CodyCross Famous Women in Science Pack answers

Famous Women in Science PackFamous Women in Science

Here are the answers to CodyCross Famous Women in Science Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Major Everest glacier and dangerous icefall.

Fundraising operation in the US for the IRA.

Female fish eggs used to make taramasalata.

Thrust sword.

Maria Gaetana __, writer on integral calculus.

A marketer's company.

WWI battle lasting 10 months: Battle of __.

Another name for Italy's Aeolian Islands.

__ Brahe, worked with brother Tycho on astronomy.

Designs sculpted in wood with a knife are __.

Puzzle 2

The late Freddie __ of Freddie and the Dreamers.

Northernmost country on the Iberian Peninsula.

Narrow opening caused by the separation of rocks.

US space probe that investigated Jupiter & Saturn.

Learned one of Qur'an, Hadhith.

Mae __, US astronaut on the space shuttle.

Twist and turn.

Going out in front.

Light fluffy dish made with egg whites.

Lady __, a poem by Sylvia Plath.

Three feet.

Lise __, physicist who identified nuclear fission.


The mind __; something unexpected and confusing.

Cops in London.

Country that is home to Bran Castle.

Puzzle 3

Worthy of affection, tenderness.

Spring festival of flowers in Canberra.

Where a binary star's orbit is farthest from other.

Adam Sandler is a connoisseur of H2O in this film.

Dame Kathleen __, British crystallographer.

Swiss mountain that means young woman or maiden.

Lively 17th-century dance in triple time.

Stockholm __, when hostages empathize with captors.

German city where Johann Sebastian Bach was born.

First person to conceptualize the Dark Ages.

__ racing, skiing descending a mountain.

Christiane__-Volhard, worked on embryonic growth.

Young canard often served with orange or cherries.

Hercule Poirot's secretary: __ Lemon.

Scorn, despise.

French term for a dish cooked with carrots.

This Westinghouse invention is a show stopper.

Puzzle 4

The sound of banging pots.

Upset, unsettled.

Chinese particle physicist at CERN.

Doctor, led a rebellion in 1450 against Henry VI.

Gertrude __, stage performer linked to Noel Coward.

Polish grandmother.

Be quiet.

An eccentric, someone unconventional.

His Canterbury Tale was about a black crow.

Maria __, astronomer, discovered a comet in 1847.

Basque sloe or blackthorn liqueur.

Puzzle 5

Dorothy __, crystallographer and Nobel laureate.

Dance with a fast tempo.

Economical; moderate.

Composer of the opera Peter Grimes: Benjamin __.

Helen __, first British female astronaut.

Healing, soothing ointment.

__ egg; hollow egg used to make silks vanish.

Relies on.

These Muppets are not geese.

Golden __, named after Princess Anne's horse.

Indian religion, aims to free the soul; no gods.

Funeral __, where the dead are prepared for burial.

The sound of nothing.

Puzzle 6

What water is under when the past doesn't matter.

Singer in a choir.

Treasonous, rebellious, mutinous.

US scientist who discovered how we smell things.

Someone who applies to join a religious order.

Opposite of northerly.

Australian WW2 civilian soap opera, The __.

Writer of "I must go down to the seas again".

Genus that includes parasitic wasps.

French food retailer meaning "crossroads".

Coward of __; 1980 Kenny Rogers hit.

Physicist Chien-Shiung Wu worked on the __ Project.

A trickster's stick.

Long __, clothes shop for women of high height.

In Incan mythology, the god who created the world.

Monopoly cards, __ Chest.

Region between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

When basketball player makes a highlight dunk.

Puzzle 7

__ Mathematica, book written by Isaac Newton.

Aboard Challenger, the first US woman in space.

Where you are back to when starting over.

The rear end of a plane.

__ experience, a close brush with mortality.

Animation about a squirrel's planned heist.

Flatfish served as fish and chips in Kent, say.

South Africa's "Diamond City".

Feeling Scrabble tile surfaces before picking.

Made for sitting on in US & for writing at in UK.

A sport played during the Olympic Games.

N English performance with heavy wooden shoes.

When I'm __, McCartney's music hall tune.

Elizabeth __, molecular biologist and Nobel winner.

The pebble palace, Palais Idéal, fits this style.

Christopher Walken's previous career with felines.

Puzzle 8

Fight or scuffle.

Port __, port-city in Nigeria.

Pulls toward.

Ayn Rand's last and longest novel: Atlas __.

Delivers the news.

Radioactive element discovered by Marguerite Perey.

-- R-4, the world's first mass-produced helicopter.

Disconnect, e.g. two train carriages.

Pearl __, co-developed vaccine for whooping cough.

Assistant to a senior military officer.

Military hero William Wallace: "Guardian of __".

African country where Christmas is called "Ganna".

This has you covered at the beach.

Traditional goat milk from Basilicata region.

Waxy substance used by bees to make their hives.

Buddha's white horse.

Puzzle 9

Theodore Miller __, inventor son of Thomas.

Maxine __, human geneticist.

Ships of the desert.

Common name of the oak Quercus ilex.

Grid-fried dough, served with ice cream.

The T in T J Hooker, played by William Shatner.

Stephen __, wrote Oh! Susanna and Camptown Races.

The President of Argentina's pink mansion: Casa __.

Wang __, ancient Chinese astronomer of eclipses.

Game franchise with Raving Rabbids spin-off.

Puzzle 10

The end of days.

Doleful-eyed silent movie star, nicknamed The Vamp.

Arizona NFL team.

You are what you eat.

Radiating French Gothic style of St-Denis church.

Eartha Kitt hit, a song about Father Christmas.

In Incan mythology the name of the Earth Mother.

Type of surgery performed on lung cancer patients.

Piquant version of Hollandaise with tarragon added.

Muriel __, zoologist, researcher into parasites.

Battlefield suspension.

US astronomer confirmed existence of dark matter.

Removed from a list, crossed out.

Latin voice of the people.

Not quite tornadic.

Beatrix Potter's young feline who sullies his suit.

Puzzle 11

Ada __, daughter of Byron and computer programmer.

Cocky; too big for one's __.

Clarence __, modern frozen food industry founder.

__ prima, first giant dinosaur.

Study of honey bees.

Barré-__, French virologist who worked on HIV.

Geographical region around Lake Baikal.

Swimming upstream.

First perfect scoring Olympic gymnast: Nadia __.

Art period from 3100 b.c.–30 b.c..

Verse Shakespeare play about unpopular monarch.

Chess __, shorthand descriptions of chess moves.

Ravenous; very greedy.

Puzzle 12

Conifer-dwelling finch with distinctive beak.

Pharmaceutical reference book.

Korean car brand whose name means two dragons.

Mary __, founder of the Christian Science religion.

St __; 1980s medical drama set in Boston hospital.

One who puzzles or bewilders.

Section of plant stem between two offshoots.

German festival.

Stating that two values are the same.

Town and county in Connacht.

One of British 7th/8th Army, fought in the sand.

Clara __, German chemist who married Fritz Haber.

Stellar-shaped fruits' seeds used in five spice.

To make a __ short.

__ Black Mambazo, South African male vocal group.

Former Pakistani cricket captain, and PM in 2018.

Basin in a Roman villa that collected rainwater.

Japanese architectural style 1336 to 1573.

Bell, Book and Candle familiar of Kim Novak.

Puzzle 13

Capital of Niger.

Gertrude __, English Channel swimmer.

Drove into a vehicle hard, on purpose.

Margaret __, US sex education pioneer.

To glare and cast a moody glance at someone.

Animal cross between striped horse and Eeyore.

Location of Shanghai's main international airport.

Country where coxhina is a popular snack.

__ Calculator, track by German band Kraftwerk.

Gertrude __, botanist, known for garden design.

Puzzle 14

Soap from Unilever could save a life at sea.

Biruté __, primatologist, authority on orangutans.

Laid eyes on.

Fabric used in coats, an anagram of a bear hat.

Walking quietly so as not to be heard.

Final country to declare war on Germany in WWI.

English word for the instrument "flauto dolce".

Tore off; prised away from.

Sound a hog makes.

The __ Road, Ben Okri's Booker-winning novel.

State where the Rappahannock River is located.

__ and I, filmic biography of Bruce Robinson.

Nine of Diamonds is the curse of __.

Anagram of esurient.

Rosalind __, British X-ray crystallographer.

First Umbria winemaking area to earn DOC mark.

Dutch, female WWI German spy.

The space between the thumb and the index finger.

The T in James T Kirk, played by William Shatner.

Puzzle 15

Henrietta Swan __, astronomer of Cepheid distances.

Romanian sphere pastry with cheese.

Control or herd animals.

Nirvana album meaning "within the womb".

Jane __, primatologist, authority on chimps.

Yogis would be champs at this party game.

Muslim chiefs.

Painter of The Avenue at Middelharnis: Mendert __.

This clock doesn't work on cloudy days.


Fictional Star Trek humanoids with hand salute.

Puzzle 16

Siblings born about a year apart are --- twins.

Place or a spot on a map.

Ziggy __ and the Spiders from Mars.

Lotte __, geneticist who studied genetic mutations.

That __ Woman, dance hall girl marries ambassador.

Can be quoted.

Small, chestnut-breasted plover.

In worse condition than.

Nuclear scientist who was also a bee scientist.

Culture of German peoples, esp military knights.

Another name for Bison grass vodka from Poland.

Steed's Avengers sidekick played by Linda Thorson.

French 20th C painter known as "Le douanier".

Puzzle 17

Four-wheeled carriages with folded-down tops.

Former French colony island, also called Hinzuan.

The outer margins.

Standard __, was brought back in Sui dynasty.

Birds, fish or mammals found in open oceans.

Homer __, character in The Day of the Locust.

Joan Beauchamp __, herpetologist on komodo dragons.

Kodiak carpet.

Old keyboard instrument.

US promontory with Provincetown at its tip.

Why the alektorophobe crossed the road.

Complicated, intricate.

Sophie __, French maths expert on number theory.

Additions to wine to clarify it.

Rolling __, US Vietnam War operation 1965-8.

Puzzle 18

Joy __, naturalist who raised Elsa the lion cub.

Steinbeck Wrath character played by Henry Fonda.

Describes chilly conditions brought by wind.

A bet in play at the craps table.

Carved works of art, often figures or busts.

Where the movie is showing (American spelling).

Person from Nicosia.

Virginia __, sexologist and writer with Masters.

"Turn on, tune in, __": Timothy Leary.

Not a cheap date or wine __.

They are better to see you with.

Religion where an important symbol is the Khanda.

Most widely spoken language in the world.

Name of Italian red wine grape in Argentina.

Puzzle 19

Port house from London with two-headed eagle logo.

Transparent cover over the eyes of snakes.

Skin treatment for the head.

Mary __, English fossil-collector.

A pulse counter.

Angela __, quantum chemist and German Chancellor.

Woman behind the Manchurian candidate, Eleanor __.

__ Spina; David Copperfield's glamorous assistant.

King's genre.

Sacred national trees of Latvia: oak and __.

__ P. Smith, co-winner of Chemistry Nobel Prize.

Song by Dexys Midnight Runners: Come On __.

Old form of Spanish spoken by Sephardic Jews.

Puzzle 20

Turned off the light.

She reportedly wrote over 4,000 novels, Corin __.

Gas giant with an oblate spheroid shape.

Installing windows in a building.

Country where Chernobyl is located.

Court portrait painter of King Henry VIII: Hans __.

In tiers.

Crimean hospital set up by Florence Nightingale.

Disney viper voiced by Terry-Thomas in Robin Hood.

__ Street, New Orleans bar and entertainment road.

First name of Izabella Scorupco's Bond girl.

Inge __, Danish scientist studied the Earth's core.

Spoiled a wall with graffiti.

One Night in __, from the musical Chess.

__ Lou, highball, rum cocktail.

French for "good night".

__ Jack, helpful NZ dolphin or Scottish dance.

__-Thorns starfish has venomous thorns.

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