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Famous Painters PackFamous Painters

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Painters Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Russian scientist known for experiments with dogs.

Peter __, Britten opera about a fisherman.

Auguste __, French artist of Bathers and Umbrellas.

Large openings in sponges where water is expelled.

Pirate treasure boxes.

French forest ravaged by fire in 1949.

Character Will Arnett voices in The Lego Movie.

She's very enthusiastic, she's an eager __.

Iranian appetizer with a yogurt base.


Latin American term for English speaker/foreigner.

Leading figure of the Pop Art movement.

Soft downy fur seen on the bodies of some newborns.

__ Wall, 1979 Michael Jackson album.

Puzzle 2

The twelfth incarnation of the Doctor.


Glorious and beautiful, heavenly.

River in Austria and Germany that joins the Danube.

__ glass, what Alice used to continue her journey.

Motivate, encourage.

Female Impressionist painter of women and children.

Bram Stoker's __, Gary Oldman lead in 1992 movie.

Paul __, French painter of Mont Sainte-Victoire.

George Michael's first solo hit: "Careless __".

Able to pass through solid objects.

Queen Victoria was the last monarch in this House.

Puzzle 3

English typeface designer and sculptor.

Winter Olympic gold medal won by Lizzy Yarnold.

Don't Go __ My Heart, Elton John and Kiki Dee.

Weakening or swelling of an artery wall.

Piet __, he painted with primary colors and lines.

Aurora __, natural show called the Northern Lights.

Covered with scales or scaly cells.

Italian food company most famous for olive oils.

Not connected.

Saturdays and Sundays.

Authoritarian Roman emperor, made censor for life.

Puzzle 4

Login aliases used to access online accounts.

Spanish city that hosted the 1992 Olympics.

Common songbird also known as ouzel or merle.

Can withstand heat inside a cooker.

Author responsible for The Godfather.

City hosting the annual Beltane Fire Festival.

Learning in your own dwelling.

Freshly pressed vine fruits ready for wine.

Dame __, she played James Bond's boss.

Aubrey __, graphic illustrator for Oscar Wilde.

Spanish court painter famous for Las Meninas.

Blood __, toxins in a bodily system.

Puzzle 5

__ and Cambridge, boat race adversaries.

Werner __, directed Kinski in Fitzcarraldo.

Laura __ created beach, seaside and circus works.

Without any warning or indication.


Short-handled scythe for cutting crops.

Afghani flat bread aka perakai.

M C __, Dutch graphic artist of bizarre staircases.

These fruit were made for climbing.

Very distant or isolated.

Puzzle 6

Giotto's teacher and Florentine fresco artist.

Giorgio de __, artist started the Metaphysical art.

Diplomatic, thoughtful, delicate.

Robert __, a founder of the European Union.

Less expensive than.

Alexander __, castaway model for Robinson Crusoe.

Like a chicken with its head cut off.

Lime-green swimwear worn by Borat.

Keeps balls in the air.

Maiden name of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Playing a sport with putters.

North American watery salamander.

Puzzle 7

Intended destination of vanished MH370 flight.

A percentage of marriages end like this.

Marcel __, diverse artist of nudes and a urinal.

Fifty Shades scribe.

__ of Solace, Bond film with a nod to physics.

Hassled and relentlessly pursued.

US road with no toll charge.

Electronic dance music, loved by ravers.

Corpse __, "hair of the dog" hangover cures.

Sons of your sister.

Canadian province for the city of Edmonton.

Feeling panicked, worried about a possible danger.

Hans the Younger painted Henry VIII.

Reptile results from Moses throwing down his rod.

Robert __, captained the Beagle on Darwin's voyage.

Puzzle 8

Estimated or forecast, based on past figures.

Games when the same two players meet again.

Design made up of smaller pieces stitched together.

Accompaniment to roast beef in the UK: __ pudding.

Sinking slowly into the ground.

Oskar __, Austrian Expressionist painted bridges.

Antelope-like animal of North America.

Glamorous slang for office worker.

Self-contained person, opposite of extrovert.

Ship that carried the Pilgrim Fathers to Cape Cod.

The hour near where you are.

Jean-Honore __, French Rococo painter of The Swing.

Safety structures in race cars.

__ at Tiffany's, filmed novel by Truman Capote.

Puzzle 9

Springfield's cartoon family, The __.

Tumult, upset, a change requiring lots of work.

Double __; phrase that can be taken two ways.

Punishment following the trials of the Inquisition.

Expressions of public disapproval.

She received the Koh-i-Noor diamond from India.

For taking home restaurant leftovers.

__ of Fire, story of the 1924 Olympic Games.

I'm Going __ Mad, just a little bit sang Queen.

Poirot writer, Agatha __.

Spanish Surrealist of the Constellations series.

MLB consists of the National and __ leagues.

The four largest moons of Jupiter: __ moons.

Once every 365 days.

US artist famed for a portrait of his mother.

Putting the car away at home.

Puzzle 10

The T in a BLT.

English landscape painter of Rain, Steam and Speed.

A piece of land used to grow flowers or vegetables.

Laurence __ wrote "They shall not grow old...".

Slang word for darts game.

Georges __, artist picnicked on La Grande Jatte.

Capital of Turkey.

Pete Townshend's band.

Some Like It Hot star Marilyn __.

__ functions; euphemism for urination etc.

Puzzle 11

Slang for being upset.

Surrealist whose real name was Emmanuel Radnitzky.

Indian iron pan; sounds like martial art.

Beatle, John __.

__ bullets are treated and leave a glowing trail.

Exploring underground chambers.

Tina __ was Bianca, helping 007 disguise himself.

The one at Delphi was known as Pythia.

Electronic reading apparatus.

Absorbent sea creature.

Complete the palindrome: "Do geese __".

Someone who makes a sacrifice, such as Joan of Arc.

Animal-skin headwear.

Puzzle 12

Call the __, 1950s nursing drama series.

Finger condition caused by herpes simplex.

Giovanni __, Venetian Rococo painter/muralist.

Small male attendant at weddings.

Danced, boogied.


__ scales, electronics to weigh cake ingredients.

Room __; meals and drinks ordered in a hotel.

Paolo __, Renaissance painter of The Hunt.

Christian virtue of bravery.

Hamburg nightlife district with the Reeperbahn.

Puzzle 13

Describes a 0-0 draw in football.

Freshwater lake in the Austrian Alps.

Puccini opera about Mimi, a consumptive.

Dance performed by sailors with crossed arms.

Essential nutrients for a healthy body.

René __, Surrealist used apples and bowler hats.

Unfashionable; past its prime.

Bills of payments due.

Injuring, inflicting pain on someone.

Camille __, French Impressionist and Pointillist.

Spencer __, assassinated British prime minister.

__ is the father of the man.

Largest-ever diamond is part of the Crown Jewels.

Housing for a ship's compass.

Former name of July 1 holiday "Canada Day": __ Day.

Puzzle 14

Small balls fired from a cannon, resembling fruit.

Italian painter of Venice's canals and the Thames.

French artist/illustrator of outdoor pursuits.

English chef Graham Kerr, aka the __ Gourmet.

Describing word.

New Year's Eve in Eastern Europe (after the saint).

Whining, moaning, complaining.

Small cat breed named after Asian country.

Combative couples fight like these animals.

Replacing a cover on a book.

Strips off, disrobes.

Puzzle 15

Small, narrow-bladed sword for thrusting.

__ sec, sweet, orange-flavored liqueur.

Austin Powers villain with baby finger on his lips.

They are sung at Christmas by choirs.

Scottish island gives its name to a type of tweed.

Wimbledon warm-up championship.

Tell off, scold.

Bushes, short leafy plants.

Yves __, Surrealist of Mama, Papa is Wounded.

__ of the Native, Hardy novel set on Egdon Heath.

Italian kitchenware design company.

__ knocker, pottery term for a saggar's assistant.

Artist named Peter Paul, of the Flemish baroque.

Catholic beads.

__ Week; 7-day annual New Year holiday in China.

Old part of cities in North Africa, often walled.

US record-breaking long jumper of 1968, Bob __.

Language spoken in Scotland and Ireland.

Unit of electric current.

Puzzle 16

Of or relating to cats.

The __ File, thriller by Frederick Forsyth.

Edward __, artist of 40s works Nighthawks and Gas.

Humid and leafy, like a rainforest.

Exchanging goods and services with no money.

Small monastery.

__ Grieg, Peer Gynt composer.

Canvas suntop on a frame for a cruiser boat.

Forename of French landscape artist aka Lorrain.


Espresso drink with cold frothed milk and ice.

Epic biopic about US WWII general.

Puzzle 17


Midwest Brazilian river reaches the Amazon forest.

Seizes something without right, like a throne.

__ Booth, Cooper and Fry writer.

Her last words were: "Get my swan costume ready".

George __, surveyor-general of India in the 1830s.

Japanese engraver and painter of The Wave.

Surname of 20th C artist dubbed Jack the Dripper.

Made a noise like a horse.

Country where Norman Manley Airport is located.

Bacillus anthracis is the etiologic agent of this.

Puzzle 18

Strips of cloth for healing sprains.

Medieval wandering musician.

Max __, German artist of the shocking The Night.

African nation where Mount Kilimanjaro is located.

Pulsated, oscillated.

Akira __, Japanese auteur famous for Seven Samurai.

Expected loser, rank outsider.

Puff pastry custard dessert aka mille feuille.

Joshua __, portraitist founded the Royal Academy.

Puzzle 19

Unashamedly lived off someone else.

South American country named after Venice.

Can withstand gales and breezes.

Family name of Manchester suffragettes.

Stalky vegetable also known as sparrow grass.

Bring back to life.

Third US president.

Russian artist and stage designer for Diaghilev.

Many Oscar wins for make-up including for Ed Wood.

Chemical element used in semiconductors, symbol Ge.

Household items: tables, chairs, beds, etc..

Kate __, watercolourist and book illustrator.

Forwards mail to a new address.

Puzzle 20

Marc __, Russian-born artist of I and the Village.

Austrian drinks company and Formula 1 sponsor.

Tells someone facts.

To speak out on behalf of a cause or situation.

Silver __ Playbook, film nominated for 8 Oscars.

Yellow, gummy mixture of uranium minerals.

Former Russian world chess champion: Boris __.

Colin __, Divorcing Jack writer.

Clown __fish are black with huge white spots.

Ancient facial duty imposed by Vikings on Irishmen.

Cloths used dry for housework.

Stanley __, WW2 war artist created religious works.

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