CodyCross Fashion Items Pack answers

Fashion Items PackFashion Items

Here are the answers to CodyCross Fashion Items Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Bottom of the ocean.

Relaxed style of clothing.

William __, inventor of Cyberpunk genre.

Walking in the wilderness, rambling.

Country where Chardonnay originated.

Professionals who check instrumental pitch.

With a hard outer layer.

Reduce, maker smaller.

The Spanish word "sacerdote" in English.

In Greek mythology the leader of the Titans.

Chaplin film; he looks after an abandoned child.


Puzzle 2

America, __, Greek immigrants dream to go to US.

Military simulation sport with 6mm plastic BBs.

On fire, burning fiercely.

Exposed flesh in the stomach area.

River draining to Caspian Sea, aka Kura.

Israeli ground fava beans and chickpeas dish.

Name of 16 popes; and of a Christian calendar.

Riding a bike.

By no means an expert.

File-hosting, storage and sharing website.

Thick, woven fabric with a raised pattern.

Examination of a corpse to find cause of death.

Driving by.

Puzzle 3

Criminal, guilty party.

Study of crime and punishment.

Airline that operates the longest non-stop flight.

Sweater with front opening.

__ white, or monochrome.

He led the Russian provisional government in 1917.

Pier Paolo __, murdered director of Accattone.

Another name for the condition Herpes Zoster.

Wide-legged trousers that give illusion of a skirt.

Franz __: composer of the "Unfinished Symphony".

Hang this up on Christmas Eve to receive presents.

Pass between Mount Everest and Lhotse.

Famous chess-playing computer.

Author of "Gone With the Wind": Margaret __.

Chemist Casimir Funk named these food supplements.

The highest branches.

Puzzle 4

__ out of the bag; give away a secret.

Another name for Indian city Bengaluru.

Portly, rotund.

Can be empire, princess, drop, Basque....

"Good King" of Bohemia.

Shirt covering with button front and no sleeves.

Push it around the garden to cut the grass.

To hint at something indirectly.

Changing allegiance; switching sides.

Blurry like a bad photo.

Scary-sounding invasive honeymaking insect.

Star of __, Christian-birth symbol decorates trees.

Puzzle 5

Blew in the breeze.

Upper garment with lacing, can be a corset.

Apparatus used in men's gymnastics, __ horse.

It means beaches in Spanish.

The bomb squad does this to armed bombs.

Type of bracelet, but worn around the leg.

Country that first developed the video game Tetris.

1964 movie about 12th century European nobility.

Elon Musk's spaceship company.

Make less dense, anagram of friary.

To feel deep respect towards something.

Soak completely and violently.

Next to, alongside.

Puzzle 6

Trousers with wide leg at bottom.

Composer of "The Marriage of Figaro".

Made a noise like a cat.

Renege on a property deal.

Something that's a warning, light, command.

Nabokov novel about Dolores Haze.

Paul __, Fast & Furious actor, died 2013.

Jiggery- __ describes underhand behavior.

Gulf of __, waters off coastal Vietnam and China.

Common misnomer for airport runway.

Experiencing a prickling sensation.

Viney vegetable, racquet sport.

Puzzle 7

Pedal __, cut-off trousers like capri pants.

The action of entering; admittance, access.

Magnitude scale for measuring earthquakes.

"Spartacus" Best Supporting Actor winner, Peter __.

Where the V-2 ballistic missile was created.

To put forward feelings or opinions in some way.

He rose high with Low.

French soft cream cheese with herbs in it.

Local people.

Beer-selling sports mascot on The Simpsons.

__ warning, content may be disturbing.

Long, full sleeve under the arm, like small animal.

Cardinal virtue implying equality, in law.

Puzzle 8

Largest casino in Paradise Island.

Tight, stretchy trousers, used for workouts.

Amount of light reaching film or photographic sensor.

Not sitting down.

He plays Santa Claus in the Santa Clause movies.

Source of nourishment for an unborn baby.

Charles __, French author of "Cinderella".

Freud's part of the mind with the id and the ego.

Like a ballet dancer; not clumsy.

Placed or located.

Sex and the City actress Kim __, born in Liverpool.

Michael Clarke Duncan starred in __ Mile.

Pieces of clothing.

Italian bacon cured with black pepper.

Button for powering up a device.

Puzzle 9

Elasticated hair tie with fabric covering.

Jane Curtin plays the mother of this alien family.

Oskar __, German capitalist saved Jewish lives.

Replacement of outer layer after severe burns.

Jelly roll-shaped, baked pizza dough turnover.

Cream bassist with Baker and Clapton.

Stilettoes and wedges are __, not flats.

The customers of a business.

Evergreen bush with a host of colored flowers.

Funding set aside for a particular project.

Small portable stairs used in a home.

Engraved with a name or other text.

Author of "Dr. Zhivago", Boris __.

Puzzle 10

Unfinished novel by Franz Kafka, "The __".

Third-largest city in Denmark.

First Apple logo honored this scientist.

Last service on Yom Kippur before "Break the Fast".

Rotting beast laid on a piano by Dalí and Buñuel.

Semi-solid food made of curdled milk.

Shared a flat, anagram of moored.

The study of plants.

__ skirt, straight, slim-fitting knee-length skirt.

Pleated and gathered fabric, bunched together.

Sport for which Wladimir Klitschko was noted.

Leaves on fern-like plants, such as bracken.

Pepper-pot-like Doctor Who aliens.

Rented out for hire.

Puzzle 11

__ Cube, don't peel the colored stickers.

Greek city in Boeotia razed by Alexander the Great.

Neck flaps on a shirt.

Top or dress held up by a strap round the neck.

"A Christmas Carol" Scrooge's catchphrase, Bah __.

Film director/producer of pulpy, low-budget films.

Walk unsteadily, perhaps in high heels.

Long wooden seat with high back, seen in churches.

Beagle, the small white pet of Charlie Brown.

Shot with a movie camera.

Azim __, Indian tycoon, chairman of Wipro.

The measurements in degrees of a shape's corner.

Pair of tall tapering drums played with the hands.

Snow __, vehicle devices used in slippery weather.

Detour or diversion.

Puzzle 12

Jumping on one foot.

Liv __, Norwegian actress, muse of Ingmar Bergman.

__ jacket, animal-skin coat worn by bikers.

Apollo's twin sister.

Term for non-believers means "unfaithful".

Saul __, the dodgy lawyer in Breaking Bad.

Straits connecting two bodies of water.

Feminine in features.

Turn casino chips into money.

Rock on the Rhine with an engaging female siren.

Buick is a division of __ Motors.

In croquet you hit balls with these.

Garments that can be shift, ballroom or sheath.

Puzzle 13

Region of Spain closely associated with paella.

In one sole pitch.


Sunday in French.

Animals, anagram of restrict.

Tied to or bound to something.

The first particle __ was invented in 1911.

Victor __, Italian king accepted rule of Mussolini.

Caused by high temperatures, aka prickly heat.

Furniture which has been given a new lease of life.

Novel by Somerset Maugham, "The Moon and __".

Flimsy, strappy women's top, a female vest.

Put in jail.

Ms O'Hara, the heroine of Gone With The Wind.

Protagonist in Bewitched, married to Darrin.

__ collar, Chinese-style, close-fitting collar.

__ gown, housecoat worn over nightwear.

Swampy delta and game reserve in Botswana.

Puzzle 14

Cashew-based macaroons from India.

Irish __, tall, shaggy dog breed.

Spanish university city; scene of a battle in 1812.

Dominoes played with triangular pieces.

The cut of a garment, from sewing profession name.

Place where you live; dwelling place.

Supreme Leader of North Korea from 2011.

To make up on the spot, e.g. in acting or comedy.

Public access routes for walkers.

Lefty US golfer, Phil __.

Trousers with shoulder straps, often denim.

Excessive height due to too much growth hormone.

Puzzle 15

Spanish daily newspaper.

__ bliss; the happiness of being married.

Mischievous young child.

Casual walk, promenade.

How Bond likes his martini.

__ Rides Again, Dietrich in Western mode.

Type of flower used to produce saffron.

The capital of Marshall Islands.

Happy Days Spin-off, __ Loves Chachi.

Fashion __, wears trends but looks ridiculous.

Wild playing cards that are jesters.

Coloring fabric by knotting string round sections.

Taxes, anagram of theist.

Puzzle 16

Pretty and alluring.

Prepare a meal simply with a single cooking vessel.

Rigoletto's job in the opera of his name.

German rock and bridge formation on the Elbe.

Feeling sick or nauseous.

Empire founded by Genghis Khan in 1206.

Sporty sleeve style with no shoulder seam.

Floorboards might be this in a haunted house.

__ at the inn; totally full, no vacancies.

Undead creature that eats brains.

In French it means "already seen".

Suspend clothing in your wardrobe with this.

Puzzle 17

Getting to the bottom of a mystery.

Knee-highs, stockings and socks.

Dish decoration.

Sign of things to come.

__ massager, based on Japan's traditional medicine.

Montevideo, capital and largest city of __.

Young attendant at a wedding.

Repairing, fixing.

Kidneys excrete it, aka azane.

__ fingers signify good luck.

Short, sharp vowel sounds are __.

Assuming incorrectly, "__ up the wrong tree".

He led a Band of Gypsys.

Planes that don't have motors.

Mount __, site of the Battle of Armageddon.

1989 Bond film __ to Kill.

Photo of a person's face, especially a criminal.

Hybrid between a buffalo and a cow.

Technical term for a double chin.

Gathered frills of cloth around sleeves or neck.

Golf legend Tiger Woods' real first name.

Purplish red color, used in ink cartridges.

Radio silence.

Novel by Goncharov about a Russian idler.

Siegfried's sword in Norse mythology.

Puzzle 18

__ or high water; despite facing obstacles.

Street dance style with exaggerated arms and legs.

A gold coin found in a pirate's hoard.

Small battle.

Marching as a group.

The __, film about a Jew who becomes a Neo-Nazi.

"Milk of human __" is a quote from Macbeth.

__ cap, sporty hat with a stiff peak.

Tiny organisms that can cause disease.

Largest Moon of Jupiter, named after a Trojan boy.

Very angry state; overheating in a nuclear reactor.

Bangle worn around the wrist.

Metal with the highest melting point.

Gave a vehicle a routine inspection.

Indian dish of spiced cauliflower and potatoes.

Spartan admiral; he ended the Peloponnesian War.

Shops keep money in the cash __.

Puzzle 19

Mortify, make someone blush.

Fiery sensation in chest caused by stomach acid.

Essential clothing items for your wardrobe.

Closest country to Iceland.

Middle Eastern dish with chopped parsley or mint.

Military shoulder decoration found on coats.

To gain a lead.

Northern ursine, lives within Santa's homeland.

A __ Orange is Burgess's violent dystopian story.

Divided into two parts, or consisting of two parts.

Curly-wigged, horn-honking comedic film brother.

Puzzle 20

__, Nintendo game for exercising.

Remove stopper from wine bottle.

__ dead body; absolute refusal to do something.

Cornish moorland with sightings of mystery big cat.

To continue in the same state or condition.

Jacket with a short "skirt" from waistline.

Greek name for Saint Peter.

Rides with a lance.

Highest, climatic point, especially in astronomy.

Formal neckwear that's complicated to knot.

Sons of the __, Laurel and Hardy film and fan club.

Stilt __, acrobat performing on high wooden sticks.

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