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Famous Sculptures PackFamous Sculptures

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Sculptures Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Blended music genre embodied by Jamiroquai.

Ancient Egyptian sculptor of famous Nefertiti bust.

Invested into the priesthood.

A rainforest mammal also known as a "honey bear".

Person appointed to act for another.

Valve for turning the domestic water supply off.

Exercise helps keep these blood vessels unclogged.

Veggie whose name means cabbage turnip in German.

An act of mercy or forgiveness.

Sport played with a netted stick.

Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun.

Capital of Namibia, an area of hot springs.

Codename for Brit recapture of Singapore in WWII.

Bonding exercise involving acting out scenarios.

Alexander Calder's bright red steel bird sculpture.

Happy Feet penguin with plastic rings around neck.

Desert plant adaptation reaching down to water.

Puzzle 2

Person from the country whose capital is Ljubljana.

Porcinis, for one.

Del __, US act most famous for Runaway.

Healing ointment.

Cowards, weaklings.

Tightrope walker who crossed Niagara Falls.

The __ Column; memorial by Romanian Brâncuși.

US state in which To Kill A Mockingbird is set.

Undulating land, for tanks say or wine-growing.

1980s helicopter espionage TV show.

Mythical sea creature seen in Singapore sculptures.

Puzzle 3

Seaside greens and fairways.

Anish Kapoor's bean-shaped steel sculpture.

Waterproof cover for shelter.

Sikh worship places.

Cleanliness is next to __.

Calorie-free sweetener for hot drinks.

Dog breed with links to Buddhist monasteries.

Rio peak on which Christ the Redeemer stands.

Place des __, Parisian place with Louis XIV statue.

John Masefield's young hero in The Box of Delights.

Puzzle 4

Beat together the yolks and whites with this.


Kensington Gardens statue of boy who never grew up.

Luke Skywalker's home planet.

Attacking with gunfire, such as from a plane.

Wickedness, immorality, corruptness.

Stand in for a superior.

Political belief in the destruction of authority.

Devastating typhoon in southeast Asia in 1881.

Tiny guitar, popular in bluegrass music.

Orange-furred best friend of Goosey Loosey.

Italian sculptor of Wall Street's Charging Bull.

Wild sheep of the Mediterranean with curly horns.

Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

The most spiteful in their remarks.

South African sports fan horn.

Herb with long thin leaves used to pickle vinegar.

Puzzle 5

Site of giant sandstone buddha in Sichuan, China.

Hogwarts' most troublesome ghost.


A mixture of songs or parts of songs.

Seller of textiles and clothing.

Former name of the Indian state of Odisha.

Tin/lead alloy for joining electrical components.

Fermented green plant fodder for cattle and sheep.

Easy to do, in French.

Davy Jones's __, sea's bottom where sailors die.

Crushed or husked grains; old coins.

Colossi of __; giant figures on Luxor's West Bank.

Shoves, pushes, most commonly in a car.

Intense pains, e.g. __ of childbirth.

Julia __ of Ozark, Maniac, and Dirty John.

Puzzle 6

__ II; ruler carved in rock at Abu Simbel temple.

Pretending to throw a punch.

Restrains oneself from doing something.

The right to operate transit in a sea- or airspace.

Archaic name for a pickpocket.

Projecting parts of a military line.

__ Morning; red metal sculpture by Anthony Caro.

First name of Miss Honey in Roald Dahl's Matilda.

Deep, plush carpet.

Memory technique like "Every Good Boy Does Fine".

Dionne Warwick (1964) and Stranglers (1978) hit.

Irish expression for having ruined something.

Great __ War, defeat of Sweden by Peter the Great.

__ Regan, 1960s Rovers barmaid.

Trails or routes through a garden.

Puzzle 7

__ and the Stag; bronze of Greek god of hunting.

Robert __, US musician, father of the delta blues.

Distance measurement from side to side.

Islamic law.

Peruvian city, world's largest with no road access.

__ Triumphant; Canova's victorious mythical hero.

Flowering plant genus including false goat's beard.

Dead language in Britain recognized by UNESCO.

American word for rocket salad leaves.

Teased with comments.

Joan, star reborn in the 1980s as Alexis Colby.

Olive-green semi-precious gemstone.

Author of The Miser, born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin.

Puzzle 8

Deprived a sailboat of the wind necessary to move.

Administrative bodies for towns and counties.

Calais leaders in Rodin's 1889 bronze casting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spy comedy action movie.

Portuguese for tiles, decorating public buildings.

Clear French soup.

Small, floppy-eared domestic rabbit breed.

Frustrated, prevented, foiled.

The jilted bride in "Great Expectations": Miss __.

Hair devices for putting pleats in tresses.

South Dakota site of Mount Rushmore carvings.

Incitement to rebellion.

Plates, saucers, etc.

Material used to make vessels for canning.

John __, the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels.

Puzzle 9

__ City, place at the center of Boardwalk Empire.

Grab tightly by the throat.

Monarch who played doubles at Wimbledon in 1926.

German air show disaster of 1988.

Ugly swimmer in Australasian waters.

Margaret __, wrote the famous Gone With the Wind.

Group of European nations with open mutual borders.

By choice, e.g. surgery booked in advance.

Foolish, lacking common sense.

Used to summon maids or butlers.

Dutch-speaking region of northern Belgium.

__ Pis; cheeky sculpted water feature in Brussels.

Material placed beneath a carpet.

Slightly salty water.

Botero's chubby feline public art in Barcelona.

Measurements of 220 yards.

The Italian liqueur in a Harvey Wallbanger.

Australian city with an annual "Ekka" festival.

Puzzle 10

Plucking a stringed instrument with one's fingers.

Separating grain from stalk.

Animal phylum once possessing a dorsal nerve cord.

Mark left outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.

__ Plot, scheme to usurp the throne of Elizabeth I.

Barcelona's giant lobster sculpture.

The C in EEC, the EU forerunner formed in 1957.

Priestly title in the Roman Catholic church.

Andy Warhol's soap pads sculpture.

Straitjacket, constraint.

Roman slave a grateful lion refused to eat.

Greek term meaning "the rabble".

Puzzle 11

__ Raid, WW2 bombing mission on Tokyo.

Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, with limestone bust.

Disciplined, shamed, shown up.

Phil Collins LP that featured In the Air Tonight.

Associations of companies or businesses.

One-footed hat-wearing Richard Scarry character.

London West End shopping/entertainment complex.

Airship, zeppelin.

Spam filters do this to allow messages in.

Bluey-green algae that is eaten as a supplement.

Abstract bronze by Joan Miró in Washington D.C..

Pertaining to the the stars and astrology.

Puzzle 12

Describes a number of riotous 30s cinema comedies.

TV show about people in Heaven, or is it Hell?.

Suitable for people to live in.

Common name for Rome's FCO airport.

Intercom speaker on stockbrokers' desks.

For the __; Damien Hirst's jewel-encrusted skull.

Spicy/fruity German biscuit-cake.

Canine term for a kind of check pattern.

French-Polish sculptor of Christ the Redeemer.

Repayment for a wrongdoing, revenge.

Puzzle 13

Guennol __; ancient anthromorphic limestone statue.

Joan __, actress, Alexis Colby in Dynasty.

Pew books.

Embracing marble statue by Auguste Rodin.

Moorish castle like those at Segovia and Cordoba.

Her name means spider, she won a weaving contest.

Type of light bulb fitting named after sharp blade.

Steal, nick, pinch, appropriate.

Prompting device with scripted words on a screen.

These boys included Ad-Rock, Mike D, Adam Yauch.

Separating by force.

W African stork; its plumage used to decorate hats.

Medieval form of torture along with stocks.

Ex-Mrs McCartney, __ Mills.

Wooden bases for forklifts to handle.

Hottest lazy time during summer.

Muslim fasting period.

Indian dish comprising lentils and meat and veg.

Puzzle 14

Strait separating Italy from Albania.

Soft leather for polishing cars or windows.

__ place theory, human geography concept.

Musical of Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

Tom Jones LP: The Lead and how to __.

Winged figure on Piccadilly Circus fountain.

Satin ribbon or cord that runs around headgear.

Brave and courageous.

Some Enchanted __, a South Pacific show tune.

Belief that even inanimate objects have a spirit.

Swiss site of 19th-century carved lion monument.

UK based Worcestershire Sauce company: Lea & __.

Kelsey __ starred as Dr. Frasier Crane.

Nicolai Ceausescu, executed dictator of this nation.

Gran __, video racing simulation video game.

Emma __, Russian anarchist and pacifist.

Puzzle 15

Lucky charms worn to ward off evil.

Parisian pop art sculptor of Women and Dog.

George Gershwin opera, Porgy __.

Michael __, Olympic sprinter, aka the Waco Express.

Obviously, clearly.

City through which the Chao Phraya River flows.

Helge __, explorer, discovered L'Anse aux Meadows.

Edward __; sculpted Copenhagen's Little Mermaid.

Portable case containing lighted candle.

Tim Burton film starring Ewan McGregor.

Emergency overnight stay in a tent on a mountain.

Old-fashioned word for men who flirt outrageously.

Cheering on your team.

Puzzle 16

Young actress with eyes set on celebrity status.

Keyboard instrument with glockenspiel sound.

Uttar __, North India state, home of Taj Mahal.

Thorny shrub, especially a blackberry bush.

__ Dog; mirrored steel sculptures by Jeff Koons.

90s fashion designer known for low rise jeans.

Cylinders wound with thread for needlework.

German fruity loaf with marzipan.

Giant science-related landmark in Brussels.

__ and His Sons; marble sculpture in the Vatican.

Keeping a straight face, impassive.

Circulation of moving currents of breeze.

First known King of Rome, for whom it was named.

__ Motorenbau, former car maker, now Mercedes.

Puzzle 17

Red ink heading in a book or manuscript.

French operatic composer of Faust in 1859.

Spoil, mollycoddle, pamper.

Flat-topped hills in desert areas.

Rude gestures with thumb on the nose.

Engineer Gustave who built the Statue of Liberty.

Poisonous substances.

Maria __, innovator of harnessing solar power.

Describes vessels not moored and floating freely.

Abbreviation for a train with no moving parts.

Publication of the Salvation Army.

Ermine species with pure white winter coats.

Belgian cartoon journalist boy with dog Snowy.

Block that supports a sculpture.

Meaty Scottish delicacy.

Puzzle 18

They take political soundings of the public.

__ reserve; UNESCO-designated natural area.

Sculptor of 15th-century nude bronze David figure.

Former continent roughly corresponds to N America.

S African meal of hollowed-out loaf with curry.

Laid-back posture of Henry Moore's famous figures.

Resided temporarily.

Machine made to hard boil.

Thameside site of the signing of Magna Carta.

Hamilton tune sung by Aaron Burr.

Puzzle 19

A disease-causing virus or bacterium.

Roy __, played Chief Brody in Jaws.

__ Parade; global conservation sculpture trail.

Partition inside a ship.

Tropical bird with large, curved beak.

Loose shorts that look like a skirt.

The process of producing young.

Abuse, hurt, damage.

Table group of salt, pepper and mustard.

Shallow container for sowing.

Nickname for Judson's nature-loving bronze female.

Compliments and accolades, often for the departed.

Soldier or sailor who rebels against authority.

Puzzle 20

Shakespearean play set in Troy: Troilus and __.

__ None the Richer, band had a hit with Kiss Me.

Country house enclosure for roaming cervidae.

The subject of the Welsh film Dark Horse: Dream __.

Gesturing figure by Alberto Giacometti; Man __.

Type of steel used for body piercings.

Tough biscuits eaten by sailors in the past.

Specs without arms that perch on the nose.

Tete de femme bronze sculpture by Pablo Picasso.

Movement/displacement of peoples around the world.

Doctor Who is one of this race of beings.

Gallic tribe with capital at La Tène, Switzerland.

Lighter outer part of a shadow around an eclipse.

Widely spread, distributed across a wide area.

Droopy __; saggy-faced canine in MGM cartoons.

Guarded, protected.

Fast-moving straight-line wind storms.

Card game with a scorekeeping board.

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