CodyCross Farmers' Market Pack answers

Farmers' Market PackFarmers' Market

Here are the answers to CodyCross Farmers' Market Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Person who puts money into stock market.

Measuring produce using scales to determine cost.

Artist who writes music.

More tired than someone else.

ID used to travel from country to country.

Folks from Mars.

People who help to prepare animals for events.

First ten US Constitutional amendments, Bill __.

Keep this rain-protector closed indoors, for luck.

Strip of abrasive metal used in a manicure.

Clinical, scientific approach to a crime scene.

Long French bread stick sold at farmers' markets.

Puzzle 2

They translate the spoken words in a foreign film.

Leafy thistle vegetable with a hairy heart.

Completely the same.

Hardy insect that has a giant hissing variety.

Track and field contest with ten events.

Singer profiled in film Rocketman.

Vehicle you "jump on" when you join a cause.

This fruit is like a peach with no fuzz.

Incredibly fast trains or internet.

Time gone by, when kids think adults grew up.

Puzzle 3

Photos or pictures.

Golf club used for tapping a ball into a hole.

Household timepieces that strike at noon, midnight.

First name of directors Spielberg and Soderbergh.

Spicy root added to dishes or drunk as tea.

Opium based.

Showed off your muscles, bent them.

Another name for a cashier role in a bank.

__ on a Prayer; Bon Jovi anthem.

Ruins of sunken boats.

Yellow peeling fruit bought at market.

Nicole, Golden Globe winner for Big Little Lies.

Neither purple nor lavender.

Mammals with hooves and shoes.

To soak up, like a sponge.

Puzzle 4

Movement to grip and push someone to the floor.

Loose strings of fabric.

This is definitely the best policy.

Wizard played by Ian McKellen in the Hobbit films.

Scientific study of all life.

A bar's coin-operated record player.

Relics of dinosaur bones, shells or insects.

Herb that can be flat-leaf or crinkly.

Pull this to fire a gun.

Why some people can't have pets or flowers.

A gentle song to send a baby to sleep.

Eight-armed sea creature sold by fishmongers.

Number of pieces a chess player starts a game with.

Clothes that haven't been ironed exhibit these.

Puzzle 5

Family members.

Wide vegetable that grows in a pod.

With ham, a famous Dr. Seuss meal.

When evening and darkness arrive.

Large socks hung up at Christmas.

Movie district of LA.

A downspout for directing water away from a house.

Drawings or paintings of people's faces.

The very end of a digit.

Where piano lessons take place in a school.

Fruit with peel, like a small orange.

Stinging sea creature with tentacles.

Puzzle 6

Two pieces of clothes that compliment each other.

Dank, stone-lined prisons below ground.

True and precise.

Brass instrument that extends with a slider.

Another word for a magic trick.

US name for what Brits call aubergine.

Became less soft.

First 24 hours of the weekend.

Spot to store hardbacks, paperbacks.

Venerates a god.

Cooking banana found with exotic fruits at market.

Athletic competition.

Device used for emails, Zoom, work documents.

Marriage vows, for better or __.

Puzzle 7

Carnivorous wild dogs that hunt in packs.

Legendary fire-breathing reptile.

Set fire to, spark a flame.

Touch something, like goods at a market.

Liar, liar, pants __.

Mouse, Rourke, or Rooney.

Gets points in basketball.

Fruits used to make cider by cideries.

The panels of people who supply court verdicts.

Hand protection for cold-weather walks.

Wind in the Willows quartet, __, Ratty, Mole, Toad.

To have cut untidy branches from a tree.

__ Me Elmo, popular Sesame Street toy.

G, PG, PG-13, or R, for movies.

Ash Wednesday falls in the week before this.

Puzzle 8

Politeness, like holding the door open for someone.

Ocean into which the Amazon empties.

A taste of one's own __, karma or comeuppance.

Auguste Rodin's famous statue is doing this.

They join the upper legs to the pelvis.

Brought goods into the country.

Squares of gooey chocolate cake sold at cake stand.

Strategies or laws that are passed by a government.

Storyteller role in a play.

Switches 180 degrees.

People who served in the military.

Produce that relates to the time of year.

Somewhere to keep aquatic pets indoors.

Garden building for storing timber.

Puzzle 9

Large vehicle that farmers drive.

Moving ahead, overtaking.

Primary city in a country; seat of power.

Live comedy performed by one person and a mic.

Monroe who was in Bus Stop, Some Like It Hot.

Nationality of mozzarella, Parmesan cheese seller?.

Nutrition for pet canines.

It's the YO in a party invite marked BYOB.

Avoidance of food for ritual or religious reasons.

Bouncy, or like an eraser.

A communal, bubbly bathtub often in the garden.

People with yellowish hair.

Coming back to the ground on a plane.

Central cluster of matter in an atom.

Kitchen appliance for storing ice cream.

Empty __ make most noise.

Puzzle 10

Four times twenty-three.

Most densely populated borough of New York City.

Papers and files.

Circus performer who holds a big cat at bay.

Red market fruit from bushes; rude noise.

Punchline for what a bee uses to get sticky hair.

Cosmetic for hiding blemishes.

Giant plant grown by Jack from magic beans.

Pink birds that stand on one foot.

Fictional character also known as 007.

Crabs, mussels, clams to buy at market.

Puzzle 11

Artisan bread made with a starter.

Someone who investigates crimes.

Contract that protects from loss or damage.

Damage to bodily extremities due to low temperatures.

It stretches for 13,000 miles across China.

A chart-topping record is a __ hit.

A female ballet dancer.

Tropical fruit grown in the ground, cut into rings.

Stinky pellets to keep insects out of wool clothes.

Separate, split open, tear.

Orange-furred great ape found in Indonesia.

Past tense of withstand.

Puzzle 12

Traditional final two words of a story.

Aniseed-tasting vegetable with a white bulb.

Made a sound like a snake.

Weak and dizzy as when hit by a boxer.

First name of Dickens' character Twist.

All bark and __; having lots to say.

Law enforcement offices.

Rapper who released the album Recovery in 2010.

George __, Jane his wife, daughter Judy.

Water __, drinks cylinder in communal offices.

Storage space in a computer.

Solid, liquid or gas; matter stages in water cycle.

Churned milk spread made by a dairy.

Sweatshirt with head protection.

Engines prized for their thermodynamic efficiency.

The SXSW festivals happen in this US city.

Puzzle 13

Having no end; going on forever.

Up and down, not horizontal.

Sniffing a melon to check it's ripe.

Word shortened to EVRY1 in textspeak.

What a visitor to your home will ring.

A 26.2-mile road race, for e.g., London, New York.

Canine hit song for Elvis.

Giant ape from books and movies.

Herb with needle-like leaves, paired with lamb.

Items of clothing.

Snow coaster.

Writing an online diary.

To be so infatuated with someone it causes illness.

Puzzle 14

Person who ruins fun by enforcing rules.

Care for and help raise someone.

Kind of creature Bram Stoker's Dracula was.

Seabird known for its enormous pouch-like mouth.

To move your mouth to recorded singing.

Diagonal moving chess pieces.

Removed text, photos or files.

Describes land near the sea.

Green leafy veggie that wilts when cooked.

Pain in your hearing organ.

The umpire who oversees a football match.

Person who sells bouquets at market.

Puzzle 15

Use to cut paper or hair.

Markets sell these dark red fruits with stones.

Moisture in the air.

Ambushed; took aggressive action against one.

See you later alligator; __ crocodile.

Car company, __-Benz.

Ocular covering worn by a pirate.

Sounding like a duck.

Thin white strips of cloth to put over wounds.

Round, red-and-white salad vegetables.

Green-haired Batman villain played by Heath Ledger.

Heaven; a perfect, unspoiled place.

Person who sets papers to test students' knowledge.

Puzzle 16

Looking young and vigorous.

Oily fish with patterned top, silver underside.

Twenty minus ten plus eight.

Those who sing on their own.

Prickly garden mammal; Sonic is one.

Another word for a closet to store clothes.

Butter and cheese are made here.

Decade that witnessed the outbreak of WWII.

Train system.

Two kids can sleep one above another in these.

Puzzle 17

A needle, thread and fabric are needed for this.

Imagined while sleeping.

Grows and harvests a crop.

Social media app featuring short videos.

A horse's fast running pace.

Ancient people who used cacao as currency.

Host country of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Lethal __, comedy action movies with Mel Gibson.

It can quickly, perfectly modify an action word.

Pointy frozen water hanging down from a roof.

Billie, American singer of Bad Guy.

Pear-shaped tropical fruit with black seeds.

The Headless Horseman lived in Sleepy __.

Make a shoe less tight-fitting by undoing laces.

Puzzle 18

Like mother, like __.

All of the people.

Three-sided polygon.

Hallway frame for hanging caps on.

Meat in tubes, such as bratwursts, chorizo.

Out of control flames in a forest.

A way to cook eggs popular in cartoons.

Retrieving a ball in a game.

Long green salad veggie found at market.

The central area of a dartboard or archery target.

Period of seven days that follows this one.

First name of actors Aniston and Lawrence.

Puzzle 19

Enchanting, like a unicorn.

They cast spells at Halloween.

Roof beams.

Number of ounces in a pound.

Skilled worker such as a baker or weaver.

First name of Dutch painter Van Gogh.

Describes the fastest train.

You can blow these soapy spheres with a pipe.

Light rain.

Vegetables preserved in vinegar, sold in jars.

The goal of the legal system; fairness.

Objects to shoot at.

__ Khan, ruthless, notorious Mongol leader.

Often limited space to stretch out on a flight.

Author of Harry Potter with initials J. K..

Puzzle 20

Fast __, quickly advance a video or song.

Largest planet in the solar system.

Sandra, star of Speed, Gravity and Ocean's 8.

Showing someone the way.

Orange stone fruit that resembles a mini peach.

Acid-filled organ in which food is digested.

Search for a high profile wanted criminal.

Star Trek alien with a bumpy forehead.

Material made by tanning animal skins.

Homebuyers always want lots of this kitchen top.

Being __; being criticized or chastised.

Peter, Peter, "this vegetable" eater.

Gather a crop before selling it at market.

Leafy Christmas decorations hung on doors.

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