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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fandom Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sent by boat.

__ Day, generic global holiday marking a war's end.

Cleaned between teeth with coated filaments.

Hard white ceramic substance from powder/water.

Bush, the son, got this Iraqi dictator.

__ panel; component for changing PC settings.

Actress __ Alba, Biel, or Chastain.

The world's costliest spice, turns rice yellow.

Very young frog.

Saliva from the mouths of babies; basketball move.

Creator of Middle-Earth and the Baggins family.

__ tension, the "skin" on top of water.

Idea that family comes first: "__ begins at home".

Turbulence, disorder.

Bidding event to purchase items like memorabilia.

Dangling by a thread.

Puzzle 2

Predicted to hit the bullseye; not off center.

Egg __; McDonald's breakfast item.

Luigi and Mario's familial relation.

"I've got a lovely bunch of __", music hall tune.

Flightless birds from Antartica, e.g. emperor.

Want to burn calories? Do this.

Mesozoic time period; dinosaur adventure parks.

Three babies born together.

Weighted down at a harbor.

Ascending a mountain.

Safe __; free from injury, in good condition.

A person who writes music.

__ Phooey; mild-mannered kung fu-loving pooch.

Puzzle 3

Glowing hot coals.

"Large" clock at London's Houses of Parliament.

Hells __, motorcycle club, riders of Harleys.

Looked intensely at someone.

__ for disaster; something that's bound to fail.

"These are not the __ you are looking for"; cyborgs.

Waltzes and sambas.

Crunchy red root vegetable, eaten in salads.

Musical instrument with six or twelve strings.

A symbol in the alphabet.

Metal toy spring that can descend the stairs.

Temporary structures to display goods or services.

Not senior.

Puzzle 4

Thrilled, eager.

Kicks back, de-stresses.

"Throw __ to the wind".

Cuddle someone, hug them.

US mega store chain that took over Asda.

Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Phoebe.

Country where Hamlet takes place.

Wound or scrape crusted over.

People with detailed knowledge.

__ism, wacky art movement of Dalí.

Sodium chloride obtained from the ocean.

Puzzle 5

Sweeping, scenic, e.g. __ view.

Area containing buried explosives, step carefully.

These moments aren't easy but reveal true friends.

Prefers his martinis shaken, not stirred.

Christmas or Thanksgiving red fruit for sauce.

Mischievous Marmaduke is this breed of big dog.

Yellow Autobot Transformer; striped pollinator.

Person who expects the worst outcome.

Sport competition with three types of race.

Pushing a Hoover around a room.

Bob Dylan's boxer song; the eye of the __.

Puzzle 6

US city of the biggest Comic-Con since 1970.

Serious crimes, not misdemeanors.

Making of the world according to the Bible.

Flat surface boardgames might be played on.

Major intercontinental Turkish city.

Blood __, bodily force that can be high or low.

Release tension, e.g. from fists.

Creases and lines on an aging face.

Corn sugar, aka glucose.

Said to a sneezer.

First name of composer Mozart.

Popped like a bonfire.

Not altered ahead of publication.

Purple variety of quartz.

Puzzle 7

Reciting stories and tales.

With two hues or tones (black and white for ex.).

Popular party drink; anagram of "equal it".

Dogs with wavy hair that's often shaped; "Fifi"?.

Left to your own __; unsupervised.

Of our planet.

Fans wear matching ones of their favorite athletes.

Hide __; children's search and find game.

Ruler, sovereign, king, or queen (or butterfly!).

Astonishing, astounding, mind-blowing.

Explains the meaning of a word.

Online journalist with a personal site.

Puzzle 8

Supplied money for a project.

Happy __; what every fairy tale should have.

Pounces from the air, like the action of an eagle.

Legal; "filled with legality".

Daughter of Donald Trump, wife of Jared Kushner.

Calls itself "the front page of the internet".

Airing wet laundry after washing.

Portugal's capital, it lies on the River Tagus.

Temporarily silence an alarm clock.

Filled with horror, taken aback.

The world is your __, a seafood analogy.

Dispensed liquid from a jug to a cup.

Blades that clean windscreens.

Metal the Statue of Liberty is largely made from.

Meteor __; shooting star event.

Universe of the Avengers, X-Men and many more.

Addictive plant for kitties.

Puzzle 9

A fan of the USS Enterprise and its crew.

Permanent __; something that is always present.

Food and drinks provider for a party.

Saturday and Sunday.

The S in ESP, or extra-__ perception.

Faint, lose consciousness.

Jiminy __, an insect, the conscience of Pinocchio.

Wicked mayo and mustard-filled eggs.

A small hair, sometimes highlighted with mascara.

Wall features for accepting electrical plugs.

Marvel's "real" hero, often called Excelsior.

Random, crazy, haphazard.

Beyoncé's birth surname.

Strip of icons at the top of a browser.

Something neither animal nor vegetable.

Drew idly.

Moving like a dog tail.

Person who once served in the military.

Puzzle 10

Celebrity signature.

Luck __; an unpredictable outcome.

Bristled item to clean dirt off ends of fingers.

Rot, breakdown.

Furry growth on the male torso's ribs.

Leader of musical ensemble, especially a symphony.

Process of making teeth more dazzling.

Ice cream with chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows.

Body that orbits a planet, e.g. a moon or GPS.

Main act at a concert or show.

Puzzle 11

Rubbish bin; where deleted items are sent.

Fly in the __ means a drawback or a flaw.

Skywalker saga.

Prying, spying, peeping.

__ room or house, where monies are accounted for.

Large edible "royal" crustacean.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Country north of England.

Moving on one's hands and knees.

Relating to the bones of the body, __ system.

Taking an oath.

Cross, the embodiment of Christianity.

Able to be carried easily, a radio for e.g..

Hard-shelled fruits with milk and white flesh.

Suggestion of what will happen, e.g. the weather.

Mirror-image along a dividing line.

Puzzle 12

Music genre of composers Bach, Mozart, Handel, etc.

Block-building adventure game.

Liver disease, comes in A, B, C, D, E, etc. forms.

Contract that protects from loss or damage.

A journey there and back, specifically a flight.

Accuracy, pinpoint __.

Flash often produced in a thunderstorm.

Banknote/bill featuring Washington.

Jump off a cliff and soar, with cloth canopy.

He's got SquarePants.

Puzzle 13

Pocket-sized pouches for storing money and cards.

Chilled out, calm.

Machine to put ink on paper.

Sensitivity to dust or cats, for example.

Stuffed animal marionettes created by Jim Henson.

Pikachu and friends inhabit this world.


Not solids or gasses.

Turned, like the starting lever on an antique car.

Oh what a tangled web __; deception saying.

Period of a male's life before becoming "a man".

Act like something else through copying.

Two-piece swimsuits named after a pacific atoll.

__ Hal; 2001 rom-com for "superficial" Jack Black.

Necklace of flowers.

Puzzle 14

Path used by planes to reach a runway; no cabbie!.

Convert into code.

Clothing worn at work so employees look the same.

Expert in different cuts of meat.

Extreme devotees; cross-country road trip flick.

More free of dirt.

Scavenging wolf-like members of the dog family.

Surprised, disturbed.

Gru's yellow underlings.

Squares of pasta stuffed with meat or cheese.

Beer factory.

Sounding a clown horn.

Sorcerers' concoctions.

__ in; interjecting, piping up with a remark.

Carbon __, gas that creates holes in cheese.

Delivered an uppercut.

Nationality of novelist Leo Tolstoy.

Puzzle 15

Takes an upright position; does not sit.

A dose enough to kill.

Caped-crusader who battles The Joker and Bane.

The remains of a fire, often glowing.

Eat in small bites, like a mouse.

"__ is in the eye of the beholder".

Cow dung, good for the garden.

Shrek's best friend.

Aircraft manufacturer of the 747 and 777, etc.

Season when the Jewish holiday of Passover occurs.

Plates and bowls in general.

Puzzle 16

Appear again after an absence (maybe underwater?).

Liking the finer things in life is having __.

Geometric shape with four 90-degree angles.

Make liquor weaker with H2O.

Coffee shop chain from Seattle.

Initial stop on a baseball diamond.

To have printed and put a book on sale.

Town revolving around the Laura Palmer mystery.

Guidances, coachings, lessons passed on.

Road sign warning tall vehicles not to go under.

Political system based on community ownership.

The first rule is that you do not talk about it.

Apple technology entrepreneur who died in 2011.

Most clever, most shining.

Puzzle 17

Sound of a clock mechanism in action.

Drumming a door with the knuckles.

Transformers: Robots in __.

Abdominal organ that may burst if not removed.

Bad guys in comics.

Public writing or drawings made without permission.

Doesn't matter where, can be __.

__ hits; compilation of best-selling songs.

Videogame that uses Supply Llamas as lootboxes.

__ identity; confuse someone with another person.

Puzzle 18

Big fish in a __, have influence over a tiny area.

Big Apple resident.

__ studies, or RE, spiritual school subject.

Alternative history machine-inspired sci-fi genre.

The scientific study of space, planets and stars.

Tournament winners; we are the __.

Psychedelic rockers who released The Wall in 1979.

Particles emitted by uranium; present in Chernobyl.

These rows of people snake around buildings.

Frightened, horrified, petrified.

Six-sided sweet structure found in a beehive.

A in ADHD, or __ Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Marched against a political agenda.

Colored ones worn above hand to signify a cause.

Puzzle 19

Caped superhero who fears kryptonite.

Animated drawings used in children's films.

A chain with a pendant.

Quickly and unexpectedly.

Fall down suddenly, hopefully not a bridge.

Side dish of cabbage and carrot in mayonnaise.

California Gurls singer calls her fans this.

"A sight for __" is a welcome thing.

One number over another with a line separator.

Another name for money.

__ Son, Biblical parable about families.

Secondary personality, sometimes a superhero.

Golf bunker.

Operation to cut brain nerves surgically.

The E in the nation known as the UAE.

Storage for novels.

Puzzle 20

Indistinguishable model built of an original work.

Pill designed to make up for poor nutrition.

Big vocal action from a lion.

Watching an entire season in one sitting.

Take preventive action.

Tour de France vehicle.

Act of being born again.

Nebraskan city and US president.


Small appliance to mix and grind food.

Cheddars, bries, and goudas.

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