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Famous Duos PackFamous Duos

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Duos Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ and sickle, symbols of the USSR.

Deep, wide pit from which stone is extracted.

Moved back and forth, like a baby's crib.

Unbroken, complete.

Marks cattle with a hot iron.

Indira __, first female prime minister of India.

Device that operates a light.

An expression or phrase that is overused.

Shakespearean play with the character Polonius.

Fruits associated with Dionysus, god of wine.

Speaking against God.

Romeo's love interest in Shakespearean tragedy.

Puzzle 2

An unconventional type, unusual but harmless.

Natalie __, actress of Black Swan.

The least beautiful.

Huge bird farmed for its unusual meat.

Not professional.

Strappy footwear worn by Ancient Greeks.

__ and Hammerstein, composers of South Pacific.

City hosts high traffic airport, O'Hare.

Copyright thieves.

Noisemakers for babies.

Deep in thought.

Puzzle 3

Pouting and bad-tempered, like a small child.

Producing flowers.

Resident of land surrounded by water.

Italian bacon made from pork belly.

Like a celestial place.

The after-effects of too much alcohol.

Nurses who specialize in childbirth.

Heatedly discussing two sides of a topic.

Sunbathing, tanning.

The __ Bride, fantasy romance novel turned movie.

Nationality of Yoko Ono and Akihito.

Puzzle 4

Describes damaged tresses that require trimming.

Having six sides.

To make text or type slant or slope for effect.

Inflatable airships named after a German count.

Administrative subdivisions of Canada.


Journal published four times a year.

Deliberate act of destruction.

In mathematics, the number that is left over.

Pocahontas saved his life from Powhatan.

Maiden surname of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Someone who cheats on their husband or wife.

Fed, sustained.

Won Best Original Song Oscar for The Lion King.

Device that transfers current from a car ignition.

Admits to a crime.

Can be protected against loss, theft or fire.

Adjust, correct, establish a measure.

Adult caterpillar and a swimming stroke.

Valentine and Proteus of Verona.

Naval battle of 1898 between Spain and the US.

Puzzle 5

Making cakes or sweet treats.

Insect with a hard shell, often metallic sheen.

__ and Robin, caped crime-fighters.

10 years.

Statue near Cairo with woman's head, lion body.

South American cowboy.



Sport played at Wimbledon.

Capital of the United Kingdom.

Symbols or mascots that bring good luck.

Chemical element with atomic no. 2, a noble gas.

Surprise attack.

The alternative verdict to innocent.

Fugitive or bandit.

Reddish-brown hair color.

Imitation for comic effect.

Puzzle 6

Keep off alcohol.

Drinking containers that sit on saucers.

1957's Nights of __, won Fellini an Academy Award.

Composer of the opera "Tosca".

Co-ruler of Egypt with sister Cleopatra: __ XIII.

Standard, normal.

Fire-breathing mythical creatures.

James __ Jr., architect of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Critiquing, adjudicating.

Entry point at an airport where goods are checked.

Outdated, obsolete.

Artful skill and expertise; great style.

African desert country, once a German colony.

Killer disease in Paris in 1832.

Dolce & __, Italian fashion designers.

Went against someone's opinion.

Scale used to measure earthquake magnitude.

Puzzle 7


One of the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Pilot's compartment on a plane.

Gray's __, standard medical text from the 1850s.

Catches fire.

1953 conquerors of Everest, Hillary and __ Norgay.

Shamefaced and remorseful.

Bans, stops someone from doing something.

Assisted, especially with something criminal.

__ movie, horror film with knifed victims.

The Who sang about this type of wizard.

Mythical king of Thebes who killed his father.

Blood-sucking, cross-fearing creature.

Buttery, sugary, sticky sauce: can be salted.

Mozart was born in this country.

Roman mode of transport, especially during races.

Skilled craftsman.

Italian won Physics prize for wireless telegraphy.

Crouching to avoid a flying object.

Puzzle 8

Benito __, Italian fascist leader 1922-1943.

Wisdom, information, erudition.

Naval ship that sets explosives underwater.

The study of ancestry.

Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong.

Front rows of the low balcony in a theater.

Capacity for future development.

Cheating, conning, deceitfully obtaining.

Diplomatic residences.

Severely mentally ill and suffering from delusions.

Top Gun and Cocktail actor.

Places where products are manufactured.

Puzzle 9

A rival.

Boxing without heavy blows, form of training.

A rebellious sailor.

Belgian battle pitted Napoleon against Wellington.

Floridian island and Bogart movie.

Itchy and __, cartoon adversaries on The Simpsons.

Climbing onto a horse.

There were four of them and a funeral in this film.

Paper umbrellas to garnish cocktails.

Arthurian Knight who had an affair with Guinevere.

Neck injury caused by sharp movement.

Chemical element with the symbol Cr.

Radio broadcasting frequencies.

Puzzle 10

Footwear for moving on ice.

Step back or flinch in horror.

Parentless child.

The British one spread from Australia to Canada.

__ and Minnie, Disney's famous couple.

Popular Dr.'s diet plan based on low carbs.

Ancient city-state that won the Peloponnesian War.

Lone __ and Tonto, masked law enforcer and friend.

Gary __, won Best Actor Oscar for Darkest Hour.

Season that follows spring.

Reporter's name added at the head of an article.

Dian __; pioneering gorilla conservationist.

Type of short-legged, long-eared hound.

People or things classified together.


Brain __, Pink Floyd medical condition.

Fruity name of South Africa's longest river.

Buildings where monks or nuns live.

Puzzle 11

Street procession, with floats and costumes.

Software that automatically displays ads.

Person who destroys property.

Comedy off the cuff rather than scripted.

Arthur's isle, where his body is taken after death.

Rack and __, mechanical system of toothed wheel.

Heath __, won a post-mortem Oscar for The Dark Knight.

Famous painter of voluptuous women: Peter Paul __.

Averts, prevents.

Heartbroken and inconsolable.

Puzzle 12

Bambi's rabbit friend.

Material wealth and cash for industrial investment.

Hide, cover up.

A somnambulist's activity while sleeping.

Salt and __, perfect condiments for fish and chips.

US company produces crayons and chalks.

Be a superior grade or position to someone.

Mythical Arabian bird rises from the ashes.

Splits into parts.

Istanbul palace started under Mehmet the Conqueror.

Metal percussion instruments, like pan lids.

Chemical element with the symbol Ca.

Dolls moved by their strings, like Pinocchio.

The large Musketeer who is strong and womanizing.

Puzzle 13

Attacked suddenly from hiding.

Turkish __, military band, moon-shaped percussion.

Process of administering calming drugs.

Becoming wider, like a pupil in the eye.

Hassling or putting pressure on someone.

Wrestling hold that keeps the skull still.

British supermodel and film actress: Naomi __.

Ancient trade route.

__ and Dragons, role-playing game.

Dark brown, sweet vinegar used as a glaze.

These are used to cover the body during sleep.

Melanie __, plays Working Girl with Ford.

Makes someone troubled or nervous.

Roman Emperor whom the eighth month is named after.

The legislative capital of South Africa.

Puzzle 14

The black one in a game of pool or billiards.

World's largest personal computer software company.

Profession dealing with prescribing eyeglasses.

Scent, perfume.

National airline of Ireland.

Twirling atmospheric funnels also called twisters.

Greater she-bear in the sky.

Wrong names or designations.

WWII German army invasion of the USSR: Siege of __.

Body position of a skeleton rider.

Type of dance competition without many rules.

Puzzle 15

Died down, like a storm.

__ & Pollux, mythic twins give their name to stars.

Furry river or sea mammal, live in dens.


Forgive legally.


Long and untidy, like hair, dog fur or a rug.

Fractional equivalents of 0.1.

Book of the Old Testament with the story of Samson.

Long trench made for planting seeds.

Japanese car maker that made the Corolla.

The __ of Seville, opera by Rossini.

A Nordic nationality and name for sweet pastries.

__ and McCartney, songwriters from Liverpool.

Puzzle 16

To mourn or grieve, often with crying.

__ vs __; Best Picture Oscar winner in 1979.

Law requiring people to stay indoors at night.

High-tech capital of the island of Taiwan.

Medical term for nearsightedness.

Hercules's servant helped him remove Hydra's heads.

Indigenous Japanese faith: "the way of the gods".

"Absence makes the heart grow __".

__ of Life, Elton John composed for The Lion King.

Medal winners' platform.

__ and Clyde, US outlaws of the Depression era.

Desert hallucination.

Iconic Easter animal with fluffy tail.

Puzzle 17

Conquistador who conquered Peru: Francisco __.

Smoothing down wood with rough paper.

Statler and __, critical Muppet commentators.

Reasons for doing something.

The Garden of __ Delights, painting by Bosch.

Gin contains these berries.

Cell division process, not mitosis.

Grace Kelly's husband: Prince __ III.

Rescue a wreck.

Santa's entrance.

Catholic organization cited in The Da Vinci Code.

Tooth doctor.

He slew the Minotaur.

Spanish city nicknamed the "Athens of the West".

Behavior that avoids indecency.

Queen's former lead vocalist: the late Freddie __.

Michael __ played Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.

Rock hard abdominal muscles - takes some effort!.

Large flying insects that sting.

Ship that Captain Edward John Smith went down with.

Forename of Britain's WW2 leader Churchill.

World famous magician and escape artist: Harry __.

Puzzle 18

Normally black, semi-translucent volcanic glass.

Country where Osama bin Laden was found and killed.

Crispy bread, literally "little toasts" in Italian.

Theoretical, not concrete.

Cassettes containing specially chosen songs.

Practical, level-headed, wise.

Fast powerful stroke in ice hockey.

Feline love interest of Pepe le Pew.

Fierce loyalty to someone or something.

2008 film on the Stauffenberg plot to kill Hitler.

Second Roman emperor; Captain Kirk's middle name.

__ and Tobago, island nation of the Commonwealth.

Puzzle 19

Medical device for removing fluids by suction.

Imagined places where everything is unpleasant.

Government where a few people have all the power.

Implied meanings or nuances.

Practitioner of alternative, plant-based medicine.

Moving up, opposite of descending.

Boat's right-hand side when facing forward.

Best Director Oscar winner for Braveheart.

Red fruity sauce served with roast turkey.

Can be traced.

Sudden collapse of mountainside or cliff.

Type of car-racing that lasts many hours or days.

Strengthens, reinforces.

Luke __, who was played by Mark Hamill.

Clickable text directing to a web page.

Lover of Napoleon.

Only country where kookaburras are found.

Property right that remains with the creator.

Puzzle 20

Biggest city in Ireland.

Reed and straw roof covering.

Jumped and kicked like a horse.

Animated film starring Princess Elsa won an Oscar.

Gretel's brother with a fateful sweet tooth.

Salzburg's most famous musical son.

Small hills or piles of stones or earth.

Open and truthful.

Times of intense danger, difficulty.

Vandalism, destruction.

To provide your signature for another's debt.

Force upon.

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