CodyCross Famous Streets Pack answers

Famous Streets PackFamous Streets

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Streets Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ Road, Singapore's eminent retail district.

John __ who played Martin Crane in Frasier.

Swing used by acrobats in a circus.

City of the Reeperbahn, linked to The Beatles.

Julie Andrews film role: Mary __.

White __: Kahlúa, vodka and cream.

The Biblical mother of Jacob and Esau.

Work together, conspire.


Spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Instructed about a task.

Sideways, acrossways.

Root taken for health e.g. better memory.

Puzzle 2

Increasing engine speed by pressing an accelerator.

__ Crossing, Tokyo's neon landmark.

Comfy bed covering carried around for comfort.

The Steptoes' rag-and-bone emporium is at __ Lane.

Feeling of guilt and regret.

Measurement of standards.

Month when Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.

Gland that is overactive in Graves' disease.

Moved into a lower job post.

Corrosive, destructive.

Most active Hawaiian volcano.

Puzzle 3

Street in NY named by the Dutch after a farm.

Squeeze in a narrow space.

__ Street, home to Oscar, Grover and Big Bird.

Violent, deliberate, unprovoked.

Heavy, curved object that holds a ship in place.

Sitting astride a galloping horse.

Move or cause to move at a great speed.

God of the afterlife in Ancient Egyptian religion.

Las Vegas state.

Liquid fuel used in non-petrol vehicle engines.

Puzzle 4

Money paid in exchange for a loan.

He composed Ave Maria.

Made ready in advance.

__, grand Budapest avenue, a World Heritage Site.

The speed of something in a given direction.

Organised get-together for children.

Of or relating to beekeeping or bees.

Rays from the big ball in the daytime sky.

Italian coffee dessert.

The H in GOSH, Great Ormond Street __.

Provider of goods to a business.

Release tension from, e.g. a fist.

Puzzle 5

Physical gesture practiced when meeting someone.

Furniture in a living room for putting items on.

Using one hand to repeatedly bounce a ball.

Resolute, fearless, intrepid.

They work for a company full-time.

Lightweight construction material for toy planes.

Tidal ponds of water with seaweed and animals.

Metallic, precious molar.

Extending, unfurling.

Free verse.

Wooden bar instrument hit with mallets.

Actress who won an Oscar in As Good as It Gets.

Straight street in Rome lined by fine buildings.

Legumes in the Italian soup minestra di ceci.

Someone who conducts a taxi.

__ Street, Moscow avenue once called Gorky Street.

Perforated, ruptured.

A person native to Reykjavík.

Puzzle 6

Grasping, clutching an object.

Liberating, letting loose.

Long, frozen water spikes.

Vanished into __; disappeared without a trace.

__ Road, Shanghai's main shopping street.

Exploded, like lava out of a volcano.

Refusing to change one's mind.

__ on 34th Street, feel-good Christmas movie.

"Ctrl" + "–".

Anagram of "best ale"; a top band in the 60's.

Equestrian seats.

Puzzle 7

Deliberately cruel, intending to upset others.

Humorous five-line verse.

Generous helping, large portion.

What Washington DC diagonal roads are named after.

Rural minister.

Nationality of singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes.

Antithesis of positive.

Greek island group with Delos and Naxos.

Royal __ Bath, curving terrace of Georgian houses.

Malleable grey metal, named after goddess Vanadis.

Group settlements with shared responsibilities.

Puzzle 8

Utensil for eating bisque or broth.

Can deduce what is said by watching the mouth.

London Mayfair street connected to tailoring.

Beatles song about a barber showing photographs.

Quiet, silent, hushed, muted.

Principal wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten: Queen __.

An expert in financial matters.

Deep-fried yeasty treats with or without a hole.

Addition, augmentation.

Worn by athletes to soak up perspiration.

Frenchman who wrote "I think, therefore I am".

Capital of Romania.

Provident, lucky, blessed.

Puzzle 9

Via __, Rome road links Piazzas Venezia and Popolo.

Song by Elton John: I'm Still __.

Existing in thought, with no physical form.

__ belts whizz your purchases towards a cashier.

Heading back to your dwelling, e.g. __ bound.

Relating to or used in an operation.

Long Barcelona avenue leading to the sea.

Telling someone to be quiet.

Exotic wild bird served, hunted and eaten.

Polluting; destroying someone's good name.

Device for storage on top of a car.

Close friend of Harry Potter: __ Granger.

Winner, victor.

Puzzle 10

Coming to your senses from sleep.

Boulevard __, Paris road named after its architect.

Antarctica's largest island, named for a czar.

Nightmare on __, movie scares with Freddy Krueger.

Confident, forceful.

Farm tool with a long handle & sharp metal prongs.


__ Mac, band with Stevie Nicks as the lead.

A diy home or den in the lofty boughs.

These religious people follow the Pope.

Puzzle 11

Unopposed shot awarded after basketball foul.

Believable, credible.

Carnival employee with superior athleticism.

City where the band known as ABBA originated.

__ Boulevard, location of the Walk of Fame.

Sydney street where many government buildings lie.

Mischievous funny rascal of person.

Gets bigger, or higher in number.

Country in South America; anagram of "rent again".

Containers for saws, hammers, drills etc.

Locational layer to add to Snapchat photos.

Another name for a white blood cell.

__ your thoughts; tell me what's on your mind.

__ out, trying new things.

Month when Germans start celebrating Oktoberfest.

Puzzle 12

Breaking along a thin line.

Officials who line the route of distance races.

Country whose Internet address abbreviation is BB.

"The whole kit and __", a collection of everything.

Power tool used in fictional Texas massacre.

Blatant, obvious defiance of rules.

Bounces or springs back.

__ St, explorer's road in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Container for midday sandwiches.

A preferred route; take it to be the bigger person.

Most abundant salt in seawater: sodium __.

Puzzle 13

Main country where the play Macbeth takes place.

The __, York street of half-timbered shops.

__ Matilda, Bush tune written by Banjo Paterson.

Wobbly; dizzy; woozy.

Who a person is, what defines them.

"__ effect" is something that gathers pace.

Visual creative disciplines e.g. painting, drawing.

Baby’s binky.

Addis Ababa is the capital of this country.

Nevsky __, St Petersburg's main road.

Confuse, perplex.

The tiny tribe of pirates met by Moana and Maui.

Puzzle 14

Straight road or path, lined by trees.

Unter den __, famous Berlin thoroughfare of limes.

Sun-dried grape.

Meek, respectful.

Worn away, like soil in a riverbed.

__ Street, it's the location of Heartbreak Hotel.

__ saint; heavenly protector or guardian.

Intensely, profoundly.

Elephant snack.

Partly censor a news article before it goes live.

Famous mural by Leonardo da Vinci: The Last __.

Sleeping Beauty princess, also called Briar Rose.

Jonny Lee __ is Sherlock Holmes in Elementary.

Defensive river banks such as on the Mississippi.

Leaves in a will.

Shoot a person out of this at a circus.

Second wife of King Henry VIII: Anne __.

Puzzle 15


Has no rhyme or reason.

Mad Max movie, the first for Tom Hardy.

Hans Christian Andersen tale: The __ and the Pea.

In a non-existent way, without presence.

Classical Athenian philosopher, Plato's teacher.

Not supported by facts; groundless.

What British people call sweet cookies.

"In a __"; in a neat summary.

Up and down, not horizontal.

Anagram of "the plane"; another word for pachyderm.

Farming process of removing wool from a sheep.

Calle __, venue of Pamplona's bull running.

Puzzle 16

Flowers on a tree.

__ Boulevard, Los Angeles road of once-grand homes.

__ Road, Las Vegas street and a TV soap.

Device that warns of a guest arriving at a house.

Country directly to the west of Spain.

Celebrating with friends, for a birthday maybe.

Gets back, anagram of miracles.

Regional ways of speaking.

Reading desks with slanted tops such as in pulpits.

Green cauliflower-like vegetable.

Said positive things about.

Those who travel on two wheels.

Involuntary action when the nose is tickled.


Chemical element with the atomic number 1.

Puzzle 17

Golf scoring according to holes won or lost.

Spongy rounded treats covered in frosting.

__ Lane, London street market aka Middlesex Street.

The most elegant or stylish.

Number of squares on a chess board.

Island chain between Alaska and Russia.

Microorganisms-killing substance.

Pete Shelley-fronted punk band.

The first operatic saga of Wagner's Ring Cycle.

Famous girl lived at 263 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam.

1990 land dispute contested by Mohawks in Quebec.

Instrument that measures gas pressure.

From evening until morning.

Kevin Rudd: former Prime Minister of __.

__ paper is thick-grained and used for drawing on.

Jeff __, one quarter of Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

In space, when a spaceship lands on a planet.

Luck __, good fortune applied to playing cards.

Poisonous long-tailed fishes.

Puzzle 18

Avenue of the __, aka New York's Sixth Avenue.

Mock and make a fool of.

Italian mopeds.

Unionist Belfast street from The Troubles.

Adolf __, leading Nazi captured by Mossad in 1960.

Spend these in Thimphu or Phuentsholing.

AFC team in the 2018 Super Bowl.

Evading capture, dodging the authorities.

Weather-resistant outer surface of a building.

World Diabetes Day: __ 14.

Two words said after someone sneezes, for luck.

Hive-dwelling sticky substance creating Apis.

__, there's no need to feel down; Y.M.C.A. lyrics.

Jaw's oceanographer Matt Hooper, Richard __.

Puzzle 19

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the __".

The non-belief in a deity.

Beautiful __, soporific The Beatles' song.

Set of papers/documents, sometimes "dodgy".

Blond person.

__ Street, saying meaning in poverty or bankrupt.

Tarte __; Alsace speciality dish, similar to pizza.

Not important who.

Promenade des __, majestic sweeping avenue in Nice.

Your __, address to a queen.

Jennifer __, first sported The Rachel haircut.

Puzzle 20

Kid responsible for baseball equipment.

Large, long-haired French herding dog.

Bush __, Australian native food of the Aborigines.

Kenny __; directed This Is It documentary.

Albania's largest port.

How Dutch people say 'Cheers!'.

Worth or values; deserve something.

__ Street is Europe's busiest shopping street.

__ under, overwhelmed by the amount of work.

Harry Potter's Dursley family lives at 4 __ Drive.

Nickname of James Doohan's Star Trek character.

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