CodyCross Famous Dishes Pack answers

Famous Dishes PackFamous Dishes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Dishes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Andre ___, retired, former world no. 1 tennis pro.

Yasser __, chair of the PLO and Nobel prize winner.

Temperature measurement of physical sciences.

Jan __, Australian ex-tennis player.

Administrative units of Russia; several spellings.

Suzanne __, Thighmaster spokeswoman.

Greek god of healing, music and archery.

__ bass, large stringed instrument.

If you have one, you could predict the future.

To free something from danger, evil, violence.

Rodent that builds dams.

__ Bashi, Chief Rabbi of Turkey.

The traditional Mahjong is __ by four people.

Puzzle 2

The __ Queen, movie with Katherine Hepburn.

Strip of metal holding ship frames together.

Third one down on guitar fretboard.

Uma __, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill star.

A variety of coffee bean.

Strip of material to cover a wound.

Another name for Thomas the apostle.

Hermes counterpart in Roman mythology.

Soft item used to sit on or to adorn couches.

Monet's first wife and muse.

The capital of Libya.

When empty, they make the most noise.

Puzzle 3

Stade Moulay __, field of Rabat, Morocco.

Couch with raised end, popular with women.

Ailurophobia is an __ fear of cats.

Coordinate separating north from south on globe.

In The __, Tommy Lee Jones chases Harrison Ford.

Robert __, Carnaval composer (German).

Northern __ has poisonous flesh.

Of or relating to crabs.

Time taken to not argue anymore.

Full of __, full of craft.

Bishop exclusive to United Methodist Church.

She wrote The Outsiders during high school.

Puzzle 4

Antiquated term for keeper of horses.

This fig treat is named after a town, not scientist.

The Legend of __ Vance, with Will Smith.

The Thomas Crown __, McQueen is heist leader.

1985's Fight Night is a __ video game.

__ Christi, feast on Thursday after Trinity Sunday.

Something added, attached to another.

Douglas L. Coleman discovered his energy hormone.

Willy __, German Chancellor, mayor of West Berlin.

Usher protegee, Canadian teen bopper.

__ parentis, guardianship of a minor.

Twin of Castor and son of Leda in Roman mythology.

Simon the __, one of the 12 apostles.

Puzzle 5

Largest city in Europe, Turkey's cultural capital.

The highest-grossing basketball film of all-time.

Moving across water in a low canoe-like boat.

Aker, __ earth god of the horizon.

Small round red/black fruits with stones inside.

The art of wine making.

Group of rays with barbed stingers.

Tetris is a popular block __ game.

Large dulcimer-like instrument from Hungary.

A writ summoning someone to court.

Tiger in a __ Storm, Rousseau painting.

Tommy __, American fashion designer.

__ Against Women Day is marked with white ribbons.

1st Roman emperor, member of the 2nd Triumverate.

Liberal in giving or sharing.

__ Bad, TV show about drugs processing.

Bathroom in a public building.

Small cake, snack food in Indonesia.

Puzzle 6

Hijacking; kidnapping.

Drawing done with writing implement (not pencil).

Latin phrase meaning monthly or each month.

Amazon uses this performance-based marketing.

Low-cost non-archival paper.

__ the Great, created the largest Macedonian empire.

Molasses, ginger, nutmeg cake from Jamaica.

Word appended to litigious statements as a get out.

Sandra Bullock American football Oscar movie.

Female "slave" or companion in ancient China.

__ No. 25 in A minor, Beethoven's Fur Elise.

Double-hulled sailing boat used in racing.

Crested penguin species native to New Zealand.

Wedge-shaped characters in clay formed this script.

Puzzle 7

Johann __, centerpiece of Clockwork Orange team.

Russia's main search engine.

Loir-__, central French dept named after rivers.

Syndrome includes autism disorder or brain injuries.

Importance of something, emphasis, value.

__berry, cross between black/logan/dew/raspberry.

Nickname of the agriculturalist Viscount Townshend.

Largest foot digit.

A brood of chickens.

The pay-off of a story.

Contact __, vision correctors invented in Germany.

Puzzle 8

Person seeking wartime sanctuary in a new country.

Easter search for candies and chocolates.

The very last of all American states.

Evan __, Snapchat cofounder.

Storage area on a ship.

Making music with one's mouth.

Stage __, In charge of what happens backstage.

Andres __, Barcelona, Spanish playmaker.

A monotheistic religion from the Punjab region.

Newspaper in the Harry Potter novels, The Daily __.

Chocolate __ pudding, Sri Lankan dessert.

Yiddish slang for nose.

Checkpoint __, Berlin Wall crossing and guardhouse.

Tall comedian, news anchor Ron Burgundy.

Intern at Planet Express on Futurama.

Puzzle 9

A subdivision of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire.

Russian saint of Sarov, glorified in 1903.

Kent __ plays a news anchor in The Simpsons.

The __ Kid, Redford played him.

Loki, villain from The __ and Thor movies.

Cylindrical shaped soft cheese aka Junket.

__ Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin.

Strong current beneath a river or sea's surface.

To make more attractive by adding extra items.

To mix smoothly and inseparably together.

Someone who writes novels.

Curses, like __ come home to roost.

Containing small, flat, polished surfaces.

Part of the heel, point of vulnerability.

__ eel, native to South America; 500 volt shocks.

Puzzle 10

The zodiac sign of the goat.

Outbreaks of disease that spread rapidly.

Arcade Fire song or where you go when you die.

King in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost.

The hills __ The Sound of Music.

East Slavic language.

Four-wheelers, for off-road driving.

South France region; they don't speak langue d'oil.

Greek philosopher, follower of Pythagorus.

Cheap serving of ice cream in small glass.

Warm-blooded animal.

Puzzle 11

Fascist Roman Catholic wartime militia in Croatia.

Monkey__, tall evergreen tree.

The Simpsons' Homer was __ as a snow plow driver.

To move upward, climb to a higher point.

Margaret __, wrote The Handmaid's Tale.

French pastry combined with a US breakfast food.

Cooked in hot water.

Three __; 1986 western comedy.

Shruti and __, Hindu scriptures.

Painted The Flaying of Marsyas.

French word for extra performance at end of a show.

__ & Mather, US important advertising and PR agency.

Puzzle 12

Craft technique of threading tiny baubles together.

Custard tart with yolk from Hong Kong.

A list of individual items to discuss in a meeting.

Large seismic ocean wave, causes great destruction.

Julia __, Pretty Woman.

Female form of the title emeritus.

Black and white bird that cannot fly.

__ Parker, the Baroness in The Sound of Music.

Heard or capable of being heard.

Bob Marley's band, The __.

__ Machiavelli, wrote The Prince.

The quality or state of being healthy.

Puzzle 13

Female who practices druid religion.

Swinging clock invented by Christiaan Huygens.

Beethoven tune celebrates the European Union.

Italian earthenware coated with tin glaze.

Germany __, Rossellini film set in post-war Berlin.

A well-known native-American tribe.

It protects from the rain; bad luck to open inside.

Basque French city with casinos.

Latin phrase meaning "in bad faith".

The title of the former empress of Russia.

Cheesy beach drama starring Pamela Anderson.

1986 Bubble Bobble, an action __ game.

Puzzle 14

State of excessive activity.

Shop seller of newspapers, sweets, tobacco.

Christina __, played "dumb blonde" Kelly Bundy.

Northern writer who created An Inspector Calls.

Similar in appearance to an equine.

Austrian Formula 1 champion on three occasions.

Royal breadmakers.

School society for playing a board game.

Suffolk beach with Scallop sculpture.

Eugene __, artist of Liberty Leading the People.

Singer in a choir, often prefixed with "boy".

Dr. Roderigo Lopez's intended victim: Queen __ I.

Precautions and support following an operation.

Footwear worn by male Irish dancers.

Japanese site of A-bomb drop on 6th August 1945.

Puzzle 15

__ Duncan, famous US dancer from 1900s.

Author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Processes of being active, steps to take.

Arboreal science, study of tree's life.

Aircraft sport using currents, no motors.

Makes kisser smooth and soft.

Small, plum-like purple fruits used in jams.

__ Aweigh, 1945 musical of two sailors in LA.

__ Ball, star of I Love Lucy.

The one who goes to the wall.

Spanish spelling of second-largest Balearic island.

Shrieking Irish female spirit.

Soup with milk/cream base, often made with clams.

Official currency of Venezuela.

__ fin, fleshy fatty flipper on a fish's back.

Puzzle 16

Green wormwood spirit: sugar cubes at the ready!.

__ Gartner, US actress, Ben Affleck's ex wife.

Stable form of carbon under standard conditions.

Central Asian river, also called the Oxus.

Sit or lie in the sun, especially to tan the skin.

Thoughts represented graphically.

They wail near ill-fated Irish homes.

Making explosives inactive.

The electronic inbox virtually took its place.

German pre-Lenten carnival.

Forename of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini.

Krusty __, TV show host on The Simpsons.

Run and go the highest over an horizontal bar.

Princess in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

German brand of bicycle tires.

Soft piece on top of car seat for cranium.

Famous US coming-of-age movie from the 90's.

Terrestrial arachnid with lobster-like pincers.

Puzzle 17

Management services firm, was Andersen Consulting.

Waterway linking the Med with the Red Sea.

A shallow, long-handled pan aka skillet.

Silver sulfide only exists at high temperatures.

Someone standing by, watching.

Dickens' French Revolution novel, A Tale of __.

Largest free MMORPG in history.

Vanilla-flavored carbonated soft drink (no milk).

Da Gama's ship sunk in 1503 and found in 1998.

A __ Named Desire, movie with Marlon Brando.

Puzzle 18

1945 in Roman numerals.

Instrument and methodology for cutting the skull.

Very tired or drunk.

__ dance, 4 couples in a rectangular shape.

Spanish province and city on French border.

Pegasus was born from the blood of her throat.

Three __, 1986 Western comedy.

Female superior of nun community.

Media term for comment from the public.

Joseph __, the Mayor in The Simpsons.

GI Joe, He Man, boy dolls = __ figures.

__ Hardy, English novelist of the Victorian era.

South Korean cookie stick covered in chocolate.

Puzzle 19

Ursula __, actress of 007 - Dr. No.

__ Park, studio and home to the singer Prince.

Club mate, rum and limes in this German drink.

Strong steel beams supporting bridges.

To swallow greedily, glut.

You ride __ when you are beside the driver.

Deepest trench of the world's oceans.

The wax secreted by bees to make honeycombs.

Way to avoid getting unwanted e-mails.

Simple girls toy, Amish version has no face.

Puzzle 20

Type of coal suitable for fires in urban areas.

Lord __, Egyptologist killed by a cursed mosquito.

Terri and Will's surname in Glee.

Study of musical acoustics.

Castle __, Skeletor's dark abode.

Folliculitis is an infection of hair __.

French city, capital of Charente dept.

Italian mathematician created a number sequence.

Cooking bananas.

__ D, band formed by the actor Jack Black.

Latin meaning "that is to say"; shortened to viz.

Farm implement for moving hay, has large prongs.

Michael the __, victorious over Satan.

Steven __, US director of E.T..

Artistic work in metal.

Russian communist, split from Bolsheviks in 1903.

Describing word, found before a noun.

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