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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fashion Brands Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Good or bad tips; recommendations from somebody.

This metal is a good conductor of electricity.

Hint, suggest.

They perform.

Victoria's __, lingerie fronted by supermodels.

Refreshing drink, mix of beer and lemon lime soda.

Rear __, Hitchcock film about voyeurism.

Ocean where the 2004 "Boxing Day tsunami" occurred.

Comfy underwear brand by Triumph.

Martial art with different colored belts for skill.

The pig who befriends a spider in Charlotte's Web.

Inexperienced player of video games.

Scented ointment applied to the hair.

Bruce __; alter ego of green comic book hero.

Country whose highest point is Mount Logan.

Puzzle 2

Bilbo, Frodo and Samwise.

Desperate, dire.

British Revolutionary soldier.

Vessel for towing others on water.

Italian jewelry brand with Roman stylized name.

Two continents were named after him: __ Vespucci.

Jump out of a plane with a parachute.

Johannes __, Dutch painter of The Milkmaid.

Lacking flavor.

Cheeks that are red and hot due to illness.

Outdoor space upstairs.

Natural gas contributing to the greenhouse effect.

PC that isn't a laptop.

Morbid and disturbing.

Puzzle 3

Rare, not usual.

Wedding celebrations.

Famous rubber-soled canvas shoes with star motif.

Collar bone.

Powerpuff Girls supervillain.

Climate type with constant high temperatures.

Spicy, fiery liquid condiment.

Completely eradicated disease, Variola virus.

What you might wear after a shower.

Unsettled, irritable.

Puzzle 4

Military-grade weapons.

To filter gradually through a porous surface.

River that joins a bigger river.

German supermodel with intimate lingerie brand.

Animals of the Triassic Period.

French word for a wide street, used in English.

Eldest daughter of Henry VIII, queen from 1553-58.

Design and fashion brand famous for L'air du Temps.

Intermediate state after death, before Heaven.

Unbiased, a balanced view.

Most important.

The scientific study of space & celestial objects.

Puzzle 5

Reflexive pronoun for the speaking person.

An image used to represent a person online.

Annie __, Scottish songstress of the Eurythmics.

The Academy Awards are also called this.

Food that is prepared according Jewish law.

Only country to win the FIFA World Cup five times.

Tomb __; adventure game series with Lara Croft.

__ Republic, US safari brand bought by The Gap.

A brood of young animals.

Hairdo: business in the front, party in the back.

Emanuel __, responsible for brand U and scent Diva.

Carpet cleaner.

Hercule __, Christie's Belgian mastermind sleuth.

Narrow tidal inlets.

Austria's capital city and economic center.

Mass of spiraling water or air, like a whirlpool.

Puzzle 6

__ Squad; DC Comics antihero team, with Deadshot.

Showy delicate blooms, one type produces vanilla.

Mixed with a spoon.

Pacific Ocean Trench, the world's deepest.

Temperature scale, previously called Centigrade.

Text underneath a photograph.

Theatrical performance involving song.

Dolly Girl line from this US designer.

The official language of Chile and Ecuador.

Paved with small stones.

To copy or mimic.

Country where Casablanca is set.

Oprah's last name.

Distinct area of conflict, place of combat.

Nation where Olympics runner Usain Bolt was born.

Low levels of oxygen in the blood.

Puzzle 7

Vast grassland in subtropical regions, few trees.

Christian Dior's famous fashion revolution of 1947.


Socialist theory to eliminate class struggles.

Mummy's monument.

A touch of color on the plate not meant for eating.

Person who fights in a war.

Non-competing vehicle at a motor race.

Sleeping quarters.

King of Atlantis superhero in DC Comics.


Grand European artistic style of the 17th century.

Power source derived from organic matter.

Doc __, air-cushioned lace-up boots.

Deals where businesses join.

Never-ending; without end.

Puzzle 8

Captivate, transfix.

Sausage-shaped dog.

Irish designer, her stem print is on many goods.

Heavy downpour.

Predictions of upcoming weather.

Woman who performs arabesques, pliés, pirouettes.

Lemony tequila drink, frozen or on the rocks.

Prince of Thieves from Nottingham.

Condition which makes a person unable to see.

Small wooden stick used after a meal.

Alice __, maker of feminine and wedding dresses.

Flight __, aircraft emulating video game.

Established way of doing something.

"__ is bliss".

Puzzle 9

A person's collection of clothes.

Formal written plan; offer of marriage.

Easily carried.

Circular carnival ride with horses.

NY-based designer famous for her wedding dresses.

Separate, unique, individual.

In the style of a work by Bizet, such as Carmen.

Yearly exam by a doctor.

Notice that gives instructions to drivers.

Lebanese designer, dressed Oscar-winner Halle Berry.

Puzzle 10

Receive gladly.

What painters paint on.

Carries blood from the heart through the body.

Colombian product pitched by Juan Valdez.

Covered with a smooth, shiny coating.

Not yet passed away.

To seize something quickly and rudely.

Minion or toady; canine at home on someone's knees.

In back of.

Steer quickly to avoid.

Meghan __ married Prince Harry.

Miss Piggy's partner.

Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye's stage name: The __.

__ Kombat; long-running fantasy video game series.

Fashion brand marketed by interlocked Cs.

Puzzle 11

Mold, yeast.

Sonia __, French designer famous for knitwear.

Yellow citrus fruits.

Lisa __; played Phoebe Buffay in Friends.

Coarse and unseemly.

Becoming less clear and defined.

__ Blahnik, Spanish maker of vampish shoes.

African wild cat with spots and stripes.

A knight's apprentice.

Dark or badly lit place; feeling pessimistic.

Country home to ancient city of Petra.

Author J.K. Rowling's first name.

Unit of absolute temperature denoted by symbol K.

Puzzle 12

Levi __, the original jeans maker.

Relieves pain.

Captain __; shield-wielding comic book character.

Illustrious, distinguished.

Absolute leaders.

Sings about falling in love in a hopeless place.

Drink partaken by Lecter with liver and fava beans.

Country that borders the Netherlands on the south.

Selling diamonds on Fifth Avenue is their thing.

A small item of jewelry, bauble.

Opposite of loosen.

A stain, mark or imperfection.

Italian fortified wine, used in cooking.

Puzzle 13

Fun Italian fashion brand with Minnie Mouse dress.

The City of Constantinople today.

Arachnid with sharp poisonous stinger in its tail.

Anne Hathaway's character in The Dark Knight Rises.

Diana __, famous editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.

Religion of much of Nepal and Thailand.

Foot part, known scientifically as the calcaneus.

A rough figure or estimate.

The time during which something continues.

Find one with four leaves for good luck.

Outdoor cooking device, with coals and tongs.

Daily records of events; diaries.

A hole in a vehicle's tire.

Cold Spanish vegetable soup.

Puzzle 14

Mammal with a pouch.

Something made by a chemical process, not natural.

Arcade game with flying saucers and boulders.

Running like a horse.

What bees do.

Barbara __, famous for 60s brand Biba.

Edward Beard Budding's grass cutting invention.

Secret high-tech hideout in a house.

Independently owned business branch.

Italian designer of sandals, wedges and platforms.

Home to Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook.

Holiday trips.

Unconventional, strange.

Beatles song about what happened previously.

Movie town in California.

Puzzle 15

Polynesian island, once called Ellice Islands.

One who fixes the fit of clothing.

Adorable, beautiful, very nice.

German sports shoe brand with three stripe logo.

Consisting of three parts.

Let off steam; complained.

__ Driver, Good Will Hunting actress.

Injecting device.

Homeland of the painter Munch and composer Grieg.

Low-power, motorized bicycles with footrests.

It can kill someone.

Author of the novel Persuasion: Jane __.

Where planes take off and land.

Small boats for paddling, like kayaks.

Front part of the neck.

Frankfurter in a bread bun.

Puzzle 16

Fake doctors.

Fraidy cat.

Cali brand, makes sunglasses, other sporting goods.

__ Comics; creators of Spider-Man and The Hulk.

Novel by Thomas Hardy: Return of the __.

Flashes in the light, glitters.

Issey __, Japanese designer of pleated creations.

Noise a steak makes on a hot grill.

Found on the back of a horse during a race.

Fair city; capital of the Republic of Ireland.

December 26 in the UK and Canada: __ Day.

Puzzle 17

Girl's name, often shortened to Abby.

A noisy turkey does this.

A hairdresser.


Carolina __, Venezuelan designer known for gowns.

Rhyming literature genre named after a cooker.

Theoretical physicist depicted in a movie.

__ heaven, a place of bliss or rapture.

Metal rods for cooking kebabs on barbecues.

Curious woman who opened a box of evils.

Ripping out the unwanted plants.

Large remote area of Australia.

People who move on an ice rink.

Puzzle 18


Has a round form.

Spiral galaxy in Virgo, named after a Mexican hat.

Brass instrument that extends with a slider.

Tolerance and forbearance.

Relating to an empire or an emperor or empress.

Painting of a person.

How Tweety enunciates Sylvester's species.

Outdoor activity brand meaning mountain house.

People receiving medical treatment.

Greek god of the sea.

Unstable due to weight distribution up high.

__ Guinea, half of a Melanesian island.

Group of Christmas crooners.

Red-carpet ball gowns from Chapman and Craig.

Plaything you build and drive.

Midsummer day with the longest period of daylight.

Person who sells goods abroad in bulk.

Puzzle 19

Young male student.

Gym machine for walking or running.

Italian hat designers and a Belmondo film.

Ancient Babylonian set of laws: Code of __.

Guillotining was the favored French method of __.

Photo-sharing app, founded by Systrom/Krieger.

Non-physician called on for emergency medical aid.

US state home to Nashville.

Maintaining an outside space of lawns and plants.

To give someone greater knowledge about something.

Vitally, importantly.

Archeological digger.

Rodent catcher.

Working at full capacity: "firing on all __".

Map of the constellations of the night sky.

Cold-weather fashion, sounds like mountain ascents.

Loan reimbursement.

Puzzle 20

Court decision makers.


Machine for moving leaves.

Eldest daughter of the Brady Family.

Country with the longest coastline.

Winning country in the Hundred Years' War.

Describes the comforting nature of teddybears.

60s iconic model, born Lesley Hornby.

Soft, almost inaudible speech.

Hit the floor and fly up again, like a ball.

Willy Wonka character, __ Salt.

Hermes bag named after Anglo-French singer-actress.

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