CodyCross Famous Musicals Pack answers

Famous Musicals PackFamous Musicals

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Musicals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Secret agent comedy series by Brooks and Henry.

Kingsley Amis's drunken lecturer.

Wax often used in manicures.

Door openings for felines.

__ Goes, hit musical with I Get A Kick out of You.

Ready, assembled.

Robert __; Metallica's bassist since 2003.

Viva __, Elvis tries to earn money in Nevada.

Going downhill; going on __.

Savoury spicy jams served with poppadoms.

Puzzle 2

Vast hydroelectric structure on Paraná River.

__ the Game; lead single of ABBA: The Album.

Reworked text.

Transport for an infant.

WWII flying bomb.

Resembling fluffy shapes seen in the sky.

Create a memorable impression; cause ripples.

Deep fried vegetable delicacy.

La Cage __, drag queen musical by Herman-Fierstein.

Spiky mountain chain in northeast Italy.

Artificial grass playing surface.

Sightseeing day trip.

The __, show from a film about Sheffield strippers.

Often-ornate places where frozen blocks were kept.

Palatial architecture of Ancient Greece in Argolis.

Puzzle 3

Heated liquid for washing at home.

Male assistant referee in football.

Steady and stable; all the time.

Spaceship in Alien.

Region with most whisky distilleries in Scotland.

Gave praise for.

Nero's great uncle who adopted him.

70s musical based on the writings of P G Wodehouse.

Life After Life and Transcription author: Kate __.

Garlanded show about an American Founding Father.

WWII system of hiding all lights from aircraft.

__ "Molly" Brown; "unsinkable" Titanic heroine.

Chinese Nobel winner for work on combating malaria.

Puzzle 4

Eggs broken into hot water, dash of vinegar.

Dense coppice.

Bank worker.

Meet Me in __, where Garland sang The Trolley Song.

Nasal sounds during sleep.

Real, authentic, sincere.

Irish province once ruled by a "king of over-kings".

Round, glittery, colourful glass balls for a tree.

Sport involving epees, foils and sabres.

__ cordiale; 1904 treaty between GB and France.

Gold __, series of dated Busby Berkeley musicals.

Puzzle 5

__ sauce, brown Chinese dressing from sea shells.

South African township, now part of Johannesburg.

Inspiring pity or sadness.

A winter Carnaval is held in this Canadian city.

__ Boulevard, musical about a faded Hollywood star.

__-jeebies, rhyming feelings of nervousness.

Lady Helen __, was Windsor, Prince Edward's child.

Births, __ and marriages must be registered.

Turns of phrase, colloquialisms.

Parish constable in Dickensian times.

__ in the Park with George, 1980s Sondheim musical.

Puzzle 6

The cartoon Big Red Dog.

Alleviates, diminishes.

Tune from avians.

Song __, Lloyd Webber/Don Black two-act musical.

House or flat, residence.

__ Named Moe, show about the music of Louis Jordan.

The medical test abbreviated BUN: blood urea __.

Describes plants too big for their containers.

Faith in __; belief that people aren't all bad.

Folding bikes made in London.

Numerous people embracing in a circle.

Chicken sauce made famous by Nando's.

Mrs Gaskell's tale of the foibles of a village.

Actress who played Nora in the Thin Man series.

Swedish tech company of phones, in particular.

Largest Canary island.

Puzzle 7

Running off hurriedly.

__ Rock, an incarcerated Elvis swings his pelvis.

__ cake, fairy cake with icing and wings.

French architect/style of Unité d'Habitation.

They wrestle in a basho.

__ fracturing; method of obtaining natural gas.

Large Russian lagoon, drained by the Svir River.

Term for a thick-skinned beast, like an elephant.

Iris with a fragrant rhizome used in perfumery.

Plot driver that turns out to be inconsequential.

Especially mouthwatering food.

Cruel, brutal, fierce.

Culture and character of ancient Greece.

Hammerstein musical of It Might As Well Be Spring.

__ Nine; Star Trek series set on a space station.

Puzzle 8

Fences made of iron poles.


Internal styling and furnishing of a car.

Blood __, Willy Russell show about separated twins.

Isle plot wedding gift given to Princess Margaret.

Better than a poke __ with a sharp stick.

__ fog; ice crystals suspended in the air.

Hybrid name for Francesco Molinari/Tommy Fleetwood.

Song of __, Disney film features Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

Aussie wine producer of the Barossa Valley.

Liver illness that turns the skin and eyes yellow.

Archenemy of Hal Jordan and founder of a Corps.

Puzzle 9

__, Trains & Automobiles; Steve Martin, John Candy.

Courage, bravery, resolve.

Short pieces of writing about an argument.

__ cup, wine and Drambuie cocktail for warm months.

The Kiss of the __ Woman, a Tony Award winner.

Annie __, a NASA "human computer".

The black column on a bank statement.

Storm __, gushing and outpouring of floodwater.

Units of a snooker game.

Red-breasted birds.

English town that was ceded to France in 1558.

Beware of __ bearing gifts, a Trojan horse metaphor.

Judy Garland's seasonal musical, __ Parade.

Puzzle 10

US compilers of chart music lists.

Iconic racing game for the Nintendo 64.

German sausage made of pork or veal.

__ Prefer Blondes, with Monroe as Lorelei Lee.

Maria __, dancer, founded the Chicago City Ballet.

The initials GMT: __ Mean Time.

Typographical term for lower-case letters.

One and only.

Took away a religious official's credentials.

Flat featureless land caused by erosion.

Siamese cat marking.

Bed and __; only one meal per day is provided.

Real Time and Politically Incorrect host.

Part of the Silk Route that ran through Yunnan.

Get stuck into battle, like two stags.

Tracy and Edna Turnblad, core stars of this show.

Laborious, lumbering, slow and long-winded.

St Andrews' famous golf links.

State east of Pennsylvania, south of New York.

Puzzle 11

Sudden blowy passage of weather.

Jones-MacRae musical of "You'll Never Walk Alone".

Operator who runs short boat trips.

Country whose name means "land of the pure".

Chitty Chitty __, a flying car and Toot sweets.

Sitcom; DiCaprio starred as Darlene's classmate.

Revolutionary __ had months Brumaire and Thermidor.

Guyanese renowned rum brand.

Ludwik Lejzer __, inventor of esperanto.

Easily moved, capable of being disturbed.

Sit in or hold your legs in a V shape.

The most well-mannered.

Puzzle 12

Starfish alien enemy of the Justice League.

Scream, anagram of hikers.

__ and the Beast, Disney film of mismatched love.

Savory Egyptian nut and spice blend.

Miss __, Vietnam War musical based on an opera.

Season when a polar vortex has most impact.

VIP; heavyweight celebrity.

Lounge __, musician slang.

Capital of Haiti: Port-Au-__.

__ in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, life in a gulag.

Dairy protein.

Puzzle 13

Retire for sleep.

Everything Under, book by Daisy __.

Musical show with Sesame Street-style puppetry.

Densely populated.

High __, musical remake of The Philadelphia Story.

Name signalling the illegitimate son of a king.

Mollusc with a hinged shell.

Pangs of guilt or shame or loss.

Give generously from the depths of your pockets.

Loaded; in the chips.

Mix the pack.

__ Churchill, British prime minister.

Argentina's most important wine region.

Puzzle 14

Life used to be gloomier before him.

Bugsy __, Alan Parker show with kids as gangsters.

Honey from Australasia with special properties.

Drooped like an old flower.

Soda __, bottle used to make fizzy water.

Nickname for a carpenter.

Sailing dinghy class, a Laser __.

Country from which Vietnam gained independence.

Bye Bye __, 1963 musical that puts on a happy face.

Linda Martín __, author of Visible Identities.

Johanna __, German biochemist who studied omega-3.

Furry layer inside of hoodies or sweatshirts.

Puzzle 15

Dried food contained in a shell or a pod.

Bob Fosse crime musical starring Roxie Hart.

Horn of Africa country whose capital is Asmara.

Author of The Children of the New Forest.

Move clumsily, portmanteau of gallop and triumph.

Accumulated bodily inkings.

Colourful bureaucracy.

Nickname for The Beatles after their hairstyles.

Using few words, terse, curt.

__ rash, condition from a blade drawn over skin.

Starlight __, Lloyd Webber show on roller skates.

Puzzle 16

Flooring material consisting of timber planks.

British tax haven in the Lesser Antilles.

Total chaos and disorder.

Musical based on the songs of ABBA.

Year of __; woolly Chinese zodiac sign.

Commemorates ageing a year; you get cake!.

More crunchy, snappier.

Old-fashionedness; anagram of charisma.

Photo-sharing app with a ghost logo.

Daddy __, Astaire-Caron musical on age differences.

Not in the police or in the armed forces.

Rally driver Marcus __ won titles in 2000, 2002.

Opening for draining water from a deck.

Ruler dubbed the "Iron Chancellor": Otto von __.

RuPaul's __, reality talent show.

Danish rock festival, site of a fatal crush.

Georges V and VI, Edward VIII and Elizabeth II.

Puzzle 17

Horse-breeding and -racing board game.

East African country where spiced berbere is from.

Thomas __, furniture designer of the 1790s.

A flag __ in the wind.

Device to clip the edges of a lawn.

Operation __; WWII desert campaign led by Gott.

New York street, centre of theatreland.

Grabbed, gripped.

Vertical strip on a map.

Insect that invades the home.

Animated characters on a TV show or movie.

Apron worn over a dress.

Bloom linked to July in flower lore.

Side by Side by __, songs from a theatrical great.

Red __ are clues to lead a reader astray.

Cheaper By __; Steve Martin big family comedy.

Francis __, Chief Whip from British House of Cards.

Emil __ introduced flat disc recording in 1888.

Moves faster than.

Dull, menial work.

Puzzle 18

Man of __, musical inspired by Don Quixote.

Alec __, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Colonel Nicholson.

Comet, Cupid, Dasher or Dancer.

Sending letters by computer.

Snake-like, plastic, garden-watering device.

Italian food advocate and River Cafe chef.

Half a __, Tommy Steele vehicle based on Kipps.

"To be or not to be, that is the __".

Crème de cassis cocktail from France.

Alopecia, baldness.

Leader of the 1953 Everest expedition.

__ Wins, the motto of the SAS.

Secondary personality.

Describes a very heavy shower.

Searching a person.

Puzzle 19

Le Coq __, French sportswear brand.

__ for the very first time, sang Madonna.

Possible country where limericks originated.

Me __ The World, 2Pac song released in 1995.

Pedalling on a bicycle.

Chinese dog with wrinkly skin and purple tongue.

Sugared peel in hot cross buns.

Red Hot __, Cole Porter show with "It's De-Lovely".

Joseph __, formed a partnership with William Hanna.

__ of Love, Lloyd Webber musical set in France.

__ roof, double-pitched building upper.

Humble someone, slap them down/admonish them.

Puzzle 20

Detective in Dorothy Sayers novels: Lord Peter __.

Tessy __, Indian rocketry and missile scientist.

Country whose capital and largest city is Thimphu.

Billy __, stage musical about a boy dancer.

Justly, evenly.

Sport taught at the Rafa Nadal Academy.

Manhattan made with Scotch not Bourbon.

Manage to pay for, meet the expense of.

Decline or turn down an offer.

Kate __, Theodora in The Haunting of Hill House.

Thoroughly __ Millie, jazz show with Julie Andrews.

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