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Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Horses Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Haley Joel __ saw dead people in The Sixth Sense.

City that's home to the Neues Museum.

Quick Draw __, a white horse sheriff.

Isambard Kingdom __; 19th-century genius engineer.

Steeplechaser and Gold Cup Winner, aka The Tank.

Longest-running British TV soap: Coronation __.

Blue __, geothermal spa in Iceland.

Byzantine warship.

Putting in one's sights.

The Iranian Parliament.

What Americans call castrated bulls.

Puzzle 2

__ oblongata, lowest portion of the brainstem.

Country associated with Ca trù music.

In a mood to party.


Swordsman Zorro's horse.

Westphalia brew.

Swift American thoroughbred also known as Big Red.

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is __.

Generic name for a life-destroying chemical poison.

The tortoise needs to swim to race this mollusc.

Police drama featuring the Devil himself.

Depression from a collapsing volcanic center.

Puzzle 3


Landing on this Monopoly space is a crime.

Leg commonly found in Chippendale furniture.

Written for the night.

Equine signifying war in the apocalyptic vision.

Contains one letter.

Madeleine __; first female US Secretary of State.

Not staying in.

Desert hill or ridge formed by the wind.

A young one is a joey Down Under.

Film star horse with a Champion jockey.

Guaranteed outcome; Dick Francis thriller.

Muppet who parodies 30 Rock character.

Processed pig product; sow sandwich somersault.

Puzzle 4

Material to indicate speed and direction of gusts.

Eight-legged horse of Norse legend.

Sour candies not missile parts.

The value inside the radical.

What's it to you?.

The first designer dog.

The __, 1996 film, a remake of La Cage aux Folles.

Dirtied the air with chemicals.

What you're against when short on time.

Linus __ created the Linux open source OS.

Positive winner of the US Triple Crown in 1978.

16th-century long-barrelled gun propped by a hook.

Drinking sound.

On December 8th, sunny Uruguay celebrates __.

Puzzle 5

__ Slew, US racehorse, Triple Crown winner in 1977.

Grass widely grown for hay.

Lowest taxonomic rank.

South Park character, Eric __.

__ Dash, My Little Pony with a spectrum tail.

Charlie and the Chocolate __.

How some like their eggs.

Making the rough smooth.

Used for navigating with a map.

UK band named after a German art school.

What dead men tell.


Mermen from Philippine folklore.

Most populous city in Pakistan.

Type of gun created by Sir Hiram Maxim.

Puzzle 6

Paired masses of grey matter in the brain.

__ horse, a deceptive candidate for election.

Adam Sandler film about unexpected fatherhood.

Reunited, back together again.

Driving along.

A type of razor; rhymes with skate.

Small triangular pastries of Russian cuisine.

Franklin urges be always employed with this virtue.

Sergeant __, Korean War equine ammunition carrier.

To him, peace of mind is the highest pleasure.

Aka Cisjordan.

Puzzle 7

Typically, 5-a-side football on a hard court.

Peoples hidden inside the Trojan horse.

A false piece of news; false report.

__ and squeak, potato and greens leftovers.

Small gamebirds whose eggs are an edible delicacy.

US vocal trio, surname of Isaac, Taylor and Zac.

My Friend __, hero-horse in a book by Mary O'Hara.

Wallis and __; French territory in the Pacific.

Grabbing, receiving.

Saliva or mucus, when someone cough up.

Puzzle 8

She's a good guard dog, just don't pinch her.

Light-golden horses with silvery manes from Spain.

Designer associated with black jersey dresses.

This squash comes last in the alphabet.

Containers in which nibs are dipped.

Just like dad; a chip off the __.

Agatha Christie's home on the River Dart.

Equine survived the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

A shadow's shade.

Tooth eruption.

A climber's cover.

Puzzle 9

Caribbean sweet baked food with alcohol.

Possible living conditions for the very poor.

A high, two-sectional chest of drawers.

El Cid's warhorse, who is buried with him.

Nose noise.

Royal house begun by George I in 1714.

Oil field tower.

Mind one's __.

Jody's pony in The Red Pony by John Steinbeck.

Spanish composer of folk songs exiled in Argentina.

Sea north of the Bering Strait.

The first book of the New Testament.

Somalian-born Team GB distance runner.

An inferior imitator.

Players in a swing orchestra.

Greedy white seabirds.

Puzzle 10

Clapton knows you're riding with this man.

A cheer of Tobias Funke.

The white part of the eye.

__ is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald on the Riviera.

WNBA side based in Los Angeles.

Large, dray-pulling equines with hairy feet.

The dove-grey horse of Simón Bolívar.

Costa __, Spanish white coast at Benidorm.

Word from a Latin root meaning "little mouse".

Dutch optical illusion artist: M. C. __.

Puzzle 11

State in western Brazil; capital is Porto Velho.

Winter weather with freezing rain.

Increase number or effort.

Schedule tentatively.

Cruise danced in his tighty whities in Risky __.

Substance that can alter colour of fabrics.

Deck __, carol.

Where one with potential flashes before failing.

Had a hit with We Built This City in 1985.

White horse hill carving in Wiltshire.

TV's talking horse of the 1960s.

Puzzle 12

Wine-based apéritif made of cinchona bark.

Jumping horse ridden by Harry Llewellyn.

Brief, casual involvement.


Lancs town cited in The Beatles' A Day in the Life.

Hemingway's ethical brand, and coloured Dr Martens.

Excessively wealthy; billionaire.

Deterred or discouraged.

Gandalf's horse in The Lord of the Rings.

Church festival on February 2nd.

Maria __, Polish ethnologist on Siberian shamanism.

Northern Russian city on the White Sea.

To be kept under wraps.

A mental asylum.

Owen __; last native Welsh Prince of Wales.

Puzzle 13

Haight-__, SF district associated with hippies.

__ horse, a rack for drying on, or a supermodel.

Wine fee.

Questions in this language start with an inverted ?.

Financial supporters.

Songs for the deads.

Sussex seaside town, with the De La Warr Pavilion.

Brought to light.

Tied the knot.

Marilyn Monroe film of 1956 mentions transport.

Country notorious for advance-sale Internet scams.

Suffered after eating an allergen.

Youthful family group sang Crazy Horses in 1972.

Type of shell Aphrodite is seen rising from in art.

__ International, aka National Stadium, Qatar.

Queen __; widow of a king.

Down on a rising stock.

Puzzle 14

Chewy Eumetazoa.

Race of reasoning horses in Gulliver's Travels.

To cast off in layers or scales.

Capital of Texas townie.

Quarrelsome and difficult to control.

In a trunk, part with the hardest timber.

__ Arabian, stallion; name also of racing stables.

Australian advocate of Indigenous rights.

Pharaoh who succeeded Ramesses II, his father.

Device for surfing on the belly.

Exhaustion, fatigue.

The __, Wagner's tetralogy on Norse legend.

Puzzle 15

Ghosts, spirits, night-wanderers in Welsh folklore.

German dish of marinated mince and herring.

A preying animal.

He was the severed head in The Godfather.

A taste of your own __.

A laptop or a desktop.

A thousand one thousands.

Sprinkling with tiny droplets.

People who use blades to cause damage.

1971 Derby winner, rival to Brigadier Gerard.

Puzzle 16

Mike Leigh's "party" play was for this character.

Peter __, aka Peter Lear.

Corsican AOC wine.

Horse helped in the puppy search in 101 Dalmatians.

Apothecaries' weight equal to 20 grains.

Colour up above on a sunny day.

__ War, British-Sudanese war centred on Khartoum.

Also known as a turboprop aircraft.

It's what practice makes.

Also called windhover.

A poet, a designation applied to Shakespeare.

Nintendo's original hand held.

Antipodean racehorse nobbled with arsenic maybe.

Flamboyant style; swagger.

Puzzle 17


Bento box lunches served on trains in Japan.

The capital of Kansas.

__ Pie, My Little Pony who loves laughters.

Paolo __, Scottish singer with Pencil Full of Lead.

Areas of grass, poetically speaking.

Bell Book and __, movie about witches and spells.

Animal Farm's equine who loves sugar and ribbons.

NBA All-Star small forward, Kevin __.

Maybe the most popular of Hesperidia.

Puzzle 18

The first US children's book award, __ Medal.

Dustin Hoffman played Raymond Babbitt.

Laying out.

Country of origin for the plucked string kantele.

Roy Rogers was linked to this palomino stallion.

Cute rabbits.

Negotiated the price.

French fry condiment.

One who makes complicated bets at the craps table.

I am sorry.

Goods that come into a country from outside.

Derby winner who was nobbled by the IRA.

Flowers worn pinned on a dress or lapel.

Puzzle 19

Star of the 1939 film Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Greer __.

"Hero" horse caught up in an IRA bombing of 1982.

Makes butter.

This country has the Internet domain MC.

__ Garrett; co-wrote Man In the Mirror.

Female vampires; sorceresses.

Animal Farm's gentle mare who knows the alphabet.

Venerated in Belgium as a rain saint.

__ Henry, loud and obnoxious posh boy.

Junior's namesake.

To reject or snub.

__ Greatbatch, developed an artificial pacemaker.

Puzzle 20

A feudal tenant.

Black __, Anna Sewell's tale of cruelty to horses.

Jumble of strings.

Schiaparelli dug finding these Martian features.

Brits' favourite jumper with 3 Grand National wins.

Light midday meal.

Not a true nut, this fruit is the base of marzipan.

Sarah __, Night Fever host and Loose Women member.

Bill __; Twister and Apollo 13 actor.

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