CodyCross Famous Rulers Pack answers

Famous Rulers PackFamous Rulers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Rulers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

An image that is unclear and hard to make out.

Norwegian signal song used in the mountains.

British withdrawal from the European Union.

A person who looks after the grounds of a church.

Slithered, anagram of kneads.

Blue-__ octopus is extremely venomous.

Florentine family of four Popes.

Drink named after the Spanish city of Jerez.

Wrote the epic Aeneid.

Howard __, Egyptologist discovered King Tut's tomb.

Persian god who bathed in the blood of a bull.

Jeanne __, leading lady of Jules et Jim.

Pre-treatment first stop for many ER patients.

Lounge __, sleazy bar customer who chats up women.

Capital of Croatia.

With Cousteau, invented the aqua-lung.

Danish king who showed lack of power over the tide.

Puzzle 2

Un Chien __, iconic and surreal film by Buñuel.

A prophetic bird of Russian folklore.

First artificial satellite, launched in 1957.

Frequent description of the 1920s.

__ Parque, Palmeiras stadium in Sao Paulo.

This singer left his heart in San Francisco.


In the kingdom of the blind, the __ man is king.

Motionless figures representing a scene.

Macedonian founded the final Egyptian dynasty.

Capital of Thailand.

Name of Holy Roman emperors called Fat and Bald.

Marilyn __, two-paneled Warhol painting.

__ Power, means of powering condenser microphones.

Madrid-__ airport, also called Adolfo Suárez.

Animal with the most tastebuds; ocean dweller.

Brew keg spigot.

Puzzle 3

Latin American music style of the 1960s.

Tiny amount of plant or animal matter in alcohol.

TV series about a plot terrorist attack within FBI.

Honda's 1954 fictional creation.

Floating pollution.

Mohammed __, cricket, soccer UAE stadium.

Another name for the North Star, a guiding star.

Bloody Mary with beef bouillon, not tomato.

He took power following the execution of Charles I.

Ingrid Bergman convinced by husband she is insane.

Largest and oldest port in Mexico.

Deng __, Chinese successor to Mao Zedong.

Puzzle 4

Field of whales and dolphins.

Fugu, water creature.

Disease from lack of niacin; leaves skin lesions.

Tokyo's shopping district for young fashionistas.

Something that does not consider both viewpoints.

Coconut, rum, tequila, vodka could drive you mad!.

__ water, method of staying afloat in the deep.

Terry __, known for the Sword of Truth series.

The lady you are going to get married to.

__ Alps in Germany, Zugspitze is the highest peak.

Per Confucius: "Do not use a cannon to kill a __".

Online scrabble variation with 8 tiles per turn.

Deposed king of France, married Marie-Antoinette.

Transitional metal used in missiles and aircraft.

In music, curved line connects notes; cord/thread.

Group of stars in Taurus also called Seven Sisters.

Carthaginian general marched across the Alps.

It's huge! Hippo-like beast mentioned in the Bible.

Puzzle 5

Saudi __, where the royal family is called Saud.

A spot of bother.

Disease caused by severe deficiency of vitamin C.

Scream out loudly with fright.

Small, flat-bottomed South East Asian boat.

Squirm, flounder.

Secure Digital memory storage device.

__ down the hatches, prepare for a storm.

Base of Kronos and Titans during Titanomachy war.

Weeding the garden with a long-handled tool.

Separate __, 1958 movie based on two one-act plays.

Naval battle between Antony/Cleopatra and Rome.

__ Plus, A Clockwork Orange highball cocktail.

Gordon __, singer better known as Sting.

Duff a shot in golf.

This organization provides bibles for hotel rooms.

Country with second highest no. of casinos (2017).

Thin, wispy gray or white clouds.

Colorful Swiss watchmaker.

Puzzle 6

Condor __, German planes bombed Guernica in Spain.

Roman name from where we get Kaiser and Tsar.

Two reams or 1,032 sheets (metric 1,000).

__ numbers, appended to the names of monarchs.

High pitched Japanese bamboo instrument.

__ Jinn was Count Dooku's padawan in Star Wars.

Zoroastrian high priest higher than mobad.

To make an example for demonstration purposes.

Bread rings from Russia like bagels.

Region of major flooding in northern India in 2010.

Julie __, Marge Simpson actress.

Puzzle 7

Very strong Icelandic queen of the Nibelungenlied.

Rare amber found in Sicily.

Mainstream form of Judaism.

Japan's Crown Prince, heir to the throne.

Pather __, 1955 Indian film by Satyajit Ray.

Agent of disease.

Mostly woods and grass, the __ "desert" in Africa.

They had a hit with Clocks.

Spartan died at Thermopylae fighting the Persians.

Hero's helper.

Intricately designed Italian waffle cookies.

Chess movement; German for "compulsion to move".

Sea of the Philippines, also called Celebes.

Dug an underground tunnel.

Puzzle 8

Sub-Saharan snake; in Afrikaans means tree snake.

__ Baths, ruined Roman bathing complex.

__ de Paris, account of Quasimodo and Esmeralda.

Name label that tells you where to sit.

New __, Ezekiel's vision for Third Temple.

Central European dynasty lasted seven centuries.

Indian dance and mime from Kerala.

Ring of dough with quark, Eastern European pastry.

Bloodthirsty Mongol aka Timur.

Jailbird from John Kander musical, Chicago.

Facade; trace of something, similarity.

South Korean secretary-general of the UN 2007-2016.

Hitchcock term for hidden important plot element.

Extremely powerful whirlpool.

Puzzle 9

Name given to an Islamic state.

West Russian republic; its capital is Cheboksary.

Italian village, sweet white wine.

Crinoid __ is found on Indo-Pacific reefs.

Earthquakes occur here.

Master of Suspense.

Type of jazz band from New Orleans.

The headstone of a grave.

Colloquial phrase for going to bed.

English actor with gauche persona in Notting Hill.

Tissue or organ transplant, medical term.

Monet painted Beach in __.

Shared name of two queens ruling 400 years apart.

Loose-fitting trousers worn by comic clowns.

Cuddly TV tie-in toys with stomach motifs.

Puzzle 10

Ptasie __, "bird's milk" candy.

Doing well, rising again.

Folding circular shade canopy.

Quality of Dali's work.

Agung a __, Philippinean percussion instrument.

Roger __, Swiss tennis champion.

New abode party.

Moves from place to place.

Fictional rightful king of Gondor.

U on the periodic table.

Capital of French Polynesia.

Puzzle 11

Italian coast with prettily perched pastel homes.

Bitter red root.

Country where the bossa nova originated.

I beg to __.

Persian king completed the conquest of Greece.

Small close-fitting hat, skullcap.

Used for seeing through, in a house.

__ Wore Tights, Grable, Dailey married in musical.

Investigations, inquiries.

Shiver and shake.

Antiquated term for an itinerant repairman.

Short written account with limited details.

Creole variation of English spoken in Jamaica.

US sub-9.80-second 100m sprinter, Justin __.

Shakespeare's King of the Fairies.

Puzzle 12

A Herb Alpert and the __ Brass Double Feature.

Linus __, won Nobel prizes in Chemistry and Peace.

"Wise" last leader of a united kingdom of Israel.

Brian __, Olympic gold winning figure skater.

River forms borders in southern South America.

This London singer is in a lot of pain.

Small wood chopper.

Coconut candies, popular in Latin America.

Fastest land animal in the world.

Persian king who allegedly reigned for 700 years.

Revert to these settings for a clean slate.

Roman emperor built a fortified wall in Britain.

Puzzle 13

Get ready for a kiss.

English king lost his head at the Banqueting House.

Orange citrus fruits, like tangerines.

German brand of bicycle tires.

In legend, the one who made Icarus's wings.

Science focuses on time measurement.

Spanish king gave name to Asian islands country.

Classical Indian dance form named after a NE state.

"London Calling" band.

Golfing hell.

Ada __, considered the first computer programmer.

Steamed bean pudding originating from Nigeria.

Novel inspired by Paul Gaugin: "The Moon and __".

Milton __, US economist won a Nobel prize in 1976.

The Appointments of Dennis __, Mr. Bean is shrink.

Decoratively skewered.

Language spoken on the Horn of Africa.

Puzzle 14

__ Magna, preserved Roman city in Libya.

Burned wood-seasoned.

Fashion house founded by Jeanne, bought by L'Oreal.

__ of the Jedi, the end of Darth Vader.

Magical potion, perhaps with medicinal benefits.

Lumps, pieces.

To divide into two equal parts.

Cambodian dictator originally called Saloth Sar.

Somber cattle sound.

Juan __, Spanish king appointed by Franco.

The Marriage of __, Mozart's opera.

To trade goods without using money.

Dorothy L __ created detective Lord Peter Wimsey.

Puzzle 15

Release the grip of.

English/Dutch co-consort of Mary.

Toque __, tall white chef's hat.

1st writer in English to win the Nobel of Literature.

Irish sport.

Boris __, Russian tsar of an opera by Mussorgsky.

Third installment in Daniel Craig's Bond films.

Refuse, trash.

A bit like a soup, a group of cats is a __.

Where sardines are packed.


Silicon __, aka silica, used to make glass.

Puzzle 16

King of England with the "unready" epithet.

US independent film festival held in Utah.

Georgian Orthodox holy city near capital.

Spanish for "estate".

Automatic physical reaction.

African river starts in Angola, Popa Falls.

Egyptian rulers, such as Ramses and Thutmose.

Ancient horse breed, native to southern France.

Collapsible refuge.

One-piece protective garb.

Liqueur tasting of liquorice like Sambuca.

Puzzle 17

Official Latin name for Switzerland.

Imitation, low cost ice cream of different fats.

This battle crushed the Incan empire.

Something outstanding or excellent.

The Trip to __, stuck in Houston, 1985 film.

Clothing or boots that come up to the upper leg.

Boxer Marvin Hagler's nickname.

Red sandstone and marble tower in Delhi.

Babylonian king, subject of oldest-known epic poem.

Medical term for a woman who has never given birth.

Shakespearean character dies from a snakebite.

Belgian king who exploited the Congo.

__ fever is a sepsis following childbirth.

Stringed musician.

Puzzle 18

Afternoon tea snack in China.

Cool ocean current that can follow El Niño.

Meet the Fockers actor Robert __.

Golden __, Jason found it with the Argonauts.

Online accommodation marketplace; inflatable hotel.

Egyptian king, shot a zoo's lions after bad dreams.

Substance used to make porcelain aka china clay.

French word for both silver and money.

Evergreen bush ideal for topiary and hedging.

__ Messi, one of the world's top footballers.

Puzzle 19

January 1.

Irish golfer Rory, found success at young age.

Modest land rise or mound.


Occupation of Luke Hansard that helps parliament.

Sang "I Want to Hold Your Hand": The __.

Russian ruling dynasty deposed in 1917.

News distributor.

Pulsating star.

Elaborate passage of virtuoso playing or singing.

Goatskin leather used for book bindings.

Ear excised artist.

Box __, old-fashioned square camera.

Abdominal external __ muscle.

Amsterdam neighborhood named after fort.

Sri Lankan breakfast food aka Appam.

Nights of __, prostitute looking for true love.

Weak or vulnerable condition.

Holy Roman __, imperial majesty for 1000 years.

Puzzle 20

The Boys in the __, Dietrich as showgirl Frenchy.

French bread.

Alexander von __, Prussian geomagnetic researcher.

Paul and Timothy's prison epistle.

Taking a thin layer of the surface off something.

Gulf of __, shallow, Asian inlet aka Gulf of Siam.

European pit viper.

Leonid __, Soviet leader, famous for a doctrine.

Germany's "Iron Chancellor" of the 1870s-80s.

Roiling, grinding movement.

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