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Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Philosophers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Coq au Vin liquid.

Saint Thomas __, Italian Catholic philosopher.

Small "zony": little pony crossed with a zebra.

The cat's meow.

Old cinema apparatus for film editing.

__ Langer, US art thinker, Philosophy in a New Key.

Add __ to a bath to stop chickenpox spots itching.

Harrier; aircraft that takes off vertically.

Russian friend.

River gods in Ancient Greek mythology.

FW __, shared 1993 Peace prize with Mandela.

Michael __, bought The Beatles' back catalogue.

Puzzle 2

Oxymoronic piano.

Former German name of the capital of Slovakia.

__ Express with James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Britain's first university museum (since 1683).

Helper at a wedding, generally a young boy.

Sour vines around keepsakes.

They are on a train in a book by Mrs. Highsmith.

Louis __, Algerian/Parisian Marxist thinker.

Disseminated a message on Twitter.

__, a canal, Panama (complete the palindrome).

Chinese philosopher, aka Kongzi or Master Kong.

Courtroom reality show.

Havaianas by another name.

International financial institution.

Purchase a bad car.

Numerous; manifold.

Critical Italian defeat in a 1917 WWI battle.

Puzzle 3

Former CEO of 21st Century Fox: Rupert __.

A pause for breath near the middle of a line.

Russian-American thinker, wrote The Fountainhead.

Body of water separating Sweden and Denmark.

Necklace charm.

People employing lawyers.

Middle Eastern gulf known for its oil reserves.

__ Machiavelli, writer of The Prince.

Renata __, Italian soprano singer.

84 __ Cross Road, film about a long correspondence.

Under the __; ill.

Portuguese for January.

Nearer the goal than the ball and 2nd defender.

Puzzle 4

Go for broke.

Middle Eastern short curved sword.

Hitting the skins.

Fahrenheit 451 opens, It was a __ to burn.

Peaky __, 1920s Brum hardmen with naughty hats.

Audio, auditory.

Jürgen __, communicative rationality thinker.

Flames overseen by the devil.

Chicken sound.

South Pacific islands; Adamstown is the capital.

Hipparchia of __, Cynic thinker, married Crates.

Drinking ale under this canvas in the summer.

Puzzle 5

Scottish fizzy drink "made from girders".

German General Erwin Rommel's nickname: __ Fox.

__ Schütz, Austrian social phenomenologist.

A __ Shade of Pale, 1968 hit for Procol Harum.

Diacritic symbol, a short line above a character.

The Mediterranean area east of Greece.

__ Fanon, Martinique Marxist/colonial academic.

The rear end.

Thomas __; invented a steam pump engine in 1698.

Big Hawaiian dress with repetitive syllables.

Most desiccated.

Count Dracula actor Bela __.

Small furry animal, good at chores?.

World's tallest palace, former home of Dalai Lama.

__ Moholy-Nagy, Hungarian artist, Bauhaus educator.

Puzzle 6

South __, World War II island musical.

__ Sellars, critical realist/Roy Wood Sellars' son.

Australian surfing spot, Great __ Reef.

Unit (Sv) for measuring the effect of radiation.

August stone.

Grand Gothic cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.

When the cock crows.

__ Bacon, the English father of empiricism.

Arcadia British clothing store from Peter Robinson.

Stuffed Italian bread with savoury ingredients.

Country that is home to Bran Castle.

Clinton's daughter passes round the buns.

Sesame Street puppet monsters.

Nicolas __, former French president.

Sonic the Hedgehog's self-proclaimed girlfriend.

Lens that improves eyesight.

Easy peasy for a cheating card dealer: __ of hand.

Highest points of development or culmination.

Puzzle 7

Glassy or vacant expression.

__ Butler, philosopher, wrote Gender Trouble.

Britain's venomous snakes.

Logo symbol of Nike footwear.

Capital of Niger.

Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady __.

Short furniture, often drawers and cabriole legs.

__-Ashbury, SF area linked to the Summer of Love.

General MacArthur's WWII personal plane.

Golf venue, __ St Annes.

Technical term for the cheekbone.

John __, English 17th-century diarist.

City where Lowenbrau Original beer is brewed.

Retro Italian scooters with distinctive waspy purr.

Mary __, writer of Some Reflections upon Marriage.

Misconstruction of past participle "sought".

The tip of the toes (ballet).

The opposite of dunce.

Puzzle 8

Song by Lana Del Rey and a classic of the closet.

Particle accelerator, invented by E. O. Lawrence.

What one wears on a sleeve when sensitive.

Aka Zhuangzi, Taoist philosopher.

Le __, architect of Notre-Dame-du-Haut.

Additive that prevents food from drying out.

Entrepreneur who founded Amstrad.

Member of a fraternal order who meet at a Lodge.

__ Wilhelm Leibniz, thinker/mathematician.

Summer 1944 Soviet campaign on the Eastern Front.

__ Empire, territories related to Charlemagne.

B in scuba.

Stick out this facial part when in a sulk.

Sir Julian __, ex-secretary general EU Parliament.

Puzzle 9

__ Frege, German analytic philosophy father.

On horseback, according to the French.

__ of Mantinea, Greek thinker and priestess.

__ down, reducing a concept.

Edith __, author of The House of Mirth.

Hobby with longevity.

60s Western TV show that featured Clint Eastwood.

Uncultured, vulgar.

Wild monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar: __ macaques.

The theory of exchanging money for goods.

Wine-making region in Catalonia.

Beirut art museum built in 1912 on a private villa.

Puzzle 10

Using flattery to persuade.

You are __ out, man.

Bad table manners.

One partner at a time.

This salamander is AKA waterdog.

Piercing with a long sharp stick.

__ Sea, body of water between N Corsica and Italy.

David __, Australian consciousness philosopher.


Michel __, French thinker whose name is a pendulum.

US race for precious metal, 1849.

Swiss ski resort popular with British royalty.

Toothpaste additive.

Opera by Bedrich Smetana: The __ Bride.

Puzzle 11

Italian region of Perugia, Gubbio and Assisi.

Early maker of croquet sets.

Sharp tool for chopping or climbing glaciers.

Country whose national animal is the takin.

Joked, pranked.

__ Nussbaum, wrote Sex and Social Justice.

Antonín __, Czech Romantic composer.

Isaiah __, Russian-British philosopher at Oxford.

Detective in Edith Ngaio Marsh novels: Roderick __.

Roman priest of a particular deity.

__ ring, finger ornament with a seal on it.

Puzzle 12

Tolkien's horse invented for Aragorn.

Celtic Queen who led a revolt against Roman rule.

__ rex, Stravinsky's opera-oratorio of 1927.

Horror movie, creature __.

What one is off when saved from a tough spot.

Impaired ability to process sensory information.

Catharine __ Cockburn, defended John Locke's work.

Communist Manifesto rally: "__ of the world, unite".

__ Martineau, 19th-c. Brit who wrote Deerbrook.

Returning for more food.

Puzzle 13

Monopoly add-on.

Red Italian wine grape whose name means foggy.

Film series, e.g. National __ Christmas Vacation.

US R&B singer with "I Try".

French tyre manufacturer with Bibendum imagery.

Caine and Bounty were two.

What you're pricking up when listening carefully.

Doctor who showed that cholera was waterborne.

Presidential park, Mount __.

Art critic member of the Bloomsbury Group.

National summer sport of Canada.

Order to which turtles and tortoises belong.

Susan __, 1930s British analytic philosopher.

The whole time.

Belgian King who succeeded his father, Albert II.

Ancient Greek moral philosopher, born 470 BC.

Puzzle 14

__ Churchland, Canadian/US thinker, wife of Paul.

An objects' orbitary point farthest from the sun.

What the dying frog is doing.

Til the cows __: a long time.

Crushes underfoot.

Puts in chains and makes a servant.

Short name for ancient city of the Canary Islands.

The Great Mosque of Córdoba.

Joël __, French chef with myriad Michelin stars.

Term to describe the vertical part of goalposts.

Winds or helicopters.

Finnish midsummer holiday celebration.

Jean-Jacques __, Swiss, wrote The Social Contract.

Puzzle 15

Also Abdulaziz, ruled Saudi Arabia 1932-1953.

Canary in a coal mine.

Second-most popular moniker for a Pope.

__ hammer, Swiss war weapon like bec de corbin.

Blind spot in the field of vision.

Surname of British artist brothers Dinos and Jake.

Bertrand __, Welsh thinker, wrote On Denoting.

__ of Alexandria, mathematician brutally murdered.

Famous chewing-gum, Chicago baseball stadium.

Metal mug for drinks.

She gets around.

Polish word for the annual harvest celebration.

Sahara Desert valley dog.

Puzzle 16

Beach area between high- and low-water marks.

Unsuccessful attempt to kill King James I: __ plot.

Holding in trust.

Helen Reddy's homeland.

Screenwriter, she wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Also called Tiffany cat.

The __, Eliot poem with Tiresias and Mme Sosostris.

Lessening or disappearance of a disease's symptoms.

White sugar substitute used for dietary purposes.

Ancient geographical landmass of North America.

License check.

In Incan mythology, the god who created the world.

Vital, animating force.

Spanish battle of c. 720, started the Reconquista.

Where the bats are in when one is crazy.

Scottish thinker, wrote The History of England.

Car competing over a set straight-line distance.

__ Engels, German thinker, friend of Karl Marx.

The A in AM radio, __ modulation.

Converter of a gas to a liquid.

Puzzle 17

__ Malkovich, surreal film with John Cusack.

This Torricelli invention signaled a change.

Store's sale, when everything must go.

Sally __, thinker, co-wrote Theorizing Feminisms.

Hindu princes, Sanskrit title for a "great ruler".

Insufficiency; deficit.

Main Allied Invasion of Italy: Operation __.

Chinese author of Dream of the Red Chamber.

Apple device that outlived the nano and shuffle.

Lee __, leader of the Actors Studio from 1951.

Another name for the pineal gland.

Manual skill in weaving, sewing, crafting, etc.

In football it can be 5-3-2, or 4-2-4, or 4-1-3-2.

French supermarket chain, on every crossroad?.

Symbol of the united houses of York and Lancaster.

Watch out for the thrust of this broadbill.

René __, French thinker/physicist/dualist theorist.

Arsphenamine, compound 606.

Indian Ocean nation famous as home to the dodo.

Puzzle 18

Evened out.

Absent-minded professor friend of Tintin.

Folk dance; drain stopper.

Easy-peel citrus fruits.

Those giving unwanted advice are __ drivers.

Community that enjoys sudden economic growth.

Illegal actor.

State of the world during Earth Hour.

Spanish home town of Salvador Dalí.

Ibn Rushd or __, Andalusian thinker.

Quibble over trifles or trivia.

Slang for information superhighway or internet.

Treat a wound.

__ Foot, co-founder of modern virtue ethics.

English novelist of Barsetshire chronicles.

A set of bells mechanically sounded.

Puzzle 19

Roger __, tutor of Queen Elizabeth I.

John __ Mill, UK thinker and liberal economist.

Very greedy person (like a solan goose).

__ and Avon Canal.

Winged sycamore seeds.

Howard __, famous recluse made the Spruce Goose.

This ball is used in common Jewish soup.

__ Gassendi, French thinker, wrote Exercitationes.

Person who plays a game with birdies.

Unfilled space, a gap; anagram of canula.

Aka Eabani, wild man in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Nuns' and friars' clothing.

Puzzle 20

A small fault, or to nitpick.

Nationality of composer Darius Milhaud.

Ancient Chinese philosopher, wrote Tao Te Ching.

Like getting blood out of a __.

Region in Italy that includes the city of Faggia.

Head tufts on birds.

Promenade; leisurely walk.

Mary __; King George V's queen with German roots.

Howard __; pioneering Australian microbiologist.

Jon Cryer's character in Pretty in Pink.

First successful Soviet mission to Venus.

Susan __ Okin, Justice, Gender, and the Family.

Gail __, American sprinter and hurdler.

Hot, spicy Thai soup, sounds delicious.

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