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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fantasy Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The second most populous continent.

Tropical plant that is eaten by giant pandas.

What Fry delivers in Futurama.

The third little pig's house was made of __.


Another word for a "fable".

Long robes worn by wizards.

The seat that a cyclist sits on.

The controller for the Wii console is called a __.

Similar to trousers, not full length are called __.

A sausage you eat in a bun.

To breathe out.

Peanut butter chocolate: cups or pieces.

When you knock down all the pins in bowling.

Puzzle 2

Argo, Pearl Harbor, and Batman actor, Ben __.

Legendary half-human, half-horse hybrid.

Blood-sucking mythical creature.

St Patrick is the patron saint of this country.

The white part inside an egg.

__ home! Greeting when you return from a trip.

Flightless big bird.

__ Forest is the home to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Game and cartoon about pocket monsters.

A king or a queen.

Index finger.

One of the four colors of printer ink.

The state of mind of a sad person.

Gently hitting a golf ball into the hole.

The sweet course of a meal.

Puzzle 3

Nickname for New York City.

A male chicken with a loud call.

Children's game involves jumping with a rope.

Works with flowers, trees and grass.

Food cooked over hot coals.


Key on a computer keyboard for capital letters.

__ Sea, Oscar-winning song from The Little Mermaid.

Another word for a conjurer.

A beast or animal, or any living thing.

Sport where athletes try to leap the furthest.

Old Narnian red dwarf and Caspian's Lord Regent.

Small striped rodent that loves to climb.

The early culture that came before the Bronze Age.

Puzzle 4

Not capital letters.

Beth, Lizzie, Eliza are shortenings of this name.

One of three Baltic states with Latvia and Estonia.

An animal that is awake at night is __.

Vehicle that takes children to their learning place.

A common ingredient of a witch's spell.

Using a rope to descend a rock face or building.

__ gardens, public areas for exotic plants.

Richard I had this brave nickname.

Put it under your arms to stop smells.

A moving handstand.

Building on campus with rooms where students live.

Popular red licorice often used as a fun straw.

Pokemon that evolves into Ivysaur.

Peter Pan's land of eternal childhood.

What a girl wears to her school party.

Gallileo's device for seeing the stars up close.

Puzzle 5

Heavenly spirits that watch over people in stories.

Cold dishes of mixed vegetables.

The affectionate name Homer's dad is known by.

Walt __, creator of Mickey Mouse.

Place where art or historical items are displayed.

A natural hot spring.

A large drinking cup; Harry Potter's was fiery.

To explain the meaning of a word.

Orange-colored metal, symbol Cu.

Balls of fruit that come in bunches.

Shiny, colored stones used on necklaces, rings....

Ancient language spoken in Israel.

Puzzle 6

Game played on a mat with large colored circles.

Ship that sank in its inaugural voyage in 1912.

Halloween falls at the end of this month.

A small guitar with four strings.

Fine hunting dogs despite their size.

To teach or train someone, provide schooling.

Parcels of pasta with filling.

Trolls live underneath these.

Shiny metal, symbol Ca, makes your bones hard.

The currency of the United States of America.

Another word for melting or becoming unfrozen.

Take a ball past opponents in hockey or basketball.

Ridge of beach formed in water by tides/currents.

Blood __ are tubes that carry blood in your body.

Puzzle 7

Avengers: Age __, superheroes peacekeeping.

Disney's most magical animated film.

Rice __, cereal that snaps and crackles.

How many weeks there are in a year.

Unlucky feline animal that's a dark color.

Diego __, famous for "Hand of God" goal.

Italian sweet made with coffee and cream.

Harry Potter's school.

The stalk of a stamen, or part of a light bulb.

Hair held up in a single bunch.

Puzzle 8

Phone conversation within your area.

Toy Story canine with coiled spring body.

__ Republic, Caribbean, capital Santo Domingo.

Cinderella had a fairy __.

Fabric canopy used when jumping off a plane.

Food not eaten during a meal; added to a doggybag.

A book that has a soft cover.

Ancient Roman fighter, especially in an arena.

Neckwear uniform for students.

Extreme winter sport equipment.

What Levi Strauss is famous for.

Fossils of this insect have been found in amber.

Stick used by a wizard for casting spells.

Strawberry __, sweet character doll with red hair.

The ability to change into something else.

Puzzle 9

Oval __, where the US President works.

__ painting, young kids' art (no brushes).

Underground rooms, built beneath a house.

The medal awarded for coming in third place.

Buttery, slightly sweet, crumbly buns.

Kingdoms are also known as __.

Beavers live in these.

Colorful tropical bird, also called a macaw.

To add more power to something, e.g. a phone.

Chicken __, piece of chicken, breaded, fried.

Someone who makes warm fashion items for hands.

An airplane taxis along this.

Genies make these come true.

Puzzle 10

Someone responsible for counselling others.

The field where cows graze.

The ambassador for a country works here.

Medicine that reduces pain and fever.

Flying horse in Greek mythology.

Venus __, carnivorous plant found in the US.

People's souls, or another word for ghosts.

The only country in Europe to begin with an "H".

Looking for; __ Nemo or __ Dory.

Triangular tortilla chips in a sharing bag.

Quidditch players who score goals with the quaffle.

Clothes fasteners that are sewn on.

Someone who is on holiday is a __.

Kitchen appliance for keeping food frozen.

Tech brand that produces the Galaxy mobile phone.

Garden herb; anagram of "players".

Puzzle 11

Dr Seuss animation set in a land with no trees.

Another word for a magician.

Your spine; all vertebrates have one.

__ heel, a vulnerable point; name of a Greek hero.

A line that joins opposite corners of a square.

You need hot weather to do this; soak up some rays.

A play that tells the story of the birth of Jesus.

Saying hello when you meet someone.

Have your toenails filed and polished.

US comic strip about a lasagna-loving feline.

Liquidized or pureed fruit, water or milk.

To remove somebody from your friend list.

Person who changes into a creature at full moon.

Greek general who built the Trojan horse.

Using needles and wool to make clothes or blankets.

Puzzle 12

Coffee shop with a mermaid logo.

South American country, Buenos Aires is capital.

Do-gooder with special powers.

Jack grew this from a magic bean.

Athletics event with fiberglass shaft and bar.

A fairy tale witch who loves the cold.

Go on an __, an exciting escapade.

Having a chat when you are not awake.

They harvest the ocean.

Flavored cow juice.

Device used in submarines to see above water.

__ bat, mammal with a nose like an equine's foot.

Porcine diva devoted to Kermit the Frog.

Puzzle 13

Another word for automatons.

Glass tumbler used in chemistry, also a Muppet.

Home of the reigning UK monarch: Buckingham __.

The color of the brick road that leads to Oz.

A small bed that rocks, for a baby.

Rhombus with 4 right angles.

A baby swan is called a __.

A storyteller or very wise person.

Carrier __, bird used to carry messages.

Gretel's brother.

Puzzle 14

When you say sorry you give an __.

Breed of large bear.

The whole area (realm) that a king or queen rules.

Soldiers who wear armor and ride horses.

Frozen lollies with a bang.

Dory's near-sighted whale shark friend.

Narrator of the novel "Moby Dick".

Seismic sea wave caused by earthquake.

Another word for "enchant", to put under a spell.

Relating to Muslims and popular religion in Africa.

Puzzle 15

Where a surgeon works.

2017 cartoon film where an infant is in charge.

The mythology of a community.

Grand name for common pet rodent with long tail.

The money that a country uses is its __.

Animal that feeds on its own kind.

Citrussy drink and Beyoncé album.

Horizontal piece of wood that a goalie protects.

House garment for after showering.

__ Lights, book by Philip Pullman.

Things from the Middle Ages are __.

Puzzle 16

Something that is under a spell.

Support for writing, with springy metal at the top.

Cloudy with a Chance of __, 2009 animated film.

A cylindrical container for holding ice cubes.

Collected or bought and taken home from trips.

Unlock your tinned goods with this device.

__ hunt, challenge to find objects on a list.

Name for a follower of Jesus.

The type of dog that runs at a dogtrack.

An emergency first aid responder.

Science that uses the term parsec.

Person from country that held the 2016 Olympics.

Children's fantasy story, with a happy ending.

Scientist who studies wild animals in captivity.

Puzzle 17

Fluffy ball made with wool.

Evil spirits or devils.

Night __ Goggles, nocturnal optic function.

Toxic substance found on Snow White's apple.

To go with someone; anagram of "sector".

Most famous member of The Beatles; killed in 1980.

Home to the ancient culture of Athens.

Soil or earth that has become eaten away.

Stiff part of a shirt around your neck.

Arm muscles men like to show off.

Armed forces, such as soldiers.

Small dog with curly hair, often shaved patterns.

The tiger on Winnie the Pooh.

Puzzle 18

The rules of a language.

Large ornamental fish kept in ponds.

Internet diarist, broadcaster of opinions.

When the sun starts to show above the horizon.

An amazing marvel, or extraordinary event.

Mozzarella cheese is made from __ milk.

A mischievous, trouble-making imp.

Opening on a wall for light and air admission.

The natural place where an animal lives.

Dakota __, actress of Charlotte's Web.

Composer who wrote the "Four Seasons".

Someone who has seen a crime taking place.

Puzzle 19

__ Park, adventure films about dinosaurs.

A follower. Jesus had 12 of them.

Old King Cole called for three of these.

Flat mexican bread made from ground maize.

Battle won by the UK against the Napoleonic army.

Furniture used to store clothes.

Magic trick or deception.

A large pot for making spells in.

Balancing on the waves being pulled behind a boat.

Disability a person has when they can't hear.

Puzzle 20

Quick way of taking notes; symbols replace letters.

Cheeky imp who is blamed for freezing cold weather.

Popular pasta often served with meatballs.

Looks like a phone, touchscreen Apple phablet.

Fairground nickname for seven stars of Ursa Major.

Bugs Bunny archenemy that had a speech impediment.

Some women want to have them very long.

A grappling contact sport.

An explorer, often at sea, who follows directions.

Squire __, commissions the ship in Treasure Island.

The name for a meat-eating dinosaur.

She married Ashton Kutcher in 2015.

Home city of the Arctic Monkeys.

A common Chinese language, not Mandarin.

An expert in science.

__ of the Galaxy, superhero movie.

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