CodyCross Famous Gingers Pack answers

Famous Gingers PackFamous Gingers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Gingers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Important jobs you run to do.

Where Santa Claus was coming in The Supremes song.

Undo, disconnect.

Infants' name for a dog, mimicking its low woof.

Jose __, tequila company, Mexico's oldest business.

Sissy __, actress who played Carrie in 1976.

Prince Harry, Duke of __.

Thomas __, American chef of The French Laundry.

Repetitive adieu.

Long journey by sea.

Puzzle 2

US band whose name is taken from lead singer Jon.

__ Getty, she played Sophia in The Golden Girls.

Trilogy by John Galsworthy: The __ Saga.

Slept like a chicken.

Country in the Andes, capital Sucre.

Goes with Snap and Pop on a box of Rice Krispies.


Final curtain calls.

Not singulars, ending with 's' or 'es'.

In a friendly way.

Cried messily.

Ancient wall in Jerusalem, aka Western Wall.

Tilda __, the White Witch in Narnia films.

Puzzle 3

Thanks __ spells out TIA.

71-strong tribunal of Jews in ancient times.

With intense feelings.

Location of Kenny Rogers' Islands.

__ tennis? An upper classes sporting caricature.

Most buttoned up and staid.

Big pond north west of Verona, largest in Italy.

Bushy-tailed rodents in the Sciuridae family.

Frenchman who discovered quinine with Caventou.

Foot condition with clawed digits.

Harry Potter creatures that suck out your soul.

Baby rabbit Playboy club waitress.

She played Addison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy.

__ I, aka The Virgin Queen, last Tudor monarch.

Raining lightly.

Freeze-dried summer bloom used as confetti.

US vanilla-flavored carbonated soft drink.

Puzzle 4

Chantilly Lace singer, The Big __.

Sophie __, played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.


Cock linnet is rhyming slang for this time period.

Lauren __, she married and played opposite Bogie.

Pyramidal tents such as used by Native Americans.

__ du Maurier, author of Rebecca.

Country where Chapman's Ice Cream is manufactured.

Multi-speed bike; anagram of agreed.

Diagrams, informative tables.

A thank you or request to a higher power.

Puzzle 5

To pass the Knights Who Say Ni, bring them this.

French motorway.

Radiohead's lead singer.

Relating to one eye only.

Savory pie at Christmas.

Times long gone; grandparents reminisce about them.

Inglourious Basterds heinous SS colonel.

Cabin from where rail tracks are controlled.

Loss of dentures; impotent, ineffectual.

__ cheek, effrontery or brazenness.

Fitted a horse with its straps.

City in Brittany liberated by Patton in WWII.

Christian festival on the 7th Sunday after Easter.

FTW spelt out; going for gold.

He wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Too exhausted to function.

Free, online encyclopedia.

Puzzle 6

A son of a son or daughter.

City that's home to the Royal Alberta Museum.

Not having to pay a landlord each month.

She plays Lois Lane in Man of Steel.

__ out; with nothing inside.

__ the Time: MJ music video set in Ancient Egypt.

Lead singer of Erasure.

Took into account.

I have __ out my life with coffee spoons: by Eliot.

Middle Eastern square scarf headdress with checks.

Luck of __, fortune endowed to the Emerald Isle.

Artistic mélange.

Max __, TV's computerized frontman aka Matt Frewer.

Another name for tofu.

Early baseball legend, born 1895.

Italy's "City of Lilies".

Arriving on time.

Convertible Ford, launched alongside the SportKa.

Surname of father and son Haitian despots.

Puzzle 7

__ Hannigan, Lily Aldrin in How I Met Your Mother.

Human bodies, the bits without the limbs.

Author of the novella Goodbye Mr. Chips: James __.

__ Greene, played Alice Cullen in Twilight films.

Jiggle, shake or squirm.

Describes an infused cup of tea such as a tisane.

Rule of __, design strategy based on a 3x3 grid.

In the __; planned, about to happen.

Sully, spoil.

Eight-legged minibeast.

Mountain chains.

Puzzle 8

French dramatist who wrote Rhinoceros.

Can be fresh or artificial, put them in a vase.



Atlantic archipelago nation, over 700 islands.

Texture and sound of chewing an apple or carrot.

Cable that supplies power, e.g. to a phone battery.

__ Ann Woll, True Blood vampire and Karen Page.

__ van Gogh, 19th-century painter.

Leaves a job of own accord.

Broken skin or organ tissue from injury or disease.

Adrift means a vessell isn't under any __.

Puzzle 9

They are spoken quietly.

Nursing home for British Army veterans: Royal __.

Dame Emma __, aka Sybill Trelawney in Harry Potter.

Fixings for canvas dwelling.

Abel __, Pip's benefactor in Great Expectations.

Closed tightly again.

Harold __; Anglo-Saxon king and son of Canute.

Machines that are moved by steam or flowing water.

1995 poisonous attack on Tokyo subway was with this.

Ancient supercontinent in Northern Hemisphere.

Charles __, the first stage Hercule Poirot.

Underground jails.

An example of a __ accelerator includes Cyclotron.

Baked goods that sell fast.

__ stout, tarry, strong beer linked to an empire.

__ Welch, singer in __ and the Machine.

Messy, unkempt, untidy hair.

Puzzle 10

Slightly scorched.

Rick __, sang Never Gonna Give You Up.

I __ thee my troth, part of the wedding vows.

__ Coolidge, 30th US president.

Insult for someone incompetent or slow.

Contaminates, pollutes.

__ Me starring a firefighting Denis Leary.

__ Suede, Pitt stars as a rock 'n' roll wannabe.

Sugar substitute from a herb; anagram of save it.

Northernmost region of America.

Puzzle 11

Garden climber with delicate pastel flowers.

Rita __, 1940s actress in Gilda.

Shirley __, Ask Any Girl actress.

Mocking, cynical.

Event attended by fans of graphic novels.

Scotland city between two rivers (Dee and Don).

__ dome, structure promoted by Buckminster Fuller.

French dictionary app with a lexicographer's name.

Expensive, glamorous style of living.

Inflamed fluid-filled sacs at elbow, knee, etc.

A soap brand and a circular life-saving device.

The __ sound of ginger biscuits, broken in half.

White waterfowl with quiet voice but huge wingspan.

Puzzle 12

Sir __ Branagh, British Shakespearean actor.

Stick that holds wool.

Nonsensical worthless speech.

Dried, ground, red pepper spice, can be smoky.

Archie __, redhead from the Archie comics.

Zooey Deschanel stars as Jessica Day.

Tanned and dressed hide from an animal.

__-cat, insult to someone with little courage.

Italian Monte Carlo.

Mary Poppins and The Aristocats songster brothers.

Hits a ball before it bounces.

Avril __, one of her top successes was Sk8er Boi.

Portmanteau term for the Channel tunnel.

Puzzle 13

Bodies of dirty water linked to volcanic springs.

__ Powers, was Jennifer Hart in Hart to Hart.

US celebration of working people.

Multicolored Indonesian bird: Wilson's bird-of-__.

Hindu class of Vedas teachers and priests.

Musical instruments outside the walls of Jericho.

The __ Kid, Bill Clinton's political nickname.

I'm Not the Only One and Lay Me Down singer.

Tubes of minced meat.

Illuminates again.

Lion movie.

Molly __, The Breakfast Club star.

Puzzle 14

L. Ron __, Scientology founder.

Frank __; DiCaprio's Revolutionary Road role.

State of being remote.

"Marvelous" brand name of artificial sweetener.

Author of Lord of the Flies: William __.


__ BuildIt, build your own town in this app.

Measure of area, particularly of fields.

Casablanca country.

1960 musical film starring Elvis as a soldier.

Male scuba diver.

Easily crumbled.

Ordered by law.

People who fly and service aeroplanes in flight.

List of options at the top of your computer screen.

__ Roden, played Lydia Martin in Teen Wolf.


Obtained from a supplier.

Long-limbed crossbred hunting dog.

Puzzle 15

Geri __, aka Ginger Spice.

Board game item, works like an hourglass.

Underground cemeteries, often displaying skulls.

The scenery that you see in the countryside.

Pub measure that beer is traditionally served in.

Climate type with warm summers and mild winters.

People from the Philippines.

__ Hendricks, Joan Holloway in Mad Men.


Puzzle 16

American singer who sang Cornflake Girl.

Making a happy pig noise.

A discussion that is fair and impartial.

Basketball attempt that hits the backboard.

Produce power.

Cultivation plantation for citrus fruits.

Hoary; grey-haired.

Larger __; with a strong, impressive personality.

Annual celebration on the day you are born.

Power drills with no annoying cables.

Previously published books by an author.

The Lion, the Witch and the __.

Carved into metal.

Undressing and putting another outfit on.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Black Ops film.

Dolly __, assorted small sweets and jellies.

She was Zoe Barnes in House of Cards.

Puzzle 17

Point of interest that's worth a quick visit.

Year of __; limbless Chinese zodiac sign.

Accessory in cribbage for putting markers in holes.

Young US hotel employees.

Chirping insects.

__ training; learning while at work.

Closing and fixing a gate.

Christopher __, Italian explorer, went to Americas.

When you do as you are told, you are __.

Old-fashioned, passé.

Freshly produced food, rather than processed.

Herb; anagram of arrogant.

Office tools for printing dates in library books.

Susan __, Thelma and Louise star.

Clergy member.

Mudslide, rockfall.

Puzzle 18

Another name for tetanus.

Abundant, copious.

Molly __, Ron's mother in Harry Potter.

__ desk, sit here to read mail or compose a letter.

__ Wizard, a 1969 hit for The Who.

First and second are these numbers.

Tarja __, was Finland president till 2012.

Slogan T-shirt designer of "Choose Life".

__ Award, or Oscar.

An animated programme, e.g. The Simpsons.

Fried bread cube to put on salads.

Gulleys that run alongside lanes in tenpin bowling.

One with access to confidential information.

Puzzle 19

1st of January.

__ Manson, lead singer of Garbage.

Gentle stretching discipline, started by Joseph __.

Legendary founder of ancient Rome.

Crew cut hair with very level top, like a pancake.

Announce with trumpets.

Give a hoot, don't __.


Mars, Venus, Earth are all examples of these.

John the __, son of Elizabeth in the Bible.

Root vegetable – like a white carrot.

Act of serving tables in an eatery.

Moved en masse like soldiers.

Made a noise like a heavy chain.

Ed __, Castle on the Hill singer.

Puzzle 20

Medal for winning second place.

Shiny glass decoration for a Christmas tree.

__ Kidman, Aussie actress in Big Little Lies.

__ Cromwell, 17th-century English leader.

Surname of Ross and Monica in "Friends".

With milk (French).

Country that's the headquarter for Volvo cars.

Someone who is part of a group.

Indian stringed instruments.

Cooks under flame.

Aristocrats, people of high social standing.

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