spells a word.

Mushroomy growths sniffed out by trained pigs.

Shadow Man or Dr. __, The Princess and the Frog.

Actor John __ starred in 70's musical Grease.

Backed up or endorsed someone else's proposal.

Where your closest neighbor lives.

Supersonic passenger plane retired in 2003.

Poisonous evergreen shrub: anagram of "no dealer".

Puzzle 19

Book introduction.

First of January.

Metal beams for building.

Condition of being very cold.

In a little while, soon.

Iron-tipped southern African tribal wood spear.

Partners in a comedy double act.

Gentlemen's hairdressers.

Characteristic of vegan cakes.

Anna in the 1956 film The King and I: __ Kerr.

German school of art and design founded by Gropius.

Summer lawn flowers, white petals.

Theatrical and ballet company in Moscow.

Island of which Funchal is the capital.

Tomb __; thieves who stole from burial sites.

French car maker of Duster, Captur, and Espace.

Archie's bestie.

Puzzle 20

Victorian writing implements that resemble tablets.

Headwear for shade.

Convincing, persuasive, intelligent, well-argued.

Offcuts of fabrics, used in patchwork for e.g..

Hyena pal of Shenzi and Ed in The Lion King.

Ellis __ Museum of Immigration, NY landmark.

__ Building, NY residence of Lennon and Ono.

Japanese keyboard and motorcycle manufacturers.

They never fall far from the tree.

Cyberpunk writer of Mona Lisa Overdrive.

Making cakes and breads.

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