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Here are the answers to CodyCross Farm Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Things bowlers pick up.

Things you win.

Dry feed for cattle.

Henchman on James Bond, top hat is his weapon.

Pondered, thought deeply about something.

Dana __; an FBI agent and doctor on The X-Files.

__ night, opening line to Don McLean's Vincent.

In science fiction, being electronically powered.

Oslo is capital of this Scandinavian country.

Permeate with a smell, eg spices into mulled wine.

Puzzle 2

Clear to see, undeniable.

__ Khan, ruthless, notorious Mongol leader.

Land full of apple trees.

Blue-veined cheese from the English Midlands.

Song by the Beatles: "The Long and __ Road".

A level or rank in an organization.

Jennifer Lawrence's role in The Hunger Games.

Reaction to something, like hay fever.

Dampens sound.

Dusted a pool cue tip.

Free __, one of the Monopoly's corners.

Devilish, evil.

Egg-laying bird raised for its white meat.

Hanging foiled messages wishing seasons greetings.

Mystical, unexplainable.

Puzzle 3

Lawrence __; 1962 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Arms, munitions, armaments.

Amerigo __, explorer who gave his name to America.

Stretch of sea between Italy and Balkan peninsula.

Rightfully earned, merited.

Blood vessels carrying blood away from the heart.

Branch of medicine focusing on cancer.

Flute player.

Building where poultry eggs are nurtured to chicks.

Chemical element with the symbol N.

Traditional beliefs, customs and stories.

Heavy, broad-bladed knives used by butchers.

Puzzle 4

Charges a president with misconduct.

Going after.

Married Perseus; the name of a galaxy.

Vitamin B9; important for fetal development.

Bird frightener.

Doughy balls added to stews.

Influential female pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

Study of the origin and history of words.

Swimming stroke that is also a type of insect.

One who writes or acts in plays with sad themes.

Car repair experts.

Puzzle 5

Person who calls out tennis match score, chair __.

Aston __, James Bond's preferred type of car.

Drinking vessel for farm animals.

Rough drawing.

Panel with numbers on a telephone handset.

Genetically predisposed eczema: __ dermatitis.

Diamond pattern beloved by golfers.

Only South American country bordering 10 others.

Tiny amount of food.

Forename of both Beethoven and Wittgenstein.

Congress of __, 1815 meeting of European states.

__shopping, not buying anything, just browsing.

Puzzle 6

Surveyor of India with a mountain named after him.

Rossini's barber Figaro came from here.

People who discriminate against the old.

Mexican liquor made from blue agave.


Telly, who played cop Theo Kojak in the 70s.

To run away secretly without being detected.

Shone brightly and briefly.

Country with a cedar tree on its flag.

This world's largest bird is also flightless.

Colombian songstress who made Laundry Service.

Country where "Hamlet" takes place.

Inspected a business's financial accounts.

Forced into the army.

J K __, she also wrote The Cuckoo's Calling.

Dribbled, salivated.

Opposite action to sucking.

Film that depicts the life story of Margaret Keane.

The C in the international phonetic alphabet.

Trivial __, general knowledge board game.

Puzzle 7

Fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, starts with E.

Substance in the blood measured by A1C tests.

Person who sympathized with Mussolini's views.

Bill of payments due.

Bamboo __, basket for cooking Asian dumplings.

Wanderer who begs, has no home.

Ringo Starr's name at birth was Richard __.

Safety cushions that inflate on impact.

Lord of the Flies, by William __.

Six-legged creatures that pester crops.

One who flees imprisonment.

Puzzle 8

Medical term for bad breath.

Shocking and appalling.

Bet on them or ride on their busses.

Michael Jackson hit with a global theme.

Heavy-caliber firearms; shell-firing guns.

A __ Night's Dream, Shakespeare's play.


Carving a design into metal.

The repetition of the sound: "how now brown cow".

Eleanor __; First Lady, promoted women's rights.

Agreeing to take an offer.

Farm worker responsible for rounding up pigs.

Revealing surprise.

Italian starter comprising meats and cheeses.

Wife of Arthur and lover of Lancelot.

Korean martial art, fast kicking techniques.

Cutting into two equal halves.

Puzzle 9

Long hairs on a cat's face or a man's beard hairs.

Describes an orchestra and a musical composition.

Female editor.

Asking someone for their hand in marriage.

Loan on property furnished by monetary institution.

Brain disorder leads to episodic convulsions.

Orange/red berry-like fruit of thorny flowers.

Sideways 8 mathematical symbol represents this.

Twice-baked Italian almond cookies.

Word game or poem using initial letters of words.

Aggressive attacks.

Puzzle 10

__ Man, known as GI Joe in the US.

Sweatshirt with head protection.

Little blue mushroom-house village dwellers.

An angle over 90 degrees; it also means ignorant.

A __ situation, there are no losers.

__ time, extra minutes added to the end of a game.

Annie __, songstress of the Eurythmics.

Greek goddess of wisdom, symbolized by an owl.

Flavor of the liqueur in Crepes Suzette.

Rancher or agriculturalist.

Groups of witches who meet regularly.

TV watcher.

Alternative name for the Mafia: Cosa __.

Beatrix __, teller of tales about furry animals.

__ over; fainted, fell down.

Two gentlemen lived there in Shakespeare comedy.

Puzzle 11

The name of the comet that returns every 75 years.

East African country the borders Kenya.

Who __ Roger Rabbit, half cartoon, half real life.

Removes contaminants from car engine oil.

Descendents of notable families.

Command someone to attend court.

Drinks noisily.

Pooh __, gentle sport in the Ashdown Forest.

Strong elastic rope for extreme jumping sport.

__ bull, captured by Hercules as 7th labor.

Y in the phonetic alphabet.

Display ostentatiously.

Kent marsh and sheep breed.

Hipsters don't have pogonophobia, dislike of __.

Fruit or vegetable preserved in vinegar.

Reflected a sound.

Iron __, rock group and instrument of torture.

Underground shelter.

Describes the Mexican mouse whose name is Gonzalez.

Habeas __, Latin for "that you have the body".

Long journey.

Puzzle 12

Central line stop at the Cathedral.

Canvas roofs over doorways.

Speaking in __, utterances in unknown language.

Enchant, as Samantha did to Darrin.

Impede, hinder.

Furry slang for the police.

Writhe around, fighting someone lying down.

Three commas.

The creator of James Bond: Ian __.

Walked like a young child.

Land that plants can grow on is __ or arable.

Rome is known romantically as the __ city.

"The Four Seasons" composer.

Metal loop secured with a bolt, retained prisoners.

Sending a typed message on one's cell phone.

Goods or services obtained from another country.

Bubbly French bottled water brand.

Puzzle 13

Feeling __ out because you're busy and worried.

Ironing, making flat.

Austrian home town of Mozart.

Attached by a weight on a ship's rope.

Strong dark coffee, literally "pressed out".

Vindictive, unkind.

Moves like a snake.

What that ghost is doing.

A recruit, someone who has joined the military.

Older colt, uncastrated male horse.

Firstly, __, thirdly.

Latin for solemnity or seriousness.

Puzzle 14

Residents, inhabitants of a house.

__ Heights, the home of anti-hero Heathcliff.

Grasping tightly.

Spa facility with hot, wet air; a sauna.

Place for dancing and drinking in the evening.

Give too much H2O to a plant.

Large, stately burial room that houses a tomb.

Five-pointed yellow fruit also called carambola.

Male sponsor of a child at its Christian baptism.

Soccer player Pele's nationality.

Agreeing officially.

Puzzle 15

Biggest-selling Ford of all time in the UK.

Ruins of sunken boats.

Nationality of Voltaire and Louis Vuitton.

Place where grapes are turned into alcoholic drink.

African country led by Idi Amin.

Loved by Apollo, she was turned into a laurel tree.

Sir Thomas More's perfect place.

In military speak, the K in KIA.


Chest pain due to poor blood flow to heart.

Country that reportedly meddled in U.S. election.

In 1774 Joseph Priestley isolated this element.

Twin of Pollux and son of Leda in Roman mythology.

Large group of cows.

Santa Klaus' vehicle.

Beat repeatedly with fists.

Puzzle 16

Singer Morrissey was lead for rock band The __.

__ Yousafzai, youngest recipient of a Nobel Prize.

Something mysterious, difficult to understand.

Logic-based number placement puzzle.

Censor designation given to explicit films.

Color of the cross on Sweden's flag.

A pocket full of these flowers, nursery rhyme.

Chemical element with the symbol Cu.

Bulb that vampires hate.

Players on a football team.

Alpaca-like, domesticated wooly animals.

Spain's capital with Real & Atlético soccer teams.

Q in the phonetic alphabet.

Cereal grain for animal fodder or beer brewing.

Puzzle 17

Happy __, elated by a man's name.

Not have a brand name.

Philip __ Hoffman, American actor.

Content correctors.

US Open grand slam winner in 2003, Andy __.

Place where young plants are kept for sale.

Sporting dog that hunts by scent and stands rigid.

Widened like pupils in the eye.


Yellow condiment for hot dogs.

Puzzle 18

Similar to endive but with broad leaves.

To ignore, or give someone the cold __.

Starting point of mountaineering expedition.

The slope of the land.

For drying dishes.

An open wound that is beginning to heal.

Touch responsive area of a laptop.

Red molluscs with hard shells and claws.


A __ of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Verdi's first name.

Makes better or clearer, e.g. an image.

Insertion point for car keys.

Puzzle 19

With a Little Help from __, by The Beatles.

The century in which two world wars took place.

What someone with a green thumb has a talent for.

Politically motivated campaigners or protestors.

Dante __, writer who gave us the Divine Comedy.

Nationality of Jimmy Choo and Michelle Yeoh.

The one that is most easy to blame.

Dining platter that rotates, used to frost cakes.

Go beyond your budget.

Or two weeks.

Hermes was the __ of the Gods.

Puzzle 20

90s rock guitar music represented by Nirvana.

Cuisine that adheres to strict Jewish dietary laws.

Cleans with a broom.

Only ocean named after a country.

Last day of the working week.

__ Code, Native American communication in WWII.

__ counter, device that detects ionizing radiation.

__ disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

The crops a farm produces, in business terms.

Camille Javal, played by actress Brigitte __.

__ Island, Chilean territory in the Pacific Ocean.

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